‘Captain America 2′ Will Be Directed By ‘Community’ Duo

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 19th, 2013 at 1:18 pm,

Thanks to The Avengers, a foundation for “Phase 2″ of Marvel’s shared movie universe has been solidified. Next year, the solo superhero films Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 will build off that groundwork, followed by Captain America 2 in 2014 – along with other films that have yet to be officially announced. (Although, Ant-Man and Black Panther are both looking like strong contenders at the time of writing this.)

Production has begin on the Iron Man threequel, while the Thor sequel is slated to being shooting later this year. We previously heard rumblings that the second Captain America movie could likewise start filming before year’s end. Now that the film has secured a director(s), there’s a greater chance of that happening.

Marvel previously settled on a shortlist of directors for the Captain America sequel, including F. Gary Gray (who took a pass, in order to sign on for the N.W.A. biopic) and Adjustment Bureau writer/director George Nolfi. Variety is reporting that the job has instead gone to the left-field candidates who were included on that initial list: filmmaking siblings Anthony and Joe Russo.

The Russo brothers are best-known for their work in the comedy genre, having previously-helmed such films as Welcome to Collinwood and You, Me and Dupree. They’ve also directed such cult-TV comedy series as Arrested Development and the first two seasons of Community (which they also co-ran throughout Dan Harmon’s time as showrunner).

It was originally reported that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was very impressed by the Russo brothers’ “try-out” for the Captain America 2 directing job. Moreover, the siblings had already taken steps to avoid being branded as solely comedy filmmakers, seeing how they attached themselves to direct the Ciudad graphic novel adaptations (with Dwayne Johnson) prior to their interview for the Cap sequel.

Marvel heads clearly (hopefully?) know something that everyone else does not, since Captain America 2 will be more grounded and darker than its predecessor – as it deals primarily with Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) attempts to carry out missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. in the modern-day landscape. As it stands, the Russo brothers have been deemed worthy to carry out that task.

Captain America 2 will arrive in U.S. theaters on April 4th, 2014.


Source: Variety

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  1. Well this news is ominous…. I gues they didn’t learn anything from having a comic book guy direct a movie… (Joss).
    This doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • What? Go have another drink Jack…

      • What didn’t you understand exactly?

        • Ummm…sorry, I misinterpreted your comment. My bad.
          I am Jacks failed attempt at a sassy comment.

          • Hilarious save.

    • “Ciudad marks the first feature directorial gig for Joe and Anthony Russo…the brothers have work on TV shows including Community and Happy Endings. The film is based on the upcoming Oni Press graphic novel written by the brothers Russo and Ande Parks, which follows “black market mercenary who’s hired by a Brazilian drug lord to rescue his kidnapped daughter.”

      Ciudad is being pitched as a hard-hitting, gritty action flick, something of a departure for the comedy-rooted Russos.”

      So, not only Marvel believes in them. They managed to sign Dwayne Johnson as well, who while not grade A is well-known.

      I particularly like the fact they wrote their own graphic novel and are directing it. Plus the subject matter(mercenaries, drug lords, kidnapping, and crime)sounds serious enough.

  2. I swear people panic for no reason. People tend to forget Favreau was a nobody before iron man

    • John Favereau was a big iron man comic fan for years. He Truely knew the characters and its source material it’s a big part of what made the iron man big screen debut so amazing.

      • so what’s your excuse for IM2?? BOOM. ROASTED

        • Right! IM2. Ya beat me to the punch lol.

        • Studio interference and a rushed script.

          • and….we have a winner! (and why Favereau pretty much quit after IM2)

            The funny thing is there is a delicate balance between studio and director. Both need to play their part but not step on the others toes. If you let the Director have total control we could end up with another John Carter where the director went overboard and wasn’t reined back in. Conversely if you let too many studio people stick their hands in the project we could end up with another GL.

          • Yup… and the casting of Rourke also made things more complicated because that rushed script then needed to be reworked for him.
            That, along with a few other problems means that it wasn’t just a rushed script, it was a rushed production!

  3. I’m sure a few comments from now (and the above one) will prove why I hate fanboys. STOP ACTING LIKE A DIRECTOR CAN ONLY DO ONE TYPE OF FILM/SHOW. Haven’t even seen a script,screen test, clip, picture, trailer anything, and I’m sure a bunch of people will come on to bash it for NO REASON AT ALL. Come down off you high horses people.

    • I feel the same a lot of the time reading comments.

  4. Haven’t seen any of their work before, but their resume/filmography is very… unsettling IMO
    I don’t have a good feeling about this one… :(

    • Agreed!!

