Falcon & Winter Soldier Headline Must-See Marvel ‘Phase 2′ Art

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After a long delay caused by a legal dispute over the design of the briefcase packaging, the 10-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled collector’s set is now officially available for purchase. The Blu-ray home video collection does more than offer Marvel movie fans a chance to re-watch all of the films released to date from the studio, beginning with Iron Man 1 and The Incredible Hulk and leading up to The Avengers, but it also offers purchases the most detailed look at Phase Two yet.

By locating a code and heading to battleofnewyork.net fans can access a series of of production art for Phase Two of the MCU. And as a result of the release, earlier today, a Phase 2 preview video and four pieces of pre-production concept art surfaced online, highlighting the beginning of the next chapter of the MCU, again led by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. It also offered fans their very first look at the titular Winter Soldier from Captain America 2, along with several design shots featuring starships and characters from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bleeding Cool obtained another series of similar concept art which can be found in the Phase One collector’s set, this one featuring a concept shot from the final action sequence in Iron Man 3, a closer look at Captain America 2′s Falcon and Winter Soldier costumes, Rocket Raccoon, a big spaceship and more!

The close-up of Winter Soldier’s costume confirms that he does wear a mask to conceal his identity as Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers thought-deceased friend from World War II. Another major reveal is Anthony Mackie’s Falcon costume, which as we predicted, honors the Ultimate comics version, dropping the red and white spandex for something that’ll conform to S.H.I.E.L.D. standards (click here to compare).

Rocket has another, slightly different set of clothes in the above image, but he’s still a raccoon with a big gun so no concern there, right? Comparing the other Guardians of the Galaxy images, we see another ship, quite different in design to the vessels appearing in the art this morning:

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Ship Art 570x320 Falcon & Winter Soldier Headline Must See Marvel Phase 2 Art

The other art appears to offer one shot from the final battle of Iron Man 3 with Stark – conveniently with his helmet missing for the money shot – fighting alongside the Iron Legion, with a damaged suit laying in waste, and a noticeably large Hulkbuster-esque suit with its head off (looks like this). That particular suit is not the same as the “Igor” (Mark 38) armor officially unveiled by Marvel last week.

Missed out on Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man test footage screened at Comic-Con last summer? IGN nabbed a few stills that reveal the Ant-Man costume, big and small. Take a look at the character who will represent the first chapter of Phase Three:

Lastly, a sizzle reel of unfinished footage from Thor: The Dark World was also presented – here are still taken from it, a few of which may look familiar from unofficial set photos taken in the fall while the film shot in Bourne Wood, UK:

You’ve just had a glimpse at five (5) upcoming Marvel Studios productions. Excited yet?

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Stephanie Szostak, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Captain America’s next adventure is being directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo off a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and will release in 3D. It stars Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Samuel L. Jackson,  Cobie Smulders, Scarlett Johansson, Toby JonesAnthonie Mackie, Frank Grillo, Hayley Atwell, Maximiliano Hernandez, Georges St-Pierre and Robert Redford.

James Gunn is writing and directing Guardians of the Galaxy which has cast Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista so far.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015.


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Sources: Bleeding Cool, IGN


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  1. It’s so… MARVELous

    • Lol clever line my friend, clever line :)

  2. Thank you for that bit about the code. I couldn’t find any information regarding what it was for or how to utilize it. I must have missed something. Great work as always!

    • No problem. Let me know if you get access!

      • I did! The footage wasn’t very revealing, in that everything was already posted. Seeing Ant-Man in action and hearing everyone talk about the upcoming slate of films was very exciting though. The bit about RDJ doing some butt-kicking out of costume was interesting. Thanks again!

  3. I really hate that Ant-Man costume. I don’t care if it’s Hank Pym or Scott Lang under the helmet, I’m hoping that’s just a ‘prototype’ look and not the official one.

    • Im sure it is, theyll need to make is sleeker, and show a little more face.

    • obviously its only a prototype.

