First Official Look At Georges St-Pierre in Costume For ‘Captain America 2′

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George St Pierre Captain America 2 Costume Photo First Official Look At Georges St Pierre in Costume For Captain America 2

Witch Captain America: The Winter Soldier set to get a new trailer during the Super Bowl this weekend we put up the first part of our set visit coverage for the film. Disney and Marvel Studios released several behind-the-scenes photos for us to share in our coverage and one of them gives us our first look at one of the new villains being introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Baltroc the Leaper.

The French mercenary is a master kickboxer so it was very fitting to see the studio and directors Anthony and Joe Russo bring in an actual world class MMA fighter in Georges St-Pierre to play Baltroc in Captain America 2. It’s also fitting that the first official image features St-Pierre in costume, in combat performing Savate (French style of kickboxing).

Baltroc the Leaper (real name: Georges Batroc) has had several run-ins with Captain America (and Falcon) throughout Marvel Comics and while he has no super powers he is as tough as a human can get, much like the actor playing him. In the Ultimate Marvel Comics universe, the character is a thief but this the film’s live-action version of Baltroc seems to have him working for whatever mysterious faction is battling S.H.I.E.L.D.. Note the costume similarities from the film to Marvel Comics – much like Chris Evans’s WWII costume in Captain America: The First Avenger, Baltroc’s outfit embraces a practical-focused design that’s faithful in its color scheme.

Baltroc The Leaper Marvel Comics Costume First Official Look At Georges St Pierre in Costume For Captain America 2

And below is the full photo.


Captain America 2 Official Photo Steve vs Hydra 570x379 First Official Look At Georges St Pierre in Costume For Captain America 2

Since St-Pierre has little acting experience, we can expect him to be a Darth Maul type character who’s there as a cool physical threat for Captain America and co. and we don’t expect him to get much of Baltroc’s personality and wit from the books. Still, it’s good to see another classic Marvel villain getting some time to shine on screen. Seeing this costume makes us wonder if we’ll see Frank Grillo suit up in the classic Crossbones outfit from the books – so far we’ve only seen him wear practical military gear.


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. this looks horrible…..

    • Go jump off a buffalo jump

    • You are obviously not American.

    • Let this fan have his opinion. A valid point was made to a certain degree because batroc
      looks like he belongs in gi joe 3 without the mask.

  2. This looks cool…..

    • +1

  3. This looks internet…

    • This looks like Cap is kicking him in the nuttaroos and putting them into orbit like a “Splutnick”!
      Batroc? Naw, “kick rox”, more like.
      Costume looks like a lift-belt for back support or my Granny Annie’s girdle.
      Maybe I am stepping too close to canon and comic-book fantasy and too far away from realistic real-world appearances, but why are movie writers so afraid to put heroes and villains in the costumes they were originally imagined in (Hawkeye, Black Widow, X-Men, etc.)? Some superhero costumes have not detracted from the characters on TV and in movies at all, and have helped us identify with the characters on the screen (Green lantern, Flash, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, even Daredevil to some extent, Iron Man, etc.). Clothes sometimes help make the man. Just plain black spandex or lumpy soldier uniforms I can buy myself anywhere.

      • Because more than half of them look ridiculous.

        • This.

          Plus the fact you can “buy them anywhere” is also a goal because of the whole secret identity thing going on. You’d be a little suspicious if someone constantly placed orders for clothing that is seen being worn by a much publicised hero/vigilante. That secret identity wouldn’t be a secret for very long.

      • Well let’s say you got super powers tomorrow, would you want to dress up in yellow spandex to go crime fighting? I think you would get laughed at and ridiculed even if you had super powers…

  4. Everything about this film just seems solid. No overly crazy plot, solid supporting case, and great action. I’m ready. Cap 1 was my favorite phase one film so this can’t disappoint.

  5. I doubt we’ll see Crossbones suit up in his classic costume. They messed up Bane twice.

    • No, only once.

      The second version actually looked badass and militant. The first design in Batman & Robin was closer to the comics with the Venom cables all over the place and the luchador mask but it looked ridiculous and I’d laugh at him rather than fear for my life.

      The Hardy Bane though….I’d soil myself if I saw him walking towards me.

      • no…..twice

        • no

          • In terms of adapting the costume, once (Hardy).

            In terms of adapting Bane, once (B&R).

            • +1

              And if I saw him walking towards me, I don’t know if I’d soil myself…I’d probably ask watsup and join him. Haha.

              But the B&R Bane, I’d freak cuz idk wtf is going on. Comical as you might say it looks (Dazz), you’re still dealing with a guy with bursting purple veins, 7′ tall and weird fluids legitimately pumping in and out of his body. And a mask. Even if it’s comical on tv, you would have to wonder wtf has got to be going on with someone if they truly did that in real life.

  6. This looks swellegant!

  7. I am Batroc the Leaper! Do you know what I do?…I leap.

  8. Lets talk about Cap’s new shield

    • Caps shield does not look new. It looks like it has most of the paint worn off.

      Crossbones’ gear looks too new. Would have looked better battle worn.

    • It’s the same Shield :)

      • It looks blue and black, though. Is that a weirdness in the photo or do they just post-process the proper metallic scheme on later?

        • It especially looks battered and worn. Obviously, the red paint is gone and what you see is the layer underneath.


  10. Those of you unimpressed by the costume, just be glad he doesn’t have his tv antenna-like mustache from the old comics.

    • I would love it if he had DDL’s Butcher mustache from Gangs of New York. That stache could be a hero and a villain all by itself…

  11. At least this version Batroc looks meanacing. In the animated series the Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man ridicules him as being a B-list villain

  12. dope…as long as GSP doesn’t open his mouth he will look awsome

  13. Why is he break dancing?

    • It’s a legitimate kicking move.

  14. All of St-Pierre’s action sequences will last 25 minutes long and go to judges’ decision.

    • ….HA! HA! HA!

  15. Batroc not Baltroc…

  16. Does not look like Batroc, wears the iconic mustache?

  17. (brain fart)typo – where is

    • They gave it back to Salvador Dali. It was too ridiculous anyway, he’s better off without it. At least the character is played by a canadian from Quebec, so he’ll know how to speak actual french, unlike his comic counterpart or pretty much every supposedly french character in american movies. Speaking bad french with a heavy american accent doesn’t make a character french. Judging from this movie and the recent Elysium, it seems the guys in charge have finally factored that in. About time!

      • @bfg666. I guess Canadians can boast that even there’s no Alpha Flight movie,at least they have some good representatives in Marvel movies. :D

  18. so the main villains will be : winter soldier, Batroc & Crossbones.
    will there be H.Y.D.R.A. involved ?

    • It appears that HYDRA will be all up in this piece. It also looks like Batroc will be sacrificing himself in the name of HYDRA with the explosives attached around his hips. I may be wrong though.

      I’m so hype for this film, more-so than A:AoU and GOTG.

      • So now that GotG has been released, Nicholas, you think Cap 2 was better or GotG? Myself, while I thought Cap 2 was great, I actually enjoyed GotG more. It seemed a lot more fun and while it had it’s serious moments, it still pulled off not taking itself too seriously. Looking forward to the next installment of both movies for sure though as well as A:AoU.

  19. No need to whine, you can get your fill of grown men(& women) wearing brightly colored, skintight uni-outfits during the winter Olympics…
    This is a movie,
    you can buy a ticket,
    wit chur money…
    Or not, either way the seat next to me is taken…

    • huehuehue