‘Captain America 2′ Post-Credits Scene Details Leaked?

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Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier Post Credits Spoiler Captain America 2 Post Credits Scene Details Leaked?

Back in 2008, when Marvel Studios was preparing to launch their first self-financed feature film, Iron Man, they convinced Samuel L. Jackson to come in on a Saturday to shoot a quick cameo scene, one that would play after the credits roll. It was a fun idea for the comic book fans, but it was also one of the smartest ideas the studio ever made. The few words spoken by Jackson’s S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury opened the door to a vast Marvel Comics library and the first shared continuity in film, and so began the journey to The Avengers and the tradition of post-credits “button” sequences.

Iron Man 2 teased ThorThor and Captain America teased the epic team-up of The Avengers; The Avengers teased one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains in Thanos. With Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe underway, the tradition continues and these bonus sequences have become a staple of the franchise and an expectation of the fans. For Iron Man 3, Marvel went the way of keeping the film standalone at every level and its post-credits stinger was just something fun, not focused on teasing the next movie on Marvel’s slate, but with Thor: The Dark World, there was a very important reveal. For the next film coming from the studio, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, rumor has it that it’s going to be a big one as well…

Where the latest Iron Man and Thor installments attempted to – very intentionally – offer standalone experiences to prove the strength of the brand and individual characters when not teamed with their Avengers cohorts, Captain America 2 brings moviegoers back into the thick of things when it comes to the mysterious S.H.I.E.L.D. organization. The sequel not only features two Avengers in lead roles, but teams them with another potential member of the team in Sam Wilson aka Falcon (Anthony Mackie). The film acts as a bridge of sorts between The Avengers and next summer’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron (watch the new Super Bowl trailer!) and so its post-credits button needs to be a biggie.


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  1. Its Batman.

    MOS2 is really a DC / Marvel cross over movie.

    • That’s not true.

      • Can’t detect a joke?

        • Haha Sean, sarcasm is not your strong point is it…..

          • I don’t care if it is sarcasm or not, it’s still not true either way.

            • @Sean

              Yeah, you really didn’t get it, did you? Best to leave that one alone in future, lest you continue to make yourself look silly.

              • @Dazz

                Actually, I did get it. That’s why I said what I said before. Do you not get that ?

                • @ Sean..

                  Hey I’m usually one to stay out of drama and try not to get involved but, as an outsider looking in and watching all this unfold, I will say it appears that either: A) you didn’t get it was sarcasm B) you did get it but are covering it up by diverting the argument somewhere else C) you keep arguing something that is, and was, necessary or D) you are trolling

                  You don’t need to keep saying it was untrue. We all know it was untrue. It’s pretty clear that McShea was making a facetious remark. If you keep saying it is untrue it seems like you aren’t getting the fact that McShea was purposely stating something that wasnt true.

                  • I meant *unnecessary* not *necessary*

                  • @Joey
                    Actually, I did in fact get that it is sarcasm, but what McShea said was false not matter what.

                    • (Puts hands on head and shakes head. Then sighs in disbelief and irritation at the continued use of “still doesn’t make it true” / “what he said is still false” comments)

  2. The source of the news is from Lainey Gossip. Duh.

  3. I was hoping for some Black Panther or a Ultron reference but this makes sense. I’m excited either way.

  4. seriously…the easiest explanation is that theyre inhumans…first of all it matches back to quicksilver’s history since he married crystal. Then it introduces you to the inhumans, who should be the sort of villains mostly Maximus for Guardians 2 or 3 depending on where they’re headed with Thanos. Of course since you dont have the use of Mutants, Inhumans are the closest thing and currently in the comics theyre being promoted as such.

    • Yeap, that’s been my running theory in our Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver and Agents of Shield posts.

      • I think Skye is an inhuman too…

    • Hell yeah That’s a good Idea.

    • Instead call them metahumans.

      • exactly I said the same thing I agree with you they should call the metahumans

    • I dont understand the need to deviate so much. As someone else posted there can a different name used for what they are (meta-human, etc.) just as in the case the word zombie is never used in the show TWD.

      Yet we all know them as zombies.

    • I was thinking the same thing to be honest.

