‘Captain America 2′ Could Begin Production By Late 2012

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captain america 2 production start date Captain America 2 Could Begin Production By Late 2012

With The Avengers owning 2012 all to itself – along with Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 having already staked out the separate halves of 2013 as their own – it’s been assumed that Captain America 2 is the most likely candidate to snag one of the two 2014 release dates that Marvel Studios has already claimed.

According to Captain America costar Neal McDonough, who plays the bowler-capped Dum Dum Dugan, filming on the (currently) director-less sequel is slated to begin before 2012 comes to a close. Such a move would both pave the way for Cap’s next solo venture to reach theaters by 2014 – and, set the stage for production to begin on one of the many other single Marvel character-centric vehicles being developed right now.

IMDB Television was chatting recently with McDonough about his new role as a sophisticated crime boss on FX’s Justified, when the actor casually revealed the following tidbit about the next Captain America flick:

“They’re planning [to go into production] for the end of this year, because Marvel does one film at a time. So they’re going to do ‘Thor 2′ and as soon as ‘Thor’ has wrapped, they’ll do ‘Cap 2′. Hopefully right after that, we’ll jump into ‘Nick Fury’ because that’s the one I’m looking forward to more than anything.”

While both a Nick Fury solo movie and S.H.I.E.L.D. flick are definite possible future Marvel endeavors, it seems more likely that only one or the other will eventually be made. More so, with other big titles like The Avengers 2 on the horizon, there’s always the chance that studio heads will ultimately hold off all the longer on producing a solo vehicle for Samuel L. Jackson’s one-eyed alter ego.

Moving on – it sounds as though the Captain America sequel is (unofficially) set to arrive in 2014 now, even if production doesn’t begin quite as early as McDonough expects. That means the second Cap-centered movie should also be the “big” Marvel release of that year – with the other Marvel-marked release date being reserved for the live-action debut of a character like Ant-Man or Doctor Strange, whose respective solo vehicles are both reported to be making solid progress down the production pipeline.

Thor and Captain America in The Avengers Captain America 2 Could Begin Production By Late 2012

Thor and Captain America team up in 'The Avengers'

Now that Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon has confirmed that the film unfolds from Cap’s perspective, it sounds as though the first Captain America movie, The Avengers, and Captain America 2 will essentially form a direct trilogy, in terms of Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) personal character arc.

Screenwriting duo Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely’s previous comments about how Cap’s second solo film will largely take place in a contemporary setting make all the more sense, in that regard – seeing how CA 2 looks to now be even more of a direct continuation of the Avengers‘ narrative than either the second Thor or third Iron Man installment.

All of the aforementioned upcoming Marvel titles are going to (at the least, partially) be affected by the success of The Avengers – which is poised to test the comic book studio’s plans, when it comes to the feasibility of creating a shared movie universe akin to that featured in Marvel’s graphic novel literature. Best to hold off and see just how everything goes down in Whedon’s superhero ensemble flick, before speculating too much about the films that take place thereafter.


The Avengers hits theaters in the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

Don’t be surprised if Marvel officially confirms Captain America 2 for a May 16th, 2014 theatrical release date – in the near future, that is.

Source: IMDB Television (via JoBlo and Collider)

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  1. Thought as much… (Chris Evans also predicted a 2014 release for Cap 2)
    On a side note, it’s very interesting to see that McDonough has such enthusiasm for a Nick Fury/SHIELD movie… I wonder if he knows something that we don’t? (In the comics, Dum Dum gets the infinity formula which enables him to still be alive in the present day, and of course, becomes a member of SHIELD — maybe, in the movie-verse, they already have something like that planned for him?– and if that’s case, MAYBE he’ll have a small cameo in The Avengers)

    Anyway, I for one, was hoping for Cap 2 and Black Panther in 2014, but with no news on BP yet, it seems that Cap 2 and Ant-Man are the two most-likely pictures for 2014.
    Looking forward to more info…

    • If true it would have made MUCH more sense to have Dugan be the one to greet Cap. when he woke up and break the news to him. A missed opportunity.

