‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

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Captain America The Winter Soldier mid post credits scenes Spoilers Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now in theaters, earning both critical acclaim (read our review) and securing another box office win for Marvel Studios. While we have a separate article breaking down all of the many Captain America 2 Easter eggs that fans are buzzing about, as always we want to break down the mid-credits and post-credits button scenes included in the film. Thor: The Dark World had button scenes revealing much about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and The Winter Soldier did much the same.

Our discussion is going to be full of SPOILERS from here on out – not just for The Winter Soldier, but every Marvel movie and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode we’ve seen so far. READ NO FURTHER unless you’re all caught up. Even though most of our discussion will be speculation, a lot of it could be considered FUTURE SPOILERS for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You have been warned.


Mid-Credits Scene: ‘The Age of Miracles’

Baron von Strucker Marvel Captain America Game Design Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

The Winter Soldier mid-credits scene was a direct lead-in to The Avengers: Age of Ultronand was directed by Joss Whedon. In the aftermath of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s collapse and the revelation of HYDRA’s infiltration, we find ourselves in the underground bunker of one Baron von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann). The Baron is heard chatting with an underling, assessing HYDRA’s situation in the aftermath of Alexander Pierce and Project Insight’s failure.

Strucker’s dialogue reveals that HYDRA has many bases still in operation, but this particular one is special: here they are housing Loki’s mind-controlling scepter from The Avengers, a weapon that Strucker confesses has taught them much, even though they’ve only “scratched the surface.” One big thing they’ve accomplished is some kind of experimentation on human beings that has resulted in a tremendous success: And with that, we meet “The Twins.”

Scarlet Witch Quicksilver Avengers Costumes Revealed Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

Casual viewers may have been left wondering who the two crazy young people in the Silence of the Lambs-style holding cells were, but Marvel Comics fans surely recognized twin characters Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Quciksilver still has super-speed abilities (which he needs to learn to control, from the looks of things), but Scarlet Witch’s reality-altering “hex” powers seem to have been re-imagined as telekinesis. (Remember, telepathy, telekinesis – and even clairvoyance – aren’t phenomenon that exist in the MCU, as mutants, the characters who possess these gifts, are legally the property of Fox and can’t be used in Marvel Studios films.)

WHY IT MATTERS: This mid-credits scene is quick, but it sure is loaded:

  1. We are introduced to a major Marvel villain (READ MORE on Baron von Strucker).
  2. We are introduced to the next phase of threat, with HYDRA now operating as the foe “Captain America and his colorful friends” will have to battle across the globe.
  3. We meet two major characters from Avengers mythos (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch).
  4. We learn that Loki’s scepter (that still undefined MacGuffin) is still very much in play – and still in the wrong hands.
  5. Most importantly, we officially enter “The Age of Miracles”.

Marvel Movie Superheroes 700x425 Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

Up until this point, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has consisted of a “superhero” team membered by a science-created super soldier (Captain America); a science-created super-soldier failure (Hulk); a tech genius (Iron Man); a “godlien” (Thor); and some highly trained operatives (the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). That doesn’t leave a lot of room to explain the wide array of Marvel Comics superpowers, like flight, super-speed, energy projection, psychic abilities, invulnerability, etc. That won’t be a problem going forward, since Strucker’s experiments on “The Twins” have successfully opened the door to explainable super powers in the MCU. How he achieved that success remains to be seen – but there have been clues.

Agents of SHIELD Blue Alien TAHITI Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

Interestingly enough, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DTV series has been the most likely forefront for developing this aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; a fact recently evidenced by revelations about that mysterious blue corpse in the “Guest House” facility (CLICK the IMAGE above to learn more). Along with films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Easter eggs like a Doctor Strange name-drop in Captain America 2, it’s clear that Marvel Studios is opening the floodgates to a whole universe of super-powered possibilities – from the extraterrestrial to the supernatural. We’re looking forward to seeing how “The Twins” change the game in The Avengers: Age of Ultron – and which characters we could see in the MCU thereafter.

Post-Credits Scene: Captain America II

captain america winter soldier images Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

Comic book fans who read writer Ed Brubaker and artist Steve Epting’s “Winter Soldier” story arc – and beyond – already know what the future holds for Bucky Barnes; however, movie fans have only been given teases they may not have even picked up on. Especially when the main tease came in the form of a vague post-credits scene viewers sat an extra five minutes to see in the theater.