    • Ya, it is because they have no one cast and it’s early test footage to see if Edgar can shoot it in a way that makes the effect work, and to see if audiences respond.

      • Man is there any word on Black Panther? Feeling a little slighted that there appears to be nothing in the works. Phase 2 would be perfect for this.

        • Phase 2 is the worst time for Black Panther. There’s nothing he can really contribute to the cosmic side of Marvel that someone else couldn’t do.

          Phase 3 is his perfect time to shine but with Ant-Man and Doctor Strange being confirmed, I don’t see how Black Panther can fit into Phase 3 with all the inevitable sequels in there as well.

          • I think Black Panther should probably show up in the 3rd Captain America. It’s the only movie where it would make sense for him to appear. Depending how that goes then maybe a solo movie (which I highly doubt would happen).

            • Guys… it’s owned by Disney. Don’t hold your breath for BLACK panther.

          • Black Panther can really contribute to the cosmic side of Marvel. have u even seen Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther. him and hes people have a large amount of vibranium. the vibranium they had help kill Chitauri

            • Fair point but compare this to the cosmic-centric GotG or the Fantastic Four(Fox owns SO MANY cosmic-related IPs) it pales big time. Not only that, but Black Panther is earth-based, he’s always going to put Wakanda’s interests before anything else so there will be very few times where he will actually get the opportunity to go cosmic with the likes of Quasar, GotG, Nova etc.

              This is why I say Phase 2 isn’t for him but Phase 3 is.

              • @footdive: If you can have Blk Widow in the movie, who offers exactly what in a cosmic film, then you can definitely have Blk Panther who atleast has intellect and tech going for him along with his physical prowess.

                There is no excuse not have Blk Panther involved moving forward.

                • It would be goofy to have Black Panther in an outer space film, when he’s much more of an earth bound adventurer.

                  • @Ken: Goofy to have BP in an outerspace film? Yeah so a talking tree and raccoon wouldn’t be?! Yeah makes a lot of sense to me!

                    Actually BP is more than a “earth bound adventurer” you clearly don’t read BP.

                    Besides, Cap is no more of an Astronaut than BP.

                    • I read Black Panther, he’s one of my favorite characters.

                      2 aliens going on space adventures is absolutely more fitting than Black Panther, who is primarily the monarch of a country that’s always under assault.

                      What does Cap not being an astronaut have to do with anything? Captain America isn’t going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy so what exactly are you talking about?

                • Black Widow contributed to Phase 1′s Avengers thus she gets the pass to get in Avengers 2. If it was Black Panther instead in Phase 1 it would’ve been a better fit instead but we are discussing Phase 2 and not Phase 1.

                  Would you rather have a film dedicated to Black Panther or would you want him to appear in a couple movies with roughly 15 minutes worth of screen time in each? Your choice pal.

                  • @footdive: I would like to see BP in his own stand alone film as well as in Avengers 2 or 3. I guess the answer is both.

                    My greatest fear is that they won’t make BP at all just insert any excuse _________. Surely if you can’t put Blk Widow on the big screen you can do the same for Blk Panther.

                    • I find the choice of Doctor Strange questionable since we’ve already seen and will be seeing more of the magical and mystical side of the MCU with Thor.

                      I understand that while Ant-Man covers more of the scientific side of the MCU, no character introduced so far is near as a political powerhouse as Black Panther and I think MCU will need more of that.

                      Still, it’s only two confirmed films so far but I fear BP won’t get the chance. You’re going to have to stretch yourself thin for a little while more.

        • My guess. Him and Dr. Strange in Phase Three.

    • Gotta be Hank Pym. AND–we need to see Goliath (blue/yellow costume) really soon in The Avengers. And Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Skrulls, Kang, and Ultron, too. And how about Whirlwind as an additional baddie? For some reason I always liked that big windbag!

      • Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Whirlwind are owned by Fox. :(

        • So is Kang (real name Nathaniel Richards, descendent of Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm AND Dr. Doom) and probably the Skrulls (or at least any Skrull characters worth naming).

        • Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch are first come, first served. Depending on the company, they can’t be referred to as a mutant or an Avenger.

          Skrulls are the same, first come, first served. Super-Skrull falls under the Fantastic Four license.

          Not sure on Kang, his first appearance was in the Avengers comics right? Then he can’t have Fantastic Four relations but is fully owned by Marvel Studios.

          • Feige said they can use Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, no matter what Fox does. They´re just not allowed to call them mutants.

            • This.

        • Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch are a bit of an exception since Kevin Feige confirmed that both studios could actually use them.

        • actually kevin feige said that they both share the rights of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, which means Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can appear both in the MCU and the X-Men franchises (but if they appear in MCU, they cant be mentioned as mutants nor their relation to magneto, if they appear in x-men they cnat be referred as Avengers)

        • Fox and Marvel own the rights to those characters. If fox uses them they cant mention the avengers and if marvel uses them they can’t mention magneto being their father.

    • As I took a hard look at his helmet I noticed the actor was wearing a black mask over his face, if you look you’ll see the spaces for eye sockets and lower part of his face/chin. Remember no one is cast yet, so I’m sure they didn’t want to distract from the test footage!

  4. I like the Winter Soldier look, even though it reminds me a bit of Harry Osborne in Spiderman 3…

    I hope that the ant man costume is a prototype, looks more like a new Iron Man suit.

    • I also thought the same about Winter Soldier looking like Harry Osborne`s costume, but I disagree on Ant-Man`s costume I think is better that way instead of the animated style with those lame antennas on the helmet.

      • For the actual movie, it needs to show his face (eyes and mouth) when he is not using the helmet to talk to ants though.

        • Wow! he can talk to ants?! isn’t that an Aquaman-like power?

  5. Wow – cant wait to see all the Films!

  6. That Asgard temple attack looks very much like Star Wars Knights of the old republic

    • You caught that too?

    • Good call. It totally does.

  7. Holy crap! Ant Man looks awesome! Captain America jumping at quinjets! Rocket Raccoon! Thor kicking ass! I am definitely excited!!!

  8. The racoon is freaking stupid. I think GoTG is going to be the first flop of Marvel Studios.

    • That raccoon looks awesome.

    • Star Wars original trilogy had a hairy monkey man that could only growl and a pansy gold plated robot and beeping trash dispenser duo. Yet that movie had some of the best movies of all time.

      Why am I saying this?

      Because the Guardians of the Galaxy is basically Star Wars.. where Han Solo is the main character and always shoots first. How could that NOT be good?

      • @footsrove
        Closed minded people my friend, closed minded. Whatever at least we won’t be missing out on this awesomeness! Hahaha

        • Just give me scenes where the GotG start massive bar fights, Star-Lord and Rocky having heart-to-heart conversations and loads of weird freaky alien tentacles and it’ll be a movie DnA would be proud of.

      • Chewbacca didn’t talk.

      • @Footdive: You can’t compare STAR WARS to GotG. That’s insane!

        1st, Star Wars was the first of its kind on the big screen at its time so the timing was important. GotG will not have that luxury as there are a glut of Sci-fi space epics now in 2013.

        2nd, the story line was about a boy (human) becoming a man with the help of Obi-wan and Han Solo was an influencer. This is more universal. GotG is not going to be that relatable as a standalone.

        3rd, Chewie worked because Han Solo was well portrayed. C-3PO wasn’t a warrior he was for comedic effect. GotG are trained warriors meant to fight.

        In my view this is nothing like STAR WARS with the exception that it all takes place in the cosmos.

        • GotG does have a human figure from earth who gets swooped up in these events, that is the audience identifie, analogous to Luke.

          • @Cap: StarsWars was unique in that it was the first really big sci-fi film of its magnitude. Also Stars Wars wasn’t centered around Yoda or Chewie, it was centered around a human (Luke) who was emerging from boy to man. It was/is a universal story but told in a space background.

