‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Review

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Captain America The Winter Soldier Poster Shield Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

The Russo Brothers build a strong sequel on The First Avenger foundation and subsequent shared universe entries, elevating both Captain America’s skills and personal drama to refreshing heights.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is still adjusting to life in the 21st Century, packing his days with workout routines and special ops missions, too busy to date or catch-up on a growing list of experiences that he missed while frozen in Arctic ice. As Captain America, Rogers is at the top of his world-saving game; yet, despite his adventures, the First Avenger has become disillusioned with his work at S.H.I.E.L.D. Increased secrecy and a new global initiative – Project Insight, which prioritizes heavy-handed  law enforcement over personal freedoms – have left Rogers questioning what (and who) he’s even fighting for in a post-Battle of New York world.

However, after S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is attacked by heavily-armed and well-coordinated mercenaries led by the fabled Winter Soldier, Rogers must set aside his apprehensions to investigate a new threat against humanity. Joined by fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and former para infantry soldier Sam Wilson, aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Rogers disappears off the grid and begins digging into long-kept S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets. If Captain America hopes to ensure a future for freedom, he must first overcome a collision course with his own complicated past.

Captain America 2 Chris Evans Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

The Russo Brothers take over for First Avenger director Joe Johnston in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, successfully building from the super-soldier origin story and subsequent Avengers team-up to create an entertaining, as well as action-packed, spy drama – one that just so happens to be based on a comic book. As a result, The Winter Soldier is one of the most accessible and high-quality Marvel movies yet. There are countless Easter eggs (and two post-credit scenes) for fans, but at its heart, the Captain America sequel tells a captivating political thriller story with clever ties to actual U.S. history and the larger Marvel universe. Both die-hard comic readers and casual filmgoers should enjoy the film, and even though viewers might not agree on which Marvel Studios movie is their favorite, there’s no question that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is among the best superhero adaptations to hit the big screen.

Certain Marvel solo movies struggle to tie into the studio’s shared universe storyline – especially following The Avengers - but the Russo Brothers strike a sharp balance between corralling tie-in threads and supporting the core Winter Soldier plot. Additionally, the film includes timely social commentary for the ongoing debate over national security and personal freedom – all wrapped within a gripping 1970s-esque espionage flick.

Captain America 2 Sebastian Stan Winter Soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier in ‘Captain America 2′

Even without superhero headliners, the script serves-up a captivating political tale, loaded with poignant human drama, explosive set pieces, and savvy twists. In spite of solid box office sales, viewers have criticized Marvel Studios for playing it safe with their cross-movie narratives, but the latest Captain America delivers a bold step forward, dramatically restructuring the landscape of the TV/movie universe.

Following the exuberant personality of Tony Stark and raw power of Thor, a new Steve Rogers movie could have easily been an afterthought. Nevertheless, The Winter Soldier takes a fascinating look at Captain America, trading “fish out of water” gags for an intimate portrayal of the values (and doubts) held by a man who has accepted a lifelong mission of protecting the innocent.

Evans, who has now portrayed Rogers in three full length feature films, is finally at home in the role – showcasing a quick-witted and extremely capable warrior. By presenting a profound and outright exciting depiction, the Russo’s help to reinforce what many comic book fans already knew: that Captain America is more than an honorable, shield-wielding, super-soldier: he’s one of the smartest and most powerful men on (or off) Earth.

Captain America 2 Scarlet Johansson Black Widow Chris Evans Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Scarlet Johansson returns as Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow)

The sequel also makes good use of its supporting cast – most notably Black Widow, Nick Fury and newcomer Falcon. Black Widow and Nick Fury are already fan-favorite entries in the shared universe, but The Winter Soldier script takes each character to a new level, affording Johansson and Jackson ample screen time to comb new layers in their respective roles, ultimately delivering strong insights, as well as downright rousing moments of heroism. Anthony Mackie’s Falcon is a welcome addition to the squad, and the actor enjoys some of the film’s most humorous beats. Still, Falcon isn’t just comic relief – he presents a stimulating juxtaposition to Rogers and quickly earns his spot onscreen.

