Captain America 2 Begins Shooting in March; Leaves Room For Ant-Man?

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Captain America 2 Ant Man Production Dates Captain America 2 Begins Shooting in March; Leaves Room For Ant Man?

Wasting no time after the worldwide box office success of The Avengers, Marvel Studios was quick to begin production on Iron Man 3 in June, and just as it enters the final stretch of principal photography, Thor: The Dark World prepares to start shooting in the UK. As for the next confirmed release by the studio, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was previously rumored to begin production as early as the end of this year, seemingly ensuring that Marvel would continuously be shooting back-to-back films without a break for the foreseeable future.

That’s not the plan according to star Chris Evans, who reveals that Captain America: The First Avenger will instead have the same amount of production time as its predecessor. Does that mean Ant-Man could start shooting at the end of the year, between the Thor and Captain America followups?

Evans is in Canada this week for the premiere of The Iceman at the Toronto International Film Festival where he revealed to Collider that production on The Winter Soldier begins March 2013, several months after the previously rumored date. What does that mean? Two things:

  1. The Winter Soldier will have approximately the same start-to-release production time as its predecessor. Recall: The First Avenger began shooting in June 2010 and hit theaters the following summer in July 2011. Captain America 2 begins shooting in March 2013 for its April 2014 release date, giving it the same 13 months of time.
  2. With Thor: The Dark World beginning to shoot this month for a fall 2013 release, it’s going to finish shooting by the end of the year, leaving a gap between its conclusion of principal photography and the beginning of Cap 2. What could fill that gap? Ant-Man.

Ant Man Movie Logo 570x384 Captain America 2 Begins Shooting in March; Leaves Room For Ant Man?

Latino Review shared the scoop a few weeks after Edgar Wright shared Ant-Man test footage at Comic-Con that he could begin shooting the actual film in London right after Thor 2 wraps production. With confirmation from Evans about the plan for Captain America 2, the schedule lines up perfectly with not only the reports of Wright shooting Ant-Man shortly after The World’s End later this year, but with statements from Co- President of Marvel Studios and Executive Producer Louis D’Esposito and Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige who both hint that Ant-Man could release in 2014, making it the first time ever Marvel Studios has three theatrical releases in one year.

Oddly enough, with so much news about casting on the Captain America 2 frontAnt-Man is still without a release date, let alone any cast members, despite being one of many films presented during the Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel with an official movie logo. It’s also one of the longest-in-development projects for the studio which has had Wright attached for almost seven years. If Marvel Studios pulls the trigger on Wright’s script and it does begin shooting by the end of this year and into 2013, expect casting announcements in the very near future. Also look forward to appearances of the character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3 – the latter of which could occur in a post-credits sequence.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier stars Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan and potentially several familiar faces from the past like Hayley Atwell. It will be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

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Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.

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Source: Collider (via UTF)

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  1. Just do ant-man Edgar

    • Wright is immensely talented. it could be spectacular

  2. I hope this turns out!

  3. Its surely plausiable, really depends on how long it would take Edgar to finish his trilogy film with Simon Pegg. Probably editing that one on the go and have it ready for spring. Production just started for that one, what icould the shoot be, another month? How long would they need pre-production to be since this is his creation in the entirety and probably has most of the ligistics already figured out.

    And already has Radioactive Man cast si the process has begun

  4. Captain America The First Avenger was my favorite of all recent
    comic book character films and one of my all-time favorite adventure
    movies which I hold in esteem just a notch below Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

    Just as I could never have imagined Indiana Jones sequels without Spielberg
    I could never imagine sequels to Captain America without Joe Johnston.
    Marvel may assume fans will line up regardless but not this one and
    I have no intention of seeing the next Captain America movie.

    I have zero confidence in the Russo brothers handling
    this material and the unceremonious dismissal of Johnston
    was no doubt made for the worst reason — to save money.
    The proper resources are not being brought to this production.

    Captain America was the only Marvel comic I read.
    I got the Captain America movie I always wanted.
    I shall just leave it there preserving the memory.

    • I thought the reason they got Joe Johnson was because he knows how to make a good period piece, and the reason he won’t be back is because it is no longer a period piece.

      • It was none other than Joe Johnston who expressed the idea
        of The Winter Soldier for the theme for the sequel in an interview
        right here on Screen Rant with Roth Cornet, speaking then that he
        would be directing the sequel and working on his approach for the film.