            GotG is coming out at a time where sci-fi flicks are pretty much run of the mill now and CGI is predominate in at least 2/3rds of every movie annually. The timing alone could do this movie in let alone its campy characters. Besides Disney bought Lucasfilm, they don’t need a ‘space Avengers’ in my opinion.

          • @Ken: So who in GotG is analogue to Luke? I doubt very seriously that the movie is going to be a origin story centered around this ‘Luke” character.

            • Star-lord is a human pilot/astronaut who gets sucked up into interstellar events.

              Screenwriting 101: The audience identifier doesn’t have to be the central, main character but it is often done that way.

              • @Ken: Actually Star-lord is a hybrid, half human and half alien if I recall correctly.

                I understand Screenwriting its what I do.

                My main point is that this will be a difficult project to sell to the public. Especially if it isn’t relatable which Star Wars was. I don’t like the Star Wars comparison either.

                I guess we will see next year. I grant that I could be wrong but I think it wouldn’t be a surprise to find that it under performs at the box office IMHO.

                • I’m just referring to the films, according to the info thus-far it doesn’t appear they’re going to make Star-lord half-alien in the film. j

                  I’m glad you understand screenwriting, I knew there were a few other screen writers on the site, I see you’re one of them.

                  The Avengers film has been a jumping off point for this cosmic stuff, it was a test by Marvel to see if movie goers are ready for the crazy stuff yet. Given the enormous success of the film, Marvel is ready to go for the cosmic stuff and I think the audience is fine with going that route at this point.

                  remember that when Star Wars came out, sci-fi was viewed as hackneyed and dorky and played out, this unknown film came along and the audience jumped right in.

                  As for the comparison between GotG and Star Wars, I’m not really a fan of that myself. The link between the two is only in very general terms: scifi adventure with ensemble cast. They’re not exactly twins. (star wars pun)

                  • @Ken: I see point taken.

                    You are correct about the current bent for the Avengers film. I guess I want to see BP more as it has been a dream of mine forever. In fact I am writing a rough treatment as we post.

                    Yeah Star Wars wasn’t well received by the studio heads but Lucas persisted. What worked for him was the timing of his movie, it was fun during a time of serious movies and the fallout of the Vietnam war.

                    Dig the pun! Its good to meet a fellow writer.

    • Many years ago I had 2 pet raccoons. They did not shoot guns, talk like tough guys, or fly around space. They did, however, like to eat Salerno Butter Cookies (do they still make those?). That is how I picture my raccoons, not as rocketship rangers, sorry.

      • I almost ran over a raccoon once. I think it flipped me the bird…Yeah, I can pretty much definitely see bad mouthing, gun toting, rocket raccoon working out just fine.

        • Best comment in months…. lost portions of my coffe, laughing!!


        • Hahaha, you live up to the name you’re using. It had me chuckling for long minutes.

      • Really? Because I picture Goldilocks as a middle-aged obese guy who lives in his moms basement and works at the local 7-11.

        I guess we both need to hold our judgements until we actually see what we’re judging first.

      • @Goldilocks: but I assume your raccoons weren’t genetically enhanced by a group of supremely intelligent space-robots right?

        • Aren´t they all? My pet turtles go out crime fighting at night.

      • I had a pet Raccoon and he shot guns, talked like a tough guy and flew around space. He was a right b*stard. Everyone loved him.

        That was all a lie.

        • (An awesome lie)

          • :)

    • Yeah… and everyone thought Thor would suck too.. Get a clue man!

      In Marvel we trust!

      The truth is….

      I am Iron Man!

    • That raccoon is going to be responsible for millions upon millions of profit from the toys alone.

  9. I think phase two is gonna be my preference.
    GotG looks cool.

  10. The Ant-Man suit looks chillin’ to me, I like it.

  11. I love all of these pictures and i can’t wait for all of the movies they will all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. A talking raccoon and a tree…I never read the comics but the gotg keeps sounding more and more dumb to me

    • How? Star Wars had a little green Jedi master and and a hairy Bigfoot guy who only growl to communicate. How is GOTG any more stupid? I don’t think Star Wars is stupid I’m trying to say Guardians is practically Marvel’s Star Wars.