Similarly, Robert Redford carries veteran charm to his role as Alexander Pierce – a role that is a make or break element of The Winter Soldier plot. Redford’s exchanges with key heroes, especially Fury, are among the film’s best, and Redford develops Pierce into a well-rounded ideologue instead of one-note bureaucrat.

Captain America 2 Robert Redford Alexander Pierce Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

The Winter Soldier, portrayed by Sebastian Stan, is also a standout – a formidable antagonist capable of knocking Rogers and his team on their backs. The villain is the centerpiece in some of the most exhilarating (not to mention intense) action sequences that Marvel has ever put to film – with creative realizations of trademark source material weaponry (especially his mechanical arm). Though, the real success of the character is Stan’s ability to convey emotion through basic expressions – since the Winter Soldier relies on action, rarely dialogue, to communicate his feelings.

Minor hiccups like noticeable green screen disconnect in select settings, are overcome by plenty of eye-popping visuals – as well as grounded (and absolute brutal) fight choreography that is not just thrilling, but also sells the core cast as lethal operatives. For that reason, 3D and IMAX 3D are recommendable to viewers that want the premium Captain America sequel experience. That said, neither is essential, so frugal filmgoers shouldn’t feel bad about catching the movie in basic 2D.

Captain America 2 Anthony Mackie Falcon Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Where The Avengers sold casual moviegoers and comic book fans alike with an epic superhero team-up event, Captain America: The Winter Soldier should have no problem pleasing both parties by delivering a high-quality spy thriller. The Russo Brothers build a strong sequel on The First Avenger foundation and subsequent shared universe entries, elevating both Captain America’s skills and personal drama to refreshing heights. It’s not the biggest Marvel movie to hit theaters, but with a timely narrative, deeper exploration of fan-favorite characters, a strong cast and unforgettable action set pieces, Captain America: The Winter Soldier makes a compelling case for being one of the studio’s best adventures.

If you’re still on the fence about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, check out the trailer below:


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier runs 136 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, gunplay and action throughout. Now playing in 2D, 3D, and 3D IMAX theaters.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comment section below. If you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss details about the film without worrying about spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, please head over to our Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoilers Discussion.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Captain America: The Winter Soldier episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. I think people voted without thinking about the movie. This movie was kind of disappointing to me. I give it 3/5 stars. Never thought i’d say this but way too much action in this movie. It felt rushed, like 20min in shields already compromised. I didn’t feel there was much of a story to it and didn’t like how they didn’t really try to say what’s going on/what happened the last 2 years with steve being with shield and how hes coping with the new world.(they only make small references to it) Way too rushed, and it feels like they just squeezed in the winter soldier just to make this movie captain america related. Don’t get be wrong, i did like the movie but just hated how they did this. I am excited to see what’s going to happen next with shield and AOS, also the scene at the end with the ‘twins’. Bout time they bring in some super-powered people. :)

    • NO offense whatsoever, but I completely disagree with literally everything you just said.

      • This mkovie was HORRIBLE and you know it! I cant think why exactly but it was just bad and i will be so mad if they make another one for the people who actually like it because I dont and therefore there should not be another one made at all!

        • does the world revolve around you? no, no it doesn’t. so yes, there will be a Cap 3

    • I disagree with EVERYTHING you just said.

    • even with minimum references on how cap struggles in modern world, we can actually cap’s feeling in coping with the modern world. despite all high-tech gadget, cap himself doesn’t use any of it. the fact that cap goes to smithsonian, visits peggy, uses pen and notes, and the strong flashback when he was on camp and conversations with bucky are essential to his struggles without showing any details on how outdated he is.

    • What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • Did you even WATCH the movie?

    • I have to politely disagree with you. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, sure. But your response makes it seem like you don’t know much about how storytelling in movies work.

