‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Early Reactions

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Captain America The Winter Soldier Spoilers Captain America: The Winter Soldier Early Reactions

Last year, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World continued Marvel Studios’ dominance at the box office, as the beginning of “Phase 2″ for the studio’s Shared Cinematic Universe, following The Avengers becoming a massive critical/financial hit. Both the latest Iron Man and Thor movies played well with audiences overall, though between hardcore fans griping about the films’ (mis)treatment of their comic book mythology and more general complaints – like how, arguably, Marvel has thus far been treading water in “Phase 2″ – the hope has been that this year’s MCU releases will up the ante, quality-wise.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been generating lots of positive buzz over the past few weeks in particular, with recently-unveiled footage from the Cap sequel indicating that early word about directors Anthony and Joe Russo – drawing from a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America: The First Avenger) – having knocked this one out of the park, may’ve not been exaggeration after all.

The filmmakers behind Winter Solider have identified it as being a superhero movie by way of political thriller, suggesting that it could break new creative ground for Marvel Studios; inclusion of more than just elements of a non-comic book film genre (example: the sprinkles of buddy/action in Iron Man 3) would indeed be something innovative for the young studio.

In addition, buzz surrounding Markus and McFeely’s script has suggested that its plot beats will shakeup the MCU something fierce – whether through Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) character arc or via direct narrative repercussions for other Marvel properties, like its television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Similarly, insiders have been claiming that, with the Cap sequel, the Russo brothers have transitioned with ease from making cult TV comedy (Arrested Development, Community) to creating impressive big-budget spectacle.

So… is there actually some fire behind all this smoke? Well, have a look through the initial reactions posted to Twitter, by various movie bloggers and journalists who caught an early pre-release screening for Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

You can peruse through additional Twitter reactions to the early screening of the Captain America sequel at sites like Collider and /Film, but the above posts seem to provide a nice summary of what people are saying in general about the film thus far:

  • It’s the best of Marvel’s “Phase 2″ movies yet, and one of the strongest films overall released by the studio.
  • Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) are given proper screen time and development, as promised.
  • Despite a tad-convoluted plot, this movie feels more like a genuine “shared universe” installment (see: complaints about Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World being too isolated and non-impactful on the greater MCU narrative).

Captain America The Winter Soldier Spoilers1 570x294 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Early Reactions

That’s by and large encouraging to hear, for sure. Winter Soldier is not only heavily based on a particularly famous (and critically-acclaimed) Captain America comic book storylines – so fans want to see it done justice onscreen – but in addition the film is such a pivotal entry in the buildup to next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (This summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy quite literally takes place too far away to have as much immediate impact on Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel.)

No doubt, the actual reviews for the Captain America sequel will be more informative and detailed with their inspection of the film, giving us a better idea as to how successful the movie is as simply a good Steve Rogers story – not to mention, whether or not it really is a popcorn-thriller that has something to say about contemporary world politics. Still, we’ll take a good omen wherever we can it, especially given some of the important developments that lie ahead for the MCU (both during and as a result of Cap’s new adventure).


Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in U.S. theaters on April 4th, 2014.

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  1. Cant wait for this, only 3 1/2 weeks to go.

  2. I am going to like this movie,by far better than i am expecting.
    Cap looks good and there is no word to describe Winter Soldier.
    and yes Falcon gonna Rock.

    April 4th…

  3. So… Close…

    I’m getting really impatient and into full blown spoiler avoidance.

  4. DANGER! DANGER! Overhype Alert! DANGER! DANGER! :D

    But in all seriousness, we shouldn’t set our expectations too high, or we might get disappointed regardless of how good the movie is.

    • TheLostWinchester, I’d agree with you. Lets not over-hype but I will say the clips we’ve seen thus far makes it look really-really good.

    • I agree with you, but man if this film does truly live up the hype than what. What can you say after that. A lot of times films do fail to live up to the hype, but there are also times when films do, let’s hope ‘Winter Soldier’ is one of them.

  5. Anyone have a script or website? Im down to be spoiled seriously.

    …anyone? I want to know what happens

    • +100
      I’m dying to read it too.

    • Mr. Jr. over at [REDACTED]

    • You must use your willpower to avoid all sites! Less than a freaking month to go, and I can’t wait! Argh!

  6. dont mind spoilers no more, after that stupid stunt with iron man 3 it will be a while before i
    watch any marvel movie expecting a cool surprise. thor 2 was great but massive ship invading
    with about 20 elves did not jive with me, need more from marvel.

