Could ‘Captain America 2′ Be Pushed Back To Summer 2014?

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Captain America 2 Delay Could Captain America 2 Be Pushed Back To Summer 2014?

With the success of The Avengers, Marvel Studios is confident in taking bigger risks going forward, and evidently, is beginning to experiment using “Phase Two” to see just how powerful their brand is. Not only are obscure and otherworldly properties such as Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy getting the greenlight (not too mention, Doctor Strange), but for the first time since its inception as a self-financed production house, Marvel Studios is going to begin releasing films outside of the key summer movie season.

Iron Man 3 takes its normal slot, leading the summer by opening on the first weekend of May, but after that, Marvel ventures into uncharted territory. Thor: The Dark World releases in November and next year, Captain America: The Winter Soldier tests out a spring release date in April while Guardians of the Galaxy takes an usual August slot.

The strangest part is that Marvel intentionally shifted their 2014 movies to these spots, and away from traditional summer weekends they had previously claimed before even announcing which films were coming out for that year.

Thor 2 (later subtitled The Dark World) was originally scheduled to release July 26 this summer until later changing dates twice to where it sits now on November 8th. The following year, Marvel Studios had officially claimed the weekends of May 16th, 2014 and June 27th, 2014 – big money, big blockbuster summer dates.

Captain America 2 Winter Soldier Logo 570x356 Could Captain America 2 Be Pushed Back To Summer 2014?

Captain America 2 (later subtitled The Winter Soldier) was officially given an April 2014 release date a few weeks before The Avengers hit theaters, moving ahead instead of coming out mid-May, and after the release of The Avengers, moved the unannounced Guardians of the Galaxy from its June 2014 slot further back to August. We figured Marvel may just be testing the waters with spring, post-summer and fall release dates for when and if they can increase production to more than two films a year.

The Captain America sequel was scheduled to begin shooting in March (next month) but as we’ve learned from Feature Film Casting, it’s being delayed a few months to June. What that equates to is two months of lost production time and a 10-month start-to-finish timeline. We’ve reached out to Disney for confirmation on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier production start date, but assuming that is the case, there’s a slight chance that the film could see a change in release date although it’s unlikely when browsing the summer 2014 slate.

Looking back on the original 2014 dates Marvel targeted, the May 16th weekend is occupied with the Godzilla reboot – although that could be hampered by the ongoing legal dispute between its producers and Legendary Pictures – and the June 27th weekend now houses Michael Bay’s Transformers 4. With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 kicking off summer 2014 and X-Men: Days of Future Past sitting in mid-July, Marvel won’t compete against its own brand. All of the May-July weekends have at least one high-profile feature and quite a few (at least six) of them are Marvel and/or Disney produced.

Avengers Spider Man X Men Movie Crossover 570x227 Could Captain America 2 Be Pushed Back To Summer 2014?

For anyone concerned with the film being rushed, The Avengers began filming and was ready for theatrical release less than a year later. The trick is in the planning and pre-production which Marvel is comfortable with. As an example, before shooting even began, Whedon had ILM working away on the battle of New York sequence and Hulk effects. Concepts and designs of characters, weapons, locations, action sequences are rendered by Marvel artists long before shooting even begins, so the special effects heavy shots are already in the works before the Russo brothers start shooting.

Cap’s next adventure will release in 3D. For more information, check out the latest Captain America 2 rumors.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015 and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

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Source: Feature Film Casting

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  1. It’s a shame it doesn’t release on the Fourth of July. Pretty fitting, I would think. :)

    • I concur.

      • This message was posted over seven months ago. Where are the moderators? Why does this site allow spammers to control it?

        Anybody? Bueller?

  2. And this is bad news? I hope they keep pushing it back, way back! Really hope they dont punish us with Captain America again, One was enough thanx, Same goes for the avengers while their at it, They can push that back as well..

    • You know that you don’t have to watch those movies, right?
      They aren’t being forced on you… it’s not a “punishment”… you do have the option to not see them.

      And just because you didn’t like the first ones, doesn’t mean there isn’t hundreds of thousands of people looking forward to more.

      • Millions

    • I don’t think anyone said it’s bad. The time change likely won’t affect too much.