        Joe really had a feel for Cap and even pressed for the casting of Evans
        thus being instrumental for the film’s success laying the future foundation.
        Cap was already a bit lost even with Josh Wheldon and he runs the
        danger of being completely lost with Anthony and Joe Russo.

        This film will partially be a retro piece for what that’s worth
        but Joe is just as capable in any time period infusing
        his pictures with a special spirit perfect for this.

        • “Cap was already a bit lost even with Josh Wheldon”

          While I am with you wishing Johnston was returning for CAP:WS, I think the deleted scenes from Avengers will show Whedon DID want to focus more on Cap, but time constraints limited what he could include. At least that is what I garner from reading related articles.

          • I think you are on to something there, INK.
            The Cap deleted scene was better than
            any of Cap that was in the final film.

            I did imagine Johnston handling that theme of the
            man out of time in Cap 2 and sad I won’t see it.

            • I see what you’re saying, and I love the Indiana Jones-type theme, but that will always be a part of Cap and it’s time to move on. I hope they have great writers and Whedon makes sure it fits the genre. I have faith he will as he is one of the best writers I’ve seen in the comics, probably at the bottom half of my top ten.

              I think you’re going to see a bit of the Indiana Jones style blended with a Bond style. While I love anything WWII, the best part of Cap IMO is that he brings the mindset of that era into the present. Honestly, I think we need more of that these days.

    • @ Mr. Palmar,
      I feel the same way about the 1st Captain America.
      I’m a child of the 80’s and the Indiana Jones series and it’s been my opinion since seeing Captain America that it’s the closest a film has come to capturing the same sense of wonder and adventure of Indy.
      So I was thrilled to think about Joe Johnston coming back for the sequel but I worry about Joe & Anthony Russo. Don’t get me wrong, Arrested Development is my favorite comedy series of all time and I’m a loyal and faithful Community watcher but I don’t see how their work on those shows translates into a high concept adventure film?? And now Cap 2 joins GotG as my biggest question marks of “Phase 2″.

      • I’m afraid it will be too much comedy, and not enough action. I did like CA TFA it was my favorite Phase 1 film, and I agree with Robert Palmar, it reminded me of Indiana Jones alot. I’m hoping it works out.

      • I’m afraid it will be too much comedy, and not enough action. I did like CA TFA it was my favorite Phase 1 film, and I agree with Robert Palmar, it reminded me of Indiana Jones alot. I’m hoping it works.

      • We are on the same page, Kevin.

        And it is not that the Russo brothers
        do not have talent but rather it is their
        talents are not well-suited to this sequel.

        • being a bit hasty with the nails in the coffin aren’t we fellas? they haven’t even started filming and already the nay-saying starts. Maybe the russo’s have a great passion for the material, the same passion you seem to have mr palmar, so why not at least wait until the reviews are in before we prematurely pronounce this a disaster. Whedon didn’t have much of a proven track record as far as films go, and look what he accomplished. and while it may be unlikely, we could end up with an even better cap film. to me, TFA was a bit dull, especially the musical USO montage. i understand why it was there, it just seemed to slow the film down, for me. i am betting on the russo’s, and hope they prove me right.

  5. Bring on Ant-Man

  6. Ant-man doesn’t need a movie for his own tbh. I think it’ll be good, but the only way an Ant-man trilogy will even be relevant is if they focus all the movies on building Ultron, other than that, what use is he by himself. And for some strange reason, I honestly believe that Marvel will make Stark Ultrons creator

    • lol, this guy thinks there will be a trilogy. most likely ant-man will get one movie and then be regulated to avengers sequels unless the movie is surprisingly popular

    • I would love an Ant-Man trilogy! I find his character interesting and I like his relationship with Wasp.

      • Ant-Man is the most underrated Avenger, simply b/c of his name. I’m not a huge Wasp fan, but Pym is such a deep and afflicted character that they need to do him justice, and the world will find that he is not the generic little fill-in character that they believe he is, or has been in some books.

  7. Did Marvel ever confirm that Mackie was going to portray the Falcon? Still hoping the Black Panther gets to do his damn thing.

  8. I really hope antman gets made soon it just has to happen

  9. I hope Black Widow and Hawkeye are in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

    • Me too!