      SHIELD wasn’t compromised in the first 20 minutes, SHIELD has been compromised for years. It’s within the first 20 or so minutes that we finally see the trigger get pulled. We don’t need to see 20 minutes on how Steve is fitting back into the world, because we’re 2+ years removed from him being unfrozen. He’s had 2 years to start acclimating, we had The Avengers to see him briefly be the fish out of water. We as viewers don’t need more than a few subtle quips showing us how he’s fitting into this new world (i.e. his list and some old man jokes), otherwise we’re getting another background story, which we don’t need.

      I’m not sure how the Winter Soldier was squeezed into the movie, as he was pretty much at the center of it the whole time. And as for the film not having a story to it… the story is about the corruption within SHIELD, how this corruption is uncovered by a small faction, said faction is made public enemy #1 by SHIELD, and how Capt and Co. must then fight against said corruption by infiltrating back into SHIELD to save the world. This movie was very good, well written, well choreographed. If you want to much action, go watch the last 10 minutes of Man of Steel. That was action for the sake of action. The action in Captain America: Winter Soldier was not only entertaining, but emotional at times, and had a deliberate intent to it. It wasn’t meaningless building smashing, we saw naked, brutal hand-to-hand combat fighting sequences that really showed off the skills and capabilities of Captain America that we as viewers have not yet seen until now. There was just enough action, just as there was just enough down moments for exposition and character interactions.

      • MOS fighting scenes were perfect for their power levels.If two guys of that much strength will fight each other they will smash buildings and houses just like captain and soldier were wrecking apart doors and cars in this movie. Does anybody expects superman or kryptonians to do kungfu style fight scenes when they have superspeed and superstrength.

        • Completely agree. We’re talking about superpowered beings in MoS. Buildings smash when they so much as sneeze at someone. THAT is power and it was depicted well.

      • +1

    • I’ve seen the movie DCMVSMARVEL but don’t come on here and talk about what you don’t understand. Then on top of that announce one of the post credit scenes to people that haven’t seen it yet. You’re on the review page not the spoilers page. Take notice Ben Kendrick.

  2. http://www.cinemablend.com/m/reviews/Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-6771.html

    I agree with this reviewer almost 100%. CA:TWS is *easily* the best of the “Phase 2″ Marvel films, and it is the best comic-related flick since 2012′s The Avengers.

    The script is strong (a political suspense/spy action movie with a superhero twist, of course, featuring relevant criticisms of present-day America’s big government/surveillance state), the acting is quite remarkable (Chris Evans once again nails the role of Captain America — this time better than ever; Anthony Mackie shines as Cap’s new compadre and fellow war veteran, Sam “Falcon” Wilson; Sebastian Stan is great and already under-appreciated by critics as the titular “villain” who, being a mostly silent, machinelike assassin, does most of his communicating through tortured and confused facial expressions — even so, when Stan does speak, he manages to evoke sympathy for the good man trapped somewhere beneath all the HYDRA mind-poisoning and continually raises hope for his character’s redemption; and recurring supporting characters Black Widow and Nick Fury finally open up and show some personality & heart — and it’s refreshing), the CGI is minimal (that’s a good thing, and the special effects are no less enthralling for it), and the action/fight scenes were meticulously choreographed and brilliantly executed — some of the best I’ve seen (in particular, Cap demonstrates just how superb he is at hand-to-hand combat and stealth maneuvering). That said, the violence is a bit excessive at times (thanks mainly to the often vicious antagonists) and really should have been toned down in several places, especially considering that children are a key demographic for superhero movies. Still, overall, good (represented with clarity by Steve Rogers) conquers evil in satisfying ways.

    To give you an indication of how engaging I thought the film was — particularly the compelling relationship between Cap and his best friend “to the end of the line” — the somewhat cliffhanger ending of Winter Soldier left me verbally lamenting, “No, don’t cut to the end credits yet; keep going!” Indeed, I was anxious to see Captain America 3 *immediately*! And I’m sure that’s exactly the sort of thing the directors want to hear.

    The #1 reason you should see this movie may be best summarized by a line Agent Coulson delivered to Cap in the Avengers: “[With] everything that’s happening — the things that are about to come to light — people might just need a little old-fashioned.”

