‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Will Feature the Return of Senator Stern

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Garry Shandling as Senator Stern in Iron Man 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Will Feature the Return of Senator Stern

So far, the most common connecting threat between all of the movies (and the new TV show) within the Marvel cinematic universe has been the presence of S.H.I.E.L.D., whose agents have a tendency to show up whenever a superhero – or supervillain – begins making waves that could be considered a disturbance to the public.

Already a number of S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives have been added to the roster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, including Scarlett Johannson as Natasha Romanoff, Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, Robert Redford as Agent Alexander Price, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

A new cast member – who may simply be making a cameo appearance – has now been revealed by Tumblr user Gundamdick, who snapped some outdoor filming for Captain America: The Winter Soldier at the Willard Building in Washington, DC. The set photos show comedian Garry Shandling, who bookended Iron Man 2 with his appearance as the smarmy Senator Stern, sharing an awkward embrace with Maximiliano Hernández – S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Sitwell (Thor, Item 42). What events led to Stern and Sitwell falling into each other’s arms isn’t clear, but it could be some kind of a ruse; Sitwell is, after all, a great patsy.

Check out set photos of the pair by clicking on the image below:

Garry Shandling Captain America 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Will Feature the Return of Senator Stern

Stern isn’t so much a villain as he is a pest, with notable feelings of enmity towards Tony Stark that are born out of a supposed concern for the threat that unchained superheroes might present to domestic security. It’s possible that he’ll play a similar role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – despite Captain Rogers’ military allegiance, he and the rest of the gang more or less went rogue at the end of The Avengers in order to take on Loki.

Considering the fact that Marvel lost the support of the U.S. military in real life due to misgivings about the ambiguous nature of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s entirely feasible that Stern might have a similar level of distrust in the film. This would also fit with what screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have said about using Captain America: The Winter Soldier to determine “where loyalties lie,” and their description of the film as a “modern conspiracy political thriller.”

Set photos and videos from the Washington, DC shoot have shown that Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie are all in the city shooting various scenes as well. CBM mentioned unconfirmed reports of a funeral scene taking place, due to sightings of flags flown at half-mast and bagpipes being played, as well as Evans appearing in a grey suit and aviators.

S.H.I.E.L.D logo Captain America: The Winter Soldier Will Feature the Return of Senator Stern

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier shaping up to have almost as many different character appearances as The Avengers, is there anyone else you’re hoping will get a cameo? After all, with Agent Coulson back on his feet again, it wouldn’t be surprising to find him watching Cap and the others from afar to make sure they’re behaving themselves.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in US theaters on April 4, 2014.

Source: Gandumdick [via CBM]

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  1. These small type of connections is what I was hoping would be in IM3. Even if its only for a minute.

    • I agree, the lack of cameos in Iron Man 3 was surprising so im definitely looking forward to any and all cameos in Captain America 2.

      • Because cameos make a movie good?
        The Avengers hardly had any cameos, last I checked.

        They shouldn’t have cameos for the sake of having cameos. IMO it should only be done if it adds to the story, or if it, at the very least, fits into the story without feeling forced.

        • The Avengers was pretty much one big cameo. :) lol or rather 9 big cameos.

          • I agree with SuperEdje101, the Avengers was a big cameo. Maybe not so much as a cameo, but they gave the fans a dose of every hero that they spent the previous 4 years getting to know. Once you saw Thor, his entrance was a little more badass when you heard the lightning. And if you hadn’t seen any of the movies, you still had a great story and got to know each character a little. Enough to want more. It’s like at the end of the first Iron Man when Fury introduced the Avengers initiative, or when you saw the hammer at the end of Iron Man 2. It gave you a little nerd stiffy.

        • I think that after an entire phase of movies that referred to each other or a greater universe in general, it was a surprise to see IM3 so standalone.

          • @VanDyne

            And that standalone nature made it so great. The movie would’ve been slightly ruined if it had cameos that weren’t necessary. It was about Tony while this is about SHIELD as a whole with the agents and heroes involved.

            I haven’t read any comments beyond the one I’m responding to but I’m assuming the funeral is Coulson’s.

  2. i thought Loki killed Agent Coulson in THE AVENGERS. SPOILER ALERT: Tony Stark is Iron Man

    • Welcome to Level 7.

      • Nightmare Hall?

        Or the SHIELD version of Level 7?

  3. I like the angle of testing Caps love for his country. I really liked the first film, and I believe this will be way better.