      • I was thinking he could still be asleep or something…
        The picture I have in my mind, (of seeing him in The Avengers), is when the team are all walking through the hellicarier (like in that scene in the trailer), you catch a glimpse of a room with cryogenic tanks… in one of those tanks is Dum Dum with SHIELD agents around him with charts and stuff (obviously trying to figure out how to have him survive outside of the tank that’s keeping him alive).
        Or something like that ;)

  2. If Neal McDonough is involved, then there will be at least a flashback scene. I don’t think I’d like an all-WWII movie, since we already saw how Cap exits the war. To me, it would feel like a really long deleted scene from the first movie.

  3. to bad they couldnt of released the sequel before the avengers then they both couldve taken place during WWII

    • no,man it was enough said and done in that periode,that it plays in present time or nearly future is more exciting i.m.o. .

  4. So, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 aren’t connected with the Avenger’s timeline? That’s a bit disappointing since Iron Man 2 seemed rushed to keep it in line with the Avenger’s shared timeline. I was hoping after the Avengers that they would do stories focused on one main character with appearances by the other Avengers (maybe introduce new characters like Pym). Also, I hope that a Shield/Nick Fury or Ant Man or Black Panther movie gets made, but I honestly want another Hulk movie. Hulk smash box office. Oh well, I’ll be at all of these films and will probably buy them too.

    • It’s pretty much confirmed that Iron Man 3 is going to be more stand-alone, but Thor 2 should connect to The Avengers, to some degree – if only because the Thor/Loki conflict is expected to be further explored in that film.

      • Yeah…
        I for am glad that Iron Man 3 is going back to it’s “roots” so to speak (focusing more on Stark/Iron Man instead of EVERYONE ELSE). It still takes place after The Avengers, but to my knowledge, it’ll be much more centered around Iron Man/Stark specifically.

        But I agree, Thor 2 should connect to The Avengers – and if interviews are anything to go by, it will:
        A while back it was reported that Thor 2 would basically be the “aftermath” film for The Avengers… it was said (by Hiddleston or Hemsworth – can’t remember which one) that Thor would take Loki back to Asgard where he would stand trail before Odin for all that he has done on earth (but with all the script “revisions” for Thor2, I’m not sure if that’s still how things are gonna go down).

        • I heard the director say Mandarin wasn’t going to be in IM3 after all the clues of the 10 rings in the first two movies,what’s up with that.

          • I’ve heard the new director for IM3 thinks the Mandarin is too much of a racial stereotype and won’t be using him.

            • That’s correct, but IMO, that still doesn’t mean the The Mandarin won’t be in the movie (he might just be a newer re-envisioned version — that’s not so “racist”).
              He might be depicted as a crime-lord or terrorist leader instead of the magic-using-dragon-guy ;)
              (Black said that Iron Man would deal with more “real-world villains” in IM3)

        • Yeah, Hiddleston spoke out before about the results of Loki’s actions in The Avengers being dealt with more in Thor 2 – but, like you said, that was back before all the script rewrites AND when Patty Jenkins was being set up to direct, so things may have changed significantly since then.

        • Yea I’m glad that the plan too. Obviously keep some tie-ins, like whatever Mark-# armor he is on have that be what he states with in IM3 even if it is for just a little bit, and perhaps have it set in New York in Stark Tower which is going to be featured in the Avengers…though that might be a good way to keep it seperate by going back to California.

      • I can get behind that thinking. I’d hope Thor/Loki would be followed up on in the Thor sequel. As for Iron Man, I’d like to see him more involved with Shield using Stark tech, but I don’t want him hanging out with Nick Fury at a doughnut shop again.

  5. Marvel is a factory machine lol. Movies coming out like clockwork.

    • Yeah man! It’s a fanboy’s dream :D

      • Marvel may actually start releasing upwards of 3 movies a year, beginning in 2014 – IF The Avengers proves to be as successful as they hope, I suspect.

