UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre Cast as ‘Captain America 2′ Villain

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Captain America The Winter Soldier Batroc the Leaper UFC Champion Georges St Pierre Cast as Captain America 2 Villain

A little over a month from now, Phase 2 of the shared Marvel cinematic universe will officially commence with the release of Iron Man 3. Production of Thor: The Dark World the next entry in the sequence leading to The Avengers 2 in 2015 – is already underway, leaving only Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier to start shooting.

While both of those movies are well on their way toward rolling camera, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has seen a flurry of recent activity. After the interesting news late last week that Robert Redford was interested in joining the production, we now have received a casting update that will please fans of the Captain America comics and – oddly enough – mixed martial arts.

Latino Review has shared the scoop that MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre has been chosen to play the larcenous Batroc the Leaper in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He joins two other confirmed villains for the project – Crossbones (Frank Grillo) and the returning Arnim Zola (Toby Jones).

St-Pierre (a.k.a. GSP), a native of French-speaking Quebec, is a multi-title-winning favorite of the UFC circuit. He is a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and kyokushin kaikan. He currently holds the UFC’s Welterweight Championship title.

Batroc first appeared in 1966 and has remained one of the Marvel Universe’s most enduring (and endearing) villains. A French mercenary in peak human physical condition, Batroc has regularly opposed Captain America (despite having no superpowers to speak of). Known for his garish outfit, awesome facial hair, and overall sense of joi de vivre, Batroc has a strict code of honor that has seen him turn on his more vile employers. Batroc’s track record of failure against Captain America is so extensive that it has become a running gag. Nonetheless, the character is well-liked by fans and has been consistently shown as a canny, ingenious fighter.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Ooh La La UFC Champion Georges St Pierre Cast as Captain America 2 Villain

St-Pierre has very little professional acting experience, having appeared only in MMA-themed, low-budget titles such as Never Surrender, Death Warrior, and Hell’s Chain. As such, it’s not a great leap (ugh) to assume that Batroc’s role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier will almost entirely be a physical one. If Batroc is indeed only appearing in the movie to engage in an acrobatic fight sequence or two, this will probably not be a problem.

At the same time, it’s somewhat disappointing that we probably won’t see the grinning, scenery-chewing Batroc of the comics pages. Given that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is being positioned as a somewhat darker, more politically minded follow-up to the pulp adventure of its predecessor, this isn’t terribly surprising.

At the very least, St-Pierre’s presence on the cast guarantees at least one serious hand-to-hand fight scene. Here’s to hoping that the movie’s production designers decide to keep the mustache.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier will leap into theaters on April 4th, 2014.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Marvel, please stop casting fighters in acting roles. There is precedent for this. It didn’t turn out well before either.

    • agreed, since when was UFC a prerequisite to being an actor. if anything WWE hacks are better actors, with all the sub-plots and molodrama. NOT SAYING I’M A WWE FAN THO

      • The only movies WWE wrestlers have been in whilst working as pro wrestlers at the same time are the low budget WWE produced movies (Dead Man Down, See No Evil etc) or old movies like Blade: Trinity and The Scorpion King.

        Batista retired from pro wrestling in mid 2010 and doesn’t wanna go back because it’s “too kiddie” these days for him, which is why he transitioned into MMA and continued the acting he started in Smallville years ago.

        The Rock has become a bankable action star now and will be in both GI Joe and Fast and Furious 6 this year yet he returned to wrestling in January and is the current WWE champion. Gonna hate on him too or are you gonna sit down, shut up and quit your whining if you admit you don’t even watch wrestling to know what the hell goes on and therefore rely on old stereotypes?

        You come across as immature otherwise.

        • What? The Rock is called an exception. There have been many movies starring wrestlers which were notoriously bad, like The Marine or The Condemned. It’s not any kind of stereotype; it’s just wrestlers not being able to translate into actors because, well, they aren’t actors.

