‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ – SR Underground Ep. 138

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sr underground 138 captain america 2 winter soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier – SR Underground Ep. 138

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred thirty-eight of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as discuss the film’s connections to Marvel’s Avengers shared movie universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 138 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We review Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as discuss the film’s connections to Marvel’s Avengers shared movie universe.

[0:00] Review: Captain America: the Winter Soldier (read our full written Captain America 2 review).

[31:20]  SPOILERS: Captain America: the Winter Soldier (join our Captain America 2 spoilers discussion).

[1:55:02] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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  1. Early podcast as well? Someone had a busy morning! Thanks Mr. Kendrick!

    • Yep! If you listen at the 31:00 mark, you’ll hear just how tired I was (at 4am) putting this one together!

  2. This podcast coming out today made my day, been waiting for this Captain America special since last week!

    • Awe! Glad we could make your day. It was a fun conversation.

  3. Early SR Underground? Oh yeah!

  4. I am the Captain America now.

    • I thought there was a bit too much black widow, not enough winter soldier or falcon, and she didnt really do anything we havent seen her doo for, jumping all over a guy to take them down or what have you. Was hoping the winter soldier would have more of a presence and constant pursuing force.
      -Redford was great but wish he was more sinister and evil, also I was disappointed he wasnt revealed to be a comic character, it wouldve been interesting then what was his name, alexander pierce?
      -I love the Armin Zola computer scene and thought that was the most interesting and eerie moment of the film and feel bad he was just blown up
      -The film seemed a bit long as with the action, I got a bit bored near the end, theres really no difference to me between caps first encounter, second or third encounter with bucky, and shootout bore the hell out of me but thats just me, I do like when theyre all targeting cap though and hes just got the shield. And the mass destruction of shield stuff, especially ships, got a bit meh.
      -I did enjoy the tenseness of the organization after caps speech makes shield aware of hydra presence though.
      -I like the ending with bucky and cap and the falling and the water and thought the afterward sort of took away from that.
      -The credits scene that showed quicksilver and scarlet witch revived my interest though as I thought they were really cool, they seem like theyre screwed in the head, I liked how their powers looked and it made them seem a bit scary, which was what I wanted the winter soldier to be like, so great setup for them.
      Have you guys noticed the running theme in these phase 2 films? Someone infiltrating/getting close to the hero and then tearing down their security
      Rebecca hall for the “mandarin”, tonys house destroyed
      Kursed for malekith, asgard destroyed
      Hydra for Shield/cap, which both are destroyed

      • Just a side note, Alexander Pierce is a comics character.

        • well then a more prominent villain character

    • *do before

    • Ha!

      Interesting idea about the similar storylines in the recent Marvel films. Might be trying to kind of cut the legs out from under the Avengers – so the sequel isn’t juggling as many of their allies.

    • LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Cap 2
    Rio 2
    Draft day

  6. Regarding the Guest House:

    Fury had the Guest House purposefuly disconnected from S.H.I.E.L.D., it was off the grid, that’s why the Clairvoyant was unable to see how Coulson was brought back (remember in that episode there was no signal down there, therefore no way to connect to that network) if the Clairvoyant is linked to Hydra, then obviously they didn’t know about the base either.

    Regarding the rising Miracle Powers:

    Lots of people are betting the scepter has the Mind gem. Maybe these guys were able to tap into that energy which in turn taps into the potential in the human mind (see latest movie “Lucy”).

    • Your mention of Lucy is interesting – I was just thinking that today. It’ll be interesting to see what the official explanation is. Only one year to wait!

    • It seems really unlikely that the scepter would be the mindgem, I mean in what universe would Thanos give someone an infinity gem? Thanos don’t share power. Wasn’t it said in the Avengers that the scepter was powered by the tesseract, I kinda expect the mind gem being in the guardians of the galaxy, seeing how the Collector has the mind gem in the comics, so that could be the MacGuffin in that film. Also been wondering if wordplay would insinuate that Ultron is created by shield, which seems really likely, seeing how in the Avengers when the attack on New York happens the council wants fury to implement Phase Two, but that it isn’t ready yet. So could Phase two mean Ultron, as he is the finale of Phase Two in cinematic universe.

      • Also, do you guys think that Tony Stark’s new element is the same stuff as the Scepter, I mean that could explain why the scepter can’t control his min, if it wasn’t just a one off joke in the movie. To me it would make sense since when Tony is flicking through the notebook his father left him there are pictures of the tesseract, so Ultron will probably be powered by the same stuff.