      • That sounds good to me but to be honest, I would be happy with 1 extremely great, I mean better than IM1 great, film a year. I was very happy with last year, but if The Avengers does turn out to be as good as we geeks are hoping, I would be happy with one of those a year.

        • ” I would be happy with 1 extremely great, I mean better than IM1 great, film a year.” And world peace.


      • I doubt they can keep up, especially with effects. The Avengers had most of the top effects houses on board, including all 3 of the big ones, ILM, Weta, and Digital Domain. Normally you only see one of the big 3, with the smaller companies doing support work.

    • word!

  6. Thats an awesome photo of Cap at the top btw

  7. Well I know i’m going to see all those films no matter what, but I thnik they should hold off on a cap sequel and focus on Ant-Man, or a Nick Fury movie first because come on Samuel L. Jackson isn’t getting any younger.

    • I’m not too worried about SamJackson…
      I know he’s pretty old now (from talk shows and interviews I’d guess he’s about 60), but in the Marvel movies, they did a great job with make-up because there, he looks about 50 IMO.
      And as long as the guy keeps in shape, he can continue with these types of movies until he’s 70…

      • Yeah, look at Harrison Ford; even though the last Indy film wasn’t that great, he was in fantastic shape.

  8. I actually enjoyed Iron Man 2 more than Captain America so I am hoping the sequel to Captain America will be much better executed than the first one.

    • For some reason, I can’t get enough of watching IM2; I have actually seen it more than IM1.

      • Yeah I think its way better than it gets credit for I am glad I’m not the only one lol

      • really? i found im2 kinda boring and captain america is way better

        • I don’t know maybe I just felt like Captain America drug in some parts maybe its just me to each their of course.

        • I agree, but for some reason, I can’t get enough of IM2. Maybe it’s because of all the comedic stuff by Downey? I don’t know. I have similar questions about why I can’t stop watching The Core or Last Action Hero. :-)

          • I do find Downey to be pretty funny I think Don Cheadle (sp)? did a good job as well.

      • Me too!
        I don’t know what it is… I mean (IMO – and critically) IM1 was better than IM2, but for some reason I’ve seen IM2 more times than IM1.
        My guess is, that it’s more forgettable than IM1? Or maybe it’s that I keep watching it to see if any more easter eggs and references will pop-up (things I’ve never noticed before)…

        Glad to know I’m not the only one ;)

  9. Why would the movie come out on May 16? May 2 seems like it would be the release day seeing as how the Marvel movies always come out the first Friday in May.

    • That’s because Marvel has already settled on May 16th as the release date for some yet-to-be-officially-announced movie (probably CA 2).

      • I believe Sony has set the next Spiderman to be released on the first weekend of May, one of those has to change…. you can’t have two big comicbook movies releasing within a week.

    • Yeah, DC needs to up the ante. Batman is great but their second one, Superman: Man of Steel, better hit it out of the park. If Avengers does smash the box office, DC has to get Justice League going somehow; they just can’t keep relying on Batman to save the day.

      • Well nolan doesn’t want anything to do with the other superheroes like he said its a batman universe not a DC universe. The secondary movies like you said are just not good. And until DC makes one that is good then batman will forever be DC’s only good movies. (The nolan ones that is)

      • DC was further ahead of the game than Marvel but they decided they wanted to a Batman Begins sequel only instead of Justice League film they had planned. They thought two different Batman’s was too much for audiences to handle and I agree.

        All DC has to is make one really good JL film that introduces all the characters and sets up for individual films.

      • Green Lantern, Superman Returns…yep, they’ve had a rough patch, but all it takes is one really good film. Hopefully, Man of Steel does the Krypton character justice. But I’m more concerned about their next secondary character endeavor. I really wanted Green Lantern to knock it out of the park. It didn’t. It wasn’t the character’s fault. It was adapted badly to film. I hope they can move on and give characters like the Flash, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman their own movies.

    • I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again Marvel may be winning the battle but by 2020 DC will have won the war.