  5. If….. If that rumor is true.


    And that line about being sad for fox n x-men….That’s believable. Quicksilver looks pretty crap…and is in their movie for a role that was originally gonna be done by a junior juggernaut…a tiny role.

    If Whedon has got the costume right and updated…and the fact that they’re in the post credit scenes…that means they’re important. “The Twins”…. interesting…exciting..

  6. I have a theory about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the Marvel cinematic universe. Since they can’t use mutants and magneto as their origin, I believe Wolfgang Von Strucker will be their father. In regular Marvel comics, WVS has twins, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker who are mutants. They actually called themselves Fernis, who are best known for teaming up with the Hand (Uncanny X men 268). I believe WVS will be the father of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. He will either experiment on them to give them powers or he finds the two as infants and raises them as his own, not knowing they are Inhumans.

    • I see no problem with this.

    • They can be the children of the Inhuman King, Blackagar Boltagon aka Black Bolt.

      This would take the Marvel Cine universe up a notch.

    • Sounds like a great plan. Call Joss and get him on board.

  7. Predictable (with the casting announcement + cap reshoot + olsen spoke about her costume around, happening at the same time), but still awesome nonetheless!
    Cant wait to see the duo, and yes I’m sure they will better than Fox’s even without seeing them

  8. Your theory is sound, we can even add one that von Strucker himself could be inhuman, he has that youth sucking creepy power too. Plus, I’m sure his and the twins casting announcement happening at the same time is not a coincidence

  9. *Spoilers* I still think we should look deeper at Iron Man 3. If Ultron is created from Tony’s mind then pay attention to the fact that he had post traumatic stress through the whole movie. Also, when Tony asks to use the protocol (forgot name). Jarvis sounds dissapointed and surprised while confirming it. And then finally, the last button scene was about Tony being screwed up.

    • These are some of the more canny suppositions here.

    • something was definitely wrong with Jarvis in IM3 , the whole Ultron seed was planted i believe along time ago…

    • So? I think you are on the right track, but you started making your point and then just stopped…I think The Ultron seed was planted when Tony blew his armor up and allowed his technology to remain at the bottom of the ocean, other than the one machine (the one that had the dunce cap on.)Naturally Jarvis is going to become self-aware and ultimately become Ultron, we all that Hank Pym will not be introduced til Ant-Man actually debuts so they have to change the origins of Ultron.

      • no one knows if Stark left his armor/tech down at the bottom of the ocean, you guys are really grasping at straws here with your outlandish theories…

        Why don’t we wait until theres more concrete evidence. “the ultron seed” where are you even getting this idea from?

        • personally i am pulling it out of my ass…it is just what i am thinking, we haven’t seen anything yet! i’m just trying to put somethings together from the clues we have been given which is the fun part of this universe they are building

  10. Goodbye Fox! You had a good run, but most of your movies are lame.

  11. April can’t get here fast enough. Can’t wait! On a side note considering how quicksilver and the sentinels look for days of future past, I kinda shutter to think how Bryan Singer will vision apocalypse’s look.

  12. Them being twins fits right in line with their past/origin:


  13. Trollin’

  14. Sister?…. Twin sister…. you’re thoughts betray you… or, rather your spoilers… Obi Whedon was wise to hide her…

    • If she wont appear in Days of Future past, the perhaps in Age of Ultron she will.

  15. My money is on one of the infinity stones being the origin of their powers. Inhumans is a single film with as to yet no references. They need to establish the stones before avengers 3 and as of guardians they will have revealed 3. I doubt they’ll be popping up on daredevil or ant man. I am so beyond jazzed. Two fantastic actors taking on really awesome characters. KickAss is gonna be a WAY better Quicksilver then FrankenKyle. And Whedon has so much to play with for Wanda’s powers. Regardless of whether Fox’s X-Men properties sink or swim and whether or not Facebook kid ruins Bats v. Supes, I know in my heart we are guaranteed 3 epic movies from Marvel over the next two years.

  16. There was actually a “Terrigen Mist” reference in Thor 2.

    • ….. where….