In the scene, we head back to the Smithsonian Museum for one last visit to the Captain America and The Howling Commandos exhibit. This time, instead of Steve Rogers it is Bucky Barnes visiting the site, finally coming face to face with his own memorial as a fallen American hero. As The Winter Soldier starts to read his own lost history, Steve Rogers’ words start to click into place, and Bucky Barnes seemingly starts to find his way back from the darkness.

Captain America Bucky Barnes1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier End Credits Scenes Explained: Future Marvel Movie Revelations

WHY IT MATTERS: This post-credits scene (or a random shot of Winter Solider holding Cap’s shield in the middle of the film), may seem like small matters to the uninformed – but they’re definitely a big deal. In the comics, when Bucky regains control of his own mind, and Steve Rogers eventually falls in battle, it is Bucky who honors his friend’s memory by taking up the Captain America mantle. The same thing could very well happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here are some real-world facts: Captain America star Chris Evans is stepping back from acting after his Marvel contract is up (6 films in total). He’s done three of his six (Cap 1&2 and Avengers  – Thor 2 doesn’t count) and the last three are presumably Avengers 2Captain America 3 and Avengers 3. Winter Soldier/Bucky actor Sebastian Stan has a 9-film contract with Marvel; he’s only done two films so far. With the source material paving the way, and real-world factors providing the incentive, how do you think Marvel could eventually get the most out of those seven films they have left with Stan – while still getting the most out of the Captain America brand? Yeah, the writing is definitely on the wall…

Don’t be surprised if Thanos finally brings down The First Avenger in Avengers 3. And if that film ends somewhere with Bucky Barnes taking up the Captain’s shield, you’ll be able to look back at The Winter Soldier‘s final moments and know that the epic transition began with this small step.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Marvel needs to erase the 2nd after credits scene from now on.
    I mean, its a pain in the butt to sit for 5+ minutes just to wait for that not so iumportant scene.

    The theathers I go, the employees dont even know about that second one and they just turn off the movie.

    • YOu stay for the end credits for ALL films as a sign of respect and homage.

      • I am not going to pay “homage” to any movie.

        • Who cares what you do?

      • I totally agree, plus you find out who the true Marvel fans are.

    • I prefer 5 minutes rather than 3-4 months delay to catch it on the home-video…
      But that’s probably just me

    • This article couldn’t even manage the job of repeating what happened post-credits! You call this an explanation!?

    • A pain in the butt? I think you can wait 5 minutes to appreciate all of the people that put so much hard work and effort into a film for you to enjoy. I will never understand when it became okay for people to just leave when the credits start rolling. Proof that this generation is losing respect.

      • I always thought the money I handed over that goes toward their paychecks covered that. Do you spend 5 minutes at least once per month to pay tribute to all the people who worked so hard to make your favorite word processor function? How about a moment of solemnity every now and then for the thousands of people working on various pieces of the internet’s infrastructure that allow you to visit this site? I could give hundreds of further examples but you get the idea. Those involved with the film provided a service – namely entertainment – and those watching the film in turn paid them for that service. Now if everyone involved provided this service at or below cost then you could make an argument for skipping the credits being a lack of respect.

        • So go over to Hollywood and other film industries and tell them to stop putting up credits since viewers already paid homage to their service. And my advice to you, in everything you do in your life that’s worthwhile to you or your family is that you don’t have the right to complain if nobody ever gave you credit for what you did since you don’t need the homage ‘coz you’re such a martyr. Credits are there for a reason, advertising is there for a reason… and if none on this page understands the meaning of “recognition” then go ahead and bite me.

          • What a pointlessly convoluted value system you have. You should try a dose of reality. Credits in movies exist as a sign of recognition AND of advertising AND of “signing” of a work, which is something done in the arts only since forever. Honestly credits are more so for respect and recognition WITHIN the industry, as well as advertising/CV type thing for people employed. You admire the work of craftsmanship, not the signature. And in the same way people don’t go to a museum to see famous artists signatures, in the same way staying for credits is nothing but a choice.

            You are the only one(s) here going on about some virtue and honor that doesn’t exist or matter except to people that choose to have it, like you are somehow being sanctimonious for putting more emotion into one act than others. And then you use the same moral high ground you stacked for yourself(s) as grounds for judging others that don’t behave like you.

            Please tell me more about how you are being wise and courteous and understanding of other people’s ethics…I could use a laugh.

