Rumor Patrol: Captain America 2 Characters & S.H.I.E.L.D. Connection

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With Captain America 2 securing a 2014 release date – the first Spring release date for Marvel Studios – and recently hiring directors, it’s time for the news and speculation to shift towards characters and stories. More than Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, the Captain America sequel deals with the direct aftermath of The Avengers.

Captain America is now in the modern era and known to the world. He has to become reacclimatized to society after being on ice for 70 years, while at the same time serving as a soldier of S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect it. The sequel is in the very early stages of production, but if the latest rumors can be believed, Captain America 2 may explore the stories of more characters than just its titular hero.

There’s been quite a lot of talk about a Black Widow film for Scarlett Johansson, even some chatter about a Hawkeye spin-off, but neither are realistic options for Marvel Studios to pursue. With their production capacity limited to two films a year (perhaps three in the near future), there’s simply no room for either character to get a solo story where there are so many other projects on the go, vying for those release dates (Black Panther, Doctor Strange, etc.).

Since the team-up formula worked wonders for the studio, expect more partnerships between characters in the traditional solo films. I suggested that instead of going the solo route for Hawkeye/Black Widow, it’d make more sense to include them and their backstories in a S.H.I.E.L.D. film – a project Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) has been name-dropping for years. Such a movie would work wonders to give more screen time to the non-super-powered heroes of the Marvel universe, providing Fury, Maria Hill, Hawkeye and Black Widow more spotlight, while also potentially introducing/including other key S.H.I.E.L.D. members like Ant-Man and Wasp.

avengers wallpaper nick fury 570x320 Rumor Patrol: Captain America 2 Characters & S.H.I.E.L.D. Connection

Imagine a ‘Year of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, so to speak, come 2014. The following statement was included with the April press release from Marvel announcing the release date for Captain America 2, and if Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man (who’s an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and a SHIELD movie were the other 2014 releases, that would offer an interesting change in pace and opportunities to setup characters for The Avengers 2 come 2015.

From the Cap 2 press release:

The second installment will pick-up where the highly anticipated Marvel’s The Avengers (May 4, 2012) leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world.

As it turns out, Captain America 2 and the SHIELD movie are one and the same, and that tidbit above is our first clue. It confirms Samuel L. Jackson will return, and if his organization is heavily involved – which it is since Steve Rogers works for them – then we can expect others, like Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) to factor in as well.









According to The Playlist, Black Widow and Hawkeye may also be involved in Captain America 2 and there will be some romance between them. The pair of agents shared plenty of screen time with Captain America in The Avengers, and having them fight together again works within the context of a modern-set Captain America story – and would ideally help boost the box office appeal for a film that’s otherwise slightly less bankable than Thor 2 and Iron Man 3.

hawkeye captain america black widow avengers 570x380 Rumor Patrol: Captain America 2 Characters & S.H.I.E.L.D. Connection

Those aren’t the only familiar faces expected to return, though. In an attempt to bridge continuity with the rest of the “Phase 1″ Marvel Studios films, General “Thunderbolt” Ross (William Hurt) from The Incredible Hulk may make an appearance, along with several key characters from the first Captain America. At this point, consider these RUMORS and speculation:

  • Bucky could be back as Winter Soldier, a Russian Spy. This is something we’ve speculated here on Screen Rant due to actor Sebastian Stan’s multi-picture contract with Marvel Studios and the character’s recent importance in Captain America comics.
  • Hayley Atwell, who played Peggy Carter in Captain America and who has a multi-picture contract, may return to play her own character’s niece, Sharon Carter. Sharon Carter will undoubtedly be the new (save with different hair color?) love interest for Steve Rogers and is another agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The villainous Dr. Arnim Zola (Toby Jones), who served as the scientist responsible for harnessing the power of the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube for the Red Skull, may return in a new form, perhaps something more familiar to his appearances in the books (see below). Writer Christopher Markus expressed interest in including MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) in Captain America 2 as a villain, and he’s a creation of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) which we know is featured in Iron Man 3 from recent set photos. It’s conceivable that the characters of MODOK and Dr. Arnim Zola could be combined, or that MODOK’s origins could be connected to Zola’s work.