      • The Terrigen Mist nod was on a chalk board written in small lettering on the bottom right I believe. And if I’m not mistaken, I remember there being a picture/article about those nods in Thor 2 right here on Screen Rant. Wether you can find now or not is beyond me. If not you’ll have to wait until the release of Thor 2 on the 25th

  17. Just watched Hail to the King credit for thor 2 and it was the best after credit scene ever. Spoiler!!!!!

    Trevor Slattery is broken out of prison by The real Mandarins goon! This makes me love Ironman 3 and really prepares me for a fourth. Man am I excited now after all the feeling of being let down this totally reverses that feeling, only hope that we will finally see The Leader soon, since he was created in the Incredible Hulk film. I have been waiting patiently for That character as well.

    • Can we please delete this because some people have not seen the one-shot. Thanks!

  18. Personally, I love to hear about a movie and what goes on before I go to see it. I especially want to know if there is more during and after the credits….With Marvel movies, it’s pretty much a given. Some people would probably say…La La La La, I don’t want to know, don’t tell me!! hahaha. At least you posted the Spoilers Ahead warning for those not wanting to know.

  19. There’s a screen shot of the “Maxoff” house hold in the movie “Days of Futures Past”…. and not to mention the scene in the new Spiderman were in battle with Electro Spiderman swings near the Stark tower……. so lets not forget the potential for a major Marvel Universe crossover….. that seems more like something Marvel would do to completely blow all the other comic movies away.

    • Never gonna happen, get your facts straight. They are owned by separate companies.

    • What the heck is a Maxoff? That sounds like nonsense.

      • he is Yakov Smirnoff’s brother

    • “Maxoff House”..is that a type of coffee?

  20. Check facts my man……. check the scenes….. and marvel comics is one company…… who cares who they hired to do theses movies…… the facts are the scenes are there and there definitely not by accident.

    • just watched the trailer again buddy and NO stark tower! YOU need to get your fact straight.

    • It doesn’t matter if they’re owned by the same “comics”, the studios the films get produced by are separate.

      Fox has X-Men and Fantastic Four
      Sony has Spider-Man and his villains/Anti-heros
      Marvel Studios has The Avengers, ect.

      There WON’T be a crossover with the studios anytime soon. To prove it, here’s a source.

  21. i really hope Joss Whedon puts Quicksilver in a awesome costume…something along the lines of a club kid with silver streaks in his hair and cool Beats by Dre headphones, maybe he should carry glowsticks so all you see is a cool looking laser show when he’s running, ya man

    • You are going to be so sorry if you are even close on that idea. Jokes backfire sometimes…..

      • can it get any worse really?

      • Make him look just like the comics, and we fanboys will be just fine!

  22. The difference in quality of the films isnt so much Marvel and Dc its more about Whedon. More than Singer (X-Men) and Marc Webb (Spiderman) he’s an actual comic book writer with S.W.O.R.D. and Astonishing X-Men. It’s his understanding and respect for the material that comes across on the screen that makes him so successful…….that and being a good writer.

    • This is true but I’ve gone on record many times to say that I just haven’t enjoyed any of Whedon’s comic book output. Just couldn’t get into it, no matter how much I wanted to.

  23. If Marvel cannot labeled them as mutants in this universe why not introduce him into the X-Men universe instead?

    • Aw man that would be awesome

      • Oops Sorry.. Responded to the wrong comment and don’t know how to delete.

  24. Marvel Studios will make my Summer if they would just give us a mid-credits scene involving Nick Fury or Steve Rogers in a teleconference with the King of Wakanda.

    • Aw man that would be awesome!

  25. Gotta hand it to Kim, if at first you don’t succeed make it BOLD!

  26. Honestly gonna seem bad but I could care less. The fact that they are mutants trying to be accepted as true superheroes while their dad is the evil magneto is part of what makes the characters. So we are pushing off their entire history to rewrite it in to what? I decided to deal with ultron not being hanks baby. I have even decided to deal.with tony stark creating ultron.I’ve even come to terms that while sheild boasts that they are everywhere and know so much…they didn’t relize the president of the usa was kidnapped and strung up in the war machine suit…or that london gets attacked by dark elves and don’t interfer until thor kills the head dark elf. But really decide to completly destroy the back story of two of themost iconic avengers/mutants and everyone is ok with that?

    When there was a rumor about a change to wonder woman the internet exploded in rage about one rumor! And yet this was confirmed by the writerand everyone is ok? Wtf is wrong with you marvelites….all hypercritical….

