‘Captain America’ Screenwriters Hired To Pen Sequel

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Captain America Evans 570x3791 Captain America Screenwriters Hired To Pen Sequel

It’s long been a foregone conclusion that Marvel would be producing Captain America 2, with Chris Evans reprising his turn as the iconic superhero. Now the studio heads have officially hired on Captain America: The First Avenger screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to begin scripting the followup.

This news comes relatively hot on the heels of this week’s Captain America Super Bowl trailer, which offered fans the first tantalizing bits of footage from the film, including an all-too-brief look at Hugo Weaving as Red Skull.

Latino Review got the scoop on the Captain America sequel, which will take place in a contemporary setting and chronologically follow the events of The Avengers. This summer’s cinematic outing with The First Avenger, by comparison, is set primarily during WWII and will follow young Steve Rogers (Evans) as he evolves from a scrawny soldier who yearns to serve his country, into the super-serum enhanced fighter and symbol of freedom known to the world as Captain America.

While it’s obviously too early to do anything but speculate about the possible storylines of Captain America 2, one obvious choice would be that of the Winter Soldier story arc – especially since Sebastian Stan is reportedly already signed on to portray the Captain’s sidekick Bucky Barnes for five or six films.

Captain America Bucky Barnes Captain America Screenwriters Hired To Pen Sequel

Marvel already has Iron Man 3 set for release in Summer 2013, and the studio could be gunning to release the Captain America sequel during that season as well. Fellow Avenger Thor gets his own solo vehicle this year as well, though a sequel involving the former Norse god might be held off until 2014, so as to avoid overcrowding (and possibly diminishing the box office receipts) for Marvel’s other superhero sequel pics.

An official trailer for Captain America should be arriving in the near future and will hopefully give fans all the more reason to be psyched about the film. In the meantime, feel free to speculate more about the possible directions of Captain America 2 in the comments section below.

Thor arrives in 2D and 3D theaters on May 6th, 2011, and Captain America: The First Avenger will follow suit on July 22nd. The two will join forces next year when The Avengers arrives on May 4th.

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Source: Latino Review

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  1. yeah attack of the sequels for virtually every comic book movie around,
    I personally dont think thor will do aswell as they hope (like the hulk his home should be with the avengers) or a decent v.s movie

  2. @ Sandy or Kofi

    Any news about what Captain America’s modern costume will look like in Avengers & solo sequels?

    • No news yet, otherwise they would have posted it. :D But I´m wondering the same thing. The WWII outfit looks pretty modern to me, so I hope they´ll go with a similar design.

      • @ Scapegoat

        I just hope the modern costume is the traditional one i grew up with. One with wings attached to the mask etc. Not painted on. Atleast for a few films than change it up afterwards if they want.

        • yeah I dont wings on the mask, something should be sacrificed for a better look, i think the Ultimate look would be a great look and a lot more realistic version.

  3. Im sure they could make the wings on the mask realistic lookin for a modern costume.

  4. i’m very curious on how the characters are all gonna go back and forth between solo films and the Avenger series.

    • Just like in the comics they would have their individual lives and missons that wouldnt require having a team of superheroes to take care of. As for Captain America im sue he would go on solo missions for the likes of Shield and have to deal with threats that are directed at him personally, like Baron Zemo, or Crossbones.

  5. they’ll probably go with the buckey barnes cap costume..

    • yh

  6. I like this for Captain America 2.

    After repelling the Kree invasion force from Earth, Rogers is questioned about the impression the serum gives kids. He has it removed, and the Government replaces him with SUPERPATRIOT.

    Steve retrains and gets back some skills and muscle, he takes on the mantle of Captain America again and travels to all the wars on the planet. Saving lives and improving his nations image.

    But his government wants him back, and/or the name “captain America” along the Red Skull’s legacy living on with Hydra, and they want Rogers gone.

    “like a whole spidey-loses-his-powers and still has to fight thing.”

    You could even put T’Challa in this one, as Steve fights in Africa.

  7. I’d agree with those who want Captain America #2 to show his costume as it is in the comics of the 60s and 70s. If the 2nd. movie is modern times/contemporary, there is now no reason for the costume to sport all the WW2 holsters, straps, and “jock-strap helmet” look. Let’s get some “realism’ (like in the comics, I mean…and stop chuckling!!) to our heroes’ costumes, so they resemble what they were meant to look like.

    • @pitt man No.

