‘Captain America 2′ Confirmed For April 2014; Ant-Man Next?

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Captain America 2 Release Date Captain America 2 Confirmed For April 2014; Ant Man Next?

In December, Marvel Studios adjusted their schedule of release dates for 2014 by moving their June time slot to and odd pre-summer date of early April. As we just found out from Disney today, that early April weekend is reserved for Captain America 2.

When actor Neal McDonough said a sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger could begin shooting as early as this year, he wasn’t joking. Read on for details and a brand new still from The Avengers!

The Avengers is done and will hit theaters in four weeks to kick off the summer movie season. Later that month, Iron Man 3 begins production and either during or just after, Thor 2 will also enter principal photography so they can both release next year. Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 will both be helmed by new directors in Shane Black and Alan Taylor, respectively.

What would come after that from Marvel Studios in 2014 was up in the air even though they had locked down a pair of release dates, one for May and one for June (changed to April as mentioned above). Despite expressing interest in a variety of other Marvel characters and spin-offs, the safe (read: bankable) bet for Marvel Studios is to continue with their core franchises and as expected, the next confirmed film on their production schedule is Captain America 2.

The Walt Disney Studios has announced a release date for Marvel Studios’ sequel to the blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger on April 4, 2014. The second installment will pick-up where the highly anticipated Marvel’s The Avengers (May 4, 2012) leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world.

While Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 are said to be isolated stories not directly tying into, or relying on The Avengers, Captain America 2 is taking a different approach and utilizing SHIELD and Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury character. At this point, we can consider it a bridge between The Avengers 1 & 2.

Captain America Battle Avengers 570x320 Captain America 2 Confirmed For April 2014; Ant Man Next?

Another solo vehicle for Chris Evans playing Steve Rogers is not surprising, but an April release date partly is. Why open a month before summer? We speculated in discussing Marvel’s plans for 2014 that there are two main potential reasons for this:

  1. Marvel will add a third release date, either in the summer (maybe making use of that June 27 date) or in the fall, something they’re testing in 2013 with Thor 2. This would allow them to play with interconnected films and/or do more to setup for The Avengers 2 the following year.
  2. Dropping a summer date for a spring date means one of two things. This mystery project is not a big-budget tentpole or it directly ties into whatever the second movie is in May and needs to come before it. The May date is the most important and has to stay there.

As we know now, the April movie is not a low-budget flick so it (Captain America 2) could very well lead into the May film which opens a mere few weeks later. Could it finally be Ant-Man from director Edgar Wright, who last spoke about the project at Comic-Con? We knew the character couldn’t fit into The Avengers and would get his intro later, in time for The Avengers 2

Since Captain America 2 is about Steve Rogers and SHIELD, and according to Edgar Wright, Ant-Man is about its title character playing a SHIELD spy, Cap 2 is the perfect place to introduce or cameo in Ant-Man since whatever it will have already been filmed. It may be a safer bet than going cosmic post-Avengers

Another possibility is the less-discussed option of a SHIELD/Nick Fury film, something Samuel L. Jackson once name-dropped, and something Neal McDonough reiterated when he spoke about Cap 2 filming late this year:

“They’re planning [to go into production] for the end of this year, because Marvel does one film at a time. So they’re going to do Thor 2 and as soon as Thor has wrapped, they’ll do Cap 2. Hopefully right after that, we’ll jump into Nick Fury because that’s the one I’m looking forward to more than anything.”

With The Avengers 2 likely coming in the summer of 2015, a SHIELD movie makes sense as the last Marvel releasing before it. It’s also another smart place to introduce the Ant-Man character.


The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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  1. a nooooooo ma….

  2. Isn’t ant man gonna be directed by edgar wright? Atleast that’s what imdb is tellin me. Id be excited for that

  3. hope it has a better second half than captain america TFA did, also when are we going to get our black panther movie? it seems like the easiest to realise, much easier than antman or anything cosmic, djimon honsou can play the panther. i want to see it happen

    • @aidan

      djimon honsou is too old to play Black Panther to be honest he can play the father but not T’Challa. cause T’Challa is a young guy the best person i think can play T’Challa is Aldis Hodge.

      anyway i agree a Black Panther movie makes more sense compare to Ant-Man. but will Disney support a black panther movie thats the real question?