      • Yes I see what you mean I’m not trying to bash this film I’m still gonna see it even if it doesn’t appeal to me. Im just saying this movie sounds dumb with what I heard so far. And I’m sure there’s other ppl like me who never read the comics and thinks this movie sounds dumb. But I shouldn’t judge till I see a trailer :)

        • Yep, I’m with you, Smitty. I don’t think they should make the GOTG film at all. The tree and raccoon are just too darned dumb, and will cheapen the value by association of The Avengers. But yes, it is Marvel, so I will see the film.

          • Wow… your trolling skills are unparalleled.

          • Everyone said the same thing about a Thor movie when it was being introduced as an upcoming project.

            • @ Ken: “everyone” said the same thing about Thor? I didn’t, Thor is very popular because of his mythology and Thursday being named after him. You also had a star studded cast around the Handsome lead newcomer in Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo. It was basically Fabio comes to the big screen as a hero so the ladies were intrigued also.

              Just sayin,

              • The proverbial “everyone,” not the literal, but I think you know that. You’d have to be a real turd-for-brains to think I was claiming all people on earth was saying the same thing.

                A lot of people were saying “I don’t get it, how can they make Thor fit in a more realistic universe” before Thor came out. Thor nerds like myself were saying “yay!”

                • Ken: Agreed on all accounts!

      • As someone said before, Chewbacca didn’t talk and that raccoon is way out of Yoda’s league as a character. The only thing similar to star wars about this raccoon will be CGI Yoda bouncing at the end of Episode II… Oh my god! I can almost hear the high pitched voice that they are going to put on him!

        • Chewbacca spoke. Just not in English. Probably wookiese or Kashyikish or summat like that.

      • @Cap: StarsWars was unique in that it was the first really big sci-fi film of its magnitude. Also Stars Wars wasn’t centered around Yoda or Chewie, it was centered around a human (Luke) who was emerging from boy to man. It was/is a universal story but told in a space background.

        GotG is coming out at a time where sci-fi flicks are pretty much run of the mill now and CGI is predominate in at least 2/3rds of every movie annually. The timing alone could do this movie in let alone its campy characters. Besides Disney bought Lucasfilm, they don’t need a ‘space Avengers’ in my opinion.

    • The Tree is named Groot and the Raccon is named Rocket Raccon, if i am not wrong, those 2 are the popular members of the group among the Marvel fandom, the raccon is way more popular anyway.

    • Try playing the game Marvel vs Capcom 3 and you’ll understand why Rocket is a great character.. ;)

  13. Ant-Man looks like kamen rider.

    • Couldn’t agree more… Probably because they are both insect-based

  14. Rocket Raccoon looks pretty cool!

    • No

  15. Anybody notice that Jane Foster was in Asgard with Thor in one of the pics?

    • Wanna bet that she’s going to be put on trial for being a mortal in Asgard? The one where if she fails she loses her memory.

      It would be a nice end for Jane Foster, they don’t even need to kill her off.

    • Hope that Cap II is as cool as Spiderman 3 was…

  16. Marvel P2 looks awesome!!

    • I hope avengers 2 going to make some sense . Not totally nonsense like avengers.

      • I’m not defending or anything… but I don’t think ANY comic book movie make sense… they are basically sci-fi, you just need to accept that anything can happen in their world haha

          • Pity no one seems to see Green Lantern that way, can’t wait to see what GOTG has to offer ;);)

  17. ooh so many Marvel goodies! yay!
    by the way, wasn’t the first Thor 2 trailer supposed to come out this week?

    • I think we’ll have to wait till the international IM3 premier for it. Makes more sense. April 2nd was just a rumour.

    • I’d expect it to come attached to Iron Man 3 in theaters.

  18. Everyone above who is concerned about GoTG — I was worried too. Until I checked out the comics, really clever and really hilarious– Guardians is going to be damn good.