Nick Fury may get some of his origin story fleshed out as well, which would theoretically lend itself to flashbacks to World War II (which could see other familiar faces returning, including Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark) since WWII elements are almost an absolute for the Captain America sequel.

From the sounds of it, there are potentially a lot of characters and plot threads to balance, so how much of this is certain – or even accurate – remains to be seen, especially considering that Captain America 2 only just found its directors in Anthony and Joe Russo and the script from Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely is still in its early stages.


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Source: The Playlist

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  1. Very interesting! I know these are rumors for now but it seems kind of hectic to include that many characters in a standalone film… Would be interesting to see how they pull it off.

  2. Hope they go with baron zemo as villain instead of modok

  3. But arent the guys from Community directing? lol.

  4. All in all, it sounds great but I think Marvel should take some things easy because I think in the end, they could overwhelm audiences with all the back stories and history. I like what they’re doing with “PHASE 2″ but they need to follow the same formula since Iron Man 1. and I might be the only person here to think so but I really have no interest in a Ant-Man movie at all. I rather take the S.H.I.E.L.D movie instead.

    • No, I also have little to no interest in an Ant-Man movie. Ant-Man as a supporting character in Avengers 2? Sure. But a stand alone movie? I’d probably pass.

      • it sounds weird but with edgar wright involved it could be a sort of dark-comedy-action movie and plus we might get to see Simon Pegg as a supporting character!!!

    • I agree with you. This could easily become overwhelming. I really hope M.O.D.O.K. is not in this movie. The concept for that character (along with name) is silly and I don’t think mainstream audiences will accept it. Marvel is on a tightrope. They can make and have made incredible movies, but they can also just as easily take a wrong step.

      • I think it could be overwhelming especially with all those story elements why not include Black Widow & Hawkeye in the Ant-Man movie and make that more SHIELD…

    • I’d rather have a SHIELD movie as well. I have not heard any big clamor of people desperate for an Ant Man film. LOL How about let Cap have his film, with SHIELD in the background and then give SHIELD their own film where we can focus on Fury and Black Widow and Hawkeye. Pym can appear in supporting roles in the other movies, there is no need for a solo film.

  5. Well, Captain America The First Avenger was my favorite of all the Marvel films.
    Joe Johnston is largely responsible for that and his absence has me discouraged.
    Joe’s vision for the sequel was much better than this which looks like Avenger’s lite.

    • I too have reservations about the comedy duo now set to direct Cap2.

  6. 1)No origin story for Nick Fury, I wouldn’t want to see up to 15 mins of Nick Fury in a Cap 2 movie I liked the team dynamic between Cap, Hawkeye, and Black Widow bt having them in Cap 2 might take away from other elements of the story…
    2)Hayley Atwell as Sharon Carter would be interesting sell especially if they bring back as many as 3 other chacters(Red skull Zola, Bucky) I would much rather have Cap have a relationship with some form of Sharon Carter(with/without Atwell) than have him be with Black Widow…
    3)I’d like to see first what kind of MODOK they are going to have before i’d really comment perhaps something to with AIM since they have set photos of it in IM3…
    4)Winter Soldier would be great as an AIM/Hydra assassin that has been on SHIELD’s radar for a while that they send Cap after but he might be better served being in 3rd movie but still i would like to see him either way…

    • 1) i like the dynamic between captain america, Hawkeye, and black widow.

      2) Hawkeye is with Black widow.. Captain America still can be with some form of relationship with sharon carter.

      3) i think modok will be cool to see, but i want to see winter soldier.

    • Actually I did like Cap’s dynamic with Hawkeye and Black Widow in Avengers a lot(as well as Widow and Hawk’s dynamic with each other, friendship or otherwise) so perhaps to flesh out what I said before, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that team in a Captain America 2 filmbut with no doubt that it’s Cap’s film. :) But I don’t want Captain America 2 to be a SHIELD film that Steve Rogers just happens to appear in.

      I normally despise “the love interest” in these films but Peggy Carter was awesome so if Sharon Carter can be anything like her(and especially if Haley Atwell plays her) I wouldn’t mind, but at this point I don’t think they should make it “all about the romance”(seriously Cap and Sharon, Widow and Hawkeye, too many hormones flying around from the sounds of that, I may be a girl but I like prefer friendship and butt kicking to romantic longing).