    Steve Rogers, a man whose values are firmly anchored in the predominantly Christian worldview of 1940s America (the last great generation), brings desperately needed moral leadership and rock-steady integrity into a bemused, Postmodern 21st Century milieu in which nearly everyone around him drifts aimlessly along the same hazy sea of situational ethics and circumstantial “truth.” (Sound familiar? Look around you.) Ever concerned with doing the right thing and always willing to sacrifice his own life to save the lives and defend the freedom of others (John 15:13), Rogers is the truest and most believable “hero” and role model of Marvel’s voluminous ensemble of colorful, super-powered protagonists. When no one else can be trusted, rest assured, Captain America can be. We should all aspire to such countercultural nobility, but where do we start? The answer to that question depends upon the answer to another: What or Who is the source of Steve Roger’s unwavering strength, virtue, and courage? I contend that it must realistically be none other than the one true God — the Fixed Reference Point — whom Rogers acknowledged in the Avengers. Think about it.

    “When everything is moving at once, nothing appears to be moving . . . When everyone is moving towards depravity, no one seems to be moving; but if someone stops, he shows up the others who are rushing on, by acting as a fixed point.” – Blaise Pascal (Pensées, vol. 33)

    In closing, one of my few disappointments with the film is that the reunion between Steve (a good old-fashioned chivalrist who could teach the reckless playboy Tony Stark a thing or two) and his first and only love, the now elderly Peggy Carter (a very classy “dame,” if there ever was one), even though it was really sweet (I admit, I got choked up when the emotional Carter, apparently suffering from dementia and after having already conversed with Rogers for several minutes, suddenly realized that it was actually Steve who had come to visit her and when the teary-eyed Rogers said, with gentle reassurance, “You know I could never leave my best girl.” Dang. Killed me!) I thought those two characters had a wonderful chemistry in the first Captain America film (a perfect match, in fact), and their poignant, difficult-to-watch separation toward the end of that movie — before they ever got the chance to have their first date/dance, which STILL bothers me — tugged at this sentimental sap’s heart strings. My guess (hope) is that the Russo brothers are going to save more of the Rogers/Carter reconnecting for the sequel.

    But I must be patient. Cap must first reassemble the Avengers for the Age of Ultron. (By the way, I’m NOT looking forward to the Guardians of the Galaxy, which looks extremely silly and totally out of place in the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’ve no clue why they decided to go this direction, when there are several well-known and crazy cool Avengers who still need to be introduced — namely, Black Panther, Vision, and Wasp. Furthermore, when you have an all-star “A Team” lineup of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Incredible stinking Hulk, why on earth would you need to enlist the “help” of a no-name Han Solo wannabe, a gun-toting raccoon, a tree that only wishes it was as cool as one of Tolkien’s Ents, a green Halle Barry, and . . . Batista? Seriously?! Anyhow, hopefully Joss Whedon and company know what they’re doing. We’ll find out in 13 months if Marvel can rival, much less surpass, the quality and success of the first Avengers blockbuster.)

    • Please disregard the review above. I posted a much better version (with pictures!) on my blog, for anyone who is interested: http://upholdingtruth.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/captain-america-the-winter-soldier/

    • Its a green Zoe Saldana not Halle Barry. However I do agree with most of what you said. Guardians of the Galaxy does look silly as hell and looks to be a huge risk on the part of Marvel.

      • I think something to keep in mind about the GOTG movie, is that it is a movie that is aware of itself. It seems, just through the first preview, Marvel and James Gunn both realize how hard it may be to sell a talking tree and raccoon wielding a gun, and how can you blame them? It would be incredibly difficult to sell it as a serious movie to the level of Cap 2 or the IM series. We had to have known that once Chris Pratt (Parks and Rec) was cast as Star-Lord this movie would take a more humorous approach. That’s not to say there is not a serious under lying story; however, Marvel had to find a way to sell the movie to the average movie goer, not comic book fanboys. There had to be some form of introduction to the characters, so they focus on Pratt and show he is likely to be the leader, and what he is after is probably important, they give an over view of the other members of the guardians and use the line up like they showed at comic con to show that these other characters really don’t give a s*** that they are locked up. I think the first trailer has shown that it is incredibly self aware of the concept and I think the second trailer, whenever it comes, may take some of the humor out of it and give an idea about what the plot will actually be.