        • Ultron will be a new attempt at the Arnim Zola “computer with a soul” project.

          • That could be the origin of Ultron’s AI, but Ultron has to be built by either Stark or SHIELD, becaous I at least really doubt they’ll just be namedropping Hank Pym as Ultron’s creator.

        • The scepter didn’t work on Stark because it didn’t make contact with him. Loki couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working so he tried again, but if he had known about Stark’s arc reactor he would’ve touched Stark in a different place where there was actual skin.

          • Yeah I figured that when I first saw the movie, but then I started thinking that maybe there could be other reasons behind it not working, but well occam’s razor on this probably. We agree though that Thanos wouldn’t give the gem to nobody.

            • Jarvis congratulated Tony for discovering a new element, vibranium, in Iron Man 2. Tony then corrected em, saying “rediscovered”.

              • Where did you get that info, since the novelization of Iron Man 2 that called the new element vibranium has been since retconned.

    • There’s a recurring theory in the fandom that says Loki’s scepter contains the mind gem. At first glance this might make sense, because he uses it to control other people. Personally I think that’s a leftover from a different version of the script or something, where they did make it the Mind Gem, and he controls people’s minds. I think it’s no longer the Mind Gem, but they still wanted him to control others so they fudged it.

      I don’t think it’s the mind gem, because it’s been stated multiple times that it’s powered by the Tesseract which is not the mind gem. On top of that, Thanos wouldn’t likely give up the mind gem if he had it, especially to a turncoat like Loki. It’s true that there are things the scepter does that would totally fit the profile of “mind” but it just doesn’t click for me. There’s something that makes me think it’s not the mind gem.

  7. I don’t usually comment but this movie was so dope!! One of the best marvel films. The action was great, the comedy was organic and natural (unlike Thor2), and the story and villain were fantastic. I HATED Iron man 3 and I thought Thor 2 was forgettable. For me the main problem that Phase 2 has is that it feels TOO disconnected from the universe. This one actually had ramifications that could change the MCU. And the fight scenes, holy s*** man!!! Def want to see this again

    • Thanks for commenting and listening! Glad you enjoyed the movie!

  8. First of, Thanks Ben for getting this up! I thought i would have to wait until monday to hear your guys opinions.

    I absolutely loved this film! The hand to hand action combat of Winter Soldier and Cap was amazing, mind-blowing that it was from the guys that made Arrested Development and Community… Not saying either of those are bad cuz they aren’t, I love them for what they are (and also LOVED the Pudi cameo!, didn’t distract me) but this is just on another level. I agree there were a few of “green screen” moments, but they didn’t take away too much from the overall quality of the film. Even though it doesn’t have all the great character moments of the Avengers, this is my favorite Marvel film so far, overtaking The Avengers and the first Iron Man. The issues with Iron man 3 and Thor 2 with the unexplained absence of SHIELD from those films, is still a lingering issue. They implied that these would be happening at the same time but more recently they have indicated that these films have been happening real-time. Maybe Avengers 2 can clear up a few issues, as I assume they will have brief conversations about their individual adventures. With Iron Man relegated to only Avengers films, Captain America has taken the role and will carry the next phase!

    I’ve heard some people complaining that they didn’t show enough of the Winter Soldier’s past, but I think they did exactly what they intended to do. I have a feeling that they may do a Winter Soldier/Black Widow film exploring their origins, and also their place in the modern world. In preparation for this I read some of the 2012 Winter Soldier comics that feature Bucky, Natasha, and Sitwell ironically as covert SHIELD team looking into Bucky’s and Nat’s origins. I think it could easily be adapted to a really cool film, if Marvel does go to 3 films a year this would be a good choice to expand upon. I think the second post credits scene might indicate this direction (at least Bucky looking into who he was and is) I loved how they visualized his robotic arm, especially right after Widow hit him with an electronic stinger thing, and he swung his arm around to make sure he had mobility!

    I agree completely with Rob’s point about the flaws in the Hellacarrier’s design. When they gave the orders to destroy those 3 hellacarriers, I had to think that they were killing a lot of innocent shield employees aboard those things, unless they were completely un-manned, but it didn’t really feel like they needed to destroy those after they had regained control of them… waste of money right there…

    Regarding the AoS, I do think Zola may play a role in the Clairvoyant (I don’t think he is done… that computer screen reveal is just too great! He needs to be involved with the future or Hydra IMO) You guys mentioned powered individuals and AoS already has a term for that “registered gifted” was trademarked a while back. The future of SHIELD itself is in question, with it now in ruins the concept that the bus is its own self-sustained little arm, that fury can still trust. I think Fury needs to cameo in the final couple episodes. I do think that alien bunker from AoS was a Hydra science arm of shield, that fury knows of it but not that it was really Hydra.

    regarding the twins, I think it may have something to do with the Genetic Research company that has been on the sides of the truck that Cap was seen on top of in recent filming in Korea, I’ve seen the logo repeatedly.