      • Exactly, I am getting worried I won’t get my Black Panther movie soon. They can go right into BP after the Avengers. Come on Marvel!

        • yeah they can do that but will Disney/Hollywood support a black superhero movie that aint starting Will Smith as the lead. their is so many underrated black actors and Hollywood not casting them as the lead only supporting roles they cast them for. i.e. Idris Elba he was great as Heimdall do get me wrong but he would of been great for a leading role.

          if Guardians of the Galaxy get made before Black Panther or even Doctor Strange i will be upset.

  4. As far as the April date is concerned I’m all for it. Using this year as a example it’s usually a slow month unless you live outside the states and you get The Avengers a week earlier. But that’s even at the end of the month.
    I know it may hurt the box-office because school is still in and people aren’t on vacation but look at what The Hunger Games has done. And if Marvel continues it’s hot streak Cap 2 will do just fine and maybe end up being more anticipated than the 1st.

    • All you need is hype and that will make people excited for a “before summer” release.

      I bet with it releasing a month before the May release, you’ll get your summer attendence then for people seeing both movies.

  5. So stoked! I love this announcement. I’m hoping for some Hydra/Winter Solder/Crossbones/Zemo action!

  6. If Chris Evans doesn’t play Capt in the second movie i won’t even go see it

    • Evans has a 6 or 9 movie deal… He’s in the movie.

      • but marvel contract does not mean nothing

        • How does it not mean nothing? Edward Norton was never on a multi-picture deal, unlike chris evens or sam jackson. Chris is definitely coming back.

          • what about Terrence Howard or changes with different directors all the time.

            • Howard demanded too much money and so Marvel dropped him.

              • what about all these different directors

                plus it was marvel fault to hire Terrence Howard the first place. plus replacing him with Don Cheadle was not a good idea at all imo. they could of got Cuba Gooding Jr he would of been more entertaining.

                • Dude, stop being so negative. Directors don’t sign multiple film deals. Actors do. Howard did not sign a multi film deal because they didn’t know how successful the film would be.

                  • not been negative just been realistic too many actors and directors leaving marvel projects its not really a good look imo

            • What about all those double negatives?

    • It’s Evans, don’t worry :)

    • Evens is locked in for quite a number of marvel movies as Cap. Whether it’s cameos in other Marvel movies or a a bunch of Cap. movies. Evans is going to be Cap. for quite some time…

      • I dislike evans… just my opinion

        • I’m not a Chris Evans fan but I thought he did a great job as Cap.

  7. Photo caption: “Captain America and the Avengers characters all get sequels. What about a little character simply known as, oh I don’t know, HULK???

    • Not happening. Not as bankable unfortunately.

      The Incredible Hulk was a very good movie but made the same money as Ang Lee’s Hulk.

      • @ Rob – my issue with the bankable theory is that because Ang Lee’s Hulk many put a very sour taste in people’s mouth, potential viewers skipped the “requel.” Another reason they didn’t go is because Marvel released the Incredible Hulk only a month after Iron Man. It’s hard to drag non-superhero fans to two movies in less than a month. I think that after the Avengers re-establishes the Hulk’s character and showcases Mark Ruffalo’s acting ability, that the Hulk will be a very bankable character.

        • I hope you’re right, Pornstar.

    • @JediGuy1138 – You’d think a Hulk movie would happen…especially with the set-up from Incredible Hulk with the Leader.

    • I think I’d rather they just did a bunch of “Avengers” movies instead of standalone films. But that’s just me.

  8. A million times yes because it’s being directed by Edgar Wright. Any movie directed/written by him is instan gold.

    • Exa@tly edgar wright will make a fantastic ant man movie. May not end up being bankabke but ill love it. Like scott pilgrim vs the world

  9. Sweet

  10. I also want to give props to Mr. Keyes on the “analysis” of this article. It’s a great read and good to discuss the future “plans” of Marvel.

  11. why is Neal McDonough such a credible source for marvel news?

    don’t get me wrong i thought he was a really good Dum Dum Dugan, does he have a multi-picture deal of sorts?

    hope to see more of him, maybe in flashbacks cause it would be a bit hard for audiences to believe he survived until modern times too…

    • I thought in the comics he got some anti-aging serum….?

