Josh Holloway, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Rumored For ‘Captain America 2′

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Captain America 2 Josh Holloway Mary Elizabeth Winstead Josh Holloway, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Rumored For Captain America 2

As ‘Phase Two’ of Marvel’s movie universe stands poised to go all-out with its next round of superhero films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier looks to bring the most new characters and actors into the fold. With shortlists getting longer by the day, two recognizable actors may be cutting in line.

Besides mentioning a familiar face to fans of genre television, the news proves that the race to play S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter is still wide open, and Marvel may be seeking to fill several roles in the clandestine military organization.

The latest update comes from a Latino-Review exclusive, claiming that Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott PilgrimA Good Day to Die Hard) is reportedly being considered for the role of Sharon Carter (Agent 13), while Lost alum Josh Holloway (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) is also being discussed for an unidentified role.

While it may seem that every young actress in Hollywood has had a shot at screen-testing for Carter, the list of potential candidates has apparently been whittled down to five. A few of those actresses have fairly impressive resumes, but it seems that Winstead has more “traction” with Marvel at the moment. It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s known in the comic book community for having played Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim – directed by the man writing and directing Marvel’s Ant-Man, Edgar Wright – nor that she’s set to reprise her role as John McClane’s daughter in Bruce Willis’ next Die Hard adventure.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in The Thing1 Josh Holloway, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Rumored For Captain America 2

It’s still just a rumor, but Winstead does seem to have all the traits necessary to convincingly play the niece of Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), not the least of which is a believable resemblance.

That still leaves two male roles for Winter Soldier in need of casting, alongside Chris Evans’ Cap and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. Given the amount of time Mackie is putting into bulking up, it’s a safe bet that he’s expecting to play a substantial role. But with S.H.I.E.L.D. likely central to the Captain America franchise from here on out, that also means the demand for additional agents. The void left by Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) – S.H.I.E.L.D. field agent and liaison – will be a hard one to fill, but the name being thrown around is one fans can no doubt get behind.

The actor in question is none other than Josh Holloway, who has long been rumored to be on Marvel’s radar and has a history with Captain America 2‘s directors, the Russo Brothers (he appeared on “The Fistful of Paintballs” episode of Community directed by Joe Russo).

There aren’t any details available on what either of the two male roles entail, aside from their description as “very physical,” and that Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is also rumored to be considered. Since Bucky Barnes surely won’t be the only antagonist of the film, Waldau’s performance as the easy-to-hate yet strangely captivating Jamie Lannister in Thrones means a better henchman will be hard to find. Then again, given their physical similarities, there’s even a chance they’re up for the same role.

Josh Holloway Nicolaj Coster Waldau Marvel Josh Holloway, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Rumored For Captain America 2

We’ve been vocal on the need to see more of Josh Holloway on film or television for years, and his latest performance in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (while sadly brief) proved that he can play an incredibly convincing secret agent. Casting him as the successor to Agent Coulson, tasked with accompanying Captain America, Sharon Carter, and Falcon on their missions, could be a wise move on Marvel’s part. Not only does he possess the size and build to convincingly take on an attacker if the need arose, his personality and sense of humor are notably different from that of Clark Gregg’s S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison.

It may be wishful thinking to see Holloway once again tasked with keeping egos in check with biting remarks and a bit of arrogance himself, but adding more likable actors to the cast is hardly a bad idea. Whoever Marvel goes with is likely to be featured in several movies going forward, so expect them to take their time in making the decision. If all else fails, perhaps Holloway could return to ABC and have a role on Joss Whedon’s upcoming S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series.

What do you think of Winstead, Holloway and Coster-Waldau? Do they fit the Marvel universe, or should lesser-known actors and actresses be the direction Marvel takes?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4th, 2014.


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Source: Latino-Review

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  1. I wouldn’t mind MEW for Sharon Carter. Would rather she play Mary Jane in Amazing Spidey 2 than Shailene Woodley but oh well……

    Josh Holloway for an “unidentified character”??
    Crossbones maybe??

    • Crossbones could be an awesome villain, always one of my favorites.

      Also hope Taskmaster shows up, I don’t know who owns the rights for Taskmaster, but I hope Marvel shows him if they have the rights.

      • Taskmaster is great, but I think Crossbones is definitely more ruthless and has stronger ties to Cap via the Red Skull & his daughter. Maybe Zemo? But they would probably not hide his pretty face with a purple mask for all the ladies. Movies need their attractive actors. My wife agreed to see Thor just b/c of Hemsworth.

        • lol, i agree with you, marvel knows how to cater to the female demographic, if Holloway is cast they wont hide him behind a mask. Introducing zemo however would be cool however.

        • I agree crossbones has stronger ties, but I think he should show up eventually. And what you said about hiding his face, totally agree, but I think they should show it only in flashbacks. Like they did for the Red Skull, but for Zemo, ONLY in flashbacks. Just my opinion though.