  7. i have zero intrest in an antman movie and i could say that i would not watch it .. and i wouldnt even be tempted to rent it .. as a supporting character for avengers 2 fine .. BUT thats just me .. im a hudge dc fan and i have zero interest in a flash solo movie either .. although i think it could be funny if done as a high school teen comedy along the lines of a kick ass .. but without the gore .. i think marvel has to be careful they dont burn people out with comic book movies as i just feel like maybe doing a black panther,antman,dr strange, flicks would just over satruate the maket.. i think antman and dr strange would be better as a tv show

  8. Don’t forget guys, even if the plot strings seem overwhelming, they still plan on doing more Cap movies in future so you don’t have to have EVERYTHING in this movie all fully formed and wrapped up in a bow. You can only have elements of Winter Soldier and MODOK in this which leads to Cap 3.

    Besides, having Hawkeye and Black Widow share a movie with Cap seems great to me since those two are still little known outside of the comic book world and seen as back up players by the mainstream cinema goers.

    We all came to love Coulson because he was a bit part character in several movies before The Avengers so lets give them a chance here too.

    Besides, why the negativity over comedy directors being in charge? Michael Keaton was dismissed by the movie industry as “that comedy actor” when he was put forward to play Batman and ended up becoming the fave actor in the Dark Knight’s costume to a lot of fans, even today with people preferring him over Bale, who was always a more serious actor.

    • Well Keaton was still a capable actor and had worked on big budget films.

      The Community directors are not only completely out of their genre but out of their league. Gives the feeling Cap will be smaller in scale and lots of man-out-of-time jokes. Uncomforting thoughts for a movie about the greatest soldier misplaced inntime haunted by thethoughts of not being able to save his best friend for all the times he saved him.

      • I know I have this huge fear they are going to totally screw up Captain America’s story. He’s a great character and has a lot of heavy emotional baggage to deal with and I hope they understand that as opposed to just going surface level and making a bunch of jokes. His loss of his own time, his loss of his friends and his love(he already was an orphan), his guilt over not saving Bucky and just the general feelings of having fought on the front lines in a major war. Steve Rogers may have been turned into a super soldier but he’s still Steve Rogers and Steve Rogers was a good caring person with some sensitivity for whom those sorts of things would affect much like they would any other decent human being.

        I’d also like to see Falcon pop up somewhere. I always liked Rogers friendship with Sam Wilson.

  9. hows their no info about The Falcon. they could uses The Falcon in Captain America 2 movie. if u remember Ultimate Falcon from the comics is a SHIELD Agent.

    • I also kind of hope the Falcon will be introduced somewhere. I actually liked that African-American character better than I ever did the Black Panther (who’s just African).

      But I think they may be saving that possible storyline for a different movie.

      • @ Phil

        I completely disagree. How is Black Panther “just African?” That’s a terrible and completely wrong statement. The Black Panther is both an outstanding marital artist with super senses, tons of tech, and hunting skills, and a genius who literally has a Galactus failsafe in his drawer. He’s awesome. I’m sorry but, The Falcon is just a dude who flies and telepathically controls his pet bird… not that interesting, or at least AS interesting.

        • Ummm, I think he meant that Black Panther is not African-_________; in other words, he was born/raised in Africa instead of simply having African heritage but being from another nation (ex. Afican-American, French-Canadian, etc.). I don’t believe he was dissing Africans. Granted, it might have phrased a tad bit better, but still…

      • So what? According to you Africans aren’t as good as African-Americans?

        • Avenger…

          Look to my above response…I REALLY do not think Phil was trying to be offensive. I think he just phrased it very awkwardly. At least, that is my hopeful assumption.

          • Well, since you aren’t Phil, and Phil isn’t responding to my question, I’m not going to assume anything.