        • +1 Excellent points

  3. I really liked this film. Anyone else think Sebastian Stan should play Luke Skywalkers son in ep 7? He looks exactly like a young Mark Hamill.

  4. Thought I’d share my thoughts here too…

    Just got back from the theatre with my friend. We just kept looking over at each other and knowing that the other was saying “holy s**** this movie is the best.”

    I’ve always been such a huge fan of Anthony and Joe Russo’s directing, but to see it on such a larger scale was amazing. My favourite moments were at the beginning on the boat, the beautiful directing was especially noticeable.

    As for those ladies, damn. Those women kicked some serious ass! I have to say that this must be one of Marvels best movies for the women in them, and just one of Marvels best over-all. And in my opinion, even better than the Avengers. And that’s saying because I LOVED that movie Black Widow got some serious screen time! Not only did she get amazing action sequences but a character arc and dilemma as well. Maria Hill was awesome and underused in my opinion, she always is. Cobie Smulders rocked it. And Agent 13? That was a great seed to plant! She was more of a cameo, but that doesn’t mean Emily Van Camp wasn’t amazing in it! Agent 13 will be back, and this was a great introduction.

    And just yes to everything about Falcon. I loved his characterization.

    And not just the women, but the men too! Cap, Winter Soldier, Fury, Falcon. Everyone just out-bamfed the other!

    This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I literally did not get up to pee because I didn’t want to miss anything. The script and overall plot was amazing, and sets up very well the events of Avengers Age of Ultron.

  5. Loved it. Hands down best marvel film to date for me since the first Iron Man. Everything about it was perfect from the brutal fight scenes to the winter soldier awesome awesome. Cant wait to see more of Sabastian Stan in the future he was definitely the stand out in this one. 5/5

  6. Great Movie! Better than the first, and I really liked the first Captain America so that is saying a lot. Definitely better than Iron Man 3 as well. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed that movie but it was too isolated especially after the events of the Avengers. The Winter Soldier brought back so many faces from the Avengers that it nearly felt like an Avengers sequel but at the same time it kept the spotlight on Captain America throughout the entire film which was great! This movie had some amazing fight scenes which I am always a sucker for and see too little of in movies today. Chris Evans plays this character so well, he is extremely enjoyable to watch as Steve Rogers and I hope he continues to play him for many more sequels. This movie and The Avengers are the 2 best in the series by far! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

  7. This was a good film but certainly did not justified its title.I mean who was that Winter Soldier, a Henchman who was being slapped by the main villain.He was not even necessary in this film (may be for giving a good fight to Captain).People here are comic book fans so they know who Winter Soldier is but the General Audience in my theater couldn’t even recognize who this guy is neither did they connect to the character of Arnim Zola (the computer guy). These two characters were quiet minor and forgettable characters from the first film and nobody from General audience cared for them.Winter Soldier needed more screentime in this movie. IMO it was better than any marvel movie barring first Ironman and the Avengers.From my side 7.5/10

    • Well, I don’t think you saw the points regarding Winter Soldier.
      1. He is the person responsible for the last 50 years of eliminating others and paving Hydra’s path.
      2. Has a history with Widow
      3. The movie build up to who he was eventually so the audience could relate to who he was
      4. If audience saw the first movie then they would have recognize him at some point prior to fully being uncovered. The museum shot for example had a photo of him and it matches Winter Soldier :)

      • All that thing doesn’ t matter.I am just telling u the reaction of people in my theatre.A character should have screentime, only knowing about him through other characters does not help.In this movie winter soldier was just a henchman.Alexander pierce or Zola were much bigger threat than him. He wasn’t either a memorable character or somebody who deserved an entire movie named after him.