      • right i think nick fury has something similar, but they really havent touched on that in the films…

        just seems a little difficult to add that whole, “yeah he survived into modern times too” kinda thing

        • they sort of hinted at it in IM2, when nick was talking to tony about howard, like howard said whatever it was directly to him, and tony got a confused look on his face

  12. Does the release Date really matter? Im sure if the Avengers or Drk Knight Rises were released in February or October as opposed to Summer they would make just as much money? LOTR and Harry Potter werent released in summer months and they did “alright” …he says in his best understatementy voice

    Sorry if I’m missing something here, I just don’t know why you are putting so much emphasis on the date of release.

    I thought Cap1 was pretty good, so I am excited for the sequel. I wonder if Skull will be back? I am personally hoping for Zemo or MODOK

    • Also; Is it just me or does anyone else think that AntMan wouldnt be able to hold his own film? I mean I love the character and all I just dont see him in a leading role even with Wasp as support

      • If wasp was in it with him, but who would be the villian?

        Cant be Ultron if he would be an Avengers villian, maybe he makes Ultron and it the movie and during the post credit scene you see its eyes glow red and makes an evil laugh.

        benedict cumberbatch would be a great Hank Pym IMO

      • Nope it’s not just you.

        Ant-Man isn’t as well known as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk to none comic book fans, the smart thing to do is put him and wasp in Avengers 2 and then give them there own film.

        • If he is working on Pym Particles while working for shield, maybe, we will have to see. But not if its like the comics, then I wouldnt think he could have his own movie.

          Just throw him in as an easter egg in Iron Man 3 or CA2, not a small role (like Fury in IM or Hawkeye in Thor, but like Fury or Agent Coulson in IM2), a good sized role that opens it up for Avengers 2.

  13. Benedict Cumberbatch should be antman (easy to see him as a super smart guy)
    And since there is no more Blade series, Sticky Fingaz could be be Luke Cage (big guy)
    Ryan Gosling Iron Fist (just looks the part)
    Micheal Jai White/Tate Diggs for Black Panther (white has martial arts training, not sure about diggs, but diggs has the look)

  14. I am happy that their annonced the realese for captain america 2 in 2014 and antman,shield movies or another marvel movies will be realese in 2014 and i can,t wait to them new marvel movies.


    • I love Fallon for him. I think the argument is that he is too old but everytime I see a Castle commercial, I picture him in a Marvel film.

  16. I’m gonna be very upset if Black Panther isn’t brought up in this film, they’ve given us enough easter eggs now;

    1. Iron Man 2 at the end when Tony is speaking to Fury you see a map pointing to somewhere in Africa.
    2. Captain America: TFA it is mentioned that Caps shield is made from Vibranium
    3. The Avengers, they use Quinjets

    If there isn’t a BP film before Avengers 2 I’m gonna be a little angry.

    • Also I say Chiwetel Ejiofor for the part.

      • Perfect casting.

    • We wouldn’t like you when you are angry?

    • Black Panther is the biggest marvel hero yet to have a movie, and we all want it. BP movie!!! OBAMA FOR T’CHALLA!!! lol

  17. Matthew gray gubbler for ant-man! My cousin turned me onto criminal minds and I think he’d be great! Make antman be more about using his brain not brawn!

  18. Whatever the movie is after Cap 2, once revealed, it will tell us the direction of the future line-up of marvel movies.

    If antman, then it could go cosmic, with pym particles, ultron, ms. Marvel.

    If Black Panther, then more grounded, cheaper… and better.

    Is it possible that it’s… Avengers 2?

  19. Why Ant-Man? Who the heck cares about him? His only use would be to introduce Ultron.

    Yes, they founded the Avengers but that is obviously not going to be part of the movie universe. So who cares? His power is boring and the Wasp is weaker than Widow.

    Black Panther makes a ton more sense. Heck, Luke Cage makes a ton more sense. Strange makes a ton more sense.

    Pym makes none unless they are setting up Ultron.

