‘Captain America 2′ Breaks April Box Office Records [Updated]

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Captain America 2 Box Office Records Captain America 2 Breaks April Box Office Records [Updated]

Before Captain America: The Winter Soldier even hit theaters it was confirmed that directors (and brothers) Anthony and Joe Russo would be helping plan out the story for Captain America 3 and again directing. It was a display of confidence from Marvel Studios and its key decision-maker Kevin Feige, but an unsurpising one considering the critical response to the film.

Early reviews of Captain America 2 labeled it one of the studio’s best and now that it’s out, it’s certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with numbers comparable to Iron Man and The Avengers, Marvel’s two strongest scored films to date. And like fellow Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World, the second Captain America film is serving as a test for the studio, releasing in theaters outside of the traditional key summer blockbuster dates. And it’s working.

Thor 2 opened in November, and thanks to the boost of brand recognition from The Avengers, hit $85.7 million domestically on opening weekend. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, already having broke advanced ticket sales records for the month of April, is on track to potentially beat that number – an interesting switch since the original Thor outsold Captain America: The First Avenger two years ago (both opened summer 2011).

Captain America The Winter Soldier Mondo Poster Rich Kelly Captain America 2 Breaks April Box Office Records [Updated]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Mondo Poster by Rich Kelly

On Thursday, the day before opening wide in North America, 82% of all ticket pre-sales on Fandango were for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the numbers beat out any other April release in the company’s 14-year history. According to BoxOffice.com, the opening weekend forecast for Cap 2 is around $94 million, with some estimates putting it near $100 million. The current record-holder for April openings is Fast Five which earned $86.2 million in the final April weekend of 2011 (on week before the summer movie season officially begins).

While the weekend isn’t quite over yet, we do have some numbers for comparison. Studio estimates have The Winter Soldier earning $10.2 million on its early Thursday evening screenings, beating last year’s Man of Steel ($9 million) and Thor 2 ($8.8 million). It doesn’t quite come close to the big summer mega hits Iron Man 3 ($15.6 million) and The Avengers ($18.7 million) though.

On Friday, the film broke an April box office record, bringing in $37 million from 3,938 theater screens across North America, approximately 80% of them in 3D. By comparison, previous record holder Fast Five earned $34.4 million in its top single-day. With over $100 million already made overseas where the film opened first, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is expected to have earned $270 million worldwide by the end of the weekend. Marvel has another big hit on their hands.

It’s no surprise then that Captain America 3 will begin shooting next year for an expected May 2016 release, where it’s currently sharing a weekend with big competitor Batman vs. Superman from DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. One of the films is expected to move and while Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige went on record starting that Marvel Studios has no plans to change dates, the April success of Captain America 2 could mean its followup sees its date pushed up to a similar weekend in 2016.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Mondo Poster Rich Kelly Variant Captain America 2 Breaks April Box Office Records [Updated]

Variant Poster

We spoke with Feige at the Captain America: The Winter Soldier junket a few weeks ago where we asked about the non-summer release dates of Marvel’s Phase 2 films (Thor 2 in November, Cap 2 in April, and Guardians of the Galaxy in August) and he explained that they’re seeing if their theory of releasing good movies is more important than the date itself.

“Well, there are two things: one, Sony had a Spider-Man movie on that first weekend in May, and we also want to try to expand that summer season, frankly. There are so many movies every weekend, and we started to look at other films that had done extremely well in March, extremely well in April, and really of the belief that if you put out a good movie, a good product, you can put it out any time of the year. We will test that in three weeks.”

Of course, the release tests serve another purpose as well. With Sony planning to release Spider-Man films annually and Fox recently announcing 1-2 X-Men/Fantastic Four films per year, the amount of weekends and spacing between these tentpole releases is running out for Marvel-branded films, especially with Marvel Studios releasing two per year with talk of potentially expanding to three-four in the future.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World prove that Marvel Studios can succeed with releasing a pair of summer films and releasing them in the spring and fall. Is it a sign of things to come?