        • I actually agree, I do wish they showed more of how he became the winter soldier how he is a Russian experiment but was worked on by the guy working with red skull? I wished they would at least show flashbacks of his 50 years of assassinations or the moment he and widow met. For having his name as the title he wasn’t featured that much at all and I was disappointed in that but I wasn’t disappointed in the movie.

          • Indeed, he could have had more time, but it is called Captain America after all. This is just a way to develop the character further in upcoming movies. There has to be a moment where he reunites with Cap and tells his story, or where we see flashbacks. Stan is signed for more movies, so…

  8. great job Marvel guys. great job indeed.

  9. This movie is just stupid. Great acting and great display of captain america and who he is. Nice pokes at national security. But come on yoir telling me they find a plot to overthrow shield and tony stark doesnt show up ? He lives 5 min away with his suit. Like come on after the avengers are assembled you expect me to helive that not a SINGLE time in the movie with all the crazy stuff happening that black widow or cap did mot think “oh hmmm lots of technology problems here and oh wow they shot nick fury i better call tony stark” get some help. The entire movie they were just meandering around like ohhhh we are soooo alone its all on our shoulders. This movies story line was basic as could be. I wish it was better. I wish it was smarter

    • I guess that’s the one problem with crossovers, it’s hard to imagine stand-alone films without them looking for help from the other superheroes. I can see your point. But Tony Stark wasn’t mentioned other than being somebody to give suggestions for the helicarriers. At the end of IM3 he was retired. Maybe he’s just off the map right now.

      • Well, I do NOT agree that this movie was stupid b/c of its lack of crossover characters. I just wanted to point out that Tony Stark was one of the helicarrier targets near DC. It flashed for just a moment, but I 100% saw it. So, he’s not off the map. That’s all =)

        • in that case call the Fantastic Four or the X-men. I mean, they’re on the map.
          Bring in Iron Man and its no longer CAP’s film

    • The same argument could be made about Thor 2 or IM 3. The point is, that this is a stand alone film. This is to enhance each character’s story arc for the team up movies like AoU. Even if we take this off film and look at the comics in general, you have Avenger comics, but they still have stand alone comics and their own story arcs without many mentions of other characters. If you went in to this movie expecting other Marvel characters to show up, you’re dumb. There was never any indication to expect that to happen, nor should that have even been an expectation in the first place. They make references to the existence of other heroes in the MCU because we know they exist now (can only refer to certain ones due to movie rights), that does not mean we are going to see Iron man or Hulk show up in a stand alone Captain movie that is about the fall of SHIELD.

      • Well said, well said.

    • Sorry but if an entire movie becomes “stupid” just because cross over characters didn’t show up or were blatantly explained away, then you just are never going to enjoy any future solo films from DC or Marvel. You probably won’t enjoy comics either, considering there are tons of heroes running around in the same area that never seem to show up in each other’s comics. I mean comon, Superman can pretty much instantly appear in Gotham whenever Batman’s on a case and can probably solve his issues in 5minutes. The whole, “Where’s this or this hero when all this going on?” issue is something people are going to have to let go and come up with whatever reason to get them pass it, because it’s going to keep happening. It happens in the comics all the time and people don’t have issues, why is it so hard now in movies? Does this single issue really just destroy the story of all the future movies to come? So are you saying from this point on, all movies should just be Justice League and Avengers sequels? If that’s the case, then I’m sorry, you’re gonna hate comic movies for the next 16 years and probably should stay away from them.

    • Actually, now that I think about it, if DC is going down this road of a shared universe, they’re going to have it worse than Marvel convincing people like you that Superman couldn’t come to save the day in the next solo Batman, Wonderwoman, Greenlantern or whatever movie since, MoS pretty much established Superman is God level power and pretty much can be at one end of the earth in one minute and back in Metropolis in the next. If Batman ever has a city-wide threat he has to deal with, Supes better show up to beat down the Joker, Bane, or whoever human class villains he usually faces or else according to you, the movie would then be “stupid” correct? I mean if The Dark Knight Rises with a nuke threatening Gotham happened in the shared universe, Supes could just show up, beat the crap out of Bane, x-ray vision all the trucks to find the bomb, fly it into outer space, movie over. Yeah, you’re gonna hate the comic book movies coming down the pipe man, I feel sorry for you.