    The Stephen Strange reference I think was well timed, as that movie is happening with Marvel is openly looking for directors. I don’t think he already has powers, but I assume is a world renowned surgeon, and is known before he gets powers similar to a way that everyone knew who Tony Stark was in Iron Man. Its a nice world-building reference, I assume we might hear and see more in Avengers 2. The reference to Peggy Carter and the foundation of Shield fits well with the One shot, but also gives them room to expand upon the early days with a Peggy Carter series if it does happen.

    • You’re welcome!

      I thought it was smart to keep The Winter Soldier backstory tight. This movie was about Cap (and his relationship to TWS). If we do get a Winter Soldier movie, they can fill in more of that backstory at that time.

    • Honestly I dont think theyre ever going to give side characters their own films, or at least until after avengers 3

  9. Holy Sh*t Kofi you are HILARIOUS dude! EVERY podcast I just look forward to you making me laugh out loud.. THANKS MAN!!!

    BTW if you watch closely old Peggy Carters lips look 100% CGI! That completely killed that scene for me!

    Also the best line from the commercials.. FALCON “so when do we get started” CAP “we just did”

    • Ha! I’m seeing the movie again this weekend, I hope I don’t get too distracted by these alleged CGI old lady lips.

  10. Cap being thrown back threw me a bit off too Rob, but I think it can explained that because the blast(it was like a rocket launcher right?) hit around him and not directly on the shield, thats what threw him back, because caps ability to reflect things relies on his footing and angles.

    • Ah, when he gets blown into the bus you mean. There are I think two other instances where he gets knocked back quite a bit when blocking with the shield as well.

  11. Absolutely loved this movie. Pretty much everything was perfect. My one gripe, which is similar to the problem I had with Ironman 3, was that Shield is basically eradicated at the end of the movie. Ironman 3 also has Tony hanging up his armor. I guess I am a little curious to see how this will affect future movies in the MCU.

    • Ya, they’re definitely making big changes at the end of these movies. I’m guessing it’s to help keep things a bit tighter in Avengers 2. But we’ll see how they actually play it out.

  12. I was so glad to listen to two podcasts in one week, Thank You Everyone! I know that Kofi doesn’t have a Huge Ego, but my friend called it out to me since he started listening to the podcast. I just laughed it off, and told him that is what he brings to this show. I do agree with Kofi that the first ‘Captain America’ is a great comic FUN piece Marvel film. I have never cared for the two ‘Thor,’ movies, and Iron Man 2 was better than Iron Man 3 in my opinion. Anyways, I’m off to take my wife to see Captain America 2 tonight!

    • Glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Don’t blow through them too quickly though – this one was just early (so no new episode on Monday now).

  13. The “age make-up” you’re speaking of is actually all CGI.


    • Woah, that makes a lot of sense – especially after Dale’s comment.

      • HAHA you thought I was crazy didn’t you Ben?? I accept your apology!! LOL j/k I knew those damn lips looked fake, I was not sure about the rest but I could not take my eyes off those damn crazy looking “OLD LADY LIPS”!

        I will be watching my email for a personal apology Ben…. LMAO!!

    • Maybe a movie like prometheus with all its great cgi shouldve tried that.

  14. We’re going to Cap 2 this sunday, I can’t wait to check it out. I’m about to listen to the review podcast as I walk the dog, but I’m stopping it at 31 minutes to avoid spoilers.

    • Let us know what you think!

  15. The movie was amazing! :D Can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. Been a long time since all 4 editors really liked a film.

  16. This movie is definitely in the top three comic book movies of all time being tied with the Dark Knight.I thought it was better than Avengers and way better than the original Iron Man.So yeah you can say this is my favorite CBM ever.I think 2014 will also top 2008 as being the best comic book movie year ever.

    • Definitely a fun set of contenders this year – offering a good variety.

  17. Not sure if anyone has already mentioned it but the Blue/Silver shield is used when Cap infiltrates the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship. He uses the classic shield for the rest of the film.

    • Good to know. I wasn’t sure about that one.

      • Yeah, I was thinking that when you guys were discussing it as well.

