‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’: Watch the First 10 Minutes [Updated]

Published 1 year ago by , Updated March 20th, 2014 at 2:49 pm,

[Video Removed at Studio Request.]


There is a lot of positive buzz for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Chris Evans’ third outing as the eponymous hero; if some of the early reactions are to be believed, this is possibly Marvel’s best standalone movie to date. Feature a three-pronged attack team of Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon, the Russo brothers film introduces a new nemesis and will test Steve Rogers’ espionage skills as well as his ability to throw a shield really, really hard.

There are still over two weeks left to wait before Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters, and Marvel seems pretty confident in its chances for success. So confident, in fact, that the studio has released the first ten minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier online, no doubt believing that after seeing those first ten minutes people will be desperate to find out what happens next.

The word “bromance” is probably starting to become a little over-used, but it’s hard to think of a more accurate way to describe the way that Captain America: The Winter Soldier kicks off, with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson bonding over their exercise regime and their distrust of soft beds. From the very beginning the movie has quite a grounded feel, and even when the action does get going (it doesn’t take long), it’s far more akin to a spy thriller than a superhero movie… aside from Cap’s super-strength and speed, of course.

Steve Rogers fighting in Captain America 2 570x294 Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Watch the First 10 Minutes [Updated]

The scene of Captain America and the team taking on the hijacked ship was already partially shown in a four-minute preview for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but with the new footage it’s already possible to catch glimpses of a budding antagonism between Steve and SHIELD as he is told that their ship was trespassing and responds, “I’m getting a little tired of being Fury’s janitor.”

Tell us in the comments if you’re impressed by this opening 10 minutes – unless of course you were able to resist the temptation to watch the video. If that’s the case than you have stronger will power than we do.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters on April 4, 2014.

Source: Marvel Studios (via CBM)

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  1. I know this will sound completely redundant and a waste of my time for typing this but I have to say, I’ll pass on this video. Only 7 days to go until release and don’t wanna spend the first 10 minutes of that bored and waiting for something I haven’t seen, y’know?

    Hope those around the world getting the movie later than the UK watch and enjoy though. Must be a long wait.

    • Can you believe I’ll have to wait untill April 10th? Why can’t they release it on the same date, that’s just stupid…

    • Dazz, trust me the first 10mins aint boring whether you’ve seen it or not.

      If you’ve been feeling (I have a bit) that Caps been a little underpowered in First Avenger and Avengers, well not anymore.

      Roll on Wednesday 26th :)

  2. I cant wait to see it tomorrow night!

    • You gonna be at the UK premiere then?

      I was invited to that but had to turn it down, too many things going on to go so I’ll have to wait another week, haha.

      Have fun though, hope you enjoy it.

      • nope they are having select showings around the U.S. and I got tickets to the Kansas city one

        • Nice, I like advanced screenings. Last one I went to was Life Of Pi back on December 12th 2012 before its national release on the 20th.

          It was fun having two advanced screenings, one for “regular” people (which had lines going out the door and into the street) and another for the privileged movie addicts like me who got to just walk in and sit in a near empty screening with just a handful of others.

          I don’t know why but that’s how I prefer to watch movies, with as few people as possible around me and a cool blast of air from the AC washing over me and absolute silence to fully appreciate a film and pick out the finer details you’d otherwise miss.

          Didn’t know they had advanced screenings going on in the US, I only knew of a red carpet screening near me with some of the stars of the movie appearing for it, which is what I assumed you were referencing.

          • Hmm I can’t tell if you’re trying to be funny, or not.

            • the latter – that’s his schtick. he’ll tell you how awful America is and how we have no taste. he’ll also tell you how he predicted everything that ever happenedin movies. and I think he dated bautista or some such drivel. Good day mate!

        • Dude where? are there any left? I live in KC as well

        • I live in KC is there anyway I can acquire tickets to this? It’d be unreal.

          • they ran out almost as soon as they posted it

        • dude where did you find a listing of places for the US early unveiling? Is there a site? Please help out a fellow movie lover for this as me and my cousin are trying to find advanced tix for this but most of all XMEN.

  3. really funny when cap just runs past him all those times XD
    i cant wait to see this movie

  4. Since when does Marvel release anything written in Russian? I thin that is Russian on the video description. odd. You sure this is official from Marvel?

  5. This. Was good.

    Big step up from TFA.

    • Definitely agree! Im already enjoying it a lot more

      • I like the fact that Black Widow is holding her own very well whilst sharing screentime with Cap – her stunts are also alot better (so are Cap’s). I always felt she was such a 2-dimensional character but I was pleasantly surprised.

  6. In the immortal words of Dash…

    That. Was.

    Holy Crap! Can’t waittttt…..

    • not dash. the neighbor kid.

  7. I was complaining about the 4 min preview… But now this.
    Whats the fun of it?

    Its like life is laughing at me.

  8. I admit it. I watched it. I feel terrible now.

    On another note, damn! This movie is gonna be amazing!

  9. This first 10 minutes are already better than the first movie. I do not want to spoil anything but I did notice a character that I have seen in the SHIELD tv show if am not mistaken.

