‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Review

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Captain America The Winter Soldier Poster Shield Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

The Russo Brothers build a strong sequel on The First Avenger foundation and subsequent shared universe entries, elevating both Captain America’s skills and personal drama to refreshing heights.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is still adjusting to life in the 21st Century, packing his days with workout routines and special ops missions, too busy to date or catch-up on a growing list of experiences that he missed while frozen in Arctic ice. As Captain America, Rogers is at the top of his world-saving game; yet, despite his adventures, the First Avenger has become disillusioned with his work at S.H.I.E.L.D. Increased secrecy and a new global initiative – Project Insight, which prioritizes heavy-handed  law enforcement over personal freedoms – have left Rogers questioning what (and who) he’s even fighting for in a post-Battle of New York world.

However, after S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is attacked by heavily-armed and well-coordinated mercenaries led by the fabled Winter Soldier, Rogers must set aside his apprehensions to investigate a new threat against humanity. Joined by fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and former para infantry soldier Sam Wilson, aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Rogers disappears off the grid and begins digging into long-kept S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets. If Captain America hopes to ensure a future for freedom, he must first overcome a collision course with his own complicated past.

Captain America 2 Chris Evans Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

The Russo Brothers take over for First Avenger director Joe Johnston in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, successfully building from the super-soldier origin story and subsequent Avengers team-up to create an entertaining, as well as action-packed, spy drama – one that just so happens to be based on a comic book. As a result, The Winter Soldier is one of the most accessible and high-quality Marvel movies yet. There are countless Easter eggs (and two post-credit scenes) for fans, but at its heart, the Captain America sequel tells a captivating political thriller story with clever ties to actual U.S. history and the larger Marvel universe. Both die-hard comic readers and casual filmgoers should enjoy the film, and even though viewers might not agree on which Marvel Studios movie is their favorite, there’s no question that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is among the best superhero adaptations to hit the big screen.

Certain Marvel solo movies struggle to tie into the studio’s shared universe storyline – especially following The Avengers - but the Russo Brothers strike a sharp balance between corralling tie-in threads and supporting the core Winter Soldier plot. Additionally, the film includes timely social commentary for the ongoing debate over national security and personal freedom – all wrapped within a gripping 1970s-esque espionage flick.

Captain America 2 Sebastian Stan Winter Soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier in ‘Captain America 2′

Even without superhero headliners, the script serves-up a captivating political tale, loaded with poignant human drama, explosive set pieces, and savvy twists. In spite of solid box office sales, viewers have criticized Marvel Studios for playing it safe with their cross-movie narratives, but the latest Captain America delivers a bold step forward, dramatically restructuring the landscape of the TV/movie universe.

Following the exuberant personality of Tony Stark and raw power of Thor, a new Steve Rogers movie could have easily been an afterthought. Nevertheless, The Winter Soldier takes a fascinating look at Captain America, trading “fish out of water” gags for an intimate portrayal of the values (and doubts) held by a man who has accepted a lifelong mission of protecting the innocent.

Evans, who has now portrayed Rogers in three full length feature films, is finally at home in the role – showcasing a quick-witted and extremely capable warrior. By presenting a profound and outright exciting depiction, the Russo’s help to reinforce what many comic book fans already knew: that Captain America is more than an honorable, shield-wielding, super-soldier: he’s one of the smartest and most powerful men on (or off) Earth.

Captain America 2 Scarlet Johansson Black Widow Chris Evans Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Scarlet Johansson returns as Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow)

The sequel also makes good use of its supporting cast – most notably Black Widow, Nick Fury and newcomer Falcon. Black Widow and Nick Fury are already fan-favorite entries in the shared universe, but The Winter Soldier script takes each character to a new level, affording Johansson and Jackson ample screen time to comb new layers in their respective roles, ultimately delivering strong insights, as well as downright rousing moments of heroism. Anthony Mackie’s Falcon is a welcome addition to the squad, and the actor enjoys some of the film’s most humorous beats. Still, Falcon isn’t just comic relief – he presents a stimulating juxtaposition to Rogers and quickly earns his spot onscreen.

Similarly, Robert Redford carries veteran charm to his role as Alexander Pierce – a role that is a make or break element of The Winter Soldier plot. Redford’s exchanges with key heroes, especially Fury, are among the film’s best, and Redford develops Pierce into a well-rounded ideologue instead of one-note bureaucrat.