          If Holloway can do a German accent I say he will be Zemo, he has the menacing look to him, but if he can’t do a German accent, I hope for Crossbones, Taskmaster and, wait for it… DOCTOR FAUSTUS!!! He has the look of the Doctor already, and I think it would make sense for him to be in the movie, just make him work with The Winter Soldier. :D

  2. Id rather winstead for the role of mary jane in Amazing Spiderman2. they should bring back haley atwell as sharon bearing resemblance to her mother, but blonde and different accent and personality.

    • I said all along they should bring back Haley Atwell and just change her hair color and accent and let her play Sharon. That would work just fine.

      • That’s my first choice as well, but I doubt they’re gonna do that :(

  3. I support this casting choice.

  4. Calling it right now: holloway will be Agent Quartermain.

    • Yep!

  5. Winstead as Sharon Carter is a much better choice than the actresses from the short list a while back… I could definitely see her as a SHIELD agent.

    As for Holloway and Waldau, this is probably just my inner fanboy speaking, but maybe they’re up for the role of Baron Zemo? – they do look alike, so BOTH of them being in the movie (with either one being Zemo Sr. and the other Zemo Jr.) doesn’t seem too far fetched either.

    • But doesn’t zemo wear that sock mask all the time?

      • True, but this is the movies… They’ll try to give the actors as much screen time possible.

  6. Josh Holloway as SHIELD agent Clay Quartermain! That would be unique and fun. most likely wont happen and also the chances of Quartermain making it into the movies right now are probably very slim. but Josh Holloway definitely needs to be in one of these films. He’s an awesome actor.

  7. I approve of the these casting choices :)

  8. Definitely, Josh Holloway for the role.

  9. So Ms. Flowers might get one of her ex’s back… (snicker, snicker…)
    Seriously, anything Winstead does or is party to, is interesting to me.

    As to Halloway, (or another actor for the same unnamed role) I, too, am leaning towards a heavy role. I’ll lean towards an “updated” Dr. Faustus (like Sam Rockwell in IM2 as Hammer)or, better yet, Baron Strucker

    • Haha let’s just hope this time that ‘ex’ does not foolishly skate himself to death…

      • Oh yah I forgot Chris Evans was in scott pilgrim lol, it’s weird thinking about him in non-marvel related movies

        • “Not Another Teen Movie”

          When I watched that movie a few months ago for the first time since it first came out, I was like. Mind. Blown.

    • Nikolaj seems to be going for the villain route, and if it’s really the case I surely hope he will play Baron Zemo. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Arnim Zola will most likely to return (with his connection to the Winter Soldier), and if you’ve watched EMH, Zola and Zemo worked together in the present time cause Zola also took care of Zemo’s health.

      I just wish that Josh and Nikolaj are NOT competing for the same role. if that’s really the villain.. I want Josh to be one of the good guys instead of a villain that most probably only show up for one or two movies. Idk, he just looks better as a good guy for me XD

      And MEW as Sharon…? I’m good with that haha

    • Ouch, sorry… that comment was supposed to go to the main thread

  10. I’m definelty down for halloway! Great actor. Hope he has a expanded role over the next few films much like Coulson did.

    As for carter. I don’t mind MEW. I’d rather lyndsy fonseca play her but then again if fonseca plays carte she can’t play Mary Jane who I really want her to play.

    I like Anna Kendrick for carter though.

    • I’d rather see MEW for Sharon than Anna Kendrick. I absolutely love Anna in almost every movie she’s done but she doesn’t seem like Sharon to me…

      Your suggestion for Lyndsey Fonseca though is freakin brilliant! A much more suitable choice than Shailene Woodley

      • I mean to me honestly marvel has yet to really disapoint me in casting so Kendrick or winstead would make great Carter’s so I’m down for either one.

        And thanks on the compliment. I’ve been saying fonseca since Amazibg Spider-Man 2 since before the first one came out. I really hope Sony marvel makes that happen. Can’t stand that woodly girl. She’s not a terrible actress but come on fonseca is hotter and a better actor a much more believable Mary Jane in my eyes.

      • i would love to see lyndsey fonseca play her shes amazing in nikita

        • Me too she’s great on Nikita awesome show! Can’t wait for season 3

  11. I’m with a lot of you guys I say Winstead for Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man 2

  12. Josh holloway as a secret agent. Plz NO. Josh is too awesome for that. He Is a superhero material. He deserves his own superhero movie.

  13. I also think Winstead would play either a believable S.H.I.E.L.D. character or maybe Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-man 2. It would be awesome to see Holloway either in a Marvel film or television S.H.I.E.L.D. show (which i think is more appealing to me) because he hasn’t been in any major thing lately. And as far as Sharon Carter goes I will always keep my fingers crossed for Amanda Righetti (which nobody seems to have seen the very important role she was playing in Captain America, and the clues on her lines for which the role she was playing were pretty obvious!! I mean people should see her scene again to really get it) until it is officially denied.