    • I could have sworn I saw who I think you saw too. if we are thinking of the same person.

      • Wait, who?

        • Sitwell I think.

    • Crap. I don’t want to watch this, but I’m curious who y’all saw…

      • Sitwell was in the first Thor movie and in the Avengers One Shot before he made an appearance in Agents of SHIELD. So you’re really getting excited for nothing. He’s been around for awhile.

        • He was also in The Avengers.

        • Yea, I gave in and watched it. I was like, Jasper? He was in the movies too…

  10. Its over in olathe and it was through the captain america facebook page and tickets ran out almost immedetly. unfortunately its one of those things where they give out extras so I am sure it will be a packed theater

  11. The subtitle thats not english is german. Anway, great clip.. i cant wait to see it. Marvel rules

  12. Glad I watched that and even happier that I only have to wait a week to see the rest, looking forward to it
    Personally, I think these first 10 minutes are better in just about every way than everything Marvel put out last year (IM3, Thor 2 and AoS combined)

    • You are right about sir! I second it!

      • And I third it, I hereby declare the motion passed.

        Democracy, love it. It’s official Cap2 is AWESOME!!!

  13. That was amazing! Although it seems like all the scenes we’ve seen with Black Widow fighting in the trailers take place at the beginning of the movie. I hope she isn’t injured too badly when Cap is carrying her, and that she’ll be part of the final fight as well. I also hope we get a Hawkeye cameo!!

    Also, I think the grave Cap is standing in front of is Peggy’s, and he remembers something she told him when he met her at some point between The Avengers and this film. If Peggy is gone it will seem less weird to introduce Sharon Carter as his future love interest. I don’t think anything will happen between them until Cap 3 though.

  14. Looks great but come on, Cap wont have any problems taking out GSP, Hendricks beat his ass and GSP cant finish a fight.

  15. The ship sequence is slightly expanded in the middle but this preview doesn’t go further than the last trailer, so if you’ve seen quite enough of that ship and don’t feel like hearing Black Widow ask Cap if he did anything fun this Saturday yet again, you can stop watching once you get to that scene. That bit will be tedious for me when I finally get to see it in the cinema. The few minutes before it are worth a watch.

    I’m guessing this is an unplanned leak, as most places are reporting this as “Marvel released first 10 minutes”, then where the video was is the notice “Video removed by request of studio”. It’s not the best quality, either.

    Film looks good. I didn’t like The First Avenger or The Amazing Spiderman all that much, but both sequels have hit me high on my anticipat-o-meter. I’m excited :)

  16. i feel like Tyrone Biggums itchin to click it

    • Hahahaha! Hilarious!

  17. I’m very critical of Cap in any medium, but the Russo’s have done a bang – up job!

  18. I’m not at all disappointed that I watched this. I watched it twice in fact. Sooo good! It just has me even more excited for the whole movie. Thank you Marvel!!

  19. Shaky cam all over all of the action scenes in this clip. Pass. I cannot stand shaky cam.

    • What in the world are you talking about, Dizzy? There was no shaky-cam whatsoever in this.

  20. Captain America looks like it’s gonna be good. I’ve been a life long fan of comics but I never liked this character. Too plain. I won’t have an issue with that here though. This movie is starting to look like it’s The Avengers Lite & if that’s half way true, it’s gonna be great.

  21. This looks really great.

    I do have to wonder how a show as silly as Agent of Shield is supposed to exist in the same universe as what we just say though. I really think they would do well to ditch that show or drop it for a year and bring it back as a serious part of the Marvel universe after a lot of reworking.

    I’m looking forward to The Winter Soldier. Loved the first Capt America film but this looks like it has raised the bar.

    I will add there is a ton of posters for the movie filling one wall of the local theatre and the text is barely visible from a few feet away. Us fanboys won’t be effected but it would be better if it were more obvious what the posters were for.

    • I keep operating under the impression that while Agents of SHIELD acknowledges that it takes place in the MCU, it’s events and characters aren’t canon the the films’ stories. Meaning that it isn’t compulsory to watch, and that we shouldn’t expect any of those characters to appear in the films. After all, it’s called the Marvel CINEMATIC Universe for a reason.

  22. not working for me…

  23. rather wait until April 4th, not even gonna bother

  24. Reminds me of metal gear solid, very good but you can wait if you want…

  25. well, i’m sold! this is the Cap we’ve been waiting for! |{ick @$$!!!

  26. Just to add some (maybe dumb) talk to the gossip mill – Any possibility of a Falcon + Black Widow relationship?

    Falcon seemed pretty interested in her (or was it the car?).

    • One good bird deserves another!

      • Well said. :)

    • I doubt it.

  27. Here I was getting all excited thinking I was going to see a good flick with lots of thrills and action in it with this movie, but now having seen this high-light clip, I can only say……


    H*ll, Yup!!!!!!!

    (Can hardly wait!!).

  28. Looks great. Has a very ‘Bourne’ feel too it.

  29. It says it’s been removed from public access. I’ve looked elsewhere and it’s down everywhere. Anyone know a ‘secret’ place where it’s still up?