Captain America 2 Robert Redford Alexander Pierce Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

The Winter Soldier, portrayed by Sebastian Stan, is also a standout – a formidable antagonist capable of knocking Rogers and his team on their backs. The villain is the centerpiece in some of the most exhilarating (not to mention intense) action sequences that Marvel has ever put to film – with creative realizations of trademark source material weaponry (especially his mechanical arm). Though, the real success of the character is Stan’s ability to convey emotion through basic expressions – since the Winter Soldier relies on action, rarely dialogue, to communicate his feelings.

Minor hiccups like noticeable green screen disconnect in select settings, are overcome by plenty of eye-popping visuals – as well as grounded (and absolute brutal) fight choreography that is not just thrilling, but also sells the core cast as lethal operatives. For that reason, 3D and IMAX 3D are recommendable to viewers that want the premium Captain America sequel experience. That said, neither is essential, so frugal filmgoers shouldn’t feel bad about catching the movie in basic 2D.

Captain America 2 Anthony Mackie Falcon Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Where The Avengers sold casual moviegoers and comic book fans alike with an epic superhero team-up event, Captain America: The Winter Soldier should have no problem pleasing both parties by delivering a high-quality spy thriller. The Russo Brothers build a strong sequel on The First Avenger foundation and subsequent shared universe entries, elevating both Captain America’s skills and personal drama to refreshing heights. It’s not the biggest Marvel movie to hit theaters, but with a timely narrative, deeper exploration of fan-favorite characters, a strong cast and unforgettable action set pieces, Captain America: The Winter Soldier makes a compelling case for being one of the studio’s best adventures.

If you’re still on the fence about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, check out the trailer below:


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier runs 136 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, gunplay and action throughout. Now playing in 2D, 3D, and 3D IMAX theaters.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comment section below. If you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss details about the film without worrying about spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, please head over to our Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spoilers Discussion.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Captain America: The Winter Soldier episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. the Avengers > Cap 2…i’ve wasted my money..

    • because A movie is better than B movie, you’ve wasted your money? nice logic.

    • captain america 2 is the best hero movie yet. it doesn’t have the excitement of having all the heros meet for the first time like in the avengers, but other than that its a better movie in every way.

      • Nop, it’s still The Dark Knight, and then you have Spider-man 1,2… X-Men 1,2 and First Class, Batman Begins, The dark Knight Rises and then the rest

        • Totally disagree here, the first two X-Men films verged on boring and were WAY more simplistic in plot than this film, they also suffered from being “the first” films to really break the market open where Christopher Reeves’s Superman had been disregarded.

          The first two Spider-man films again, were only “alright” and we’ve come to expect far less predictable and boring plot elements than were included in them. There isn’t anything cinematographiccally special about them anywhere, and I found The Amazing Spider-man 2 to be far superior and true to the comics than any of the previous four; truthfully, it was a refreshing experience to see a comic book film that actually felt like a comic, yet dodged all cheesiness completely, slickly and professionally and remained a really interesting film even without all the action.

          And of the Dark Knight films, we all know how expectations of ‘Rises fell flat of its intended epic scope somewhat, whilst Batman Begins was too timid and uncertain of itself.

          If you’re not into the believability factor then sure, I can appreciate those films are entertaining without being too deep, but the more recent trend with Superhero films is to pack them out and turn them into well-respected, good films outside of the genre with nail-hard plots – that’s why the Dark Knight is so well respected and revered. It’s not because of the action (what little of it there is), it’s because of Heath Ledger’s acting and the winding, complicated script/plot. Arguably it started the trend, but I’m not so certain it is the shining example of how superhero films should be. I struggle to appreciate the view that the older Marvel and DC films were better, this isn’t Star Wars.

          Captain America 2 was a really good film. Overly violent perhaps, yet I suppose that adds to the reality of it.

      • I would say the best marvel movie yet, and to me its not even close….I just really want to know where the heck Hawkeye is?

    • Apples and Oranges! You sound like a troll probably haven’t even seen Cap 2.

  2. > As a result, The Winter Soldier is one of the most accessible and highest quality
    > Marvel movies yet.