    • I had the same thoughts over and over again during the movie but having them show up would ruin it for a Cap movie. It was best to showcase him and his story. I could care less about Ironman but I was cheering for Hulk to come around and do some real hurt :)

    • When trying to lay low why would you go to the man that showboats all the time? plus the corrupted shield probably knows about tony stark wouldn’t you think they would have eyes on him just in case cap and widow showed up? finally Stark blew up his suits so he wouldn’t be much help anyway.

    • This was a S.H.I.E.L.D. problem, a crisis happening within its own system which would have the biggest impact on its direct agents. In all honesty, I can understand why Tony Stark didn’t appear. Doesn’t really explain Hawkeye though. So. But still, what an amazing movie! Small problems that I can easily overlook seeing as how brilliant everything else about this was.

  10. Yes at least a line would have helped ” O he has blown all his suits, retired and out of US with Pepper”.

  11. While I really liked it, I think one problem was midway through the film with the MacGuffin.

    Didn’t make sense without spoiling it.

    • It was also my issue with the film. It descended into ridiculous comic book plotting at that point (oh, the irony) but it picked itself back up right after that.

  12. I never imagined I would give a Captain America movie five stars, much less think of it as very possibly my top favorite comic book movie (being a Thor fan) but since IM3, Marvel has been on top of their game.

  13. tony stark was in the film. he was targeted by the helicarrier when it zoomed in on stark tower.

  14. this review was amazing, not as good as ours. if you get the chance you should check it out. http://feed-thegeek.blogspot.com/2014/04/captain-america-winter-soldier-review.html

  15. This film was great in all areas. The character development was ecstatic and golden, the humorous scenes were well timed and actually funny, and it certainly lived up to its promise of being a political thriller that kept you on the edge of your seat. Great visuals, expositions, intense action sequences, and insane amounts of suspense, along with the shady and grit-filled atmosphere definitely makes The Winter Soldier the best out of Phase Two and Marvel’s cinematic universe as a whole (to me, personally). It was just too awesome for words.

  16. This movie was excellent and for the first time ever in all the marvel movies I seen, not a single person got up and walked out after the final scene.Everyone waited for the mid-credit scene because by now they know something else is coming.And even after the mid-credit scene half the people still stuck around for the scene with Bucky.

  17. The first breath of fresh air from the Marvel camp since the original Iron Man. They had been beating on that dead horse formula for half a decade. Finally some progress!

  18. Cant find any bettrr words than compelling, captivating and tremendously rivetting, woth the wait n the feed of trailers.Need to have another go @ imax 3D OR 2D for more satisfyng experience…the 3d glasses dssapointed oelse bingo….

  19. Great movie. Not only was the plot, acting and action good and in balance but it really tied in with the overall arc of the Marvel Avengers story. We got a glimpse that the Hydra program was still alive in The Avengers. I was also very pleased that it gels nicely with what going on in the tv series “Agents of Shield” (in fact I would strongly urge anyone that watches “AoS” to see this movie. It explains so much about what’s currently going on).

    Getting back to the movie, I have been very surprised by how well both Captain America movies stack up against the other super-hero movies in this current incarnation of the franchise. Captain America has the least wow factor of any of the others, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk with respect to super powers but both movies were as good (or better) than the others.

    I will also add that for those of us who aren’t into the comic book side of Marvel and just like the movies, there was a wealth of historical information in this movie that gives film only fans a lot of insights.

  20. MARVEL keeps doing it… best Comic book movie to date

  21. Not really a fan of Captain America but this movie was actually really well done. Decent story that kept me interested & his abilities were adequately showcased. I felt he looked a little weak in The Avengers.

    I liked the Zola bit & the reveal with Hydra and their master plan. Redford was great as the soft spoken villain total contrast from over the top red skull.

    The Winter Soldier himself was pretty cool to watch. Its unfortunate he didn’t get to say much I guess that’ll be in the next movie.