    What ever.

    • They have made such a mess of the real universe I doubt anyone cares anymore. Hank is a 60 year old spy apparently, Wanda and Pietro are not mutants and will likely have a very badly hacked origin, The Mandarian was a fake actor, Ultron will not be created or even linked to Hank or Jan, heck Jan does not even exist at this point even though she is a founding member and part of the glue that holds them together, the Norse Gods are apparently your everyday ordinary ET’s and they hang around the same bars that the Collector does and the Infinity Gems are not really gems per say but very odd nebulous objects ala Galactus. And the thing they did get partially right seem to be quickly disappearing like the classic Black Widow look and Widows sting have been replaced by bad hair straight stringy hair day and pistols.

      I know I have pretty much given up trying to make sense of it. LOL.

      • Neither the comic 616, nor the MCU, are the “real” universe. They are equally make-believe.

        • Thank you for clarifying that. I would have hated to go the rest of my life thinking that comics were real.

          By the way, you need to be a lot less literal when someone says the word real in relation to make belief. Things can be real inside there context without them being real in the physical world.

          But thanks again. *sigh*.

      • there are two origins to quicksilver’s power. there is the original, which since he is a mutant explains why he has those powers. the 2nd is that after wanda removed most of the mutants powers in house of m storyline, quicksilver regains his powers by using the terregen mist. Given the fact that the inhumans are possibly next in line to get a movie adaptation, could help explain their origins since the terregen mist is from the inhumans “universe”.

    • @ Kevin,

      I’m confused. You talked about everyone being critical of Wonder Woman. That is DC related. But then you say Marvelites are hypercritical. The ones being super critical of Wonder Woman were mostly DC fans so why are you calling Marvelites hypercritical and saying there is somehting wrong with them?

      By the way, you are also being super critical in your above statement. So are you calling yourself hypercritical too and saying something wrong with you?

      Either way, a lot of what you are complaining about is from a movie that hasn’t been released to no use freaking out about it.

      1. We don’t know Stark creates Ultron for sure. ANd even if so, we don’t know that Pym and Banner wont have had a hand in it. For all we know, Pym may have laid the groundwork while working with “daddy Stark” then Banner and Stark finish the work.
      2. As far as Mandarin, they are still continuing with the character. It has been said many times that IM3 alluded to Trevor becoming a different incarnation of Mandarin later and even the character says “You’ll never see me coming.” Mandarin may end up like Green Goblin of Spidey verse. Lots of incarnations with various people taking up the mantle.
      3. As far as SHIELD interacting…I kinda see that point. However, I think Cap 2 is going to allude to the fact that there was A LOT going on that caused SHIELD to not be around the incidents of Thor 2 and IM3
      4. As per Quicksilver and SW, we don’t know yet what route Whedon is taking with them. My fingers are crossed that they will be mutants but wont be called such. They will be referred to as “those born with unnatural gifts.”

  27. lol anyone notice how fake those balloons look on that chick? i mean wow i’ve seen some fake ones but those are too round kinda like a perfect circle

  28. the women in that tight suit has balloons that just look wierd they are too round kinda like a perfect circle. comic book cleavage looks way more real imo

  29. I don’t get why everyone seems so dead set on Stark creating Ultron. It’s perfectly possibly someone else does or that he’s been around for years just not in a “body”. I believe early on Whendon said Banner would play a big role in this movie and his intelligence often rivals Starks, it’s very plausible that Banner possibly working with SHIELD creates Ultron in some capacity.

    Also to the guy who posted about the thor 2 one shot use better spoiler warnings to prevent others who are waiting to find it out.

    • @Dlo33
      if i remember correctly, even in the comics ultron wasnt right out created. i believe it was a dormant program that hank pym had created a long time back, had forgotten about it and that program started being self aware. maybe even though hank pym might not create ultron, it could be that he did create the program but now that there is better technology (iron man suits) is when ULTRON decided would be a good chance to manifest itself overides JARVIS and appears in physical form. Hence why it is said that stark created ULTRON. his technology is being used, but Pym’s program is the one taking advantage of said tech. they could easily play it like that and give pym the credit in the end for creating ultron.