    This. I would argue that it is THE best Marvel movie to date.

    Thoroughly enjoyable. I understand now why Marvel is so high on the directors, and wanted to keep them around for the sequel.

    Now, if this only leads us into an Invaders movie (and Marvel introducing Namor to the big screen)…

    • NOPE! I believe it is Universal that owns the movie rights to Namor, so unless Marvel buys them back we will not be seeing Namor anytime soon!

  3. This film is extraordinary. There is a point in the film, for me it was early on when Rogers visits the Smithsonian where I realized that I am not watching a comic book movie. I’m watching a film! This film absolutely raises the bar. Remember all those old Sega ads with the slogan of “Welcome to the next level”, well, you have that with this film.

    The Dark Knight??? Pfff, its kids stuff! #CaptainsOrders

    • Don’t knock the Dark Knight; it’s a good film.

      With that being said, I’ve been looking for a Marvel film to rally behind, and this is it!

    • Cap 2 is a great film but by no means is it better than the dark knight. I’d say its Marvel’s Dark Knight but only within Marvel Studio standards.

      • captain america 2 is so far superior to the batman movies its not even close.

        • That’s an opinion where you’ll be in the minority. The very low minority.

          • Minorities thumbs up!

            • Not sure on the debate of which is a better film, but if a had to watch one again, it would be Cap 2, and I’ve been a Batman Fan for life….

          • Cap 2 wasn’t better than the dark knight but the hand to hand combat, the car chases and fire fights, were soo much more intense and engaging, than the dark knights.

            • That scene with the tumbler-turned-batpod was still better than the SUV chase. Flipping an 18wheeler > flipping a Tahoe (or whatever Fury was driving)

      • I would have to agree. TDK was DC/WB best CBM to date and I think Cap 2 is going to be the best CBM for Disney/Marvel. For me, they are both equally as good. TDK is my favorite CBM and seeing Cap 2 last night it’s about as good as TDK, IMO

        • See that I can understand and after a few more views even come to agree with. “Far superior” though? Absolutely not.

          • Yeah, I love them both probably because Cap 2 did feel like a Nolan type of film. It was very serious(for a Marvel film) and the plot/script was top notch. I have a feeling that Captain America 2 will end up being the best in the Cap trilogy much like how TDK was the best in the Batman trilogy. They are both equally as good, have the same tone, and have characters that offer up some surprisingly great performances.

      • Even The Dark Knight doesn’t live up to the standards a lot of Nolanites think it set. Could we stop using it as an example of good CBM making?

    • Hahahahaha! Ah now lets get too excited here. Captain America was fantastic for a Marvel Phase 2 movie. Winter Soldier is by far the best in Phase 2. Iron Man 3 was terribly disappointing and Thor was absolutely awful and boring. Cap The Winter Soldier has the benefit of having some substance and a message to say in reference to modern society, which is a first for Marvel seance Iron Man 1. It deals with no serious issues except American modern spying and NSA, but even then it glosses over it one scene and squanders all potential for delivering a memorable story. Winter soldier himself is an impressive character but he isn’t doing anything that has been done before and done better with the silent emotionless assassin character. See Darth Maul and The Terminator for examples. And as for the acting Redford adds a massive pedigree boost without a doubt but the acting aside from Redford and Jackson still doesn’t hold a candle to Bales, Caine’s, Eckart’s, Ledgers and Oldman’s iconic performances in The Dark Knight. Nolan’s direction and vision jumped jumped out and became iconic because it aimed to be unique and different. The Dark Knight deals with themes of terrorism too but it also deals with ideologies of chaos and order, It was doing spying in 2008 before Marvel touched it and delves into the mind of mentally scarred and damaged people in great detail rather than being afraid to spend the time on it because either cause they know their audiences attention won’t hold. For all of the above reasons is why The Dark Knight is already an iconic superhero movie only rivalled by Avengers and thats why it is so beloved. The Winter Soldier, at best is heavily inspired by The Dark Knight in terms of its tone and some action beats but The Winter Soldier is by far the second best entry into the Marvel universe behind Iron Man 1. Its a king in a mediocre kingdom.