  4. I’m hoping for a Hawkeye cameo!

      • That’s the cheapest rumor I’ve read in a while. It’s based on reports almost a year old and cites some “Hollywood” source. Why do you think Screen Rant hasn’t bothered reporting it? 😉

        • I believe they did… Rob or Ben tweeted that they covered it a year ago. :)

  5. I’d like to see an antman cameo or a maybe even a tony stark if you know they get this money thing settled out. I think it’d be interesting if there was a cameo from the president in ironman 3 and if not a tony stark then an iron patriot (warmachinerox)

    • Tommy, I believe that an Ant Man cameo would be awesome. Hopefully, by the time that CA 2 is released, Marvel will have decided who will play Ant Man.

  6. Funeral for who? Coulson perhaps?

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Justin Hammer make a return somewhere

      • Ha! I was just thinking that.

      • Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!Sam Rockwell!

        • Cut it out Sam!

  7. Think this movie will be awesome can’t wait

  8. Cameos by the lower tier characters would be best. That way you still feel like its int the same universe but Cap doesn’t get over shadowed.

  9. Interesting. I actually imagined some of this in Iron Man 3 as Cap, Widow, and the Hawk are allied with SHIELD and Thor is off world while Banner is back into hiding thus leaving Iron Man Tony Stark in the middle of public admiration and scrutiny from the rest of the public and politicians that do not agree with the idea of the Avengers. It did not have to be much but it would have made sense.

    Anywho, I am glad that this film will take the reings and continue it as it made the most sense. Cannot wait for the film.

    About those SHIELD shorts, wouldn’t the series have similar look and tone? The shorts kind of look better. Still excited either way.

    Last but certainly not least: where is Haweye Clint Barton?!

  10. Cap2 is already looking 10 times better then iron man 3

    • LOL, anything you haven’t seen yet looks better than IM 3.

  11. Wow, this was great news… a week ago. Come on SR, step up your game!!!

    • This news didn’t break till two days ago! What’s your problem?

  12. Really hoping Hawkeye at least makes a cameo.

  13. Future Marvel films should learn from some of the mistakes of IM3, at least regarding cameos—we want them.

    • IM 3 was partly about Stark retreating from what happened in the Avengers.

      Getting real tired of people making this criticism.

      • I’d have to agree. The guy couldn’t hear “New York” without freaking out. And what then if a familiar face showed up? (banner doesn’t count as it was Hulk that was involved in the battle).

        • Also, Banner was being treated as a psychiatrist for Stark to help himself deal with what happened, even though he isn’t “that kind of doctor”.

  14. Love Gary Shandling, thought iron man 2 was the best of the 3. I can’t justify that thought process as I know most disagree… But there it is. I really like Sam Rockwell as a goofy Justin Hammer. Hope he comes back at some point too

    • oh no mark, you have expressed liking something that alot of film and comic book geniuses have decried! prepare to be flamed! you cant like something someone else said is sub-par. what’s wrong with you?!

      • Over 7 hours and nothing.

        Its his opinion.

    • I watched IM2 again last night and really enjoyed it. A few scenes are faintly ridiculous – the race track especially, but over all it’s pretty fun as a film.

      Some great lines here and there and Shandling plays a blinder.

      It was fun this time, post Avengers to see Coulson’s curious but noticeably restrained reaction to Cap’s shield in Stark’s lab.

      As sequel’s go there’s been far worse.

      • It’s entertaining enough. For me it comes across as the sacrificial lamb of Phase One, as in they had to have one film that was really stepping towards the Avengers so the build- up would be faster. Still, it managed to tell a decent enough story, the acting was good, action was good.

  15. I didn’t really like Captain America: The First Avenger. Nevertheless, I really like what I have read, so far, about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I really like the addition of Robert Redford. I think that he’ll bring a gravitas to the film. However, if it turns out that he’s actually an actor in the movie instead of an actual Shield agent, I am going to rant on screenrant.

    • ^Lol I feel like this will be going on quite sometime and not just in Marvel films

      • Are you suggesting that twists like the Mandarin (an actor in the movie playing a villain) will be more common in the future? That’s be terrible, ha. I’m okay with RR, for example, being different than he might let on in the film. But, in the movie, if it turns out that he was plucked from Death of a Salesman to act as a Shield agent, I will not be happy.

  16. F**k you Mr. Stark.

    • LOL.

      … y’know, this comment got me thinking. I really don’t think IM 2 deserves all the flack it gets. There are many scenes and moments in IM 2 that IM 3 never seemed to live up to- The congressional hearing being one of them.

  17. I hope Garry Shandling shows up in the SHIELD TV show also.Loved the Larry Sanders Show!

  18. I loved the Senator Stern character! He was great! Glad to see him coming back.

    Thor can’t get here fast enough. Gotta get the terrible IM3 behind me.