Like the posters above? The prints are by artist Rich Kelly and became available April 4th (day of film’s release) at MondoTees.com and sold out in less than a day!

[Update: The total weekend estimate has Captain America: The Winter Soldier earning $96.2 million in its domestic opening with its worldwide total already at $303.3 million. It’s the largest April opening of all-time.]


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is produced by Kevin Feige, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, and stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp and Hayley Atwell, with Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now in theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: BoxOffice.com, Fandango, THR

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  1. Warner bros move the release date for batman vs superman NOW move it to a sooner date if possible.

    • They have no choice – WB has to move Batman Vs Superman back (Maybe to December?)

      They cant move it forward as the film is already going through many problems as it is – best option is push it back by a few months to around December when their is minimal competition.

        • On the other hand Marvel can take a hit and lose some money on CA3 and because it will be the end to a trilogy they don’t need to bother how it will hurt future films (unless they intend to lunch some kind of a new hero in that movie).

          BvS is a lunching pad to all future DC movies espacially wonder woman so they need to get to many people as they can. If this movie can’t get to Billion dollars mark (for all the reasons you said above) then it a huge stick in the wheels for any future dc film and the entire universe.

            • I doubt Captain America 3 will move as it needs to remain fairly close to that date in order to stick with the phase 2 scheduling – bearing in mind we’ll probably have Agents Of Shield getting a second season (Despite fan complaints it is still rather popular ratings wise)

              The thing is – its likely Captain America 3 will be the last in the series – with Captain America only returning for Avengers 3 before being replaced by Bucky in a similar way to the comics. With that being said, Marvel don’t really want to have a Justice League film as competition against Avengers 3 for example – so easiest way to stop DC would be to keep the date.

              Captain America 3 would earn around 800-1bn while Batman Vs Superman would earn about the same – however Marvel would be the winners as without a massively successful DC film then DC would be forced to rethink their planned Justice League film.

              I mean the situation at the moment is that if Batman Vs Superman is popular then we can practically expect a Justice league by around 2018/2019 which would clash with Avengers 3. Marvel knows they cant budge any Avengers movies because of DC – so instead they’ll pit a fairly popular character whose film series is ending against Batman Vs Superman.

  2. I LOVE THIS F*CKING MOVIE! My faith in Phase 2 is renewed.

  3. Christopheer Markus & Stephen McFeeely, and stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastiaan Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smuulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp and Hayley Atweell, with Roebert Redford as Alexander Peierce and Samuel L. Jacksson as Nicck Fury.

  4. Great news, and totally well deserve it!

    This means Marvel has just showed other studios, that even non Summer release date (April, November) can still work, as along as they have a great movie. To be frank, that’s quite a daring and brave act, so thumbs up for Feige and the gang for making this decision.

    I think Cap 3 (if its indeed happening on May 2016) might be moved by Marvel to open earlier, or WB will see this opportunity instead to open that Man of Steel sequel to April (considering they will have done production way earlier). I think the latter is going to happen while Marvel will then take WB’s usual July spot (as they already did for 2015 haha).

    Going to watch Winter Soldier again tomorrow with my cousin, just to get a more comprehensive look to the stuff I definitely missed (Avengers Tower!) on my first viewing. Of course already saving my money to get the home-video as well hahaha. Can’t wait!

    Oh, and one more thing. Even when people seemed to be divisive about Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, let’s be honest… Marvel had done a really amazing work with Phase 2 so far. Not only they were significantly darker (deaths everywhere) yet still truer to the comics, but Tony Stark blew away his suits, Thor left Asgard while Loki became King, and now Cap did what he did (no spoiler). These are big gamechanger things affecting and shaking up their Cinematic Universe while continue building it forward. You got to hand it to them, THAT is something awesome and brave steps done by the studio!

    • People dying don’t make movies better. IM3 and Thor 2 were disappointing narratives.