      • LOL Well alright….TDK FTW, I see

      • It makes no sense comparing TDK to CAP2. They are two totally different movies, meant to grab to totally different audiences. That’s like trying to compare ABC to HBO!

      • yogi, I’m going to exchange a lot of your lies for some truth…

        The truth is that the Dark Knight is a pretty good movie not a great one, and it is certainly nowhere near being a masterpiece of the modern cinema as so many of the hardcore DC/Bat-phile fanboys would make believe it is.

        At this point, it is acting as a very accurate indicator of pretentious, belligerent internet d-bags, however… as is the rest of the output for DC/WB.

        All that meaning and subtext you preach so fanatically about? It’s there in plenty of other films too; but, because you aren’t rabid fans of those movies you choose not to see them.

        The performances? Ledgers was the only true standout, and a big part of that was the combination of his death and that he gave a more toned-down, nihilistic version of Nicholson’s completely over-the-top performance back in Burton’s ‘Batman’. Bale was solid, but his ‘Bat-voice’ was beyond ridiculous… and I like Christian Bale as an actor and respect him as a person.

        But there was just so much inconsistent characterizations and glaring plot holes that really dragged the movie and trilogy down. The shame of it is that, once again, because of the darkness of tone and how serious the film took itself the hardcore fanboys who will pick apart other, better, more fun and engaging films for much less will blithely ignore, if not passionately defend, those very same issues with Nolan’s ‘Knight’.

        Once again, I still think it’s a good film, I’m just tired of seeing people hold it to this ridiculous standard it doesn’t deserve, and then bash other films mindlessly because they weren’t exactly like it (or, because they’re ignorant, bash films that they ‘think’ try to be like it for copying it…). Understand this: Nolan did little more than pander to the LCD of so-called modern society. He wasn’t “unique” or “different” in his approach. He made it grim, bleak, serious (to the point of making the premise completely ridiculous) and, above all, had his main villain preach endlessly about chaos and anarchy. That doesn’t make the movie “deep”, it makes it the wet dream of the 15 year old fanboy and 45-year old virgins that DC has adopted as their target demographic.

        So, it really is the perfect fit for a supremely self-important, self-involved generation that takes themselves way too seriously, even while (actually, USUALLY while) in the middle of doing the most inane activities imaginable.

        • Thank you so much for expressing very cogently and concisely how I feel about the unjustified, hyperbolic praise heaped on The Dark Knight. It has two redeeming qualities: an inspired characterization of The Joker and some beautiful cinematography, and these alone elevate it occasionally to the “good” level. Every other component is weak, and this is very obvious on repeat viewings. For me, Cap 2 held up better in the theater, most fundamentally because it created a universe and characters I could find believable and actually provided some emotional dynamism in which to ground the action.

  4. Saw it last night in 3D IMAX in London and enjoyed it immensely! Excellent and fair review, As I said to my mate who joined me, we are bloody lucky as comic book/sci-fi fans with movie output these days. With the amount of bitching you get on some sites (not necessarily about this film) many don’t appreciate how good we have it. This doesn’t mean poor films don’t deserve a drubbing, but come on.

  5. Definitely Marvel Studios’ best by far. And knocking THE DARK KNIGHT? Come now, there’s no need to go down that rabbit hole yet as there’s more than enough talking points to get into without going into spoilers. Btw when is AOS back on air?

    • Well only Im knocking dark knight and yes I shall go down that rabbit hole & pull that rabbit out and finally give it some Trix.

      • Silly Rabbit… Trix are for kids

  6. I was amazed by this movie. The storyline reminded me of the comics when Jim Starlin was doing the writing and drawing for some of the Marvel comics back in the 60′s. The character development was well crafted.

    I have to say I am old school guy and remember when the subterfuge and intrigue in the comics was a great read and they have moved it into the movies well.

  7. Count me among the disappointed. The titular Winter Soldier feels like he’s barely in the movie and makes little impact. Robert Redford’s character is only really interesting because he’s Robert Redford and his psychology isn’t fleshed out in the slightest.

    Steve Rogers is upstaged by pretty much every other character. The first third of the movie is fun and he seems essential to the story….but after the plot really gets going the movie probably could have been handled by Black Widow and Fury and Falcon without any assistance from Steve. He’s just a little extra muscle and he doesn’t do anything particularly clever or interesting.