  10. They stated “The second installment will pick-up where the highly anticipated Marvel’s The Avengers (May 4, 2012) leaves off”

    That means in that restaurant fro the Final Avengers Scene ?
    Cool ! I am in 1

    • If they meant that then they might as well start Avengers 2 for UK audiences in space since that’s where the first one ended for us (the shawarma scene was added after it was released here)

  11. lol, the physical appearance of Zola and MODOK are two of the most laughable, even in context of the campiness of comic books. It will be interesting to see what they do with them if the go that route.

    • In comic book format they may be laughable, but on the silver screen they may be viewed as terrible looking, monster-like, and very frightening.

      • That’ll definitely have to be the route they take with them. If they just look like a man’s face on a TV screen they won’t be taken seriously, the more gruesome the better.

    • They could still pull off Zola IMO (there was even an easter egg in Cap:TFA where Zola grabs a few papers that are designs for his robot/android suit), but I just can’t see how MODOK would work…

  12. I like all of the rumors listed (save for the idea of MODOK), but I don’t really like the idea of combining this with the SHIELD movie and having large roles for Black Widow and Hawkeye. Don’t get me wrong – I like them, but Cap is tied with Batman as my favorite superhero. The more large roles, the less screentime Cap gets. Don’t make this Avengers 1 & 1/2 – give me CAP 2!

  13. Well, since Captain America did work for Fury for a long while in the comics, I have no problem with this story development if they should choose to pursue it, at least for ONE movie.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. did help Cap a LOT in getting acclimated to the modern world in the comics too. They gave him something to do while he was still struggling to understand the new world he was living in.

    • Not to mention they also gave him missions. He wouldn’t know where the bad guys were otherwise, unless they happened to be attacking NYC.

  14. I would have liked to see Peggy as a aged women and steve at least get their dance they missed all those years, would make for a great moment between them and pull people in for awhile.I would also love to see winter soldier, and maybe giant man and wasp.

    • That Peggy idea would be so great man. They almost have to do that now. Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye. :’)

      That said, I’m not sure if it will happen. Peggy was supposed to be in The Avengers but that scene was cut, which leads me to believe Marvel doesn’t really have plans for her outside of that. Then again, I’m sure they could easily add something in, and I really hope they do!

      • That scene got cut from Avengers…

  15. i could see these working if they play a little loose with continuity and tie all these strings together.

    they can make it an investigation film about a cover-up/conspiracy by shield from the past that is coming back to bite them in the butt. cap is investigating it and finds that it ties into the aftermath of world war 2, people that cap used to know (peggy, zola, winter soldier), the return of the winter soldier as working for zola in the cyborg armor thing, and nick fury past (perhaps just connected to his early days in shield rather than a full-out origin story).

  16. Why are so many people that down on an ant-man movie? I understand the powers of this character are iffy. But this man is very intellegent and could help bring a lot of new information on the table. Along with ultron. Out of every confirmed marvel movie this one excites me the most. Mainly cause edgar wright is more talented than any other marvel writer/director. Besides joes whedon.

    • A Character study Ant-Man about his inferiority complex and relationship issues could easily become Marvel’s best movie. I just dont see Marvel making anything that character driven or serious.

      • i totally agree, what with all the ant man hate on this thread? that’s the standalone film I’m most looking forward to. first off, it has a director with a proven quality track record. and I’ve heard edgar’s script is hilarious and really action packed. the dynamic between hank and janet could be great if handled right. they were one of the more interesting aspects of the avengers comics. they should have been in the first avengers, after all, they were founding members. and ultron would make a great villain for avengers 2, and then avengers 3 could be the infinity gauntlet.

      • @mongoose

        No, what’s ignorant is that you believe that the only people who don’t like Ant-Man don’t know anything about him and are judging him purely off of his name. I’ve never been a big fan of Hank Pym, but that isn’t because I don’t know who he is; I’ve read plenty of stories with him and outside of being a genius, I’ve never thought he was interesting. Being able to shrink to the size of an ant and telepathically control that type of insects or being able to grow as tall as a skyscraper with super-strength just never hit off with me. Furthermore, he created the most deadliest and evil robot ever made (who is awesome, but still) and really, the first thing that pops into many a fans’ minds is him hitting his wife.

