Rumored Shortlist For ‘Captain America 2′ Female Lead

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Sharon Carter Avengers Cover Rumored Shortlist For Captain America 2 Female Lead

With Guardians of the Galaxy on the verge of getting a director, Iron Man 3 in production and The Avengers 2 confirming its director and release date, the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger has taken somewhat of a (relative) backseat in the media since having its official title revealed at Comic-Con.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier may begin production by the end of the year with brothers Anthony and Joe Russo directing a cast that will see Anthony Mackie joining the franchise as another Marvel hero, along with a new female lead.

The New York Post has the scoop which lists Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones and Imogen Poots as the current top three contenders for the role of the female lead and potential love interest of Steve Rogers in his first solo film based in modern times. British actress Hayley Atwell held that honor the first time around. The report potentially disproves rumors and theories that Atwell could return to play another member of her family 70 years later in the series timeline.

Captain America 2 Imogen Poots Anna Kendrick Felicity Jones 570x285 Rumored Shortlist For Captain America 2 Female Lead

From left to right: Anna Kendrick, Felicity Jones, Imogen Poots

Knowing that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is serving partly as a S.H.I.E.L.D. film due to Steve Rogers’ role in the organization after awakening in the modern era and post-Avengers, it’s a safe bet that the role the brothers Russo are casting for is that of Sharon Carter (aka Agent 13). Carter is not only a member of Nick Fury’s agency, but she’s the niece of Peggy Carter (Atwell), the love interest of Cap in the first film.

The following synopsis was released by Marvel Studios in April along with the official Captain America 2 release date:

The Walt Disney Studios has announced a release date for Marvel Studios’ sequel to the blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger on April 4, 2014. The second installment will pick-up where the highly anticipated Marvel’s The Avengers (May 4, 2012) leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world.

Anthony and Joe Russo strongly hinted that the Captain America sequel would include flashback sequences, most of which will undoubtedly be used to service the story of the The Winter Soldier, but it’s possible they could be used for another appearance of Atwell in the role of WWII-era Carter.

Captain America SharonCarter Head Rumored Shortlist For Captain America 2 Female Lead

As for modern day Carter, of the three reported contenders for the role, Kendrick has a somewhat similar facial appearance (and the most notable resume of work), but Jones (the oldest of the three at 28) has the British heritage and look of Sharon Carter from the comics with the right hair color. My money is on her. Who would you pick?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier stars Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan and potentially several familiar faces from the past. It will be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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Source: New York Post

Sharon Carter is a sketch cover for the Bendis/Romita Jr. Avengers #1 by Richard Cox.

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  1. I think i would want Felicity Jones to get it, but i’m good with either of the three. Still, it wouldve been nice to see Haylay Atwell back as another member of the Carter Family.

    I think this movie and then Ant-man are my most anticipated of the Marvel line up.

  2. Not really sure how I feel about this…I’d say Felicity Jones. Like Crazy was a great film but I dont think shes been in action roles. I love Anna Kendrick as an actress, imo she stole the show in Scott Pilgrim, 50/50 and Up in The Air but she’s a wee bit tiny. and I have no idea who imogen poots is

    • Poots is the girl from Fright Night and 28 Weeks Later.

      Jones is the best choice. Poots is too small and looks to young. I just can’t imagine Kendrick in a role like this tbh. She’s usually a goofy quirky like character. However, I bet Marvel goes with Kendrick.

  3. Anna Kendrick looks the most like Haley Atwell to me so I’m rooting for her shed be great for the part.

    • yeah agreed out of the 3 hope she gets the role

  4. Imogen is way too young.

  5. IMO Anna, of the three, looks the least like Atwell. Imogen has similar facial structure to Hayley, and is very beautifyl, but my personal choice would be Felicity. Though I wouldn’t mind Imogen either. I just really can’t see Kendrick pulling off this kind of role. I am trying to imagine her as a serious agent of sorts and I just can’t take it seriously.

  6. If I’m going on looks I’d say Imogen Poots, she just looks way more believable as a Shield agent to me. I’m a fan of hers and a big fan of Kendrick, but yea I’d go with Imogen.

    But here’s a thought……

    What about Anna Kendrick as Wasp in Ant-Man?

    She fits the character better, not only has worked with Edgar Wright before but the two have been going out for a couple years, and she’s obviously interested in a Marvel Movie role.

  7. I really thought it would be Amanda Righetti. I thought that would be nice little nod to the audience since she was the first one to meet with him when he woke up.

  8. Imogen Poots, everyone else look too happy, happy.

  9. I don’t know…”EVANS POOTS” across the top of the poster has a ring to it.

    • HA!