    • Not sure how this movie alone can show that April releases can do well.

      I mean, Iron Man 2 and Evil Dead had success as April releases.

      The Avengers did phenomenally as an April release.

      The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will also do well when it releases on April 18th (and right now, I’d like to request that someone high up in the SR echelons puts the same spoiler warning on the site that you did for Cap 2 since Spider-Man comes out in the UK 2 weeks before US release and I’d hate for anyone to ruin the movie for others).

      • I’m pretty sure IM 2 came out in May, in North America.

        Evil Dead did well on it’s own but Cap is going to beat it’s entire box office in one weekend. I think that’s what they’re trying to say.

        • Yeah but I listed UK release dates because Avengers released in May over in the US too.

          I honestly don’t care what a movie made in the US or if it means a month is good for movies in the US only because films are a global thing that unite people of all nations, why limit focus on just one country?

          • It’s not just one country, it’s the North American box office and I’m not saying ignore any overseas countries or anything like that. It’s just that what the media in North America reports.

            I think over here, keeping tabs on the world wide box office is kind of new so the NA is what the big deal is made about. If I didn’t live over here, I wouldn’t care much either.

    • How did marvel prove that? Do people forget that catching fire wasnt a summee film and made a ton of money. Also the hobbit and skyfall.

    • lol thumbs up

    • LMAO toooooo true!!

    • Those posters are awesome except for Winter Soldier’s arm.

  5. “Don’t say it, Don’t even say it”

  6. this movie was just badass all around.

  7. This film has restored my faith in Marvel. I enjoyed Avengers but thought Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 were weak. Although not a Marvel property, Man of Steel was absolutely terrible, so I haven’t seen a good comic book movie since Avengers. Sure, the other films made a lot of money, but after seeing them, I am not interested in seeing them again. This movie has me thinking about it over and over. Well done!

  8. I don’t understand this whole ‘It will be brought to May where it will compete with Man of Steel’ thing….??? How are they competing? Arm wrestle? Game of Chess? Can’t be box office numbers since the date would make no difference. If people like superman they will go see superman, if they like captain america, they will watch captain america.. if they like both, they will watch both.. It doesn’t matter what time of the year they are shown!

      • What’s interesting is that I think Cap 2 is already on track to beat Man of Steel with an opening like that, at least domestically. And out of all of the Phase 2 movies, I thought the Marvel humor was used the most tastefully in this one, as well as being successful at making the movie adult and having mature thematic discussions without hitting you over the head (JESUS IMAGERY COUGH COUGH MAN OF STEEL COUGH) and still keeping the characters innate goodness and desire to help others intact. Cap has conflicts within himself in this movie, but there’s no doubt he is a hero at any point.

      • I dunno about that.

        I saw some of the same general audience members from Monday’s Cap 2 screening at Friday’s Noah screening. You’re giving way too little credit to “the generals” there.

        While they will go to see the movie that looks the best according to the TV spots that release the week before, they’ll see the other one the following week if they like the look of it. That’s generally how it works.

      • Joker, you need to explain the reason why: people don’t have a lot of money to throw at those movies and going to the theater is expensive (at least in the States, here in Canada it’s another matter)…

        • you get free movies in canada? ok, i’m moving.

    • The date would make a HUGE difference.

      How many screens are available in 3D in a given weekend?

      • I guess it also depends on the cinema.

        Cap 2 released here on the 26th but there were ZERO 3D screenings for it.

        Noah released a few days ago and again, only 2D screenings. Can’t guarantee if every cinema worldwide will have several different ways of watching because I assumed the IMAX cinema I normally go to would screen both movies in all three formats (2D, 3D and IMAX 3D) but I was completely wrong when I actually got to the lobby and double checked showtimes on the screen behind the ticket counter.

  9. Thor: The Dark World came out in August, not November.

    • I lied, it apparently was November. Feels like it was August though

      • Guardians of the Galaxy is testing the August box office this year.