  22. Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 discouraged me. Iron Man 3 took a giant dump on The Mandarin, and had a little too much forced comedy. Thor 2 took a ton of attention away from Malekith, and instead gave most of the attention to Loki (who has already been the bad guy in Thor and The Avengers). And Thor 2 was too goofy with a ton of humor that killed any plot tension with comedic one-liners. Some humor’s good, but too much can take away from the dramatic tension, in my opinion. I’m not saying either of those films were necessarily BAD, but those are the problems I think they have. They were alright, but they could’ve been MUCH better.
    Captain America 2, on the other hand, was brilliant. It was entertaining, but it also carried quite a bit of weight in its storyline. Cap 2 has restored my hope in Marvel Studios Phase 2. Before that film, I was feeling burned out on Phase 2 from Iron Man 3 and Thor 2.

  23. One reviewer (initials A.H.)said that this was the most “adult” Marvel Superhero movie. Perhaps she is correct. Still there was at least One thing in the end that deflated that assumption.

    There was a former Shield V.I.P. who walked out on a congressional meeting. NO ONE, no matter now valuable to U.S. National Security does that without getting banged with “Contempt of Congress” penalty. This was too comic book-ish.

    I had a lot of questions. One was… count me in with the group that asked about Tony Stark and Hawkeye. I would have liked to hear something like one fellow was in a secret location and under treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms. The second character could have been following a lead somewhere for an entirely different threat. Cap’s “Stand down. Everything is under control” into a phone at the end of the movie would have soothed my Hawkeye-exclusion question.

    I had two other questions, but in all, Winter Soldier was fantastic. I just have to check my over-analytical mind at the door and just appreciate this work. As far as being the BEST comic book adaptation movie, I don’t know about that. But I can sure see the argument to support that thought. I tend to lean towards the Christian Bale-Heath Ledger- Aaron Eckhart classic of 2008. (Admittedly, The Dark Knight also had some things that left it opened to questionable scenarios)

  24. Great movie

  25. This is a review page so I’m assuming everyone on this saw it, but among a few questions this one sticks out and I must ask…

    ****** POSSIBLE SPOILER *********

    In the mid-credits scene, how did Von Strucker get Loki’s scepter? I tried to research myself, and even try to remember the ends of Avenger’s and Dark World, but I can’t seem to get it. The only thing I can think of is if SHIELD gets it at end of Avengers so in fact HYDRA gets it. Please help.

    • Kevin C looks like you DON’T need help. I think you got it. At the end of Avengers I asked myself, Thor is taking Loki and the Tesserat (spelling), but where was the staff? Since it was forgotten by the heroes, I thought that the staff had lost its power somehow. I was wrong.

      In the mid-credits of this movie, Hydra looks at it as a powerful weapon–I was wrong. Here’s hoping that the staff leads to a Hulk/ Tony Stark’s Hulk Buster battle.

      BTW In the theatre I had attended the audience gave a big collective gasp when the staff reappeared.

  26. This was awesome. Prob the best superhero movie ive seen next to the Iron Man 1, Spider-Man (original) and Xmen 2. I even want to put this around Bourne Identity territory as it was that good and that “real” as far as making common sense in scenes. Bravo Marvel! Should be 4.5/5 or 5/5 imo

    • It wasn’t that real.The final fight was just explosions and was unrealistic.In one scene the trained guys are attacking nick fury’s car with bullets than drilling a hammer like thing on road to break windows.Why not just use rocket launcher if they are there to kill him.Shield/hydra guys or their boss alexander pierce should have known that fury’s car was bulletproof.

  27. This had some of the best action I’ve seen out of Marvel movies ! I really enjoyed it and Black Widow in this movie made me a lil more open to the idea of a solo film for her . I feel like it was a great story also which is what surprised me most .

    Oh did anyone else catch the dr.strange reference ???

  28. I love all kinds of movies especially romance and comedy. Off late I have been amazed with the work of Marvel. They have some super awesome movies in their kitty. I loved Avengers and after watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I have fallen in love with Chris Evans. I loved the cast and Scarlett Johansson looks her sensuous best! :D