    There are some fun revelations that don’t go anywhere. The twist in the middle of the movie introduces a fun character who doesn’t stick around. I dunno, I guess I wanted this movie to actually be a great political thriller, or a really over the top, zany comic booky movie. Give me the fun villains and some interesting and inventive fights (not just fast punches and kicks and machine guns constantly firing). As it is we get a movie that’s passable political thriller and passable comic book fun; it’s not particularly good at either thing.

    And what’s with all the shaky cam, constant closeups? Such a stupid crutch for making action “exciting”. I’m only 27 and I already feel too old to watch action movies anymore. Is “not knowing what’s going on” exciting? Doesn’t feel that way to me.

    • i dont know what movie you were watching but captain america 2 i just saw last night was excellent.

    • I’ll admit, though I was very pleased with the movie, I was hoping the Winter Soldier would have more lines and a bigger role. There’s so much potential emotion there and I feel like they didn’t explore it quite as much as they could have.

      I would disagree that Cap was just extra muscle. Had he not been so ideologically opposed to the way things were being done, none of the other characters would have been motivated to get involved. Fury would have been dead, Black Widow would have just abondoned ship and saved her own skin, Falcon wouldn’t even be a thing, and thus Hydra would have won. Perhaps, once everything got going, it was more of a team effort, but Cap has never been one for the spotlight and I think it was right for him to not be the only real hero in the movie.

      Also, maybe I’m misunerstanding you, but did you not find the fights inventive? As a martial artist, I picked out quite a few different styles utilized by both Cap and the WS. Obviously Black Widow is solely Spetznaz, but I thought they made good use of each character’s skills.

      I agree that the closeups were a little distracting but I think the intended purpose was to show the audience that his arm wasn’t just made of metal–it actually did things and worked like a machine. It powered up and adjusted tension and that kind of thing. When Falcon fought the soon-to-be Crossbones they didn’t use the close up action shots or when Black Widow took out the strike team in the office building. Distracting yes, but I think they had a purpose.

      All in all I enjoyed it a lot. I understand your disappointment though. Maybe they’ll explore more of the WS’s story in future movies and build their relationship more.

      • Well Sebastian Stan does have a 9 picture deal, so I think the point of introducing his character was to build intrigue for future stories. That shouldn’t be a disappointment, that should make you excited. You’re mistaking you’re anticipation and intrigue for not enjoying the film when it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Make you want more LOL!

    • I completely see your point and respect your reasoning. If this was a political thriller than so was GoldenEye. However for everything it goes for as far as continuity reference and character development I think it wins handsomely. The fighting set pieces were great but would have been even better had they not used the typical jump-cut editing used so frequently by every other TV director. Overall, I was pleased once I got passed the BS selling premise of Three Days Of The Condor or All The Presidents Men or any other political thriller of the 70′s, Marvel and early reviews (and Ben’s) deceived me with. At the end of the day, This is the best Marvel film since IM1 and the best Mission Impossible movie Paramount never made (IMO of course).

    • @ThomasB – I thought I was alone. looks like there’s two of us. Everyone loved it in my screening, but me it seems. i didn’t exactly know why but you put it perfectly. I felt like it was just me, but obviously not. I completely agree with you 100%. I’m not here to bash the film, I still enjoyed it somewhat, but all the praise its getting is not deserved. It is not better than Avengers and certainly not even close to the Dark Night trilogy. But this film and TDK films are different animals and perhaps unfair to compare.
      All I know is, I came out of this unfulfilled, maybe due to high expectations, maybe due to the fact I was looking for a comic book movie and not a political thriller? The thing is I can accept the unexpected, but I just didn’t think the film worked well, At least for me. And I know I am in the minority, and that’s fine. I thought the action sequences for the most part were edited poorly and cut choppy and just didn’t have the gravitas as the Avengers or Dark Knight. The underuse of Cap himself is an issue you have brought up and I agree. Although all actors did excellent in their roles. I loved the Falcon – great character. Look forward to more from him in future movies. Black Widow gets better and better ( and yes I missed Hawkeye in this one too!). Chris Evans is getting very good in this role and I enjoy him as Cap but I wanted to see a bit more of him. The scene in the elevator was a highlight for me. The Winter Soldier was cool, and Sebastian did fine, I look forward to seeing his story going forward…
      I guess I just can’t put my finger on it, but it just didn’t do it for me. I wish it did, I really do. For half the movie I didn’t know what was going on under the surface, and not because it was complicated, its just that I didn’t care. Its unfortunate for me. Glad most enjoyed it though, successful Marvel movies means more Marvel movies. Peace.