  20. What I want from marvel.

    Cap 2 just a amazing modern day cap film with shield tying the rope to connect the films. With a ant man cameo as well as a red skull cameo

    Iron man 3. I loved iron man 2 so I don’t think it has to really change but I would like more iron mans an d war machine fight scenes.

    Thor 2. Traveling to the other realms. Also more Jane. a different villain besides Loki

    Another hulk film with the leader

    A black panther film.

    And a civil wars film which I know will never happen.

    Just to have a few thoughts.

    Also a hawkeye and black widow film would be badass.

  21. How about a new Daredevil? Or really anything other than a Samuel Jackson Nick Fury movie. He was a god awful choice for that role.

    • Daredevil is not own by Marvel Studio

      • daredevil came out in 2003, electra in 2005, nothing even closely related since, so haven’t the right reverted back to marvel now? i thought they had to do a movie at a minimum of every 5 years. i have posted this question about DD before and never seem to get a reply

  22. I gotta admit that I’m disappointed that Cap 2 takes place post Avengers in modern time. I was really hoping they’d go for the midquel idea and do another Cap Story during World War 2. On the other hand, Cap 2 could end up being Cap and SHEILD recruiting new Avengers characters, which may lead into whatever character the May film is about, which could be interesting.

  23. What about Spiderman 2???

    • Different studio, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already has a release date of May 2, 2014.

  24. Ant man is a fan boys choice but Pym, has been and always will be a supporting character, and shouldnt get his own film, on top of that Wright has already said he had never intended to use Pym and felt Lang was the better choice of ant man characters, because he had a better story. Pym would be in his movie but only as the creator of the Pym particles and Antman helmet. There by using Lang who breaks into his lab and steals Pyms tech so he can use it to steal stuff, but in the end turns around and becomes a hero. As far as Dr Strange goes I always felt he would be better used in a Tv series. His character is perfect for this considering the current fondness for the supernatural on tv. I agree that Panther would be best suited for a tie in Movie but at the same time if Marvel is looking to move forward with the cosmic side and with Fox about to default on the Fantastic four, I could very easily see them moving in that direction. This would allow Marvel to correct and establish a second franchise to move forward with at the half way point of their Avengers franchise. If Marvel is planning on trilogies for each of their characters, then Establishing another Franchise to carry on after Avengers is done only makes sense, especially considering fox and Sony controlling the other two major franchises Marvels has. Personally Id love to see Marvel go cosmic with Guardians, I don’t think its going especially with Disney’s recent disappointment of John Carter. with that all said The most likely scenario is a Shield movie using actors already under contract and with pre established back grounds in the other film. Fury, Dugan, Hill, Widow, Hawkeye and of course Colisun add in the possibility of bringing back Winter Solider , that could lead into a third Cap flick

  25. Edgar Wright is awesome but his idea of Hank Pym in the 1960’s then making him show up in the modern age as an old man then making Scott Lang the leading Ant-Man character, not only is a slap in the face to the character but is extremely stupid.

    Hank Pym is an interesting character all his own when you see his genius v.s. his insecurity and low self esteem. Hank Pym’s character flaws are what make him a more interesting character, full of unsuspecting surprises. The arc of an Ant-Man movie would more than likely show how other characters within the movie think how stupid or useless it would be to be able to shrink things or control insects but the twist would be show how useful it is, including also the usefulness of Pym particles, nano-technology, his bio-chemistry expertise and sub-atomic levels and the worlds within them. Hank Pym is different from the other Avengers because he’s always trying to prove himself against all of the other more powerful Avengers, sometimes makes a fool of himself then redeems himself when he realizes how important his contribution to team is which makes him drop his ego which fuels his low self esteem or low confidence.

    Ant-Man as a character sounds silly but his abilities have helped the Avengers be successful at beating many enemies throughout the years. In today’s technology with everything becoming smaller, micro,bio-tech, and nano-tech, I think Ant-Man is a great character to introduce in THIS day and age especially.

