‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ – SR Underground Ep. 138

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sr underground 138 captain america 2 winter soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier – SR Underground Ep. 138

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one-hundred thirty-eight of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as discuss the film’s connections to Marvel’s Avengers shared movie universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 138 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We review Captain America: The Winter Soldier as well as discuss the film’s connections to Marvel’s Avengers shared movie universe.

[0:00] Review: Captain America: the Winter Soldier (read our full written Captain America 2 review).

[31:20]  SPOILERS: Captain America: the Winter Soldier (join our Captain America 2 spoilers discussion).

[1:55:02] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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  1. I really enjoyed the movie. The only thing that really took me out of it was the Arnim Zola missile attack at the Lehigh training base. Cap and Black Widow go down several stories in an elevator, to a WW2 secret spy bunker where an evil scientist preserved his conscience. I didn’t really get how the missile destroyed it all and how Cap was right at the surface. BUT if I’m having to work this hard to find a moment I didn’t enjoy, then that is a pretty good sign. I’m also loving the box office results. Not to mention, Sebastian Stan knock Tom Hiddleston out of my number 1 spot of most attractive Marvel movie male. I’d take him over Chris Evans any day.

  2. That was tremendous you guys. I really loved that your speculation was grounded in actual evidence, and you raised a number of thoughts I hadnt considered (really want to watch how Cap’s shield absorbs impact now!). I know I’m coming pretty late to the party – it’s no longer on the homescreen – but I wanted to elaborate on some of the theories that have been teased on the site for a while that you talked about on the podcast.

    1. Infinity Stones

    I really liked the idea Kofi brought up that the stone, if the mind gem, stores previous knowledge or leads to it, rather than being a magical catalyst that just transforms the twins (which would be the question among others, why didn’t it affect the avengers). I think we now have reason to believe that it is indeed an infinity gem, and I’d venture it’s the soul gem. Someone also rightly pointed out that it’s power set seems inconsistent. I think we could venture that it is actually the staff which fires the blasts, just like the chiaturi guns, and that it is able to shut down the teseract and indeed open it at the beginning because the infinity stones work with one another. We can speculate that what the gem actually does is help fullfil people’s hearts desires, the longing of their souls. This makes more sense when we think of the scene with Selvig, Loki and Hawkeye, when Selvig says the tesseract has shown him so much “truth” and Hawkeye his next target. How would the space gem do these things? If instead we think of it as helping them fulfill their desires to help Loki fulfill his own desire of conquering the world. Likewise Strucker would being using the gem for scientific exploration that is leading him the right way in so many respects. And it even can be said to help The Avengers locate the teseract, and amplify their own frustrations in the confrontation scene (it’s never quite clear how Loki gets it back after his escape).

    There seem to be two central problems with it being an infinity stone. First, multiple characters say that the staff is powered by the teseract. But this could simply be their error, mistaking the connection between the stones. A line of exposition in Age of Ultron when they find it could clarify that. Second, and harder, is why Thanos would give up a stone in order to get another one. This one I admittedly have only rank speculation about. The first is that he figures it’s worth the risk because he wants the teseract more, and being able to see into people’s hearts or control them on an individual level doesn’t serve him much purpose. But secondly, it could be that his ultimate goal is somehow to “court death” by taking elements of the secret wars storyline and assembling the greatest heroes of the universe to stand against him. This is admittedly a stretch.

  3. Wow that went long. I’ll try and be shorter here.

    2. Ultron

    There’s this idea that Avengers Tower becomes the hub, with Tony calling the shots and summoning his friends to Do Good now that Shield is caput. That makes alot of sense. Is it possible that he has gotten access to the Zola alogirithm/insight targetting, in part through the giant info dump, and is using that to help figure out the targets. As many others have speculated, this could be the thing that gives rise to Ultron – in particular in conjunction with the soul gem which both gives it sentience and helps it fulfil it’s core desires (they can then also “beat” Ultron – though the code may be self-replicating in a way it’s not really Ultron without the stone animating it).

    3. Inhumans

    The reason the twins were able to manifest powers is that they were more genetically predisposed to it. We can imagine that 10,000 years ago, the Kree (or somebody) came to earth and experimented on ancient humans. Those people would be The Inhumans, who immiedetally took off and/or were left abandoned. Through the terrigen crystals and selective genetic breeding, the inhumans have maintained their secret society. But a few of them have time to time come back to earth and mixed with the human population, thus creating rare strands of people predisposed to powers. This links to the recent push in the comics. Presumbably Skye and Coulson are also part of this select group, which is why they can be healed by the kree blood. As for why Skye was identified as a 084…who knows.

    Sorry that was so long guys!

    • I think we’re pretty close on 2 and 3.

      The Staff/Infinity gems so far have been pretty confusing so I hope they do a better job of identifying what they are/what they can do going forward.

  4. Oh definitely read that. I think when I saw the link I thought “is that the piece he got mad that Chloe Bennet basically made him waste his time with?” ;)

    Presumably they will clear up the sceptre in AoU and hopefully clarify the stones a bit even if that won’t be a major focus. Feige’s comment thought about the staff being an indicator of the issues they will deal with to me signals they won’t let it go unexamined. Hopefully anyways.

    Trying to speculate or track the impact of Agents of Shield feels like such a mugs game. I don’t know whether I’d feel sympathetic towards inconsistencies if the show as actually good – probably not, too much of a nerd – but at this point I just get anxious any time they introduce something that might be “meaningful.”

    Have you guys posted recent Skye/Coulson theories yet? It seems that they are either a) kree who don’t know it or b) inhuman/gifted types. Neither of which necesarily fully answers 1. Why Coulson was important to save and 2. Why Skye was important to save (as a child). Those seem like the big mysteries left from AoS at this point, particularly in terms of possible universe implication.

  5. 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    2. Oculus
    3. Rio 2
    4. Noah
    5. Draft Day
    10. Sabotage

  6. TWS RATE: 4.7 :D

  7. Rob mentioned the lack of explanation on why Falcon’s wing pack is the last one. I didn’t notice it myself, but on IMDb it says under trivia that “The Falcon’s flight gear sports a Stark Industries logo”. Perhaps Stark Industries developed it, but stopped production when Tony decided he no longer wanted to make weapons (although the wings themselves aren’t a weapon, they were used in war).

    We don’t get to know how many of these things existed originally, but I assumed they were kind of experimental and not at all common when Sam originally had them in Iraq/Afghanistan since Black Widow has never even heard of the technology. So it makes sense to me that there were only a few to begin with, all except one were destroyed in action, and since Stark Industries won’t be making more of them, Falcon’s wing pack is the only one left.

    Anyway, thanks for the great podcast!