  8. awsome movie
    one major doubt
    where the hell is hawkeye?
    not even a mention of him
    so wat’s hawk doin when fury was dead(almost)
    isn’t it out of ordinary that literally no one in the movie mentions about him
    after-all he’s a major shield agent first rt?
    iron man and thor have their own problems to be dealt as we saw in im3 and tdw.
    and banner is always in hiding. .so those three are out of question
    and i’m surprised no one has raised any queries about this in any comments?
    What must be keeping hawk sooo busy that he omits his own agency crumbling down?
    any thoughts guys?

    • hawkeye is on a secret mission looking for the twins.

    • I think Hawkeye’s disappearance will be answered in Avengers: Age of Ultron

    • There was a tiny nod to hawkeye with Black Widow wearing an arrow necklace. Referencing their relationship from the comics I believe.

      • Michael! Nice catch! Seems like you and I were the only ones who saw that, the reviewer did not. #5stars #MARVELfinallygotsomethingright

  9. If you love the Mission Impossible franchise than you’ll love love LOVE this movie. I promise you this will raise your standards for movies of those formulas and tone. Marvel gave us a gem

    • Yes, I was thinking about that after the movie last night. It felt very much like a MI movie, when it was good, LOL. This movie has set the bar for Marvel. I doubt GOTG will reach this kind of epic greatness but I do hope Age of Ultron can raise the bar even higher come next year

      • Unfortunately, this movie doesn’t tell me where in the timeline of phase 2 it fits in. Is THIS the reason why SHIELD was MIA during IM3 and Thor 2? If so than than what about the continuity of AOS (a pretty corny show if I do say so myself)? Where’s Hawkeye?? Whedon(sp?) has so many questions he’ll need to answer in Avengers 2, man…

        • This comes after IM3 and Thor 2.

          Don’t forget Team Coulson was on site in London for the clear up after events in DW. Apparently there’s a big cross over between AoS and Cap2 on the next US episode. (we’re about 3 behind in the UK)

          • So there’s still no excuse for their absence during IM3 and Thor 2? Oh.

            • Oh yeah, not saying that…. President of US gets kidnapped, SHIELD’s on a coffee break, aint happening.

              Even a little side conversation on the HUD would of done.
              Fury pops up “Stark what’s the crack your suit just took the Pres” Stark “Nick I got this keep out the way”. Job done.

              As for Thor 2 the assault didn’t last for long, Thor pretty much sorted in within half an hour, maybe not enough time to mobilise which is why SHIELD got stuck with the cleaning.

              One of the problems of having an interconnected universe is the “where’s wally” syndrome.

              It’s why AoS has suffered cause nothing has been happening in it. They’ve got this big sandbox to play in but no one wants sand between their toes.

              Marvel Agents of SHIELD with no Marvel in it.

              • Didn’t like the fact that Thor destroyed a pub I go into quite frequently!! Hope Shield have rebuilt it by next week….. :)

              • Frustrating. Purely frustrating. Marvel has to sort that out. NOT have Tony make a joke but an explanation as to what happened.

  10. Saw the double feature last night. This movie wad EXCELLENT. Best phase 2 movie by far. Maybe the best in the franchise to date. I may have to see it again.

  11. I saw this last night and WOW. This is by far the best film Marvel has done to date. I liked that Marvel took a more serious tone with this film. I was nervous that, like MOS, this movie wouldn’t live up to the hype but boy did they deliver. Also, can I just say the IMAX viewing is just insane. I’ve never seen soo many cheering people at the end since The Dark Knight. I can see this film getting Avengers type of money because it’s a movie I will be seeing multiple times

  12. I didn’t miss any of the other avengers while watching this…The movie was INSANLY GOOD!

  13. Okay 2 questions :
    1) where the hell was HAWKEYE during all this ? Fury could just called him in to help . He coulda been an asset to the team. Not even a name drop. What happened between Jeremy Renner and Marvel?