        Granted, I’d probably see an Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket/Goliath movie (his various alter-egos is another thing that annoys me), but I’ve never found Pym to be a great character, and I’d only be seeing the movie for the sake of being up-to-date on the MCU and hoping it at least wasn’t terrible.

        • That’s not ignorance but being realistic and having a lot of empirical evidence to back up my statement. I have seen WAY too many negative posts about Ant-Man (on this site alone I might add) simply because they thought the name was not movie worthy or were clueless about the character (he is after all a little known character when compared to many of the others). You and a few others are the exceptions and everyone can’t be expected to like every character (like for instance I don’t like Falcon. /shrugs) but in general, yes the uninformed are posting knee-jerk responses.

          I’m also an Ant-man fan and “beating his wife” never popped into my head because I don’t really like the recent Ultimates take on things. Ant-man was around for 40 years before they re-wrote him as a wife beater just 10 years ago so I guess I’m a longer standing fan?

          And if you like Ultron and keeping with continuity, then you should support Ant-man (even if you don’t like him) just so they can at least introduce Ultron correctly (and not turn him into say a Stark creation)

      • I did plenty of research on Ant Man and that’s exactly why I think Marvel is barking up the wrong tree if they push a solo film for him. They’d be better off doing a SHIELD film. Hank’s a genius, so are other characters they already have, they don’t need him. Outside of his genius he’s dull as dishwater, his inferiority complex just doesn’t cut it. Not to mention a lot of women can’t stand him based on the fact that he hit his wife. Every time I see this film come up someplace other than one of these types of sites, one of the first comments is “He’s the one who smacked around his wife, right”. Hank Pym just is not a very sympathetic character for most people and the general public has mostly never even heard of him in passing whereas most people have heard of Cap, Hulk, Thor and IM.

        Even in the comic books while he’s had pivotol roles, they mostly haven’t been “starring roles”. Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man have solo comics which have had hundreds of issues as well as their group affiliations. Even if they did Civil War, for example, they can get someone else to do what he did, it can be Tony and a bunch of nameless scientists with cloning expertise coming up with Clone Thor. They’ve already somewhat set the groundwork by showing Tony “pick up” ideas outside his area of expertise in the Avengers(the “When did you become an expert in thermo-nuclear physics”/”I read the reports last night” exchange for example).

  17. I’m not entirely sure if this Nick Fury is meant to be immortal like the 616 Fury. If he fought in WWII, what was Cap doing with HIS Howling Commandos in TFA?

    • Maybe he took over the howling commandos after Cap ” died “.

  18. They kind of hinted at winter soilder in the first cap movie.. remember arminzola was experimenting on him when cap found him. also they hinted armin zola in his robot suit when he poped his head in that magnifng glass.
    forgive spelling

  19. Marvel should be very, very careful about how they tie these movies all together. One of the major mistakes they have made in the past is trying to run crossovers and tie ins to increase readership over multiple monthly titles for 3 months over the summer. This tends to drive away some readers in the small pond of comics.

    Marvel expecting people to pay $13 to watch something they might not care about like say an Antman or Thor 2 only because it might have information pertinent to a film you do care about, like say an Avengers 2 is absurd and could be a very expensive gamble.

    Personally, I won’t be seeing Thor 2 regardless, or Antman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and half the other thing they have rumored in development. If they all end up tying into the few movies I am interested in, I might not even bother with those, cuz what’s the point?

    • I could not agree more. If they turn their cinematic universe into a comic universe with all of the comic book continuity junk then they are gonna burn out quick. There needs to be an end, a goal. They need to build a story, not a never ending mess, which I am worried they are doing. I could be wrong, and I am certainly open to that, but all of this news about new characters here and new part of the universe there concerns me. I hope they take their time and work on making good stories instead of trying to squeeze every possible character from the marvel universe into their movies.

  20. I don’t like the idea of MODOK or really The Falcon (as rumored).

    That said, everything else is fine by me. I just hope that Black Widow and Hawkeye don’t bog down the screen time Cap gets, this is HIS movie. I’d like to see General Ross and maybe have him and Fury be old frienemies or something like that.

    • I disagree, if Thunderbolt Ross shows up in Cap 2 then I would love for MODOK to be in the movie because its MODOK who helps turn Ross into the Red Hulk. Who wouldn’t want the Red Hulk to be in the next Avengers movie.