    • Agree. I don’t know what it was about The Dark World but it was good not great in my opinion.
      I think the fact that the Dark Elves were literally trying to collapse the realms on each other and turn the universe to darkness and all we had was Thor fighting them seemed out of place. I felt like such a danger should have brought out a lot more power helping than Thor (and somewhat Loki).

  7. Ha ha Kofi, I was gonna ask you guys that same question

  8. I never really got the complaints about the Marvel movies being TOO intertwined with each other. I thoroughly enjoy the references to the shared universe element in the solo films. I don’t think any of the movies have suffered from too much of it. Maybe there’s been clumsy integration in spots, but it’s never been too much for me.

  9. These are fake/paid comments on the film. Just like the Dumb & Dumber To comments last week.

    • Hehe, wouldn’t surprise me.

      Didn’t Rob Keyes say something along the lines of “Isn’t it amazing how it’s always the next movie up that is the best Marvel flick yet?”. Or something to that effect. ;)

      • Nah, Dyce said that.

        I said that people on the inside told me before Phase 2 began that Cap 2 was their best script until Gunn took over the screenplay of GOTG.

        • Ah, right, the other Canadian. :D

          Thanks for clearing that up. ;)

            • “Video not available in my country.”

              Southpark originates from my country! Really, youtube!?

        • ‘Until Gunn took over….’ Does that mean Marvel has two instant classics coming out this year, and two more next year? Marvel could have three $billion + movies and a potential cinematography oscar winner in CAP2. Wow!

      • @Dave and TheLostWinchester – I hear you, but you both might just be wrong here. I don’t think this is false advertising or fake hype this time my friends, I think it’s the real deal. But I can understand why people like you are keeping your feet planted on the ground, I’m doing the same thing. It’s just now gotten to a point where I have a hard time seeing this film not being very good if not great, but we’ll soon see.

    • [sarcasm]Clearly it has absolutely no chance of being good.[/sarcasm]

  10. Is it just me, or are these early reactions to movies ALWAYS super positive?

    Also, I’m seriously dying from laughter to the “Phase 2 is 3/3″ guy. Iron Man 3 was not good and Thor 2 was just plain mediocre.

    • Yeah, no studio in their right mind will allow negative reactions to spread until the movie is officially out. Also, Man of Steel got terrific early reactions yet final reaction was heavily mixed.

      Liked iron man 3 (not marvel’s best) and haven’t seen thor 2 yet.

      • Green Lantern was also enthusiastically hailed by early viewers (mostly from the comic book community) as one of the best superhero films they’d ever seen.

        Then the comic book community finally saw it on release and mauled it as a terrible flick.

        • That’s why these early reactions are worthless. Either they are marvel employees or they are paid commentators. Not saying this is bad (haven’t seen it yet) but these should be taken with a grain of salt.

      • I also think a good indication on how good a film is to a studio is when they have the embargo lifted for film critic reviews. If a film’s embargo is lifted only a few days before a film’s release that might mean the studio does not think their film is too good and early word is weak, but if the embargo is lifted a week or two before a film opens it might generally mean the studio feels confident that they have a winner on their on their hands. Obviously early word on ‘Winter Soldier’ has been fantastic so far, we’ll see how it plays out.

    • Meh, I liked them and so did that guy too and various others so…

      They were both definitely better than the team movie that released in March 2012.

      Still waiting on that Dredd sequel though…..

    • I thought IM3 was fantastic and Thor2 was poop. To each their own.

    • This is what’s beautiful about opinions…we are all entitled to having our own. I’ve loved phase 2 so far. IM3 and T2 were awesome films, but I love comedy with my action so yeah

  11. I am sure this will be a really good film, but are these real reactions to the film? I always thought that when audiences go to an early screening, they have to sign a waver or something stating that they will not speak about the film after they see it. This raises another question I have: Who did the studio show this movie to? These “early reactions” seem a bit over hyped to me.

  12. I can’t wait for Captain America but I don’t think these are real comments unless there were negative ones as well. Man of Steel got terrific reactions in early screenings yet when everyone else went to go see it, it polarized these people. Some people echoed the early screening reactions saying it reinvented superman.

    Other people (like myself) thought it strayed away from the heart superman had and the darker tone did not suit superman. That’s why you should take the reactions with a grain of salt.

    • I dunno, man.

