‘Captain America 2′ To Feature Secret Avengers Costume? [Updated]

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Secret Avengers Captain America Costume Marvel Comics Captain America 2 To Feature Secret Avengers Costume? [Updated]
Earlier this week Marvel Studios announced the start of principal photography on Captain America: The Winter Soldier and with the casting confirmations and a new synopsis came the first official photo of Chris Evans in costume as the titular star-spangled Avenger.

That costume didn’t quite match the one he wore in The Avengers however, and now we may know why. Chris Evans will get to wear at least one new Captain America outfit from Marvel Comics in the sequel to The First Avenger.

CBM has the scoop and have shared the leaked concept art. While we cannot confirm quite yet if it’s official, previous leaks regarding many of the the new armored suits in Iron Man 3 proved true and the latest image falls in line with the style of previous artwork. The costume will look very familiar to readers of Marvel Comics:



(So it’s probably real)

[Update 2: JFX acquired set photos confirming the new costume – click HERE to see.]


Note the the gloves, design of the boots, belt buckle and leather work around the shoulder and neck. Also take a look at the red stripe down the side of the leg along with the while stripes from his should going towards his center. It’s concealed by his throwing arm but is still rather evident that the design above is based off the design of Captain America’s Secret Avengers costume from Marvel Comics (worn in the Steve Rogers – Super Soldier miniseries and Secret Avengers, among with multiple other appearances):

Captain America Secret Avengers Costume 570x1015 Captain America 2 To Feature Secret Avengers Costume? [Updated]

The image does offer an explanation for the noticeable differences from the costume Evans is wearing in official Captain America: The Winter Soldier photo when compared to his Avengers attire. It also opens up the possibility for Bucky eventually suiting up in the more traditional Captain America garb should the film franchise follow certain key events in recent years from the books. Reaction to Cap’s Avengers suit was mixed and in an effort to better merchandise the sequel, Cap would need a new costume much like Tony Stark. Are you hoping this costume appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Fun tidbit: Secret Avengers introduced this costume in 2010 but was relaunched in February as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative where Nick Fury – wearing a similar costume to the one above – leads a secret team including Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, The Winter Soldier, Maria Hill and Phil Coulson. Wouldn’t that be a neat way to have two Avengers teams in the film franchise?

captain america loki avengers 570x379 Captain America 2 To Feature Secret Avengers Costume? [Updated]

Captain America Costume From ‘The Avengers’

The film has begun shooting in Los Angeles for in-studio work and will move to shooting on-location in Cleveland, Ohio, and Washington D.C. this summer. Cap’s next adventure is being directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo off a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and will release in 3D. Robert Redford joins Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Samuel L. Jackson,  Cobie Smulders, Scarlett Johansson, Toby JonesAnthonie Mackie, Frank Grillo, Hayley Atwell, Maximiliano Hernandez and Georges St-Pierre.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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Source: CBM

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  1. So basically we might not see Hulk again until a Secret Avengers based movie?

    I can live with that if it happens.

  2. Looks too much like the concept art of Cap for CA:TFA and Avengers. As if someone just found the art and changed the outfit. Good job though.

    I hope I am wrong, because I would like to see this costume in the upcoming movie.

  3. Wow, the avengers costume looks silly.

    • The Avengers costume, sans mask, doesn’t look that bad.

      • Yeah, I think the mask is the real problem. It looks old fashioned like a military helmet, and that’s appropriate, but it’s just so odd looking. I don’t know why he needs a mask anyway, but he looked fine without it.

  4. Still don’t know why the don’t adapt the “chain-mail” look from the comics.

    Ah well, it’s not like whatever he’s gonna be wearing will be kept secret for long, the way Marvel feeds us with set-photos, and images, and concept art and what-not

      • I love that look. I think they may have left it out because of the Thor costume, which has a fantastic metal scale on his arms. Not exactly the old fashioned look they went for with Captain A.