    • So he has two? Or repaints it after the mission?

      • Is it really that implausible that when he is working on covert SHIELD operations they would supply him with a shield that doesn’t draw as much attention… I mean they didn’t explain that in the movie but Marvel made a big deal of bringing the blue shield to last years Comic con.

        • Rob is asking a question, not saying it’s implausible to have 2 shields.

          • In the podcast Rob seemed to indicate it was the same shield, and that there wasn’t a blue one.

            That comment “So he has two? Or repaints it after the mission?” seemed condescending to me, the second part specifically about him repainting it, I interpreted as him trying to belittle the person who indicated he did have 2 shields. If I took that wrong I’m sorry, I was just trying to defend the idea that there are 2 shields is the most logical explanation.

            • Teal, we’re talking about vibranium shields, there’s nothing to be condescending about, lol. I’m asking a question because in the MCU it’s been established that his shield is “one of a kind.”

              The film takes place in three days so I honestly want to know how there could be two shields.

              • It was “one of a kind” in 1944 when it was made, and that was all the vibranium the US had, at the time. Its been almost 70 years since that in the MCU, more than enough time fore more vibranium to be found. I know its the rarest metal on the earth, but in the films they haven’t really addressed the specifics of vibranium in the MCU (other than Howard Stark said in Cap), that will probably happen when they do a Black Panther movie. In the comics he has had multiple shields, this movie didn’t really have any free time, so I wasn’t upset when it wasn’t explained. Maybe there is a cut scene explaining it? doubt that tho

                The film taking place over 3 days doesn’t really matter, he has the blue shield at the beginning of the movie. There has been a year and a half since the Avengers, he’s been working for SHIELD this whole time, I think its pretty narrow-minded to just assume its the same one. You might think its ridiculous for me to assume he was given a second, I’m just trying to make sense of what I saw.

                If you really do think there is only one shield, I guess were just going to have to agree to disagree on that.

                I do apologize for making an assumption regarding your comment.

                • The deal is, in the comics his shield isn’t *just* vibranium, it’s a vibraium/steel/other alloy that was created by accident that they’ve never been able to replicate. In the movies Howard Stark just says “vibranium” but also says it contains the only known vibranium in the world.

                  It’s my opinion, given all the various details, that there’s just one shield. The “blue” shield, if you watch during the intro boat assault, is actually still red-white-blue, it’s just dulled with a masking layer to make it less bright for their stealth assault. It appears to be a single shield that had a stealth layer applied that they removed later.

                  The whole reason Rob said he didn’t even notice a blue shield was probably because he saw the red-white-blue shield and thought the coloration was off simply because it was night-time.

                • There’s never been talk in the film of a second shield being made so that’s pure speculation. That’s just another part of the issues surrounding the shield. At nearly every part of the movie, he has a shield with him – it’s odd for there to just be a second one all of a sudden with zero explanation.

                  “narrow-minded”? Ugh. I won’t reply anymore. Discussion ain’t worth insults.

  18. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! And I love Kofi’s Arnim Zola impression.

    • Like Anthony, I thought it was asian-esque.

    • haha yeah, it was spot-on. he even got the Swiss inflections correct, even though it’s because he was imitating Zola, not because he knows what a Swiss person sounds like.

  19. Although I agree that Redford is fantastic, I don’t quite get why everyone is saying that it’s nice to have credible actors as supporting characters as though the MCU hasn’t had any. Jeff Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, and Anthony Hopkins would be a few examples of some great supporting roles in the past.

    • It’s true that they’ve had some solid veterans in the mix too.

      That said, I think what I was really trying to say is that Redford makes an otherwise stock character interesting. Tommy Lee Jones is another good example but, conversely, I think Bridges was mostly wasted in Iron Man – he was fine but that character is far less nuanced (in my opinion) than Pierce. A better way of stating my point would be to say I’m glad Marvel is investing in veteran talent – and giving them enough flexibility to deliver memorable performances.

      • I agree with that I guess. And as far as villains go, this would be their first veteran (besides Mickey Rourke maybe?) actor. They’ve had some good ones, and even some well respected ones (Sam Rockwell, Hugo Weaving) but nobody who would be considered a veteran really.

        • Certainly nobody with such decades-long, universally-acclaimed talent. And agreed: I love Jeff Bridges, but that goofy third act is heartbreaking for an actor like him.

    • And let’s not forget they just got Michael Douglas into the fold too!