      • Actually, I think you have that backwards. The war started in 1978 with Superman: The Movie and DC ruled from then until the turn of the century. When Stan Lee finally signed off on a Spiderman film, he turned the tides. I love nowadays compared to when I was growing up. All I had was Superman fighting a nuclear dude in a quest for peace, Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher, a really cheesy Captain America, and our saving grace was Burton’s Batman. All I know is that in the war between DC and Marvel, I win! It’s a great time to be a comic book fan :)

        • Here here

        • well said!!

        • Indeed.

        • You got that right.

        • @ B-list Pornstar Extra

          True. Only war DC has been winning over the years imo, would be in animation whether it’s animated shows or feature length movies. But as live-action films go, id Marvel has the upper hand while DC prettpy much only had Batman/Superman to rely on. How many characters did they change in the New 52? All of them or just the popular ones? Just outta curiousity.

      • Yup.
        But I think, the issue here is if IM3, Thor2, Cap2 will be like IM2, Thor1, Cap1… all kinda sharing the same story line.
        IMO, with the sequels, the stories/plot-lines should be kept separate and focus more on the individual character.
        Sure, some references or cameos that tie-in to Avengers2′ plot, but other than that, it should be like IM1 and TIH (standalone movies).

        I’m sure that at the end of Avengers, they’ll give a good reason to why each hero has to go his/her own way again (Stark goes to run his company and kick terrorist a**, Thor takes Loki back to Asgard, Banner goes back to help people in Africa or South-America, Cap joins SHIELD and goes on missions with BW and Hawkeye…)
        So, they go off on their own, to face their OWN demons (in Thor’s case, maybe literally ;)) and when an even greater threat emerges (Ultron, Thanos, etc.) they assemble once more in Avengers 2.

  10. GREAT , BUT NEED TO SEE sub- mariner . prince namire . HOW about 3 movies per year . disney has the place and means . thank you bill zuschlag . hope john carter takes off

  11. I am all for a Cap sequel but keep it modern day. The WW2 story is done.

  12. I could live with a Nick Fury movie but not with Samuel L. Jackson.
    He is the one casting in The Avengers I had problems with.
    He seems to be popular but for me he is always just
    Samuel L. Jackson and never the character.

    • Dude…
      That’s because the creator of Nick Fury (the Ultimates version — the one used for the movie) actually said he BASED his version of Fury off of Sam Jackson.
      I.e. Sam Jackson is playing a character that’s based off of himself.

      • I am aware of that fact. I knew that.
        My point is about Jackson as an actor.
        I don’t buy him in any character he plays.

        • Sure, some of his portrayals aren’t really portrayals as much as… him just being himself, but how can you say “I don’t buy him in ANY character he plays.” if one of those characters is BASED off of himself?

          You say your point is about Jackson as an actor, but in your above comment you said:
          “I could live with a Nick Fury movie but not with Samuel L. Jackson.
          He is the one casting in The Avengers I had problems with.”

          So since he’s the OBVIOUS choice for the role (since the character is based off of his likeness and personality) i don’t see how you can have problems with that specific casting decision.

          I’m really not getting the argument here…

          • I do buy him playing Samuel L. Jackson.
            That is all he ever is to me in any role.
            Especially in a role based upon himself.

            As I said I never buy his character.
            He will be good Samuel L. Jackson
            and not a good Nick Fury to me.

            • “He will be good Samuel L. Jackson
              and not a good Nick Fury to me.”
              Ack! Dude, you’re missing the point: in the Ultimate comics, Nick Fury is based off of Sam Jackson. Thus in the movies, Sam Jackson portrays Nick Fury PERFECTLY (i.e. he IS a good Nick Fury)
              In any case, I really don’t see why you don’t like him: he’s played Mace Windu for crying out load (THAT role wasn’t very SamJackson-ey IMO).

              Say what you will, Samuel L. Jackson is a terrific actor IMO.
              Let’s just leave it at that.

              • Just because Nick Fury is based
                off Samuel L. Jackson that does
                not make Samuel l. Jackson a
                good Nick Fury is all I mean.
                And to me he will not at all.