      • Seconded.

  5. Ok i know that a lot of people don’t like the idea of having comedy directors on a movie like Captain America but isn’t that what we all thought of Evans when he first got cast as Cap. We all thought he was too funy not good enough all that jazz and look what a great job he did in the role, same with Iron Man’s director Jon Favreau one of the biggest films that he ever directed was Elf with Will Ferrell everybody thought that would be the worst thing ever especially when Robert Downey Jr got cast and those two changed the world o Super hero movies whoose to say these guys can’t do the same. This will be a huge project and maybe the biggest one that these two have done so far but its good that they are challenging themselves to be better Directors than they are now. Them being comedy directors maybe Evans will work well with them, GOOD LUCK TO YOU RUSSO BROTHERS AND HAVE SOME FUN.

    • “We all thought he was too funy not good enough all that jazz…”
      Um [raises hand], I never thought that. I thought Evans was a terrific choice since the moment they cast him. I certainly didn’t think he was too funny for the role.

      And as ‘VADER’s 501st’ said, Favreou was a huge IM fan (and comic book fan) his whole life… so far we (the fans) have absolutely no proof that these guys can hold their own directing a CBM.

      Sure, they probably will do well (if they can’t, why would Marvel hire them?), but Marvel knows that the fans will backlash if we don’t get some sort of “reassurance” that one of our favorite characters is in good hands…

      • *Edit: “…the fans will LASH OUT…”

        • Indeed we will!!!

  6. Favreau directed Swingers .
    It was considered a cult hit .
    Hardly a nobody .
    Maybe not in action circles ,
    But, he was not completly unknown.

    • Favreau did not direct Swingers he wrote and stared in it. He directed Made.

      • he also directed Elf, and Zathura (which, coincidentally, i dusted off that dvd and watched it monday night)

  7. Chris Evans needs to start hitting the weights! I loved The First Avenger and the Avengers but he looked a little skinny in the Cap uniform..

    He would look tougher if he were more jacked up and muscular IMO..

  8. Perhaps these brothers are up to it or perhaps not.
    One should think this project deserves proven talent.
    The only certainty about this duo is they come cheap.

    • These guys are proven talent, they have an Emmy on their resume. Not bad imo.

      • I was referring for this type of genre for which they are not.
        I did not mean to imply they were not proven talents elsewhere.

        • Though even in their proven genre or whatever, they still made You, Me and Dupree.

          • Too true, Ben. Not exactly a resume enhancer.

  9. Is this a late April Fools Day Joke ?
    Doesn’t sound real to me !

  10. Don’t sweat it homeboys and homegirls cap 2 is in good hands. If the story is tight out will be alright….but I agree Chris needs to be jacked muscle-wise. Dudes neck was a bit on the skinny side this last film.

  11. Great news, glad to see marvel hired some good talent in these Emmy winning directors. Much better than Black for Iron Man 3.

    • Whoa. Not a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fan, I guess?

      • He can be good, but don’t forget he has also directed crap, like Last Action Hero.

        • I loved Last Action Hero… as a kid… :)

        • He didn’t direct that. The only feature film directed by him is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

          • Correct he only wrote the screenplay, which earned him a razzie nom.

            • Hey, I’d take Last Action Hero over You, Me & Dupree any day of the week. Regardless, he didn’t direct it, so it’s unclear how much of his screenplay was used. I mean, he’s also responsible for Lethal Weapon, so his successes clearly outweigh his failures (if you can call them that).

  12. Clearly people here who aren’t excited haven’t seen Community. It’s genius, and this is damn good news.

    • Captain America isn’t a comedy. And Community Is “genius”? Really?

      • I recommend you watch the paint ball episodes of Community. If there is one thing these guys have shown it’s that they understand how to make things. Those episodes are funny and full of good action and thrills. I’m excited by this. It shall be interesting.

  13. Not a big splash pick (unless you count the negativity this may bring) but I’ll hold out total abject anger and fear for a little while. The Marvel folks deserve some flexibility and hopefully Feige (and Whedon in some capacity) understand what they have created and the ramifications of screwing the pooch therefore have really fleshed this out to make sure they are up to the job. So hopefully these guys do a great job, and we can all laugh about the uproar that came about when this is a success.

  14. I was incredibly ticked when I first heard. But this article actually made me believe in Marvel a little bit more.

  15. The Russo brothers work on Community is better than Joe Johnston’s First Avenger direction.

  16. As a die hard Cap fan for years, I thought TFA was kinda crap. Personally this is good news to me, of course a major action director would make a big difference, but I’d prefer directors who get invested in the world of their material.