      I thought MOS was kind of meh and not that good but I loved the darker tone and felt it was closer to the Superman movie that I’d always imagined, just like Batman Begins did for that character and TASM did for Spidey. Taking away the camp that people expected and making them more realistic in tone.

      I didn’t like the weird blue tint to MOS but that was my only complaint visually.

      • Man of Steel was great. It was not a perfect film, no film is perfect, but Man of Steel modernized Superman while still keeping the core essentials of who Superman is. Clark was only Superman for a few hours so he had not matured fully. Yes Superman did kill Zod, but the way the scene was executed was brilliant. I could really feal Superman’s pain and remorse for having to kill Zod. There was a purpose behind Superman killing Zod. As for all the destruction, which was really only contained to a relative small portion of the city, suddenly made Lex Luthor relatable to audiences. He was no longer the cheesey/cartooney Lex that has been often portrayed in past films, but one who would actually have a legitimated leg on which to stand. Man of Steel laid a strong foundation on which to build.

        • The thing is, it seems like you’re trying to convince me of those things to get me to enjoy the movie more when actually, I never had a problem with anything you mentioned.

          I knew he had no choice but to kill Zod and was surprised when I discovered a week later that the death was somehow an issue for people. The destruction in Metropolis was completely justified. The tone was realistic and it better served the characters for it. I liked that he wasn’t truly Superman until the very end.

          What I didn’t like were the opening and end scenes (Krypton and the Metropolis battle) going on for far longer than they needed to, the occasional choppy line or hammy acting (which wasn’t that bad considering) and the overall plot just feeling a little average.

          It’s still the best Superman movie ever made though.

          • I don’t have a problem with zod’s death but I believe that superman could have at least tried to move the battle out of metrolopolis into an isolated area. Other problems I had were too dark of a tone for a superman film, plot holes, and jonathan’s death.

            • He did try, but Zod and the other Kryptonians weren’t taking the bait. He couldn’t expect them to just follow him out of populated areas, because it would be obvious he was trying to lead them away. They had the upper hand by ignoring him and staying in heavily poulated areas and they knew it.

              • @Dazz. I respect your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My comments were not directed at anyone in particular though. I was just giving my over all thoughts on Man of Steel. :-}

                • Yeah, it’s no problem at all :)

              • So superman couldn’t have tried pushing zod out?

                • Pushing Zod out where? Towards a less populated area? In the middle of a fight?

      • Reagardless of opinions (I thought superman should have been more lighthearted), man of steel had divided opinions despite terrific early reactions.

  13. What’s COMPLETELY humorous to me is that before IM3 & TtDW, EVERYONE (fanboys mostly) was SCREAMING for the solo movies to be more isolated and focused. What did Marvel do? They gave you not one but two isolated and focused movies to which you now scream “…they didn’t impact the MCU enough…” WtF? There really is no pleasing some people. To have the unmitigated gall to now sit here and b!#$h & moan about not enough cross-pollination when that’s EXACTLY what you asked for (And they gave it you) is beyond me. Wow…. just… wow!

    • Well, I never sat watching them and thinking “we really need to see Cap appear here”. Never understood why people complained about them not appearing in each other’s solo movies after The Avengers.

    • I don’t get the “treading water” thing with Phase 2 either. Ironman had nothing but a button scene that could have easily gone nowhere if the film had fallen flat. The Incredible Hulk’s only connection were some SHIELD referencing computer graphics during the credits.

      It wasn’t until the third film, IM2, where the shared references really came in to play with SHIELD. CA2 is the third film of Phase 2, and SHIELD is a major player again. It seems to me that they are keeping the same flow. GotG will likely deal with and further the impact of the cosmic aspects of the MCU narrative while one could really look at Thor as a two hour character introduction (because it really didn’t further anything) and CA as an extended prelude to the Avengers.

      I really think the flow they’ve settled on is just fine.

    • True, it’s case of you’re damned if you and you’re damned if you don’t my friend. Some people just will never be satisfied, remember they’re are a lot flaky ass fanboys out there haha.

  14. This one is gonna blow the first one out of the water. I really like how they made it more of a conspiracy movie rather than a straight up superhero movie.

  15. Very nice to hear this one is good, as both Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 were pretty poor in my opinion (as movies, not just as superhero movies, though Thor was a bit better than IM3). Hopefully the early reviews aren’t talking it up too much, but even if they are, it will probably be better than average. Can’t wait!

    • I wholeheartedly agree.