      And in the ultimate comics ultimates vol 1 he still has the jock strap helmet but they modernize his suit the need to go with the snake scale kevlar top with the mask to pull over with just military pants and a gun holster no wings on the top which i ll bet right now is the suit theyll go with for the avengers

      • @ tankd

        at least it’d be inspired by two good cap comic storylines. but got anything better?

        • The winter soldier story arc is really the only thing that will make sense plus its the only way you can have bucky in the films after the avengers unless you take the sequel back to ww2 which wont happen because the first avenger probably ends with cap on ice

  8. No one for Falcon (Sam Wilson)? Iron Man 2 introduced War Machine and since Bucky may be left for dead and not return, then perhaps they can find a way to make Falcon work. It would add racial balance to Caps movies.
    They can use Cap 2 to introduce Wakanda and Black Panther into the movieverse (instead of giving Panther his own movie, why not, save some cash) then have an established Panther appear in Avengers 2 and use that movie to introduce another Avenger perhaps Vision.


      • the dude thats playing buckey is signed on for like 5 more films

  9. Aren’t they jumping the gun just a bit? I mean I am hoping the first movie and The Avengers will be big hits but they haven’t even started filming The Avengers! I guess they have to stay one step ahead in case they are hits so they can keep the train rolling and if the movies do bad they just shelve the script with little money lost.

    I will just be happy they have the confidence in what they have thus far to be thinking that far ahead :)

    Winter Soldier, yes. Change Captain America, no.

    • They’re already planning Green Lantern 2 as well.


      • THAT imho is a bit more gutsy of a move considering how lukewarm the reception has been about the trailer and footage.

  10. I am really interested to see Cap. Really can’t speculate on what the sequel could be until seeing Cap and more details about Avengers comes out but a Cap sequel could be great.

    I would be excited to see a Civil War storyline but limited to one movie wouldn’t really do it justice, and hoping for two movies is probably a little to optimistic.

    • how can they do the civil war storylive when it involes the enitre marvel universe??? right now theres only about 6 super heroes in the marvel movie universe. what are they going to do the avengers then have them have a 2 on 2 civil war?

      • first – 6 characters, 2 sides would = 3 on each side

        however – Marvel owns right to several others that haven’t been included in Avengers (yet).

        Ironman (pro registration)
        Black Widow (pro)
        Cap (anti)
        Nick Fury (anti)

        Hulk, Hawkeye & Thor (although I don’t think they had much to do in Civil War, if at all)

        Plus, I believe Marvel has rights to Black Panther, Ironfist, Dr Strange, Hank Pym/Antman, and Wasp, not to mention SHIELD.

        Plenty of characters, just probably not enough time to do the story justice (as I said eariler). It’d be a shame without Spidey, FF, or the Xmen, but can still be done.

        • dude it couldnt work. theres no secret identities in the marvel movieverse yet they all pretty much work for the government or with it on some level especially if they are joining the avengers. civil war is just hopeful dreaming dude. what really could work is secret invasion. the american government has been infiltrated from the inside government officals have been making rash decisions and terriorist attacks have been happening from with our countries defenses and it is revealed that an alien race known as the skrulls have been laying down ground work within human governments since the 1940s. another alien race has been here involved in an unerground war with the skrulls known as the kree and have been usuing human beings as experiments to lay down ground work for black bolt and the inhumans which ends with the avengers working with the kree to stop the invasion of earth.

          • Dude – I didn’t say Civil War now, I said LATER. Plenty of movies coming down the pike including Avengers and a likely sequel if the first goes well, plus Cap 2, IM3, etc. You have a point with the lack of secret identities, but still plenty of characters to add. The only identity known to the public is IM – after the Avengers assemble and are known to the public, Congress proposes enactment of the registration act and BOOM, sides form and Civil War.

            I agree on secret invasion, I’ve brought that up in other threads

            • yea but in the future after cap makes a name for himself he should be known as steve rogers. unless they go with the idea of other people replacing him but even then they shouldnt pose as steve rogers he should be known to the public. thor is thor they go rid of the donald blake alter ego and im sure banner/hulk will keep his identity secret to the public do to his destructive nature unless they are keeping with the film version where hes learned to aim/control the hulk but even then that wouldnt have anything to do with civil war. and there still wont be enough for a civil war for probably many years i say keep the universe well rounded dont overload it with characters. the should really bring in the sentry later on and have the void be a problem that could work in future films.. but i really want to see the krull kree war or the infinity gauntlet story arc introduce thanos somtime but it may get confusing

  11. Old News i knew that because Chris Evans signed a contract to make 6 films as captain america.