  10. Anna for Sharon and for wasp Alyson hannigan or Rosie perrite the goth girl from ncis

  11. All three are pretty hideous. Hayley Atwell needs to come back I reckon.

    • I was thinking the same thing, big ears, big nose, but the best looking of the three is Jones who has, what looks to be wrinkles around her mouth.

    • Totally, Kate Beckinsale is also terribly hideous, along with Jessica Alba and Haley Berry -_-

      • Kate Beckinsale is best suited playing Madame Hydra!

    • I’m in full agreement with this. Love Hayley Atwell.

  12. I was hoping to see Amanda Righetti play Sharon Carter.

  13. Imogen poots if there is going to be relationship with cap

  14. Anna Kendrick has my vote

  15. sad that hayley is not casted again,but i would take kendrick from these three actricess.

  16. Out of the three I’d say Anna Kendrick, but my preference would have been to get Hayley Atwell back to play old-Peggy Carter as well as Sharon Carter (the latter just having blonde hair).
    If that couldn’t have worked out, my second choice would have been to get Amanda Righetti to play Sharon Carter.
    Can’t say I’m overly pleased with the choices Marvel Studios came up with here…

  17. What’s with all the Anna love here? I seriously believe that she is a terrible choice for this type of character. I was surprised that she was even on the list.

    • Nothing against Anna Kendrick but I can’t imagine her as the type
      for Sharon Carter. If anyone deserves to play the role I feel that
      Maggie Grace from the “Taken” and “Twilight” films should be
      the best choice after showing her solid performance in “Lockout”.
      She would be a perfect screen attraction for Chris Evans hands

  18. You have got to be kidding me. I expect SHIELD agents to be at least a step above your average military trained rabble and these are all 5′ nothing waifs. They really need to find someone with a few real muscles and some muscle tone instead of someone who looks like they would get knocked on their behind from gun recoil.

  19. I’ll agree with those who mentioned hopes of seeing Amanda Righetti in the role. But, of the three choices above, I’ve no preference.

  20. I never thought Amanda Righetti was seriously considered for The role of Sharon Carter.
    Glad that crazy rumor was put to rest .
    They all look fine .
    Good luck to all of them

  21. I think that we need some more ‘fetching’ women to pick from. All seem ‘Meh.’ Don’t see much apeal in any of them to tell you the truth. ~ Stark

  22. I’d pick Imogen just so I could say “Poots Poots Poots” all the time.

    I want whoever is going to give the role some serious chops and not turn it into a damsel in distress (ala Pepper Potts). That is all.

  23. None of the 3 are believable.

    • How do we know until seeing them on screen, in uniform, and acting? ;)

      • The believability that any would want to hang out with a square virgin like Steve Rogers.

  24. All of these rumored are a major step down from certifiable retro hottie Hayley Atwell.
    Like everything else rumored and announced about the sequel I find this disappointing.

  25. Seems like the majority want hayley back. Now we just have to wait for the marvel guys to troll the screenrant comments section and give the fans what they want.

  26. Marvel has done an excellent job in casting so far. I hope they get their act together. The three choices don’t look like Sharon Carter to me.
    I wonder if they were watching “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell had fantastic chemistry. Don’t believe me? Look at her eyes after he has emerged from the chamber and is transformed into a super-soldier. Or you can check the scene where Steve Rogers returns with Bucky and the POWS.
    As The Avenger commented earlier, just give dye Hayley Atwell’s hair blonde and style it different. She’s done an American accent before in “The Prisoner.”
    If Hayley Atwell isn’t in consideration they need to look at some other actresses because none of the listed actresses fit the role.

    • Hayley Atwell with Chris Evans gave the film genuine romance.
      A rarity in any film these days let alone one about a superhero
      enabling a haunting poignant ending which made the film unique.

    • I thought their love was just as contrived and believable as Jane & Thor.

      • Jane and Thor relationship was atrocious. She just throws herself at him without a seconds hesitation. It’s really bad writing.

        Its a recurring theme. Pepper Pos does the same thing in IronMan. I actually had respect for her when she turned Stark down. I really liked that. It said a lot about her character. Then IM2. Which basically says you can carry woman along on the side as you live out all your sexual conquest but when your ready to settle down she will be there. It’s embarrassing.

        The Incredible Hulk has had the only real relationship. They genuinely care about each other and it shows. (Sigh) Sorry about the rant! Girls gotta rant too!

  27. Get Atwell back! She was smokin’ hot in the first one. Poots, in that pic, looks like Jude Law in drag. None of those 3 even remotely come close to Atwell.

  28. Why doesnt Hayley Atwell comeback woth a different hairstyle. I think that be a nice touch for Sharon Carter.

  29. Anna Kendrick would be awesome.