      • The only comment you have here and it’s leaning towards a negative opinion. You’re clearly all for the Marvel- DC war instead of just enjoying that we get these stories adapted to films people enjoy.

        • Van Dyne…

          You might want to read my comment again and stop making silly (and incorrect) judgements. While, yes, I agree about the first two films of Phase 2, I ALSO agree with Mishra about how CA:TWS will likely be good AND how I can’t wait to see it. Funny how the only one of the three of us who even MENTIONS or implies any connection to DC is…YOU.

          Think about that before you go off again spouting nonsense…

  16. My b-day is on April 4th so this movie has to rock

  17. You had me at Wes Anderson.

  18. Will watch it. Liked the trailer and I liked the first Captain America movie very much. The two best solo films in MCU for me are Ironman1 and Captain America:The first avenger. So this one needs to be watched on the big screen. Hoping for a good flick. Cause with no more Iron man or Hulk or anything else to feed off in between, this is the Marvel movie to watch and then get ready for The next avengers flick…Age of Ultron!!

  19. i want to see the tweets of the person that didn’t enjoy it..does that exist, or did they get taken out by Feige’s secret service guys

    • Ok that was absolutely hilarious hahahaha! These “early reactions” are hyping the heck out of this movie. Though Feige and Marvel studios seems confident about this movie, but really confident about Guardians of the Galaxy in august. I am sure the movie will be good though.

  20. marvel movies are treading water?! (Smacks head) How do people get jobs on these sites that write dumb stuff like this?

  21. Shield is whats been missing so far with these phase 2 films. They were the lines that connected all the dots of the first phase and their absense in this phase is heavily felt. It seems that maybe marvel is trying to go for two big storylines going forward, the earth story and a the cosmic story, until they collide for Thanos. I agree on your Thor comments, the dark world only gave us all more Loki, acknowledged the infinity stones for the first time, and showed up the collector and possibly Warlocks Cocoon. Besides that it didnt really do anything for thw character or universe.

  22. I actually can’t wait to see this move. Even if early comments from these folks were not good. But does Marvel think iam stupid? If there are no early reviewers that even hint at not liking the movie, that means this is all fake. Why even waste time with it?

  23. Have to ask.

    Even if there were negative tweets, would anyone believe them or would they jump all over them as “obviously fake”?

  24. I’m not gonna get psyched up for this no matter how cool the trailers look. I learned that the hard way with IM3

  25. Only 2 weeks to go! I’m just wondering how AOS is going to tie into this in that time…

  26. Alexander Pierce is actually……… in disguise

  27. I think most of the early reception of these movies would sound nice, but that’s because the journalist who got to see them actually loved it (they are mostly movie critics, who can be biased to support/against the franchise). The biggest whiners of the previous Phase 2 movies are in fact, those so-called fanboys/girls, while most general audience and average movie goers enjoyed them wholeheartedly. So in the end, a movie is great or not will always be subjective to our own personal opinion.

    If this movie is as great as these people had spoken (and I’m usually in the same zone with what they feel) then I’m gonna be really happy. It also proves that not only the script, director, or cast involved in it that plays a major part, but also the main villain. Winter Soldier, as everyone should have known by now, is someone ‘very close’ to the hero, and that makes it more intriguing as the conflict becomes personal. Just observe the past MCU movies, Loki (Thor, The Avengers) and Obadiah Stane (Iron Man) are considerably a much better/interesting antagonist than say, Red Skull, Whiplash, Killian, or Malekith.

    Anyway, I really can’t wait to see this movie. While still trying to contain my expectation to avoid disappointment, I have to be honest… these twitter reviews had raised my hype level :D

  28. Has this site EVER posted an “early reaction” statement from a critic, that EVER panned the movie in question? You might want to keep this in mind, since apparently SR is planned on hitting everyone with these, more and more often. Makes you wonder what money is coming from where, and where it’s going.

  29. I’m not dismissing the overwhelmingly positive statements. For one, I’ve heard nothing but the same praise from what some might say more legitimate sources. Also people say Iron Man 3 (and Thor: The Dark World) received early high praise too only to be disappointed. Maybe they did, but so did The Avengers two years ago and The Dark Knight almost six years ago. They talked about how great the Hulk was and how Ledger’s performance as the Joker would blow your mind. Did Marvel and WB pay those people off too? Were they obviously fake or were those people just giving their opinions on the movie as they saw fit like the rest of us? And like Dazz asked, if they were negative, would you believe them or just dismiss them as fake too?