    • ant-man was a founding avenger, and in all honesty hes a great character (at leasy pym is. never had much exposure to lang). plus without pym you can’t have ultron or vision.

    • iron fist sucks…

  10. If Wright is still insistent on going forward with bringing the “To Steal and Ant-man” comic to life using Scott Lang as the main character, I could care less and would even prefer the film never be made.

  11. I am in no way a big AntMan/GiantMan/YellowJacket fan and I would have to say a movie based on Pym is the one I would be least looking forward to.

    Saying that though I do hope the AntMan film goes into production soon for 2 reasons 1) Edgsr is awesome and he is sure to do a good job and 2) We need Pym to be established as I really want to see Ultron down the line in Avengers 3 and I dont want a watered down Ultron origin story

    • Except for the fact that Wright plans on using Scott Lang instead of Pym as Ant-man which ruins the Pym > Ultron connection (not to mention Wasp) :/

      • Hopefully that was just an intital idea. With the success of a connected cinematic universe (and with input from Joss) he will no doubt use Pym for the potential stories down the line.

        • Except for the fact that Wright actually held up a copy of Marvel Premier #47; “To Steal and Ant-man”, and said he had always wanted to make this story into a movie. That was just a couple months ago when he had created the bit of test footage. I doubt they will be re-writing the script at this stage (unfortunately)

          I would SO like to be wrong about this but I’m pretty sure that’s what will be used.

  12. This needs to be made soon

  13. The test footage for Ant-msn was really cool but I was really hoping for a s Black panther or even a 3rd Hulk film

    • from the other studios

      • will NEVER happen. marvel had to save the company and sold the rights to those characters, and since fox & sony are making TONS of money, they will NEVER sell those rights back. it is a shame, but we must face the fact that we will never see wolverine and spidey alongside cap , ironman and the hulk, unless it’s an animated movie

    • the x-men and spider-man need to stay where they are. if marvel gets the rights to them you know that they’ll be making movies about them, and that would take up valuable space that could be used for other stuff like black panther and doctor strange.

  14. Latino Review always has the scoops that turn out, so if they say something, better listen.

    Hope this is true.

  15. I still hope Ant-Man never gets made.

    I mean Ant-Man? There’s just blockbuster fail written all over it.

    Come on, guys!

    • I’d rather see AntMan than Guardians of the Galaxy. C’mon…Rocket Raccoon?? Groot??? That has extra blockbuster fail written all over it and I’m nowhere NEAR interested in seeing it.

  16. Ant Man is one of Marvel’s earliest characters. He was right there at the beginning, along with Fantastic Four in 1962. It was inevitable that Marvel studios would get around to including him in the MMU, but was anyone hot for an Ant Man solo movie before the Avengers success? Except for maybe Stan Lee himself?

    I hope it works. And I hope it’s not going to be Marvel’s Green Lantern.

    My pick for Ant Man casting?

    Adrian Brody

    • Simon Baker?
      I actually never thought of that…

      Brilliant choice IMO (kudos sir). Maybe not the best choice necessarily, but he’s definitely got the look of Hank Pym (to an extent), he has the “very smart” persona down and he has the acting chops.

      The only concern I have is that most of his work lately has been down to the Mentalist: where he kinda plays a troubled yet narcissistic joker of sorts – and while that may arguably be the character that Hank Pym evolves into after his breakdown (when he starts calling himself Yellowjacket), I don’t see how that personality will fit with the conservative, and quiet Hank Pym, pre- brain meltdown.

      Still, Baker is a great actor, so it’s not like his character in the mentalist is the ONLY character that he can play… plus, he’d definitely be able to hold his own next to guys like RDJ and Sam Jackson – who have tremendous screen presence.

  17. I really do hope Hayley Atwell is in the Captain America sequel. If she’s the female lead (or at least has a sizeable role), I’ll watch it at the theater.
    I really had hoped that she would have been in the Avengers. I still haven’t seen Avengers because she wasn’t in it.

    • Wow, you really didn’t see Avengers b/c Atwell wasn’t in it? Just Google her from Pillars of the Earth (Awesome Book BTW, OK movie) and see her mammary glands and get it over with. Wait, this isn’t Atwell herself, is it? Or perhaps her family? That would make sense then. Anything else is sort of stalkerish.

  18. I hope Ant-Man films soon