                I acknowledged he was popular
                and stated all my opinions as
                strictly personal on this.

  13. So many great comments here! I’ve wanted to reply to everyone, but said forget it and I’ll roll it all into one comment, lol!!

    I totally agree that Marvel could keep it going for the next 8-10 years. My kids and I have actually started an Avengers countdown clock. We’ll be there at Midnight, May 4! It’s been a mighty long time since I’ve looked forward to a film this much. Probably Spider Man 3 (and yes, I liked it).

    Marvel doesn’t need to roll out more than 2 films a year. I also agree that one epic per year MAY be enough. Not sure.

    I’m also happy to read that Iron Man 3 will focus on Tony and not the Avengers. I felt that though I liked IM2, there was waaaay too much Avengers and Nick Fury and the keeping Stark in check stuff. Isn’t that why Favreau left? You can’t put Tony Stark in check! Didn’t like that.

    As far as DC comics, yes they need to get it together. With its’ history and legion of devoted fans, why in the world can’t they bring more than two characters to the screen with success(Batman and Superman)? I totally agree that one successful Justice League film will open the door wide for a slew of stand alone projects.

    DC has found success with 2 superheros, not just Batman. Superman as well. People like to shrug off Reeve’s Superman for some strange reason. Those films were superb (ok the last one, not so much). I’m very excited about Superman:Man of Steel. I hope it’s a winner.

    I also want to see another Hulk stand alone film! Contrary to popular belief, the Bana/Ang Lee version was better than the reboot.

    And yes, it is time to bring Black Panther or the Black Vulcan to the screen. Moviegoers are ready for it. According to my daughter, many of her Facebook friends were upset at the casting of a non black Green Lantern. These were kids of all races, not just black. Something to think about.

    Great comments, everyone! I’m new here and enjoying the site!

    • Welcome. I’ve been on and off here for years and its always awesome. Always good comments.

      And Black Panther? I hope its the second film for 2014.

      • I’ll die if we don’t get SOME new info on BP in the course of this year…
        Okay, maybe I won’t “die”, but I’ll be disappointed as hell :(

        • Why are they holding T’Challa back?! The Panther has to be in Avengers 2!

          • You said it man…
            Either Marvel’s priorities are COMPLETELY messed up and they have no idea of their fans want anymore.
            OR maybe the guy who’s been writing the BP script (for almost 3 years) has no idea of what he’s doing.

            Wouldn’t it be awesome if you, me and Ignur Rant could write the movie? :P Out of all my time on this site, you and Ignur have had the best ideas for a BP movie IMO… and not to blow my own whistle, but I’ve read enough BP comics (and know a bit about what a fictional Wakanda would be like, set in the real world) to be able to put together a great flick.
            A guy can dream ;)

            • Testify! You speak the truth TheAvenger. I own a ton of bp comics too, I really dig the old Jungle Action. They were bloody and violent and had a style similar to the black and white Conan mags. I love the classic villains like Kiber and the white ape but I especially loved the 4 issue limited series when he fought the supremicists.

              I think Marvel is afraid of potentially touchy subject matter, they hydrafied the nazis, so they may be afraid to delve into such a complicated continent as Africa.

              but yeah, a guy can dream.

              • To my knowledge, the guy writing the BP script (Mark Bailey) is actually a documentary filmmaker… if that’s anything to go by, I’m sure it won’t be too “Hollywood” and be accurate to the comics and real life Africa.
                He has been working on it for a while though… so my doubt for the movie is on the rise… :(

                • i heard they had finished the BP script and where waiting to get the cast soon i also heard that it will be coming in 2014

  14. Off topic:
    After reading all of the comments, has anyone heard if they are going to put any cameos in the new Supes movie? I really hate how WB/DC can’t get their stuff together, but how cool if you see something about GL?

    • Oops, sorry for the broken English. Haha.

  15. I would be amazed if there is an Avengers sequel with all the stars signed on board. I think Iron Man is going to be stand-alone simply because I think it’ll be Robert Downey, Jr’s last go as Iron Man and he wants it to be a good, memorable movie.