  14. Wow, two great casting rumors! Completely agree that Holloway needs to be in more movies. A Marvel movie would be fantastic! :)

  15. I can’t believe Joss turned down her for that talentless, b**** Robin.

    She could make a good Sharon Carter, though.

    • Did you seriously just call her a “b****”?

      Maybe you should think before you type next time.

  16. Nikolaj seems to be going for the villain route, and if it’s really the case I surely hope he will play Baron Zemo. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Arnim Zola will most likely to return (with his connection to the Winter Soldier), and if you’ve watched EMH, Zola and Zemo worked together in the present time cause Zola also took care of Zemo’s health.

    I just wish that Josh and Nikolaj are NOT competing for the same role, if that’s really the villain… I want Josh to be one of the good guys instead of a villain that most probably only show up for one or two movies. Idk, he just looks better as a good guy for me XD

    And MEW as Sharon…? I’m good with that haha

  17. You’re all assuming of course that Sebastian Stan will be playing Winter Soldier? I have no doubt he will be back, but I’ve always had a feeling that it would be for flashbacks. With the success of the Marvel Universe, Marvel may not be keen on Captain America doing battle with Sebastian Stan in leather. I always figured they’d age Bucky some more, and use flashbacks to show soviet testing facilities and what happened to him. I mean come on, Dye josh or Waldau’s hair and they look like an aged Winter Soldier.

    • Uh, the title is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Who is Bucky. Who is played by Sebastian Stan. Who is returning for the sequel.

      …what does most of this comment even mean? “With the success of the Marvel Universe, Marvel may not be keen on Captain America doing battle with Sebastian Stan in leather.”


  18. winstead would be an awesome pick

  19. Winstead cuz she has a nice pair of boobs.

  20. You know, on your facebook, you guys picked the two dumbest characters for these two actors, so I said straight up “no” without looking them up. You SHOULD have referenced Die Hard and Ghost Protocol, not Lost and that Scott Pilgrim movie…

    • wow, hate much? Lost was an awesome show, but with a let-down of a finale, & SP vs TW, while i never read the comic, i thought was brilliant. but people like what they like and dont what they dont and all that…

  21. Mo MEWs is good MEWs.

  22. So we still goin with Sebastian Stan as Bucky? Really? He is horrible in CA:TFA and Once Upon a time. Last chance Marvel. Get out while you can. Why did they go with someone with such a weak on screen presence? Oh well. Im just sayin.

    • I don’t know what movie you saw, but Sebastian Stan was great in Cap:TFA.
      He was a total bad ass in all the scenes he was in and definitely held his own on screen – the scene where he shoots a HYDRA guard with a sniper was pretty heavy too… it was then and there where he tells the audience that there’s more to him than just being a side kick.
      His death scene on the other hand… not so good ;)

  23. Am I the only one that thinks Josh maybe playing a shield agent by the name of… Henry “Hank” Pym. Ant Man is supposed to be a shield agent is he not? Maybe he figures out the Pym particles in a mid credits clip. He might also help invent weapons or gadgetry for Cap since Stark isn’t available. Might be a long shot, but I hope he does get the part. Like somebody else said, he deserves his own superhero film. As far as Sharon Carter goes, I don’t care who they pick. They used Hayley Atwell, and I never heard of her, but she turned out great, so I trust Marvel to make the right decision.

    • Actually, it sorta crossed my mind too ;-)

  24. Winsted’s cute. I approve. Hired.

  25. BRING PHIL COULSON BACK……..NO ONE WILL FILL THAT ROLE, hopefully they do not even try it

    • Actually I don’t think he is coming back because he is already set to appear in the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series for ABC, they just officially announced it on the NYCC 2012 today!

      • If anything, that news should be a hint that he’s DEFINITELY coming back, seeing as the sow is supposed to take place in the same universe as the movies.

  26. Wondering if Im the only one who hopes Josh Holloway might Play U.S. Agent??? (John Walker)…I think it would be a great role for Josh since hes not always the nicest person…and quite selfish and hated among his castmates on Lost. He definetly has the additude & the build….plus he should be a superhero. not a Suit…thats just an insult to such a great & likeable actor.

  27. IDK about anyone else but I just cant see Marvel casting Josh Holloway as a villain. I remember when Fox wanted him for Gambit. I know Marvel listens to the fans and they’ve been jumping at the chance to work with Josh also.

  28. I love both choices. MEW is perfect as Sharon Carter. I would watch Josh in anything they cast him in. Great underrated actor.

  29. Both Waldau and Holloway are being approached for unidentified roles for Cap2? Can it be that they’re just being approached for a role in general? The both of them have a striking resemblance to the new re-imaged 2013 Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Pete’s the blonde guy pointing: