Captain America 2: Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon Workout & Origins

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Ultimate Falcon Captain America Captain America 2: Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon Workout & Origins

The sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger was officially confirmed by Disney in April and with the release date announcement came a brief logline for the film which placed the story of the followup taking place directly after the events of The Avengers where Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) would continue working for Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. With that announcement alone we could speculate as to what other characters could return and rumors had Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow having a larger role where their relationship and backstory could be explored.

Come time for Comic-Con in July, Marvel Studios revealed the official title for the sequel (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) which, in a rather self-explanatory fashion, confirmed that Sebastian Stan’s Bucky character would be back as well. That title doesn’t leave much to the imagination as to what Marvel Comics stories Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely’s screenplay will be drawing ideas from and so it wasn’t surprising to see reports of Anthony Mackie joining the franchise to play Falcon the day after Comic-Con.

Mackie’s involvement have since been confirmed and while attending an event for 10 Years, the 33-year-old actor couldn’t avoid questions about playing the character of Sam Wilson aka Falcon. Fans will be happy to hear that despite Mackie being a busy boy recently with key roles in a large amount of high profile films, he’ll be dedicating all of his time going forward to prepare to fight the good fight as an ally of Captain America and a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. for when filming on Captain America 2 begins next March.

“He’s known for his physique. He’s described as 6’3″, 245 pounds, so starting Monday, for the next five months until we start shooting, I’m going back to high-school workouts and start doing two-a-days, so I get up to 230 pounds. I’m going to try not to get a job between now and then, so I can really focus on this. Because Chris Evans is in such good shape! I’m just a dude he dragged into the lab that he injected with some shit, but I got to stand next to him. So we shall see!”

anthony mackie falcon captain america 2 Captain America 2: Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon Workout & Origins

In reality Mackie stands 5’10″ opposite 6′ Chris Evans. In the comics, Sam Wilson earned his unique ability to link with his companion falcon thanks to the Red Skull using the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) on him. His ability to fly comes via a harness he wears, designed by Black Panther. If what Mackie says jokingly about being injected a lab is true, Falcon’s origins may be altered for the film adaptation to potentially make him part of a new super soldier program. With the Tesseract being taken back to Asgard by Thor at the end of The Avengers and Black Panther seemingly (read: sadly) becoming a less likely character to get his own film, that may be a necessity. That plot point would also fall in line with rumors that General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross (William Hurt) from The Incredible Hulk could return.

As for stepping into the shoes of the first African-American superhero (Black Panther was introduced into comics three years earlier but wasn’t American), Mackie couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity.

“It’s amazing. The biggest part of it is, I think kids for so long have been looking for a role model or someone to look up to. I feel like this being truly the first African American superhero, being introduced in this movie and in this way, I feel like it’s going to be great.”


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Classic Falcon Captain America Captain America 2: Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon Workout & Origins

Mackie is bulking up, but how close to his classic comic book duds (above, flying alongside Bucky as Captain America) will he look in costume?

“Marvel is really weird, because they don’t let you look at the script. They’re like, ‘Listen, we brought back Robert Downey Jr., so you might want to be down with us (laughs). But there’s going to be a lot of Anthony in a tight suit kicking ass. Everybody wanted me in spandex, and now you’ve got it — hours of it!”

Much like Hawkeye, who went from purple tights and a mask to a much more practical SHIELD vest, expect Mackie’s Falcon to wear a uniform less colorful and more like the Ultimate Falcon outfit. If he looks anything like the below image, Falcon may steal the show:

Ultimate Falcon 570x865 Captain America 2: Anthony Mackie Talks Falcon Workout & Origins

Depending on how much of The Winter Soldier storyline from the books will be maintained in the film, Captain America 2 will serve as a SHIELD movie of sorts with a potential team dynamic comparable to The Avengers – especially if Marvel Studios and directors Anthony & Joe Russo are able to bring Jeremy Renner and Black Widow into the fold, alongside Cap, Falcon and Agent Sharon Carter. Hawkeye and Black Widow may be a stretch at this point, but Falcon’s strong relationship with Captain America (all of them who’ve worn the star-spangled suit) and Agent Carter will most definitely carry through from the books, potentially with a story involving A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics – appearing in Iron Man 3) and appearance by Iron Man.

There’s a lot of ground to cover from The Winter Soldier story arc from the comics and much of it could be reserved for the inevitable Captain America 3 after The Avengers 2. Can you imagine Sebastian Stan’s Bucky taking over the Captain America role (and suit) years down the road? For now, we have at least two key characters from the books making their first appearance. Who are your most excited to see introduced in Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014.


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Sources Vulture, MTVCBM

Ultimate Falcon cover art by Kaare Andrews.

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  1. Not a character I’m particularly fond of if truth be told. I was hoping this would really be about Steve and Bucky, adding Falcon seems like a mistake to me. But! I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one, I’m not familiar with Mackie as an actor, and The First Avenger was a fantastic romp. I’m more worried about the frankly bizarre choice in director(s) for this film. I understand hiring Alan Taylor for Thor 2, that makes perfect sense.
    Still no word on who will be the villain? I’m wondering if they might not change some things around and have Zemo be the one who turned Bucky into a cyborg killing machine.

    • The big bad Baron is my bet.

      • Agreed, but who might they cast? Zemo is a character that could appear in more than one film.

        • Baron Zemo was always a great villain, I hope he comes to life in the movies, that is if they don’t bring back Red Skull in the second movie (maybe post credits?)

          Crossbones, Winter Soldier, and Vermin would be the ones I would vote for for the PHYSICAL action, Baron and Skull would be more of a thinking villain if you ask me…

          • I’d expect Crossbones to make an appearance at some point.

            • I hope so… Vermin could be a good choice, and it could be CREEPY too if done correctly ;)

        • I’ve always thought that Jeremy irons would make a good zemo,but I doubt he would be interested and plus he’s 2 old.

      • Zemo is still my first choice as well.
        There could be flashbacks of Zemo Sr in WW2, with Zemo Jr being the main villain (the guy controlling HYDRA and the Winter Soldier) in this one.

        And if they decide to bring back Red Skull I can see an interesting dynamic developing there as well: for instance, if RS returns and sees someone else is in charge of HYDRA, and demands that person (Zemo) to make way for the real ruler of HYDRA, neither of them will be a happy a camper (I doubt Zemo would be happy to just step down).

        • Do you know if Hugo Weaving signed a multi film contract with Marvel? After Cap, he made the comment he doesn’t want to do blockbusters anymore. Since that comment, I figured we wouldn’t see much of Red Skull anymore.

          • No Weaving doesn’t mean no Red Skull (and no, I don’t think he signed a contract).
            I remember that comment he made as well, but to be perfectly honest, they don’t need to get Weaving to return. The RS mask can be replicated on any actor’s face… the voice is the only thing that might bug some fans, but again, there are a lot of actors that can pull off a good German accent.

            • I guess that’s true. And Marvel has done it before with recasting…

            • they should get ah-nuld. he looks like he’s 100 now, but still has the build, and the natural accent (i know he’s austrian, but i think it will work) BUT, he’s got to do better than B & R. no one liners. he should play the part totally straight. sign him to a 2 pic deal.

    • Zemo would be a perfect villain for this movie. He has the WWII links and also the Masters of Evil could be good in the future. I’m with you on the Falcon. I’m not going to worry about the move, like with Rocket Raccoon, but they really like finding the most lame heroes while leaving the good ones hanging.

      Oh, and I’m sure that Marvel loves the street cred they are getting from this guy. “They just injected me with some s***.” I’m sure he wasn’t supposed to drop that knowledge and they love the way he is articulating it already. I don’t care, think it’s funny, but I have a feeling they want to reign him in a bit.

  2. Awesome, now if we could only get a black panther movie going.

    • Honestly at this point I rather Black Panther be kept out of cogs of the MCU and get his own trilogy that can do him and Wakanda justice.

    • Would love to see Black Panther in the MMU

      • They must do a Black-Panther cameo, in which he is giving falcon the suit. He could wear a prototype in the movie and in the post-credits-scene, he gets a better version from the Black Panther.

  3. As far as african american super heroes go, I really wish they would move forward with a Black Panther movie. Idris Elba would completely own that role and the character has always been one of my favorites.

    • Elba is already playing Heimdall for Marvel, so there is no way he would be appearing as Black Panther.

      • But heimdall as if now is rarely used. not to mention you never see his face

        • Huh?

      • Yeah I know he is. But I really don’t think it would matter. He is very rarely used, except for maybe (strictly) the Thor movies. I actually had no idea it was him, he’s completely covered with glowing gold eyes. It would be stupid to pass up on a greater actor like him just because of Heimdel. I really think he’d be great as Black Panther.

        • In what way is he completely covered? You can clearly see his face and hear his voice, Elba comes through very strongly in the role of Heimdall.

          • He’s covered in armor except for the main parts of his face, in which he has gold eyes. I had no idea that was him until after I saw the movie. If you don’t like the black panther then whatever, but I think he’d be great in the role. Seems like a waste of talent to use Elba in such a small role in the marvel universe (Heimdall) when there’s clearly much bigger and better parts for him to play.

          • His voice s heavily altered and his top of his head is covered he could easily play bp with no problems

        • what version of Thor did you watch that you don’t know its Idris?

          • I wasn’t aware he was in it at first is all. I didn’t really care about the Thor movie to much, didn’t really look to into it. Sure if you knew he in it before you saw it, it’s easy to say that it was obviously him. But yeah his voice was heavily altered, I forgot about that as well. Either way though I really don’t care. All I meant to say is that I think he’s the perfect actor to play the Black Panther.

            • Captain America and Human Torch?

            • Yes, but like others have said, he’s already in the MCU, so you may as well stop thinking about it. Aint gonna happen! (Would have been cool, though, but he’s much cooler as Heimdall)

    • Um, Black Panther isn’t African American… African? Yes, African AMERICAN? No.

      But I agree with ya, I want to see BP in the MCU now!!!

      As for Elba: like others have said, he’s already playing Heimdal, plus Elba isn’t really a good fit for BP anyway IMO. My first choice for T’Challa is still Aldis Hodge.

      • Donald Glover for Black Panther!!

        • How about Djimon Hounsou for Black Panther?

          • Too old. He’d be perfect for Black Panther’s father though (T’Chakka).

            • haha, I have given up trying to correct everyone spouting out the same actors and why they aren’t good choices.

              Keepp fighting the good fight Avenger!

      • Agreed 100% Aldis is perfect for T’Challa

    • Black Panther is just African. Not American

    • The Black Panther is not African American. I don’t know why people cant realize there are and have been for centuries, blacks on this planet that have nothing to do with America. The Black Panther is the king of Wakanda, a hidden African nation. He is not American. Also, I agree he should have his own movie as he has a very rich and robust background. Instead of Idris, however, I’d like to see Isaiah Mustafa play him.

  4. Black Panther, yeah, no. I’ll give that a pass. Possibly my least favourite Marvel mainstay.

  5. I can’t see Mackie get to 230 unless he uses steroids dude has no fat already

    • I gotta agree, Mackie would have to use roids in order to gain the weight and he is not in particularly great shape now so I think he is overly optimistic!

  6. Hope they keep the Ultimate look. I like the way CA2 is shaping up!

  7. I’m wondering if this is going to be neat or messy?!.. You’ve got the background of several major characters that they’re trying to bring together some of it likely being origin story for the characters. Is it possible that trying to carry the origin stories of how Falcon and the Winter Soldier came to be, plus fill in Caps backstory, plus serve as a linchpin or at least glue to the next Avengers movie, is asking a lot for one story? Perhaps Whedon has an idea or perhaps this is phase 2′s ‘Iron Man 2′…

    • It doesn’t have to be a mess. Maybe they won’t go hugely into Falcon’s origins, it might start with a huge flashback to WW2 with Cap and Bucky, something like that.
      The introduce the Winter Soldier as a assassin that Steve has to go up against. That’s the first hour.

      Then he finds out that it is Bucky, tries to reason with him, gets his arse handed to him. Then they find out about Zemo, cue another flashback. Then a big massive fight between Zemo/Cap/Bucky/Falcon, loyalties are tested.

      It could easily work, throw in Sharon Carter as the love interest, a bit of SHIELD stuff with maybe Hawkeye, definitely Nick Fury, as he has to be in all of the films.

      And there you have it. Not a mess. Storywise at least.

      • No offense, but reading that, I expected you to end your comment with, “well that’s kind of a mess”.

        I feel that a flashback half way through the movie to introduce Zemo is almost copping out (if that’s the correct term to use). A villian like Zemo needs some story and screen time.

        Now if this movie is longer then most Marvel movies, an hour in would be okay but how many Marvel movies have been over two hours?

        • cap was just over 2 hrs. the avengers was 2 hr 20 min. i stated before they should just make them all around 2.5 hr to flesh out the characters more. almost every harry potter movie was over 2.5 hr, save for 1 i think. all the nolan batman’s were over that as well. it’s just way to much story to cram into a neat 2 hr package

  8. hmm cap2 has alot of stuff to cover wonder how much time theyll focus on cap himself

    • That just it guys I can see it from both perspectives. Really it’s kind of exciting, what we’ve seen, impressive. It certainly competes with anything else other studios have to offer entertainment wise. I’m hoping Dr. Sam is right though and it’s just a lack of information or imagination that makes this look messy…

  9. wow, 230 in a 5’10′ frame…all muscle…in 5 months!!! hope he can pull it off

  10. Wasn’t Goliath the 1st Marvel African-American superhero?

    • No, Goliath wasn’t African-American until much, much, much later.

      First African-American superhero = Falcon. Black Panther was much earlier, but is straight-up African (not American).

      • I thought that Luke Cage was the first Marvel hero… Maybe I am wrong…

        One of those three were the first MAIN African descent heros, Cage, BP and Falcon, for that I am almost positive…

        Notice how I say African DECENT?

      • actually Luke Cage is the first African American superhero because he came out 1972 in the Heroes for Hire comics and the actor who I think should play him perfectly is Lynn Red Williams

        • No, Luke Cage is not the first African American superhero. The Falcon came out before he did. Cage DID have his own book, though.

  11. Hmm, I don’t see why they needed to add Falcon. He’s not much of a popular character and Hawkeye and Black Widow could easily have been apart of the supporting cast. Not to mention how weird it’d be to see some guy with wings flying around. I don’t see it translating well but I hope I’m wrong. Still hoping for Hawkeye and Widow to be squeezed in the movie :D

    • Well, Falcon is part of the The Winter Soldier storyline and it gives them another new character to market (and merchandise!).

      • plus, mackie is no stranger to tv, he could show up in the shieled tv show as well

    • How I look at it, Cap is a leader. A Captain. It’s almost like they are establishing a modern day Howling Commandos. With Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Falcon… Would be kind of kick a#*!

      • @Rob Keyes- Sounds like I need to brush up on my comic storylines :)

        @Kyle- Cap leading a SHIELD team would be awesome to see :D

  12. Personally, I LOVE that they are bringing in Falcon. He relates Cap to a whole different level of street–especially since he’s been spending so much time with super-secret government agencies.

    Plus we are overdue to show some variety in the Marvel movie universe’s superheroes. I would also like to see more women superheroes in the next Avengers line-up.

  13. I’m not really the biggest Falcon fan since he looks very goofy and has always just been Cap’s sidekick, but Mackie is an awesome actor and Ultimate Falcon is a bad @$$.
    If they go with the Ultimate look of Falcon, and kinda merge the 616 and Ultimate origins, then I think it could work very well…

    • Where is Rick Jones? Is he gonna show up as A-Bomb and show Falcon how the sidekick game is played? Is he gonna sing an awesome 80′s song, similar to Eddie Murphy’s PAT (Party all the Time)? Is he going to end up being Falcon’s gay lover so, similar to Mile Morales, they will get not only the black cred but also the gay cred? I await impatiently.

      • @Capnadolny,

        You my non-friend are an idjit and two other words ending in phobe and ist.

        • +10!

        • Right, I’m a gay homophobic and racist who lives in a low income black neighborhood just to be around those I hate. You do get +10. You get +10 because you obviously took everything I said, and since I said black and gay, claimed racism and, wow, anti gay.

          Because I have to explain my comment, it loses the bad attempt at humor that it might have had. If you have ever read comics, you know who Rick Jones is. The cheesiest side kick in the business with the eighties look. Falcon is the second lamest sidekick, which Marvel introduced because they needed another black character. Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, was introduced because they wanted a gay character. So, for the small minded, fellow “idjit” who either doesn’t know the subject or just gets defensive and asserts racism into the argument, then I say get a mutha-effin life. To his disciple that gave him +10, I give you +20 for your awesome taste.

          I would say that I have been one advocate for Black Panther. A great black character who is not there just b/c he’s black, but I guess that would be akin to saying I have sooo many black friends. So I will say that if the moderator or this site doesn’t like my participation or thinks that I am in any way a racist, then I am done with this site.

          Pretty much, I guess staying on this site requires me to become as humorless as some of the fine people on the message boards here. Yeah, you guys have fun with that. Oh, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any hint of racism.

          Yeah, I think I’m done.

          • you are correct in that it was a (very) bad attempt at humor. in fact, i would say it failed miserably at being even remotely humorous. where you live and who your neighbors are have NOTHING to do with your ridiculous comment. i suggest you read it out loud to yourself, and maybe have one of your buddies who don’t frequent this site read it, and see if they find any humor in there, so i will take the +20 you gave me as i do have awesome taste, but i am no one’s “disciple” as you call it.
            i am aware who rick jones is, but i will admit i have no idea who Miles Morales is. if he’s a gay spider-man, ok. i don’t keep up with the comic books anymore. too much life in the way. maybe 2 cents was harsh with the “idjit” comment, but, reading your comment, it does come off sounding racist/homophobic/hateful. it just makes no sense in the context of the discussion at hand.

          • Miles Morales is Spider-Man from the Ultimates universe, is a kid, and is not gay.

            Rick Jones may be a cheesy sidekick, but he wasn’t from the 80s- he debuted in the 60s with the Incredible Hulk. Some could even argue its his fault there even is a Hulk.

            The Falcon was not introduced because Marvel “needed” a black character. Stan Lee and Gene Colan wanted to do something that was different and reflected the times they were living in (late 60s).

        • @my2cents – You’ve been around long enough to know better. If you have a problem with someone else’s comment and feel you MUST respond then please do so without resorting to name calling. I’m refering to the “idjit” portion of your comment.

          If you feel the comment violates our policy then please notify us via our Contact Page and I’ll address it ASAP.

          Paul Young – Moderator

          • Hey Paul,

            I really don’t think idjit is a strong name to tag someone with seeming how Bugs Bunny coined it…JK. sorry. Sorry. I’ll take the hint at the euphemism and its implied meaning.

            No need to go any further.
            We can all live long and prosper. Future jabs will be at half speed so they can duck.

      • @Capnadolny – You’re comment, while not in violation of site policy, really didn’t serve any other purpose than to rile up other readers. No one else here or on any other site has mentioned any character being gay and you did it only as a (bad) joke – so yeah, don’t be surprised when someone calls you out on it. I’ve addressed the name calling but looking at your responses to their comments I think it’s time to take a deep breath and move on from this topic. Nothing good is going to come from it.

        Now, there’s no problem with accusing Marvel of trying to pander or get “cred” with any demographic. I happen to agree with you to some degree. However, that wasn’t the intent of your comment and if it was then you should have elaborated on it instead of making it a one sentence joke.

        Paul Young – Moderator

        • I think it made perfect sense to the topic at hand, and here is why. Everyone has been talking about how, if they want a black Super Hero, they should do Panther, and not the “lame powered” Falcon. At the time, Marvel did it to get cred with the black community. He is a lame sidekick.

          Rick Jones is the definition of lame sidekicks. He dressed in horrible, generic 70′s & 80′s clothes, if you have read the comics or even watched the old Hulk cartoons. For a long time, he was Cap’s lame sidekick. OK, the Eddie Murphy “Party All The Time” reference was a stretch, but they dressed the exact same Rick Jones used to dress. In fact, if you look up that video you will get a laugh, which is what I did before commenting.

          As far as the “black” and “gay” cred, it is what Marvel did with Miles Morales. In fact, the only reason Marvel killed Peter Parker to replace him with Miles was to get that “cred”. So, Jeffro agreed that I was racist and homophobic and he had no idea what I was referring to.

          I’m just sick of being called racist and homophobic or sexist or anything just because either someone doesn’t know what I’m talking about or they don’t agree with me. I wasn’t trying to “rile anyone up”. Ok, I said that comment about Rick Jones maybe coming in as Falcon’s gay lover, but how is that riling anyone up? That is EXACTLY what Marvel did with Miles Morales. So, sorry Paul, but I was joking but it wasn’t that much of a joke. Marvel has pulled the PC crap for decades now. But, I’m sure I’m wrong as usual. And hel with it, I really think I am done with this site if I’m going to be called all these vile terms for referring to something like this.

          • Only thing dude is that Miles Morales isn’t gay. He’s just kid in elementary school.

            No need to dip from the site. Take the hit on the chin like most of us have at one point or another on her and learn then move on to the next topic.

            Hell, I’ll even apologize for putting you in a figure four.

  14. Can’t find the post but someone suggested having the Panther show up in the credits or post credits giving the Falcon a new/better suit! I like that one. I like that idea a lot. We tend to forget that the Black Panther is just as wealthy and intellegent as Tony Stark. It would’ve been nice if they just mentioned that the Quin-Jet in the Avengers was designed by him and his tech. team….

    • That was me (thanx BTW) and it would be cool if they build in some competition between Stark and Panther in the next movies (Avengers 2, Black Panther or Ironman 4), like in Ironman 2 (between Stark and Hammer).

  15. In the words of ESPN NFL countdown host Chris berman ,Come on marvel! COME On! Black panther movie please!!

  16. 230 pounds is f’n heavy! I’m not sure he can put that much muscle on in 5 months. 2′a days is a lot of lifting sure, but dayamn! 230? 210 with bulk would work just as well.

  17. I fixed the link so it goes to page 2 correctly.

  18. Black Panther is Marvel’s Batman, why hasnt he ever been marketed that way? Also Hooray for more multi-cultural super heroes!

    • Marketing Black Panther as “Marvel’s Batman” is like marketing Pepsi as “Kinda like Coke” – it just doesn’t work well ;)

      Black Panther can stand on his own two feet. He’s a very interesting and compelling character and doesn’t need the help of the Batman franchise to make it onto the big screen IMO.

      • @ Avenger

        ROFL. I tip my hat to you sir.

  19. That ultimate costume is f****** bad*** booyah love Marvel movies anthony mackie will be great as Falcon

  20. I have to admit I never saw the Falcon coming, but he might be OK. I would have placed my money on Black Panther being the first choice for a sidekick, but ya can’t win ‘em all (either one is OK). I am really hoping to see Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Goliath (Hank Pym), and Wasp soon, but they would probably fir best in an Avengers film.

  21. Djimon Hounsou would be ideal for Black Panther in IMO

    • /queue The Avenger…….

      • …Djimon Hounsou is too old!!! ;)

        • ROFL! Love your work guys.

  22. Why some folks think that the Ultimate Falcon’s “uniform” is so much better than the Bronze Age Falcon is beyond me. Ditto for the current Luke Cage. Are these people uncomfortable with the idea of a black man in a traditional superhero costume?

    I wonder how “badass” fans would think Captain America would be on film had the filmmakers decided to go the Bryan Singer route because they felt it too corny to put him in red, white, and blue.

    • @Xmasevebaby,

      come on now. Don’t be that way. It has nada to do with the color of bruh’s skin. The trend in big budget flicks is to change crap. Period. Hawkeye was changed. They’re revamping Supes get up. Cap’s costume was changed around. It’s just Hollywood. Nothing nefarious

      Having said all that, Kick Ass, Judge Dredd and The Watchmen all proved you can have characters in full costume and not lose anything.

      • I’m not trying to be all Conspiracy Man on you, but with the exception of (as I choke back the vomit) Robert Townsend in “Meteor Man,” how many black superheroes have you seen in a traditional costume?

        As the first African-American superhero, the Falcon’s costume is iconic, yet I’m willing to bet that these filmmakers will be incapable of presenting Sam Wilson as anything more than a generic gat-wielding stereotype that can be found in any action film or video game.

        It’s no coincidence that this Ultimate Falcon that some folks have gravitated to wears BDU’s and carries semi-automatic weapons. In some warped logic, this Ultimate Falcon is safe and non-threatening to these people, as opposed to the 616 Sam Wilson who’s been around for over forty years, never used guns, and appears every bit as patriotic as Steve Rogers himself.

        • Come on man,

          A bruh in spandex is more threatening than one in fatigues weilding an AR15 and a smile? Wait, lemme read that again……

          So, um.. you’re saying that Hollywood flipped the script and went Bizarro Falcon on us? That the original cat isn’t a threat because he was a stand up guy and just threw hands while the Ultimate version is safer because he’s a product that is type cast? The or

          I’ll be the first cat to say Bruh’s get the shaft (hhehe) in flicks, but me thinks thou dost protest too much. Like Sifu Lee said “if you focus on the finger, you’ll miss all the heavenly glory.”
          You’re focused on the costume and not being happy they’re even adding a Black character.

          The Original aka Earth 616 version was at best a gimmie, at worst a token Avenger who’s history they had to mess with to make him even more of a stereotype. Dude went from Social Worker to hypnotized thug. Pfft!
          I’ll take the Ultimate version because he’s useful and a f’n genius! The original dude was always pretty useless in a fight. The best they could do with him is allow him to talk with birds. WTF!?

          Give me the Soldier/SHIELD agent who’s giving cat’s 5.56 lead poisoning anyday.

          • I’ll give you that. The original Falcon was a sidekick at best, and a stereotype at the very worst, but then so was Luke Cage.

            I still believe that the reason Marvel Studios isn’t keen to do a Black Panther (even after much consternation from fans) is because they don’t believe that audiences can wrap their brains around a black man with world class intellect, wealth, and unparalled ass kicking abilities.

            No…the “gatekeepers” in Hollywood are far more comfortable giving us clowns like Undercover Brother or second-tier autocrats like Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury whose love of country isn’t as unchallenged as that of Captain America…I mean, something wrong with a brother loving his country, too?

            The problem with the 616 Falcon is that Marvel never allowed him to be more than Cap’s sidekick, so all we’ve been left with is his red and white suit and Redwing.

            But, I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one, my brother.

            • Right, now Hollywood and Marvel are racist. In fact, everyone is threatened by a black asskicker, because that has never been done before. I mean, it’s not like we have a black president that a majority voted for.

              Blade, Luke Cage and Panther are all top-tier heroes. But let’s make sure we never use them because…..???? That’s right, we are racists!!! Damn, thanks for ruining this site for me. I was really liking it these last 6 months or so. But every night I go to sleep having been called a racist is a s***** one, Bruh.

              • @Capnadolny – I wouldn’t consider Blade, Cage or Panther to be top-tier characters. Saying Hollywood and Marvel are racist is a bit harsh without having any evidence to back that up. Kingpin was played by a black man (Michael Clark Duncan), Blade had a trilogy of movies and a (failed) TV series before Spider-Man ever saw the big screen, Warmachine plays a significant role in Iron Man 2 and 3, and Storm has been in 3 X-Men movies.

                To call someone is racist simply because they haven’t made a movie about a character you like is over-the-top. Slow your roll bud.

                Paul Young – Moderator

                • Umm, you do realize I was responding to the previous comment? Obviously not. The previous post said that the public is not ready to wrap their heads around a black asskicker, and then I proved them wrong with facts, that Marvel & Hollywood is not racist. In fact they do ridiculous things to prove they are not, which reeks of desperation.

                  It’s cool, turn it around on me because this is most likely the last day on this site. Everyone takes themselves so serious and then calls someone a racist/homophobe/sexist/(insert derogatory term here) when they don’t agree. You just made the same point as me and told me to slow my roll. Consider my roll slowed. Or halted. I guess you don’t worry about the context of the comments. Whatever, tell Vic the site is great.

                  • @Capnadoly – What “facts” did you use in that above comment that refuted anything? In all sincerity I do not see it. I also don’t see how you and I said the exact same thing. You said everyone is threatened by a black asskicker which is why Hollywood hasn’t made a Black Panther movie yet and that makes Marvel racist. I listed examples that show the opposite of what you said.

                    Paul Young – Moderator

                    • I wasn’t saying Marvel is racist. I was responding to the commenter above who said that the world is not ready for a black ass kicker. Did you read the comment above that I was responding to? If so, you will see that I was sarcastically saying what you were to me. But it wasn’t me that said it. I pointed out how ridiculous the above comment @xmasevebaby was by saying we HAVE had many black heroes and we have a black president. So why wouldn’t we be ready for ANOTHER black asskicker? CONTEXT. Read the string I was on and not just mine. It was a reply message, after all.

                    • Somehow I think Capnadoly’s sarcasm or intent keeps getting lost in translation.

            • Now,
              I can agree that Luke starting out was a caricature of a hero. Sweet Christmas! WTH?!
              Now he’s an A list Avenger.

              You’re right that Falcon is and will always be known as Cap’s sidekick. Hopefully the Ultimate version will erase that from our collective minds and he can stand on his own like Bucky has.

              Signing off with “I kinda dig Sam’s Nick Fury because he’s not a sideline character.”

              The Ultimateverse is built around that Fury.

        • I agree, I would really like to see him in his traditional red and white outfit. I don’t expect it to be an exact duplicate of the V-neck and short glider wings from the 70s, but maybe something like the hard-light hologram suit he sported for a short time ago. Not every costume can translate to the big screen, but I would really hope they would try to get that one there.

  23. Funny how Black Panther seems to hijack every convo on who’s up next. You reading this Marvel?

  24. Mackie is a good actor. Maybe, he’ll help make Captain America II more interesting than the first movie.

  25. I don’t care how amazing an actor Anthony Mackie is, because if he isn’t provided with an intelligent script, his role will be as diminished as it was in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. NUFF SAID!

  26. Re: The Falcon’s costume…OK, let the “big-Itchin’” begin! I would much prefer the red and white heroic-looking costume of the comics. Why are half the writers, directors, or whoever afraid to use the comics costumes? Green Lantern, Spider-Man and the new Superman will look fairly cool, as did the old Flash TV series. On the other hand, Hawkeye, Black Widow, the X-Men, and now The Falcon don’t look that great in black leather & Spandex, and the captain America costume could have used a few improvements as well. Heroes look like heroes in our memories from the comics for a reason, folks.

  27. Michael Jai White should play the Black panther!