    Thor should still have two more movies to go though, as well as Captain America.

  16. i want another Incredible hulk film! and bring back Edward norton!

    • They won’t bring Norton back (there’s WAY too much bad blood in the water for that).
      Ruffalo is here to stay, get used to it (since he’s signed on for multiple movies.)

      • I think a Ruffalo Hulk that fights the Leader and then turns gray at the end to set up for Hulk 3 (and the U-FOES!) would be a very fine thing indeed.

  17. I just wish they would put wings on Caps costum, not painted on wings….”Old wing head” is needed…IMHO.

    • From what I can see in all the Avengers pics so far, Cap’s not even wearing his mask/helmet much. Kinda makes the “wings” issue moot. I agree though… Give Cap his wings! He looks odd without them. I didn’t mind it much in the Cap movie, it worked for me, but for the Avengers I’m not liking his costume/helmet at all.

      I don’t understand the comic-book movie mentality to de-mask the heroes as much as possible. Is it ego/contractual where the actors want a certain amount of “face time” on screen? It makes no sense for Cap to go into battle and not want to protect his head.

      Then again, apparently Thor’s not going to wear his helmet either.

  18. What about showing Cap with the rest of the Invaders….(just a thought)

  19. @Pitt Man: Thx for the welcome!

    Pitt Man, TheAvenger and Ignur Rant: Since you guys seem to be an authority on Black Panther, I’m curious, who would you like to see star in the film?

    • I know you didn’t ask me but I’d like to see Djimon Hounsou as T’Chaka and some young (25-30) black African actor as T’Challa.

      • Thx! I appreciate the reply! What about Idris Elba? Chiwetel Ejiofor? Too old?

        • Thing about Elba is… he’s already playing Heimdal in the same cinematic universe (most fans – including myself, wouldn’t be too happy about that).
          And, while he is a great actor, it’s gonna be tough for him to pull off a decent African accent.

          • My comment looks a little unclear at a certain point… What I meant to say was:
            “most fans – including myself, wouldn’t be too happy IF ELBA ENDED UP PLAYING ANOTHER HERO IN THE SAME CONTINUITY”

            • That makes total sense. I didn’t think about him as Heimdal.

              Ok, so that leads me to another question: Would there be a fan base for a Heimdal spinoff? I loved his role in Thor, which was also my fave Super Hero movie of 2011.

              • IMAO, I don’t think Heimdal would be able to carry his own film…
                In the comics (and movie), it’s his job to watch over Asgard — i.e. he doesn’t really get out much ;)
                So for him to go off on his own adventure, would kinda be unfaithful to the comics.
                Hopefully, he’ll have MUCH more screentime in Thor 2 though…
                Elba’s Heimdal was the second best thing about Thor IMO (the first being Hiddleston’s amazing portrayal as Loki)

                • @ TheAvenger

                  I too enjoyed Hiddleston’s performance as Loki. If he can laugh pretty good, i could see him being a good possible candidate to play the Joker in the future. That’s just my opinion.

    • The lead kid in ATTACK THE BLOC, in a year or two he’ll be perfect.

      • *Googling Attack the Bloc* Be right back!

      • I’ve never heard of that actor. I’ll have to check out his work. Attack the Bloc seems like my kind of movie!

        This one may be a stretch, but what about Lee Thompson Young? I know he’s a tv actor, but he has some recognition here in the States.