    • WHAT!!?? Captain America: The First Avenger was a greater film than Thor and IM2 combined!! Easily.

      Die hard Cap fan, huh? OK.

      • I don’t agree with him either, but it is his opinion…

  17. I’m sure these guys are more than qualified to yell “ACTION!” Besides, the script is going to dictate the quality of the movie. Spielberg is one of the greats, but he’s been behind the camera for a hot mess or two, himself (see “Hook,” “The Lost World,” “Amistad,” etc.).

    • haaa cmon man, hook wasn’t that bad. RUFIO! RUFIO!

  18. I’m willing to give these guys a chance. I absolutely LOVED the first one so of course I’m excited for this one!

  19. Arrested Development is a brilliant and hilarious show, and I’ve heard the same about Community. I just hope the brothers’ talents can translate into an excellent action film. Only time will tell.

  20. It would be cool to see Cap head off to some secret missions in modern day eastern europe perhaps. Then meet and fight Baron Zemo who has found bucky/winter soldier. Maybe have an ally for Cap like Falcon or a Black Panther cameo to lead into the Panther movie.

    And if Kevin Feige picked these two unlikely candidates, they either must’ve had one hell of a pitch, or they are the biggest fans… or both. I’ll give it a chance. I’m actually looking forward to this more than Iron Man 3 or Thor 2.

  21. Joe Johnston had a lot to say about directing the sequel
    in interviews for the first film right here on Screen Rant
    and I was looking forward to him taking the helm again.

    Captain America was my favorite of all the Marvel films.
    My guess is it all came down to money unfortunately.

  22. HUH!? ;O

  23. HUH!? ;O Weird choice. Looking forward to seeing Falcon in CA 2 though.

  24. I have to admit this is a bit odd IMO.
    I love Community and Arrested Development so I’m not going to knock these guys but….
    I know Marvel has a thing with trying to go outside the box when it comes to who’s directing the tie in films but come on. The Avengers is making a boat load of cash for the studio. They don’t have to take chances anymore. Hire a director or directors who have already proven themselves in these types of films. I realize Shane Black only has KKBB under his belt as a director but it was great and he has written action films before. So I’m not expecting Spielberg or Scorscese but come on Marvel. Stop being cheap with directors and step up…

  25. So Captain America is going from the great Joe Johnston to the guys who did Community?

    Is it only me or does it seem that Marvel and Feige are giving Iron Man 3 everything under the sun while only giving out bread crumbs to the Thor and Cap sequels??

    • It’s not only you, Kryptonic. It looks to me too Marvel
      has not invited all characters to dine at the head table.
      With the loss of Joe Johnston I have lost interest in Cap 2.

    • I think Thor 2 has loads of potential (Taylor… the guy who directed some of the best episodes from one of the best shows ever!).

      But I agree, Marvel does seem like they’re being cheapskates with their other properties (besides IM3).

    • The great joe johnston?? have you see his jurassic park movie?

    • This whole thing is a franchise now and they just want people who will go with the formula they want as far as what goes on screen. The micro-management has worked so far for them so I would guess the rotating director scenario will continue as long as the money train keeps rolling.

  26. “Hey, Flag-Man!”
    “Dude, my name is Steve!!!”

  27. Marvel has done a very good job thus far, with IM2 being the slight exception. So I trust them with this pick, kinda surprised though I’ll admit. They might be going cheaper with Cap 2,, I think out of the five rumored/confirmed movies Cap2 will finish in the bottom two financially (with Ant-Man). But on the plus side I think they will continue to have Whedon involved on story elements, like he did with CA:TFA. But when I think about it I think Cap2 will be 50% Cap’s struggles to fit into the modern world and 50% villain fighting and future movie build up. At least I expect it to be the most cameo/Easter-egg laiden film of the bunch.

    I really have no idea where they are going to go with it, since they are introducing A.I.M. In IM3, They might be a big part of Cap2.

  28. i think marvel/disney has a clue as to what they are doing. i agree with someone talking about the paintball ep of community. i think these guys will do a good job with this. we shall see. conversely, filming is still in the future. they may go thru 2 more directors by then.

    • You make a good point… Marvel hired and fired Patty Jenkins pretty quickly, who’s to say “creative differences” won’t get in the way here as well?

  29. Okay, I might give this guys a chance.

    I mean Joe Johnston got bad feedback when he was chosen to direct the first Captain America movie.

    That movie turn out to be great and Chris Evans was a good choice for Steve Rogers.

    I just hope Marvel knows what it is doing and these guys do a great job at making a darker and gritty sequel which is better than the first movie.