    • nobody knows what will happen with AoS

    • Thanks for spoiling the film’s ending. There’s a spoiler section for this film you know.

    • we’ll start a discussion
      give ur valued (and relevant) theories
      pls don’t say he’s searching for the twins

      • He’s trapped at Widow’s house…. stuck in her spiders web.

        She’s gonna go back and bite his head off….. no wait that’s mantis

        or he’s looking for the twins.

        AoU is rumoured (RUMOURED people, not fact) to start with Hawkeye freeing the twins from Baron von blokey bloke.

      • Hawkeye? He was filming American Hustle. ..duh!

      • He’s tutoring Katniss her archery for the next Hunger Games movie.

  14. Saw this on Tuesday in IMAX 3D.

    3D, don’t bother but I’m so sold on IMAX (Pacific Rim was my first).

    As for the film, it is very very good but not perfect…. the final 1/5 was a bit flat for me…. too much CG, Falcon don’t do much and the Cap/WS fights while awesome get a bit stale by the end as they’re not different enough. Plus the boardroom scene plays a bit flat and dull.

    There’s some pipe laid for the future for both MCU and TV, definitely stay for the mid-credits, you won’t miss much if you don’t wait till the end but it does round things off nicely.

    Solid 4.5 / 5

    Oh and I want Fury’s SUV

    • Oh and I want Fury’s SUV

      Absolute yes!

      • Fury’s SUV was made with shields that withstood a barrage of abuse mainly high caliber automatic rifle rounds yet the same company that made his SUV also made the attack ships that Cap downs with a metal shield…. What gives?? Did they forget to instal the same shields….??

        • I can’t believe I’m going to be one of those people who get into comic book details (because I’m sooo not the type, but happen to have some knowledge of comic book materials engineering from a die hard fan friend). The shield is made of vibranium which is the strongest natural substance in the Marvel universe. True adamantium (the stuff bonded to Wolverine) might have some properties that can allow it to damage vibranium, but only with a certain type of force, mass, and angle. Now, maybe you could coat a ship in beta adamantium, and that would withstand the hit from the Captain’s shield. But presumably that ship was at best built with the same protections as the helicarriers and the SUV. It would withstand some high caliber rounds, but would offer no protection against that shield. I’d guess the SUV would have been like butter for the shield too.

  15. I saw it just over a week ago when it first released here in the UK, and I can tell you all that it is fantastic. It is a very serious CBM, in a slightly similar vein to Nolan’s work, but without the oppressive darkness. I had a lot of problems with IM3, after going into it with high hopes, but loved the (fun) Thor sequel, so for me (and Meatloaf) two outta three ain’t bad (for MCU Phase 2). This is the kinda CBM which would be getting serious attention at awards, if it was just an action thriller, minus the stigma of being associated with a dismissed art form. I wouldn’t personally call it the best standalone, but then I don’t like picking favourites. I’ve been disappointed in one way or another by all three Iron Man film, but thoroughly enjoyed both Thor and the previous Cap movie. This wasn’t so much a film you enjoy, as one which you are gripped by. The moments of levity aren’t cheap, like in IM3, and do help recharge you for the next twist of the roller coaster. DKR would have benefited somewhat, had the style of it allowed for the same. Anyone that has high expectations for this will likely not be disappointed. If you have spent the time with these characters, and care about the MCU films as they are up to this point, that investment will be handsomely rewarded here.

  16. I loved it but i will nitpic one thing. It seems Marvel studio super hero films have to have a mirror villain.

    The Hulk faced off against another hulk. Ironman against Ironman and now Captain America finds another version of himself.

    At least when Raimi did Spiderman he only put Venom in because the studio made him do it.

    I would like to see them break away from that pattern going forward.

    • If you look at all the classic villains for many Marvel heroes, they are usually similar. Fault the comic creators for that. Not ALL of them are like that, but in most cases they usually have a signature villain that is a lot like them. The Winter Soldier is actually a newer villain in the Marvel continuity. The Red Skull was Caps classic nemesis, and even then they added a “super solider” element to the Red Skull in Cap 1.