  20. The whole time I was waiting for you guys to talk about Moon Knight…
    The reference of someone in Egypt (or Cairo) was as mind blowing as the Stephen Strange reference.
    Cuz a Marvel movie taking place in Egypt would be so badass.
    Of course this wont be til phase 4 (2019 or 2020) cuz they need to introduce Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Inhumans first. Maybe even Ms. Marvel.
    But Moon Knight will definitely be a sick addition for Avengers 4 in 2021.
    Cant wait to see some Crescent Darts flying thru the air.
    One suggestion: Bill Nighy for Khonshu.

    • I think we were all just responding to how blatant that name drop was – as if characters in the movie know who Strange is at this point.

      There are a LOT of other characters teased in those targeting images but Strange was given a serious spotlight – as opposed to easter egg mentions that may or may not turn into something.

      Still cool speculation though.

      • @Ben Kendrick
        Yea after that name drop in The Winter Soldier I’m very excited to start hearing some casting news for Doctor Strange!
        If they are going for an older Stephen, Oded Fehr would be awesome.
        But a younger one, Matt Bomer would be really good.
        The Ancient One should definitely be Chow Yun-Fat.
        Mads Mikkelsen is perfect for Baron Karl Mordo.
        I’m even hoping for Benedict Cumberbatch to be the voice of Dormammu.

        • Sweet Jesus…..


          Please get Kate Beckinsale for Clea
          Cuz she’s so fine
          Or Olivia Wilde

      • @ Ben,IIRC Doc had a run in w/HYDRA in ‘Strange Tales’

  21. I honestly hate when people compare this to The Dark Knight

  22. Just got back from Cap 2.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Tahoe is B.A.D.A.S.S.

  23. Box Office Battle
    #1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    #2 Rio 2
    #3 Oculus
    #4 Noah
    #5 Draft Day
    #10 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

    • Someone mentioned that to me on Twitter too. In my opinion, it works better as a comic book line than it does in the movie ;)

  24. Just got done listening to you guys talking about Cap’s shield.

    I have been thinking the same thing how Winter Soldier hits cap with a grenade launcher and Cap goes flying but then in Avengers he gets hit by Thor’s hammer and absorbs it.

    Maybe its the trajectory of him getting hit…

    In Avengers the hammer comes down on Cap as he has his shield. But in Cap 2 the grenade launcher came from the side.

    • That’s an interesting theory. As in, it needs to be a perpendicular hit for the energy to be fully absorbed/dispersed, otherwise it would be redirected?

      Another issue with the idea that the shield can completely absorb energy from all sides is that it would never ever bounce if it did. Think about it, the impact energy would just be absorbed and it would just lie dead against the first thing it hits. That would make a very boring shield, lol.

  25. In regards to Marvel needing to lay off bringing people back to life…

    As for AoS character Sky, she never died. She was close to death. They gave her the injection and it healed her

    As for Nolan’s trilogy and faking deaths…it was just as guilty for bringing people back…

    Dont forget that Gordon’s death was faked, Ra’s al Guul’s death was faked, Batman’s death was faked,

    • I hadn’t even thought about Sky – was mainly thinking about Coulson and Fury.

      That said, you’re right about the Dark Knight trilogy. Maybe we just need a moratorium on fake deaths in superhero movies period ;)

      • Wasn’t sure who mentioned it but I had thought I heard someone say that Sky was brought back to life.

        Doing an article piece about fake deaths in comic movies would be neat!!!!

        You should do that!

      • LOL… could title it…

        “CBM (comic book movie) deaths. May they R.I.P….Or not?”

  26. Anyone notice Gary Sinise’s voice as the narrator in the museum?

    • Really? Wow. That’s cool.

    • haha yeah that was awesome

  27. i don’t know the name of the guy that made the comment about Nazi technology and how they mirror Hydra in the podcast but he was spot on. specifically I think Hydra is loosely based off of the Thule Society. They were a group that were highly involved in occult and science (probably alchemy as well, Wolfenstein Games feature them as well). The villains of the real world are not that much different from the comics as well.

    • That was Kofi, I think! Definitely interesting connections.

    • That probably explains Sitwell in mentioning Stephen.

  28. That was fun! I enjoyed the podcast.

    Regarding the movie, I really really liked it. Top 3 CBM for me. It was Avengers 1.5 as it was promised indeed. This is the movie where things actually happen and the MCU evolves. They have just made Avengers 2 so much more interesting, they have given that movie a lot of potential and room to grow. I can’t wait.

    Even Agents of Shield, which let me down many many times, it is now interesting. It will help fill the gap until Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    Long live the MCU!