        • I like the Rock, but one success is not proof that wrestlers are good actors. There have been many more failures. I don’t think wrestling fans understand the lack of credibility us non wrestling fans see these “entertainers” bringing to a movie. I would feel the same lack of confidence if they cast a magician or a baseball player or musician in a movie. They could be good, but probably not.

          • Just one success? I think Andre the Giant was a success in the Princess Bride, and personally I think Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando were snuffed at the Oscars…

    • Seriously, the first CA was decent, even fairly good, but was bad casting decision away from being pretty bad. I really don’t understand this move…

    • Lets see….

      Beyond the Mat
      Blade Trinity
      Conan the Destroyer
      Die Hard: With a Vengence
      Ed Wood
      The Godfather (read that again slower… yes The Godfather)
      Oceans 11 (and I believe 12)
      The Punisher (Jane version)
      Red Heat
      TMNT 2
      They Live
      You Only Live Twice

      It just depends on the role. I think it turned out fairly well for quite a few of these films.

      • @ Aknot

        Can i add Jesse Ventura films to your list. Predator & The Running Man.

        • Yes but of course.

      • *Ahem* You forgot “They Live” with Rowdy Roddy Piper! That film is a pure classic.

      • Yes, but think of the roles they actually played and/or how well they played those characters…

        The Rock IS an exception to the rule. Even dear, sweet Arnold was never loved for his acting; he was loved for headlining macho fantasies.

        • Well I have and I did. Im not saying they are shoe ins for the King Lear lead.

          If they are cast in a part that conforms to their particular skill set and talent level a fighter/wrestler can be an asset to ANY movie.

          To cast a fighter in a role that has him (probably) prominently fighting most of the time adds some realism to the fights.

          I see Batroc (in this film) as a one time fight/meeting. Maybe he is sent to do something gets beat by Cap only to have the Winter Soldier show up to try and finish the job later.

          I was a huge supporter for Chris Benoit to be Wolverine. This of course does not count for hindsight. I also did not know how big the role of Wolverine was going to be. However mental issues aside he looked the part and why couldn’t he grow as an actor to further go down the road as Wolverine? Sadly we will never know.

          Putting ‘fighters’ in movies also puts the ‘ooo I know this guy he could totally do that in real life’ aspect into the movie.

          Again it is not like they are casting Georges St-Pierre in a lead role so I really don’t see the big deal. Out of curiosity who could play Batroc?

          • Fair enough…As long as they are not put into roles where stretching their “dramatic muscles” is a requirement, yes, I agree. Arnold does do well as the macho (though, IMO, overly punny) hero type. Rowdy Roddy Piper did perform appropriately in “They Live” (going on the assumption it was supposed to be B-movie funny, of course). Dwayne Johnson, as I’ve said, has impressed with his ability to play different roles…though he actually seems to be able to play humorously funny, as opposed to merely laughably funny (Arnold, I’m looking at you again). Obviously, in terms of fighters that have acted (“acted”?), I have also enjoyed van Damme, Li, Norris, and others (I’m sorry…I can NOT give any sort of pass to Steven Seagal, graceful fighter though he is–should NEVER have speaking parts–or John Cena; they are just BAD).

            As long as this St-Pierre guy is only in an action-heavy fight sequence (a “one-and-done” kind of thing), sure, let him have fun with it.

  2. This quickly becoming way over crowded. The focus needs to be on Cap and Bucky. Bucky death scene and relationship with Cap was already underplayed, they really need to bring it to forefront this time around. The more I hear, the more this sounds like the IM2 of Phase 2… but without RDJ to make it tolerable.

  3. I like the sound of that character. It is too bad he will probably be toned down.

    • “Easter-Bunny, the Leaper!”

      {“Here comes Peter Cottontail, kicking everybody’s tail….!”}

  4. Hopefully it’s just the opening scene to set up Cap working with SHIELD

  5. Ze enemies of Capzen America haz increzed…
    Zes going to be a blez hearing Francois American ac’sent in diz movie…

    I agree, the cast is growing bigger and bigger but well, at least this movie is not as crowded as the next X-Men

  6. Could this just be like Target against Wal-Mart?

  7. St. Pierre is a great MMA fighter (one of my favorites), but I’m just praying he doesn’t have much speaking lines.

  8. People need to give up the whole “over-crowded” issue. The Dark Knight Rises had a buttload of characters, and it managed well. The Avengers didn’t suffer from it, so get over it. Not every CBM will be X-Men 3.