        • Lol. Nice

    • I think the post credit scene wasn’t necessary even to a person like me who doesn’t know much about captain america’s story, can put two and two together. To put it simply bucky is steve’s friend, gets brainwashed, memory starts to come back after confrontation, brain gets wiped, fights steve at end and saves him from drowning. So to put two and two together, clearly he was still alive, clearly he had some good left in him and also some memories or else he wouldn’t have dragged steve out of the water and who wouldn’t look for information to help get their memories back? So why was this post credit scene even needed?

      • I agree. I like the post credit scenes but that one was pointless. Even the Banner Star one (which was also mostly pointless–other then emphasizing his PTSD) was funny.

    • as a person who worked at a movie theater, i can say that. “the employees dont even know about that second one and they just turn off the movie.” is completely ridiculous. the movie reel, (its all digital now) has a set running time. & projectionists are restricted from prematurely ending a movie, before stated running time expires. so unless you are watching a bootlegged copy, that your friend “projected” in his “home theater”. you might want to have a conversation with that specific theaters GM about end credits being by-passed.

      Just sayin.

  2. Captain America 3 : I dropped my Shield, and I still haven’t found it.

  3. What a way to go in Avengers 3 for Chris Evans. Sorta passing of the torch if Steve Rogers does die in Avengers 3,Bucky taking over would be great.

    • “passing of the torch if Steve Rogers does die in Avengers 3, Bucky taking over would be great.”… I don’t think that will ever happen not everything that happens in Comics, happens in films. Besides not having Steve Rogers as CAPTAIN knowing that Sebastian Stan plays Winter Soldier I think it will be doomed at the Box office.

      • I do feel that this is sort of Chris Evans passing the torch because he does want to retire from Capt, and Marvel wants to keep this up for a while, so Bucky can take the mantle as Capt

        • Evans does not want to retire. He said he was more or less misquoted on the subject. He signed on for six pictures instead of nine because he did not want to get stuck in the contract like he was on fantastic four where he signed on for three movies but they only did two. He said he wants to do a little more directing in the future. And if he was going to act it anywhere would be with Marvel.

          • Spelling correction… “And if he was going to act anywhere it would be with Marvel”.

            • Didn’t he actually say he would act as he was “contractually required to” , you could read into that that he will see out his current contract , of course he may also decide to extend his contract.
              I’m not a comic fan but I’m sure I read Steve Rogers becomes another character in the comics rather than ‘dies’, might be wrong though :)

      • Sebastian Stan taking over for Capt America after he dies (and he will) will be awesome. He is a badass in the winter soldier movie and they will continue to build the character. After Capt America 3, he won’t be needed anymore so it makes sense for Thanos or Crossbones (We saw him in Capt America 2) kill him. I think Crossbones (like the comic books state) will kill Capt America. Then Bucky taking the shield will be epic. Honestly how could the box office numbers take a hit with robert downey jr, chris hemsworth, and tom hiddelston on screen?? (and yes Loki will still be around then)

        • I think casual fans (I.e. none comic book fans) will not like this change. Though I could be wron most fans will not follow a “fake” Captain America.

  4. I don’t think it was telekinesis. The objects were being manipulated, distorted (most important) and crushed, not just moving around. There were hints that Bucky may take up being Cap. The scepter and the twins basically tells us that there are out of this world stuff coming our way, more of it, crazy stuff. As such we are getting Guardians and Avengers 2. I am hoping Red Skull comes back as the main villain in Cap3 and the scepter may be the key. Well, he comes back with a force that is AND the force being those that gave them the tech in the first place to create chaos.

    • Now that Hydra has the scepter they may be able to find the Red Skull on their own or he may actually already be back on earth. Hail Hydra. They may even bring some other baddies back with him. Red Skull and Loki team up anyone?

  5. I saw the movie twice. She was floating the objects in the air then she made 2 of the blocks crash into each other.

    I think that is the definition of telekinesis / levitation.

    • I only saw it once, but it looked to me like she pushed her hands together and caused the floating objects to just vanish as if she were bored with these floating thingies that she made with her mind..

      But maybe she did just smash them together.

      • Scarlet Witch SMASH!!

      • You know what I would like to see is her do that with people. Where she basically pushes one person into another one or right through another one resulting in the person essentially becoming insane or mentally unstable. That would be true power that they could show on the screen and have a real emotional impact on other characters. Of course she would only do this before she became an Avenger and got her powers under control because it is a little more insidious and evil, she would possibly do it under the manipulation of Hydra.

        • Imagine if the Scarlet witch could pass the Red Skull through Ultron. They both seem to be dead (or mentally destroyed) afterward with Ultron’s logic being corrupted and the Red Skull’s mind being wiped of passion for Hydra. But at the end of the movie they both show a spark of life in their eyes and we could only wonder as to what their ‘evolution’ might become in a future movie.

          • Each time someone was phased through another by Scarlet they would essentially become feeble afterwords. They would no longer know how to use their limbs and their minds would be a mess. They would have to retrain themselves but in the end what they become could be far more dangerous and stronger than they were before.

      • She could be showing in that video clip that she has the ability to either manipulate gravity or manipulate the energy fields around objects and also that she has the ability to send objects into another dimension or another place in space similar to how the Tesseract can take people into and out of Midgard. This explanation would keep her powers a little more science based in keeping with how Marvel has been doing the rest of their universe

      • Yeah, on my first viewing I missed what she did with the blocks cause I was watching quicksilver.

        Second viewing I saw she smashed them together

    • or it can also means, she’s ‘altering the probability’ of those objects. In this case, it’s gravity. Took me a while to figure it out, but it does make sense and not just regular telekinesis. And when she waved her hands (glowing red), she crashed those blocks which then exploded when hit one another. Someone had leaked the video of this scene on Youtube, so I’ve watched it several times :)

  6. Does anyone think they might do a Secret Avengers feel type of movie with Cap 3 with a roster of War Machine, Cap, Hawkeye, Black Widow and since he was in this movie, Falcon? I could see them also use that movie as a segway to get Moonknight some love and maybe get him a Netflix series since he was hinted at by Sitwell?

  7. if they do kill Steve Rogers in Avengers 2 might as well put him back on ice

  8. I Think I know how Marvel will explain mutants like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers 2
    If you watch Agents of Shield you’ll know about the 0-8-4’s the objects of unknown origin
    Skye is an 0-8-4
    It is suspected that she has powers of some description
    So Marvel can’t legally call any Mutant Characters mutants so they find a different name 0-8-4 it makes sense.

    • I’m curious about the use of the word “mutant…”

      I don’t deny that there’s an issue with using the word, but does anyone know what the specifics behind Fox’s claim to the word are? I ask because it’s a common use word and I find it odd that they’d be able to challenge its use. How often do you hear other movies or other forms of media use it without getting a cease and desist from Marvel? If it’s a contractual obligation between Fox and Marvel, couldn’t they utilize a similar but different word like, “mutate” for example?

      If I recall correctly, in the Marvel Universe (especially the X-books) Mutates were mutants who had had the mutant aspect of their dna scientifically engineered and brought out. Perhaps the button scene was hinting at Von Strucker harnessing the power of Loki’s staff to do that?

  9. You guys are dumb as bricks if you think that Chris Evans isn’t coming back. Why is Screen Rant continually running with that BS? He said himself that he’d like to keep doing Marvel movies while directing on the side.

    Get that in your skull, please.

    Also, Sebastian Stan carry a $200 million movie? Uh, ain’t gonna happen. This is a business, don’t forget that.

    • I’m half agreeing with ya.

      I think for the right amount of money he would return. I think right now he just wants a break from the rigor of preparing for physically preparing for the character

  10. Someone had leaked this scenes on Youtube (just search for Captain America The Winter Soldier post credit scene) and you can find it easily, assuming it’s not taken down now. Thanks to that, I have seen this scene several times already, and here’s the thing I noticed:

    – Strucker is extracting energy from the sceptre, which is probably not Asgardian and an alien object instead considering Thanos gave it to Loki. Proof: the sceptre is glowing blue. Basically, he’s experimenting that power.
    – The scientist told Strucker that some didn’t survive ‘the process’, which means they are indeed experimenting
    – Pietro, as he’s running furiously trying to break out, emitted a white/silver glow
    – Wanda, when she creepily smashed the block emitted red glow on her hands\
    – Both were in disturbed emotional state/negative emotion.
    – Both still has brown hair (while the leaked AoU shooting showed them have silver and dark brunette hair)

    I think this already explains their power’s origin. Marvel has already had ‘mutants’ in their universe. To those watching AoS, they will know that SHIELD had already have a list/index of people with ‘Gifted Abilites’. Proof to that, was Scorch with his pyrokinesis skill shown in one of the early episodes (around the time when people walked out of this show), and then when he burst into flame upon being angered (emotion). I suspect, both Pietro and Wanda are basically people on this list, whose powers were then intensified as a result of the experiment performed by Strucker, using that sceptre I mentioned earlier (evidenced by the emotion and hair color change?). Inhumans are a race of people who were experimented with alien tech by the Kree. Notice the similarity? This means, whether Marvel agree/deny this or not… they have indeed become Inhumans or some sort of that, even when they were experimented by Hydra.