        • I agree – it’s because it’d look too much like Thor’s armor, which is supposed to be alien tech. However, give it one more film and I reckon either that alien tech (and/or Stark’s Iron Man design) will feed into them designing one single ‘Power Ranger’ type suit for all of the Avengers. It won’t look that silly and each Avenger will have their own massive differences (Thor would have the cape, Iron Man would have a different mask design to Cap, etc), but like they need a suit of armor that is cohesive to the whole team, really. I’m sure Marvel could pull that off and still have the characters look cool!

  5. Yes! That is one of my favorite costume re-designs in recent memory. Thats from when he became Commander Rogers: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.! I really hope this is true, because I really enjoyed the costume from CA:TFA

  6. Old news. You have a different ward drobe director for this film, the ward drobe production team is already moving forward with the new costume because they are already at the studio lot with the vans. This is whack dude, you guys should have reported this a week ago. Chris said he already saw the outfit, it’s a different outfit. We don’t know which one its gonna be, but let’s hope it’s not a U.S. Agent variant. Let’s leave that for CapIII

    • Reported what a week ago? The image just leaked today.

      • It didn’t leak Rob. Chris let it slip he saw the changes with the character at the cast review with the executives. It was on Hollywood already. He accidentally hinted it’s different. I am not saying its the Avenger uniform or anything close to that. I am however saying this is a bit late to say its a different outfit. We KNOW it’s a different outfit… Might get a “new” outfit was the wrong way to word this. I can’t interpret what Chris meant when they asked him about the new film.

        But evidently, he already KNOWS what he’s wearing. Someone showed him a drawing most likely of a few variations they were kicking around. What they SHOULD have done… Was they shouldn’t have had the ward drobe vans at the lot yet. It was a total mistake to bring those in on the set in L.A. already. They probably have four or five costumes they already looked at.

        Why didn’t you say ,”what will the new outfit look like?”

        Otherwise, it feels like it’s just speculation.

        • @Xavier

          Sorry but the only place I get my movie and TV news from is Screen Rant so this is news to myself and possibly a lot of others. Plus as Rob said, the pic only leaked today and it looks like they removed it since putting this article online.

          Also, it’s “wardrobe”. One word.

          • Im with ya on this one Dazz, Rob is the best with the Marvel news so this is where I get my news from as well!
            I think Xavier Roberts here wants to just be a D**K and stir the pot when he actually knows NOTHING!
            Like his “they shouldn’t have the wardrobe vans at the lots in L.A.” garbage…
            HOW THE HELL would they shoot a movie without the wardrobe vans where they are shooting parts of the movie???
            He is just being a jack A$$
            ROB KEYES you are the man and we know you always give us the most accurate Marvel news possible
            THANKS ROB

            • Totally. Why Xavier makes these statements other than to imply his insider knowledge and asocially nerdy contempt is puzzling. Why do conversational contributions and even criticisms have to be so obnoxious? Thanks for the informative article.

        • “Was they shouldn’t have had the ward drobe vans at the lot yet. It was a total mistake to bring those in on the set in L.A. already.”

          You’re totally right dude.

          They probably shouldn’t use cameras to film the movie either, in case someone sees it.

          In fact, they should probably keep Chris Evans in Australia, away from the rest of the cast, from when he first read the script until the movie’s release.

          And of course, the actors that are there should in no way actually say the lines out loud – that’s just ASKING for spoilers.

  7. looks good.
    asides from the costume, some improvement is needed in action department as well. i mean Captain america: TFA had the least exciting Boss fight ever .. you got two guys with super human powers n u dont make use of it ?? would have loved to see intense & atleast 5 mins long action sequence between Red scull and Cap (similar to Neo and Smith in matrix 1)
    hope they deliver in CA TWS

    • Cap actual doesn’t have “Super human powers” the serum gave him peak human strengtth speed, intelligence, etc, but did not elevate it past human level.