      • thats a great idea! that would be awesome to see the green and red hulks fight

    • Nor do I. Don’t get me wrong, I like MODOK as a character in the comics but i just don’t see how they are going to make him terrifying irl.

      And Falcon……to to all you Falcon fans but I’ve always found his powers to be, ahem, boring. He can fly and communicate with birds? /yawn. Give me Black Panther any day of the week.

    • In the prelude comic to The Avengers (Fury’s Big Week), Fury and Ross have a little chat… and let me tell you, they aren’t friends ;), “frienemies” maybe, but definitely not friends.

  21. i dont see why marvel cant take some of their lesser known characters and make a smaller film. every film from them doesnt have to be a blockbuster-megabudget film. Why cant they make a couple smaller films for like $25-50 million? then they can do some of the characters that are more risky to sell and not worry about them being big bombs at the box office.

  22. This sounds interesting i hope they have Winter Soldier as the villain because personally i’ve never liked MODOK that much but i didn’t know that they re-did his original look and now he looks like that (the new look i like). But overall i feel that the Winter Soldier would provide a great human element for the sequel which in my mind is the key to making a sequel satisfying. I like the idea for all of the other heroes coming back but i’m a little bit shaky on it because thats one of the mistakes they made with Iron Man 2 and look how that turned out. However the people who make Captain America are different then the ones who make Iron Man if this does happen and they do bring other heroes like Black Widow and Hawkeye back maybe and hopefully they’ll do a great job they sound like they’re into it and i hope they are because then they’ll have more fun and most likely do a better job. I will say though this is a pretty big step up from their usual thing, these guys mainly just directed comedy tv shows and all of a sudden they’re working with Chris Evans Smauel L. Jackson Scarlett Johanson Jeremy Renner and a ton of other guys so lets wish them some good luck. Hope this is good news, i am looking forward to Ant-Man

    • MODOK is a great character in the comics but I agree, he will not translate well into a live movie format.

  23. I like that this film could be mainly a SHIELD event. To me, Captain America is the one of the big 4 (him, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk) that needs a strong supporting cast. He’s a character to respect, but there has never been that deep emotional bond in the comics or now the movies. He is a soldier, and that is a dynamic they need as the leader of the Avengers, but it can get a little dull without the proper storyline.

    BTW, Winter Soldier would be great. He’s got issues that will translate wonderfully to Hollywood.

    • Cap has plenty of issues, at least as many as Thor or Iron Man, I don’t see he’d need a “supporting cast” anymore than either of them. There is plenty to bond people to Captain America if the stupid writers write it. He is in a messed up situation and yes he does need a supporting cast in the same sense that ALL of the films need a supporting cast and people for him to interact with.

      Think about it, let’s look at what Steve Rogers is in the films. He’s a guy who spent most of his life small, weak, sickly. He couldn’t do much physically so he clearly spent a lot of time drawing and became very good at it, artistic, showing he was also an observer. He was mocked and bullied all the time. His parents both died so he was essentially an orphan during the Great Depression. He seemed to have one close friend(I assume he had other acquaintances we just didn’t get to see). He saw the war and saw other people going yet he could not, all he wanted was to be like everyone else. OK, now that’s the beginning what in that is not relatable, how many people have been picked on and bullied and can identify with that?

      Moving on – Dr Erskine gives him a chance. It’s dangerous(the last time it failed miserably and an already psycho guy turned into an even bigger one) but it’s an experiment and if it works he will just be the first of many to follow. Only that’s not what happens, it works but there is no one to follow because Erskine is killed and no one else can get the serum to work. And then they don’t even allow him to fight. Once again, he’s pretty much alone.

      Moving on – he “makes his own luck” so to speak by disobeying orders(or rather making his own orders, all he’s supposed to do is put on another show in 30 minutes) and finally gets the job he meant for only…he creates a team(he’s not one to lord it over others, even if he is the only one with a “super soldier serum” in him, they work well together), makes friends but he loses his best friend in the course of it. Then he ends up losing everything else. Plus just the normal he was a soldier, he fought a war, it was violent and ugly and he probably saw a lot of terrible things.