    It’s too early to say if my theory is correct or not, so let’s just wait for Age of Ultron to see the answer hahaha. Oh, and I really love that twisted look on Bucky’s face when he read his bio…

  11. Agent 13 (his neighbor) will eventually kill Cap. Just like in the comics. They even foreshadowed it in the end, when she was at the gun range hitting bullseyes in the heart. 😉

  12. Was watching Iron Man 3 again last week.There was one thing which Killian says that had my attention.When President Ellis is brought in as the hostage and he asks Killian about what he wants from him, he says that he wants nothing and is here just to kill him.He also says , “I have moved on and have found myself a new political patron.And this time tomorrow he will be having your job.”I think he might have been talking of the HYDRA as the new political patron and that there was some HYDRA guy(maybe Alexander Pierce) who was to take over as the next USA prez if Ellis was successfully killed.And that explains SHIELD’S inactivity regarding President’s kidnap in Iron man 3.Of course I can’t be sure of this but after watching Cap Am 2(which was amazing BTW), I am busy speculating :)

  13. Correction….Killian was talking about the Vice Prez who expected him to heal his daughter.Thus VP may have been coerced by the HYDRA to work for Killian.That’s why SHIELD didn’t help out the president while he was kidnapped.I think we may see more Extremis soldiers in future MCU offerings.

  14. I saw WS again this weekend and have a question. The mid-credit scene seemed to suggest that SW and QS were experiments with the power source of Loki’s staff that succeeded. If that’s the case they are not mutants. So why all the hubbub over their appearing in the MCU when Fox has control over mutants?

  15. If you know anything about The Scarlet Witch, then you know she is a mutant and daughter of Magneto and she controls Chaos magic! She also basically wipes out almost all of mutant kind and nearly destroys the world!

  16. “Remember, telepathy, telekinesis – and even clairvoyance – aren’t phenomenon that exist in the MCU, as mutants, the characters who possess these gifts, are legally the property of Fox and can’t be used in Marvel Studios films.”

    I don’t think telepathy, telekinesis, or clairvoyance themselves can be copyrighted and so can still exist in the MCU, what Marvel Studios can’t do is refer to the characters as “mutants”.

  17. Hmmm, Im not sure if anybody else has already mentioned this major point before me. Those abilities/powers that supposedly weren’t in any Marvel movies yet, would be true, only if none of the X-men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four movies were already created. That series of movies already opened the floodgate for the vast amount of characters and/or powers to be used. For example, Quicksilver is Magneto’s son, and was also used in the most recent X-men movie. How is Marvel not able to use its own created and established characters in one of its own movies? Especially when they have previously? Besides, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch weren’t experiments to gain their powers, they were born that way as mutants. To drastically change the characters and their abilities, ruins the very thing many fans have come to know, and tries to create a whole new character that will never compare to its predecessor. What is most unique about Scarlet Witch IS hers powers! To influence the probability of any situation. To change that to Telekinesis is something SO different, its not even close to the same type of ability.

  18. why would they explain quicksilver like this that he was created by hydra. He is the son of Magnito. why they change

    • Because Fox owns the rights to everyting X-man related. Quick and Scarlet are an exeption because of their status as Avengers in the comics.
      Because Fox are being duches at the moment nothing that has connection with X-man is permitted for the MCU. No Magneto, no mutants, no adamantium, nothing.
      So Quick and Scarlet get a different origin.

      • Fox isn’t being a…whatever you said. FOX purchased the rights to the X-Men property years before the MCU existed, so why would they allow a competing studio to use their established characters? Well performed business practices usually include not letting your competition use your product without getting reimbursed. If Disney wanted Magneto in the MCU, I’m sure they could cut a Lucasfilm-type check to get the rights back over to Marvel Studios.

    • Because Fox owns the rights to everyting X-men related. Quick and Scarlet are an exeption because of their status as Avengers in the comics.
      Because Fox are being duches at the moment nothing that has connection with X-men is permitted for the MCU. No Magneto, no mutants, no adamantium, nothing.
      So Quick and Scarlet get a different origin.

  19. See, that’s what confused me about the last scene in the movie before the rest of the credits came on. I was like, hey that kind of looks like the scarlet witch. But then I was like, no that’s gotta be somebody else. There is no way they’re combining all that mess of x men with the avengers. Because the scarlet witch and quicksilver are both supposed to be magneto’s children. But I looked it up and here I am… whaaaaat??