  17. Well worth another viewing. One of the best Marvel Studios movies to date. Easily in the top three. I still liked Avengers a little more, but Cap 2 rocks. If the Russo brothers are back for Cap 3, it ought to be a wild, exciting ride.

  18. I have seen it in both 3D and 2D (3D was the only option on Wednesdays single showing)

    For those wondering wether to see it in 3D or not I would say that unless you are a fan of the medium (i’m not) go see it in 2D. I preferred the experience on the Thursday.

  19. With every mistake and failure MARVEL has made…they almost make up for it with this film, by far the best yet….but seriously brings out the flaws of Avengers like a bad episode of “Buffy.” Impossible not to love this film.

  20. Best marvel hero solo movie yet, and i’m saying marvel because since we have the Dark Knight i can’t compare nothing like it.

  21. guys we’ll start a discussion
    give ur valued (and relevant) theories
    pls don’t say he’s searching for the twins

    • He’s searching for those 2 people that look like each other

    • ok. he’s tasked with finding Struker and has no idea about the twins.

      • good point
        i think he’s searching loki’s staff

        • Maybe. He might be tracking the staff, not know who has it, then stumble upon Struker who will set the twin against him.

  22. Awesome movie…going to see it once again this week…here’s my review; http://comicaper.blogspot.in/2014/04/reel-reviews-captain-america-winter.html

    Hopefully marvel has plans for Baron Von Strucker as well as Baron Zemo in Cap 3

  23. Sebastian Stan looks like a young Mark Hamil in certain sceens…’Hint…hint…hint’…

  24. Cap 2 is the best film of Marvel’s Phase 2

  25. Liked this movie a lot, 4 out of 5 is a pretty good assessment…. Not sure if a Marvel movie to date has been worth the 5 star rating…. Think this could be on par with Avengers but Black Widow disappointed for me…. Her voice is just too boring, hot to look at though which is the saving grace. Hawkeye has been captured by Hydra and is in that room I recon, they had the staff and Hawkeye was the last person to be controlled by it.

  26. I LOVE this movie. The butt kicking and fights were like no other superhero movie ever, I felt like this was how I would have expected a Batman that was a ninja to be whooping folks. Marvel studios can have my money for Captain America 3 and the Russo brothers and script writers deserve huge praise, the whole cast did well. I’m still having Nerdgasm from this movie. Oh I also agree that 3D isn’t necessary for this movie, although watching GoTG and DOFP Trailers on 3D was AWESOME! Once again Bravo Marvel BRAVO!

  27. I just watched this movie. and was very good movie for me it has better action with best plot to go with it and oh yes every actor seems the right choice for their parts,I just like the Caps persona in this looks more badass and LEADER type.

    I’ll give it 4.7/5 (music score wasn’t that memorable although they are great on album)

    WE NEED TO GET Fury’s SUV…damn it !!

    • Yes Nick’s SUV had one tough ass air conditioning system,to boot

  28. I liked it. Okay. The soundtrack was Hans Zimmer lite and the plot was basically an extension of the mobile phone idea towards the end of ‘The Dark Knight’. Not to mention a bizarre Chin Han cameo (5 scenes, one line of dialogue) which can only be explained as a direct nod to the main influence of the film (well, that or Mr Han needs a better agent). Also, it is desperate to be seem as a serious conspiratorial thriller (hence the casting of Robert ‘All The President’s Men’ Redford). But, I liked it. Their most mature and in many ways their most coherent story yet.

    Crucially, the action scenes had a clarity about them. Always underestimated how important it is for the audience to know where everything is in relation to the characters and a few incredulous set pieces aside, the directors nailed it.

    I had no real problem with ‘Iron Man 3′ (but then I’m not closely linked to the source material so I cannot come at it from that angle) but ‘Thor: The Dark World’ was a complete mess. Marvel have kind of got me back on their side with this one and I hope the serious tone is maintained to some extent. Albeit I am fully aware their next movie has a talking raccoon.

    One note. There is a cameo which distressed me. I will not say who, but damn, he got old real quick…

  29. Is it me or are the individual Marvel movies better than the Avengers? I gotta say, Marvel won me over after Iron Man 3 and now Winter Soldier is by far, BY FAR, the best Marvel movie to date. The fight choreography is just… AMAZING! None of that pew pew lame old laser guns, just balls out action!