  20. Regarding Cap’s mask, I guess it could be to show Evans’ face more, but from looking at the mask it looks, well, stupid. It’s hard to do. Batman’s works but he can’t move his head from side to side. That’s probably why Hawkeye doesn’t have a mask either. Not for ego, but because it just looks lame. Could be wrong…

  21. i heard they had finished the BP script and where waiting to get the cast soon i also heard that it will be coming in 2014

  22. All these comments are great! I don’t know which ones to respond to! lol. Anyway it looks like a combination of Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, & Captain America 2 will be the 2 movies that are coming out in 2014. I mean maybe they can utilize the June 27th date that they had changed to April 4th. The May 16th date looks like its here to stay, and maybe they can release all 3 of those movies each on April 4th, May 16th, and June 27th. That would be great! Because Ant-Man & Wasp, along with Doctor Strange should be in the Avengers 2. After those 3 movies, the next two that should come out should be Black Panther & a SHIELD movie which would include Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Phil Coulsen, Maria Hill, and probably some cameos from other heroes. Both of these movies would obviously come out in 2015. Black Panther MUST also be in the Avengers 2. Once they do that, then I guess we’ll see where all these films in phase 2 will take us to lead to a 3rd Avengers movie. More heroes can have solo movies and be tied in with everything that Marvel has done so far, and hopefully by that point Marvel will own the rights to the fantastic four & daredevil, and ideally spider-man & X-Men. Disney lawyers are looking at the contracts with fox & sony and looking for loopholes so that they can retain the rights to their properties. If they don’t find loopholes I guess they will just buy the rights back, since Disney has endless pockets of money, or maybe fox & sony will be sick of them and just let these franchises revert back to marvel.

    • i meant to say the movies in phase 3 will lead to the 3rd avengers movie, not phase 2. My mistake

  23. Once they have all the rights to their characters, along with having done movies for all of them and having completed an avengers trilogy, they can do other marvel event movies that range from the illuminati & infinity gems story to stories like the kree skrull war, secret wars, ultimatum, and even the biggest marvel event, the civil war, which pitted iron man & captain america against each other. That would be an excellent way to close the marvel cinematic universe! that would be years from now obviously but it will be fantastic. Maybe they shouldn’t do ultimatum because alot of characters wound up dead and they would be needed for a civil war.

  24. Captain America 2 must distinguish itself from the last one by clearly establishing the film in a modern setting. You could introduce the Falcon and/or Black Panther in this film. Marvel has gotta get Cap the hell out of New York after the Avengers and drop him squarely off in Wakanda to take on both Klaw and Crossbones. Just imagine how badass both those villains could look on the big screen.

    You would have a sequel that was as distinctive in location as Empire Strikes Back was from Star Wars. One of the problems with Iron Man 2 was its proximity in set pieces to the first movie. Everything seems too familiar to the audience and the movie suffered as a result, from Tony’s lab, to Pepper’s office, etc. It came off to me as the second episode of a new series on television as opposed to a sequel that could be appreciated on its own merits.

    Captain America 2 should have a James Bond feel to it, as opposed to the sameness that will envelop the audience should we have to watch Cap sulking through the corridors of S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters. If I wanted that, I’d watch any random episode of Star Trek: TNG!!

    Exotic locales and new villains is what sets Goldfinger, Thunderball, From Russia With Love, and You Only Live Twice from the original Superman movies.

  25. I agree that captain america 2 should distinguish itself from the first one. However since the first one took place in the 40s, I feel that any location would be ok for this sequel, s since it takes place in the present day. Whether it takes place in africa, shield corridors, or just new york itself. I hear rumors that MODOK will be the villain. While he’s a cool character for the comics I feel that they should captialize on the winter soldier storyline wit bucky since he didn’t die in captain america the first avenger, and maybe include baron zemo who is a big captain america villain. Using winter soldier would be great since captain america would have to fight his friend who is now bad and he would be conflicted. And maybe the 3rd captain america will bring back the red skull to be a villain and winter soldier would have been redeemed by this point after finally helping captain america defeat baron zemo and watever other enemies they throw at him. Kind of a star wars ending to it. And then red skull could be a dominate marvel villain like loki and expand himself in this film universe that has been created. Either way I’m sure marvel will do the right thing. They haven’t let us down yet.

  26. You guys have a good thing going, all the comments have been a good read. Ive only gotten into comics in the last year or so. I think it would be cool if they done a trilogy for each movie. I dont count the Eric Bana hulk as part of anything, so starting with the one from Norton, and the rest from Mark.

  27. there should be a hawkeye film