    • Like I said a fan boys dream, but to the general movie going audience, I cant see it. Listen I hear where your coming from for your love of the character but in the current Marvel movie verse, his character becomes redundant with Banner in the role of science guy, and Stark As well Stark. that said I cant stand Pym, I’ve never liked him in any of his incarnations, well except for his Character on the earth mightiest heroes cartoon. i’ve been reading Avenger comics for over 30 years and like I said he best serves his role as a supporting cast member, and other then having been responsible for one of the Avengers worst Enemies namely Ultron. Pym hasnt done much except been a source of drama and trouble by betraying the Avengers on multiple incidents and being completely unstable. Being flawed is one thing being a complete nut job most of his existence is something else. Hence not a great character to star in his own movie, and I also figure if you cant manage a successful comic series your probably not going to be able too manage a successful movie franchise either

      • I agree with the comment about liking him in the earth’s mightiest heroes cartoon, in fact that version is one I am best familiar with. They will make him more appealing to audiences without screwing up the essence of the character, I would be interested to this how the action and everything like that would go for this movie. Plus as you stated another Pym creates Ultron, hence another reason why Marvel should go on and make this so he can fight the Avengers later on.

        • I didnt say he shouldnt be in the movie, i just said he should get his own movie, like I said supporting cast. That said I think there are better options bad guy wise and I’ve already seen 4 terminator movies.
          three words for you MASTERS OF EVIL !!!!!

      • @Loco Lobo, I get what ur saying and that also makes sense but Iron Man, Captain America and Thor were only seen as fanboy dream projects also. There were times when people thought some none of these could be pulled off or even made to be MORE interesting ESPECIALLY to the PUBLIC AUDIENCE.

        Just about any character can be made to be more interesting as long as there’s a good story and great character development, EVEN IF THE CHARACTER IS INITIALLY SEEN AS LAME OR CORNY. If it’s written well, even a story about something as mundane or simple like a “pencil” could work. It’s called creativity. But don’t get me wrong I respect your opinion.

  26. I gotta agree with most that Black Panther should have a movie before Ant Man. Something seem wrong with this decision if true to do a full feature of Ant Man / Hank Pym. Supporting character indeed.

    Did he even have his own comic title, ever?

  27. Ant Man I would really want to see happen next or Doctor Strange. I pray the old rumors of Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man will come true because well he Nathan Fillion. As for Doc Strange I would want (dream wish) Liam Neeson or Karl Urban. Black Panther would be cool, since they did name drop the export his country is famous for (vibranium) in Cap America, that might in the not too distant future. Also on the issue of Evans being locked for so many movies with Marvel, I hope he makes an appearance as Cap in the Runaways just like in the comics.

    • Im a big Nathan Fillion fan but having him play Pym, god I hope not, i would hate to see the guy whining all the time, now if i where to cast him as someone Avenger related I’d say Wonderman, of course bulked up a bit or, as Mar-Vel, whom I think he’d perfect for especially if they go cosmic

  28. I go back to the comics of the 60s and 70s, and Goliath (Hank Pym…blue/yellow cool costume) was always one of my favorites among many. He and wasp were often integral to the team, and definitely deserve a spot–sooner rather than later–on the team in the movies (and not just so Hank can go all nutso-unstable; that was not what he was originally all about in the early days). Let’s give Goliath and wasp a repected place, as well as those other two stalwarts, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, both very individualistic and interesting characters in their own right. These 4 need to be in The Avengers movies. And let’s not forget the bad-guys we need to see: Ultron, Kang, Mandarin. We need those 3 just for starters. And let’s see Thanos and The Skrulls, too, since everyone kind of got a ball rolling on those and it became obvious all us fanboys (& girls) want to see these things. You make these movies like we wanna see ’em, and we’ll make you rich, Marvel. I’ll be the first to plunk down my cold hard cash to buy these DVDs and give them all good reviews, you can count on that!
    A comment on Black panther. I always liked him in the early comics, and would certainly welcome an eventual movie with him in it. He was always especially a friend to captain America, as i remember it. I don’t think he was as important as the heroes I mentioned above, and a few of you are boosting him just because he is black, and there are not that many black heroes; if he was white, some of you would not push for him quite as hard. Don’t get me wrong, I like him and would definitely like to see him in a flick. I just would prefer to see Goliath, Wasp, Quicksilver, & Scarlet Witch first. Let’s give seniority to those who have the senior (read as earlier appearences) status.