    • That was the cool thing about it. They adapted the original design and it looked great considering it was set in the 1940s.

      They now get to evolve it with each movie until it’s perfect, just like in the comics.

  8. I’d be down with the Secret Avengers uniform in the new movie (I always did like it ever since Cap came back from the “dead”). The realistic militarized look works a lot better on film than the original costume design from the comics imo.

    Wish I could have seen that concept art though :(

  9. YES! its my fav cap costume. the image they released look alot like this, well mostly cause he is wearing gloves in it ans the image that was taken down confirmed it. i saw it on another website. i just hope he hardly wears the helmet. it does looks really bad in live action XD the avengers costume looks great from the neck down

  10. wait is the image removed and where and if can I find it?

  11. You can google the image. It’s pretty cool. I didn’t mind the Avengers outfit, but this one definitely looks more hardcore. I like it.

  12. While I am a big fan of the Cap costume from the 60s/70s comics, I must admit that the illustrated picture of Cap’s costume above in blue with the star on the chest does not look too bad at all.

  13. I just hope in this movie Captain America himself is better used. I thought he was severely underused in the Avengers. He did’nt have that much dialogue and he needed saving three times. Iron Man saved his ass fron Loki, then Iron Man saved him again from being shot on the helicarrier and then Thor sort of saved him from being overwhelmed by the chitauri. Captain America’s a beast! He should be doing more saving people.

    • @ Deadpool87

      I agree with you 100%.

  14. So what about Hawkeye’s purple covered face costume?
    It’s a superhero movie if you ask me.

  15. I really think the secret avengers suit is sweet i liked the captain america suits in the movies even though they looked kinda corny at times i really think if they use the new suit that it could be pretty cool.

  16. I like this new suit but I’m not going to lie I want the wings to protrude on the sides.. Are they too scared he’d look like the flash? Haha

  17. I remain skeptical. Just looked up concept art for Cap’s Avengers suit and it looked cool until it showed up in the movie.

  18. I was told that the winter soldier will basically be an captain america versus another captain america movie.

    Kind of like ironman versus ironman or hulk versus another hulk.

    Please tell me this is not so.

    • More like Captain America vs mercenary

  19. Already better than his costume from The Avengers.

  20. I got two questions now, after seeing this;

    Did Robert Downey Jr. renew his contract with Marvel yet or does it still end at Iron Man 3?

    Is it official that “Avengers 2″ won’t be titled, “Avengers 2″?

    Bcuz I’m guessing that the Avengers squeal will be called, “Secret Avengers” based off of the Marvel NOW! interpretation. Iron Man isn’t in Secret Avengers but Iron Patriot is. Is it too convenient that now Iron Patriot is being introduced in Iron Man 3?

    If I’m right, I hope Nova is in the Avengers 2 movie! (he can substitute for the Guardians maybe)

  21. the worst part of the avengers movie was captain america’s stupid mask. this new costume would be awesome

  22. Already better than his costume from The Avengers.

  23. The costume her wore in TFA and The Avengers was awful anyway. Looked like they got it delivered from the local fancy dress store. Best part of it was the shield

  24. Should go with the “feathered armour” look for the torso/chest and some serious boots and gloves. Mask needs work too. I liked the military style they had for the first Cap movie, the Avengers suit just looks silly. Make it more of a mitliary style garb with some armour elements that are flexible. SOmething that doesnt look stiff and u can move in.

  25. The concept art looks just like Fighting American, that Marvel sued over for being “too close” to Captain America. Somewhere Rob Liefeld is cursing Marvel again.

  26. To be honest in my humble opinion: the suit in Avengers 1 sucks. I prefer Captain America first movie suit better and the upcoming Avengers 2 suit.

    I’m glad Joss Whedon don’t return to the design of Avengers 1 Captain America suit. It’s just unfathomable for me and looks like a joke compare to the other avengers members