  9. Ugg Captain America: Winter Soldier is sounding more like the Expendables 3 as time goes on.

    Still waiting for Cap to fight like Blonsky in Incredible Hulk.

    • I agree! I’m not an wrestling /mixed martial arts fan so I don’t know much about this guy. I would’ve cast the role with Cyril Raffaelli, District B13/ Ulimatium, Kiss of the Dragon, Live Free or Die Hard. He also served as Fight Choreographer/Coordinator and stunt man on Transporter1&2, Brotherhood of the Wolf and did the Tim Roth Blonsky stunts in the Incredible Hulk. Train in Acrobatics, Shotokan Karate and Wushu he would be great . Oh yeah he speaks french!

      • Georges Batroc was born in Marseille, France, and served in the French Foreign Legion.

  10. He’s just going to have a fight scene, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t get too upset and throw a tantrum, especially since it’s probably over nothing, you guys.

  11. this is his chance to shine in the big screen

    • This is fantastic.

      • Great example. Stan just can’t let silence be silent. ;)

  12. Can a movie jump the shark before it even comes out.

    I wonder if Robert Redford was too respectable of an addition, and they had to balance it out with this new guy.

  13. I love GSP!! Just heard it on the news. I never seen him act before, so I’m very curious about this. :-)

  14. And he will destroy Captain America and the third film will be titled Captain Canada… or Captain Awesome, because that’s the same thing ;)

    • He should just play Guardian from Alpha Flight. The only canadian superhero team. With a sasquatch!

  15. Cool I always loved Batroc

  16. All of his fight scenes will be 25 minutes long and he won’t be able to finish off his opponent

    • Amen

      • But he’ll still dominate the best opponents in the world. Maybe one of you armchair tough guys should challenge him? You know, show him how it’s done since you’re so bad-ass…

        • I’m just poking a little fun at his string of decisions. He’s one of my favorite fighters because of the fact that he dominates and outclasses his opponents. I’ve only been bored by two of those decisions (Shields and Diaz), but I would still like to see a finish.

    • @Tazer – LMAO! I just tweeted that. I hope you don’t mind.

      Paul Young – @MoviePaul

      • Haha fine with me

  17. I doubt his ufc movies will look good on film.

    • He has a good spinning back kick and can do some Van Damme-style jump kicks.

    • Haters gonna hate.

      • i say that to people all the time, and now that it was said to me, i feel like a terrible person.

        wasn’t trying to hate per say, Cap was my favorite from Phase 1…GSP is a scary mofo, there are just a lot of good characters in the lineup is all.

        can we agree on ‘Skeptics Gonna Skept?’

  18. hey guys it’s a movie =) in real life i’m sure he can kick everyone’s ass on set but Marvel isn’t paying him to do that. He is there to use his skills to help contribute to beautifully choreographed fight scenes

  19. GSP is an amazing person, all of you movie geeks who don’t know Georges shouldn’t complain about this guy.
    I hope he’ll be in movies.

  20. He’s French…need we say more.

    • Sorry, GSP is not French!!!! He’s a quebecer… Wrong continent!

  21. Maybe next they will cast Anderson Silva and we will finally see the super-fight MMA fans have been waiting for. :)

  22. If Haters say they think the film is gonna suck over this one guy because of the role he’s playin, or say they won’t be goin to the movie, why bother posting at all & just stay at home then?

  23. He’ll probably say something snarky in French and then beat up by Cap real quick. You know for chuckles

  24. Don’t know why these people are complaining. GSP is a real martial artist, not fakie movie/wrestling bullsh*t.

  25. Let me guess….

    He’s going to fail at finshing Captain America too.