    I’m really excited about Antman, Edgar Wright is insane for starters and secondly Hank Pym is a really interesting character.

      • After IM2, I’m more worried about 3.

        • Getting worried about Iron man 3 is depend on your choice of movie. If u want some great story from IM3 then may be filling worried is right. But if you want great action then don’t worry.
          I really hope IM3 have great action with great story and reason behind action .

    • Before these pic I am not worried about GOTG. Even I don’t know any character of GOTG. But after this RR pic I worried about it. I want to see some kick a.s.s action from kick a.s.s character not from childish RR.

  19. Wow. Looking at these pictures… gives me shivers. Well, could be because I sit close to the AC. On the other hand, they look awesome and I’m getting excited for Phase 2, especially for Thor 2 and GotG (crossing my fingers that The Stath will be cast as RR). The Winter Soldiers arts piqued my interest for CA2 as well. Hopefully these Phase 2 movies will be better than the first.

    • The Stath as RR? Yes… I REALLY like that idea…

      • We need The Rock as “The Rocket Raccoon”!

  20. Is it weird if I’m actually looking forward to Groot and Rocket Raccoon instead of the human characters in GotG? Hahaha
    And really digging the Winter Soldier look! Cap going to meet his best bud back!

  21. Well, I am hoping for more phase 2 success, so NOTHING derails the Dr. Strange movie I am hyped for. I got my childhood favorite- Thor- and now my second favorite is on the way.

    GoTG is just ridiculous enough to work……

    Ant-Man? Still not a fan. Never found him or any of the “tiny” heroes interesting (not him, or Wasp, or DC comics Atom, or the Micronauts.) But this is a labor of love for Mr. Wright, so I find myself slowly becoming at least hopeful. Again, just ridiculous enough to work.

    A couple of our posters have one very solid point though. At some point, Marvel will stub it’s toe and put out a bad movie. It will say more for their plans to see how they respond to that.

    Fox, for instance, hasn’t truly figured out they blow chunks at this comic book stuff…..

  22. Hmmm, ant-man is not bad, its got that touch of looking like the classic, but then being slightly more serious, but the mouth and eyes had better be seeable in the final version! Falcon…. well I am not an overly big fan of the ultimate design, just not that interesting. also the giant suit in the IM3 concept, it could be igor, or might it be firepower…. we still havent seen him. GOTG concepts are good though

  23. So many goodies!!!! :D

    I actually like the Falcon design despite a few flaws (but it is early concept art so I’m sure the finished product will be fairly different).
    Winter Soldier looks bad @$$, but I’m not so sure about that mask… if they insist on having his face covered, maybe some sort of breather-mask would be better? It would certainly be more practical than some cloth that could easily fall off during battle.

    On the GotG front, I’m loving the Star Wars vibe teh concept art is giving off. It’s crazy-weird how a movie that I was firmly against last year (to the point where I didn’t want Marvel to make it at all), is turning into my most anticipated film of 2014!

    It’s also nice to see a clear version of Ant-Man for the first time (as opposed to the blurry, bootlegged test footage). It’s only a nearly design, but if that’s what they started off with, I can’t wait to see what’ll be used in the actual movie! I just pray it’s Hank Pym under that helmet though…

    As for Thor TDW. I just want a damn trailer already! There hasn’t been any posters or concept art either. I thought we’d get a trailer on April 2nd, but all there is, is some behind the scenes stills. The movie is only about 6 months away for crying out loud!

    • They would never give Winter Soldier a breather mask, simply because they don’t want any parallels drawn to Darth Vader (a good guy that returns as a bad guy, in a breather mask)

  24. Anyone else notice that in two of the picks where it looks like Captain American is jumping out of a Quinjet, he is wearing his 1940′s outfit, not the modern one?

    • Caught that too. Hope they’re going back to this. It’s so much cooler than the one he had in Avengers.

    • i saw that as well. he took starks “spangly outfit” comment to heart and went with the old one, and they will probably have a new one at some point, hopefully an amalgam of both versions.