      And that is where Steve Rogers is today. But yeah, there is nothing to emotionally bond to in these experiences? He’s in a new world, surrounded by strangers, where everything has changed, almost if not quite as much of an alien as Thor was in Thor. Every decision he makes, he’s doing from a place of having no solid foundation – who to trust, where to go, how the world works now and what decisions would be right in the current circumstances.

      In Avengers, why else would he say they should listen to orders in that one scene with Tony and Bruce? Since when was Rogers hung up on following orders(in the films at least)? That’s the only reason he rescued those 400 prisoners, because he disobeyed orders. He was more about doing what was right. What I think that scene showed was that Steve was trying to grasp onto something solid, something to give him some sort of foundation, so he was trying to put his trust in those who’d found him because it was the best he could do at the moment, it’s all he had. So when he decided to search for himself about what was really going – that was actually a pretty brave decision, because right now that was all he had, he was making a leap of faith knowing it could take what little he had to stand on and ended up finding exactly what he’d hoped he wouldn’t find but knew he probably would.

      How could we have emotionally bonded to Thor if he hadn’t had anyone else to interact with? If his friends in Asgard hadn’t cared about him? If he hadn’t bonded with people he met on earth(and to be honest I thought that was the weakest part, he knew Jane what? 3 days?). Of course we have to see them deal with their issues through the character’s relationships with supporting characters but Captain America isn’t unique in that regard.

  24. i thought we were supposed to have a guardians of the galaxy movie before avengers 2?

  25. Marvel needs to have Cap in Wakanda going up against the Black Panther who is very reluctant to allow the American government (I.e. S.H.I.E.L.D.) anywhere near his sovereign nation. They should incorporate the Flags Of Our Fathers and Who Is The Black Panther storylines in this movie.

    Cap and T’Challa would team up to take on an invasion of Wakanda by Klaw, Crossbones, Sin, and the Rhino in a big action flick that blends early Bond movies like You Only Live Twice and Thunderball with battlefield epics like Braveheart and Gladiator.

    Marvel can kill two birds with one stone; introduce Black Panther and bring exciting WIDESCREEN battle scenes to another continent.

    If they do this, we can skip an origin movie entirely and hit the ground running in the first Black Panther movie in 2016.

    • thats an interesting idea right there. thanks for sharing

      • Appreciate that. It’s just too bad that Marvel can’t seem to think outside their studio lots and give us a truly epic movie that doesn’t reek of green screen and CGI.

        If they can shoot in China for Iron Man 3, they can film some exterior scenes in Africa that look authentic to audiences.

  26. If general Ross has a bit part in cap 2 and the rumors of a ruffalo hulk movie come to fruition, I smell red hulk all over this.

  27. I love the idea of making Cap 2 an “espionage thriller” of sorts (very much like Brubaker’s stories) so I’m all for Fury, Widow and Hawkeye showing up, but I think they should keep Ant-Man out of this one. He can show up in IM3 or his own movie, but if anybody’s gonna be featured/get a cameo in Cap 2, it should be the Black Panther: The post credit scene would be the perfect opportunity to show a small scene based on ‘Who is the Black Panther’ where he and T’Chaka fight it out (or just run into each other) during WW2 – that scene would then directly lead into a Black Panther movie (just like the IM2 post credit scene for THOR – which was just footage from the THOR movie itself).

    As for the rest:
    Save Winter Soldier for Cap 3, and have Zemo Sr and Jr in this one.
    Have Hayley Attwel return as an old Peggy Carter where they have their dance, and then introduce Sharon Carter (played by that chick from the Mentalist, or even better, just have Attwel dye her hair and play her own niece…)
    Keep MODOK away, but give Zola a small role.
    Falcon… I dunno. At first I thought it would be cool, but I’m starting to think they should save I’m for Cap 3 as well.
    Oh, and get Dum Dum Dugan to return in the resent day (infinity formula).

  28. “Origin” of Nick Fury could be as little as some dialogue that refers to the past, like Black Widow and Hawkeye in Avengers.

    Villains could be campy or they could be cool, depending on design and execution. It could be used as horror and also humor.