      • Agree… probably not a great movie to some people, but definitely not bad. In fact, it’s one of my favorite of the Phase 1 movies… and I’m a huge nitpickers XD

    • Have you received recent blows to the head?

    • LOL!!!!!!……..seriously???

      • i really liked Cap 1, I thought it was very good and underrated. I would have liked a little more Red Skull in it, but over al it’s a very good movie.

  3. Meh… don’t really care, Captain America is the weakest movie in the recent marvel universe, did not enjoy the first :s

    Bring me THOR \o/

  4. Wasnt a fan of the first one, felt ripped off, they rushed through all of the action and various missions with a montage!!

    • Yes,felt really cheated o that !
      They should have given the Movie more time to breath,but the really just rushed to the end,so they could connect it to Avengers ! :(

      • I know, all of the pieces were in place for an epic war based superhero flick, some great actors and ideas there but they just fudged it up, shame

        May give it another chance and watch it again at some point

  5. Why?? The first one was hooorrible. I could only get through half of it before quitting on it. I can’t exactly pinpoint one thing, it was simply…very boring.

  6. you guys are kidding right??cap:winter soldier was a whole helluva lot better than thor

    • cap:*FIRST AVENGER*

      • I thought Cap was much better then Thor as well. Good movie, far from the worst in the Marvel movie landscape.

        • I’m with you guys on that one.

        • Yeah the middle of thor almost put me to sleep.

  7. I’m concerned that all this rushing will hamper the quality of the films. I enjoy the MCU, but how are the films after the other supposed to tie with each other when everything is rushed? I’m not sure if this is Marvel or Disney’s decision, but they need to put quality over what seems like a money-centric idea.

  8. Captain America wasn’t bad at all, in my opinion all the subsequent marvel films were inferior to the first Iron Man, but thats not a bad thing, it just speaks to how good Iron Man was. I’ll take all the above average Marvel films because the payoff of the Avengers is worth it. I would have zero interest in a Guardians of the Galaxy if it weren’t for Avengers 2 so Marvel is doing it right, methinks…

  9. I’ve always felt that captain America should have been a ww2 super hero trilogy that told stories of his adventures during the war period ,but instead it was rushed for the sake of the avengers film.

    Captain America the first avenger wasn’t a bad movie, but at the same time it should have been deeper and better than what it was. I’ve always envisioned a cap movie with an Indiana Jones adventurous tone to it right along with a little James bond espionage mixed into it.after all in the Comics during that particular period cap worked for the government and his identity was a secret. The relationship between he and Bucky should have been built up more and Bucky should have been younger. We should have been introduced to the first baron zemo, the invaders, baron blood and hell even hitler.this also could have served as a tool on introducing the movie world to the sub mariner. The red skull should have been saved for the third film. That’s how I at least see how the captain America franchise should have gone IMO and I know not everyone will agree.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the second phase of Marvel And hope cap the winter soldier is a success, however cap is a very special hero. The hero who fights for Everyman and to me IMO Marvel kind of dropped the ball with the first cap movie.

  10. marvel taking big risk lol. the real big risk is when they do a Black Panther movie that is rated PG-13, having a unknown actor for the lead, and have the same budget as Thor and Cap. now thats a big risk if Marvel does Black Panther.

  11. Wow. Really guys? “Horrible”?
    I have my issues with Cap:TFA as well but IMO it was one of the better CB adaptions out there (and one of Marvel Studios’ best) and certainly deserving of a sequel/second chance.

    The production being pushed back is kinda concerning, but hopefully the extra time will give them the opportunity to work out any kinks and script issues that there might be. (The last thing I want is a rushed movie)

    Hopefully the costume designers will also get some more time to come with something… better… than his Avengers costume 😉

    • I’d be fine with the Avengers costume if they would just remove the ear covering, they made his head look mis-shaped.

    • Is Red Skull going to be in the sequel? I was expecting him to be in the avengers, i thought he was sucked into the cosmic cube thing and would turn up with Loki or something, did he die?

      • In my personal opinion, Red Skull didn’t die because, in the comics, no super villain ever truly “dies”. He was probably sucked up into another world (like at the end of The Avengers when the cube teleported Thor & Loki away).

        It would be cool to see him in the sequel, but I’m not so sure we’ll be seeing the Red Skull any time soon (Hugo Weaving said he doesn’t really want to reprise his role).

        • Yeah that’s kind of what I thought, I think he’s a great villain, I remember reading Hugos views on playing Red Skull, I’m sure they could fit the mask to another actor if they had to tho

      • From what i understand Hugo Weaving isn’t coming back as the Red Skull

    • @ Avenger
      No point trying to reason with “bandwagon complainers”. “CATFA was rushed for the sake of The Avengers”. Jump on the bandwagon. “Spiderman3 suffered from too many villians”. Jump on the bandwagon. Can you think of one shred of proof that Cap was rushed for the sake of The Avengers?

  12. Well I guess its alright as ling as they don’t rush it. I seem to remember someone on the podcast calling this out a while ago. Good call.

    • I didn’t call out a date change exactly, but I did point out the odd release date choices for the three films after Iron Man 3. Glad you’re tuning in!

  13. Personally the need to hype up the Avengers held back the full potential of some of the Phase 1 films I think. Instead of focusing on creating films that can stand on their own two feet, some of the latter films were produce to headline the Avengers film.

    It’s not to say they were completely bad films but some felt cheated of their true value to try and meet the Avengers hype. In fact it felt all the films were sequels to one another rather than different franchise that all combined head first in the Avengers. I loved the Avengers but the Avengers support the solo films by making them complete rather than the solo films underlying the Avengers success.

    It was safer to produce these phase 1 films as they were to make sure The Avengers had the attention it needed. The Avengers was the Big sequel rather than the film that combine seperate story lines from different franchise to a big event film. In fact the Avengers had to spend time to fully recognize their characters and give them depth and show off their abilities because their respective solo films failed in that respect being more concerned to place the obvious Avenger tie-ins: aka Iron Man 2 and Thor. The Avengers was a surprise success and the films prior did the job in introducing the character but I feel that Iron Man and the Avengers were the two films that truly rose beyond the standard.

    Captain America: The First Avenger started out strong and is one of the better films but skimmed through what is arguably the most interesting aspect the film had to offer to yet tease us the audience about the Avengers. It was good but could have truly been a great epic movie. Phase Two definitely seem to be going the direction needed which each franchise truly relishing the source material and cutting deeper into their characters while increasing the scale. Phase 2 films seem to be for the most part stand alone films whose storyline include clues and intimate small details that all point to the second Avengers which boast a fun film that seems to also address the characters and their world in a serious emotionally satisfying way.

    So I am pumped for Phase 2 to get the films we deserve and showing off these characters how they should be and hopefully this news does not harm the second chance for Captain America to show why he is the worthy leader of the Avengers.

  14. The first Captain America was great. Out of all the origins I seen, I liked his the most. Although the middle wasn’t so great, the ending was my favorite for any Marvel movie to date.

    • And the only connection it had to the Avengers was the after credits scene, and the Tesseract, so people need to let that go.

      • I whole heartedly agree. The First Avenger is one of the only MCU movies that I actually have on DVD so far. To me it WAS (and still IS) an epic movie.

        • Same here. I can watch that movie anytime, anyday. And Evans was a great choice in my opinion, I didn’t know if he could pull it off.

    • yup agreed i liked cap alot origins alot more then thor

  15. Personally I love all of the MCU movies to date (even though The Incredible Hulk movie could have been MUCH MUCH MUCH better!). I have a feeling I will love Phase 2 and 3 just as much. Just a little skepticale of Edgar Wright writing the AntMan movie.

  16. I still don’t understand why Marvel Studios would choose to introduce yet another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in the form of the Falcon, when the Black Panther is a franchise ready for primetime…NOW.

    Marvel is crazy to pass up the opportunity to spotlight T’Challa in a can’t miss sequel like Captain America 2.

    • The Black Panther needs his own movie.

  17. Marvel’s just have some superb star cast in each of their movies. Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow were a delight in the grandest sense of the word. The Avengers was nothing short of excellence. And trust me I am so so looking forward to Captain America: The Winter Soldier! The trailer has come out and here I am counting days to the 3rd of April!