    • October 30th here.

      The only August comic book movie releases I recall are the two Kick-Ass movies. Otherwise, Dredd was out in early September, Cap 1 and Thor 2 were October, Iron Man 1 in May, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Cap 2 and The Avengers in April, The Dark Knight in June and The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and The Dark Knight Rises in July.

  10. love marvel but dont fly the handle yet, captain america and this cast not good enough to
    take on batman vs superman head to head. feige is being arrogant if they dont move the date
    back. cap comic wise is my favorite hero but this movie did have its flaws even though i gave it a
    1. ALEXANDER PIERCE should have been the red skull.
    2. still no unique costumes with masks for batroc the leaper and no skull mask
    appearance by the anticipated crossbones.
    3. the falcon’s character and costume was too vanilla.
    4. disbanding shield completely when new threats continue to arise was ridiculous.
    5. samuel jackson’s contract needs to expire because iam sick of him being the
    spokesman for every marvel announcement he makes, glad this was the shield movie
    marvel talked about years ago because nick fury does not need a standalone film.
    6. and really which boneheaded heroes would divulge all of shields secrets to threaten
    world security by probably helping to create more terrorists.
    7. finally again fury played to the heroes emotions to get the job done, LOL.

    • Rod22 you’re CRAZY to think that this cast can’t go head to head with Man of Steel. Captain America Winter Soldier is the BEST phase 2 movie and was WAY better than Man of Steel. Chris Evans as Captain is amazing and Falcon was a great side kick for Captain and a great friend. I bet that Captain America 3 will beat Man of Steel 2 in the box office.

      • dont smoke that pipe so much, cap is neither going to touch neither
        the darknights numbers nor dark rises and MOS numbers opening numbers.
        thats an average of 144.6 per the last two batman and one superman film.
        just look at the lego movie doing 250 million dollars with a lego dc characters.
        cap 2 was good but marvel will move film eventually, GUARANTEED.

        • Wow, Really?

          rod22, you realize that the Batman in man of steel 2 wont be Christian Bale’s Batman? I also think your idea that The LEGO Movie only made that money because of a DC comic character as the reason it did so well is ridiculous. The LEGO movie did well because it has LEGO. they could have swapped out Batman for Spiderman or some other Marvel character and it would have been different but still done as good as it did because it is LEGO.

          did you know that LEGO is the number 2 toy company, IN THE WORLD? LEGO made the LEGO movie great. Not Batman.


          Back to your thinking that Cap can’t beat Batman’s numbers. It doenst matter what the numbers are. It matters that this movie was a way better movie than all 3 Batman movies of the Nolan series. Batman Begins was a great movie but showed signs of budget problems. There were scenes that looked like the money ran out. The Dark Knight had ending problems. The Dark Knight Rises had starting and ending problems and the main character wasn’t even Batman. There was so little Batman in TDKR that I started wanting Robin to show up just to fill the good guy void that was present.

          Marvel knows how to handle their IPs and they are going snow DC and WB under before DC/WB can even get their movie universe off the ground.

        • Also, Cap 3 will get an Avengers 2 boost.

          You are really underestimating where Captain Maerica 3 is gonna be reputation wise a few years from now.

    • I think you yourself are flying off the handles here. I love this movie because not only did it remain faithful to the comic mythos (HYDRA infiltrating SHIELD over the years then breaking it up actually happened for one), but the directors did a TREMENDOUS job combining it with the modern world; plus it sets up different directions the Captain America movies (and the MCU as a whole) can take from here.
      Sam Wilson’s character (Falcon) is pretty much any soldier coming back from war, struggling to recover/retain their humanity; he is relatable.
      As much as I wanna see Man of Steel 2 too, I think Snyder’s in over his head here cramming too much for a reboot’s sequel, doing a crossover movie which leads to separate standalones (reverse-MCU).
      This movie is very, very well made.

    • I definitely agree about Falcon being real generic… They got a flying back pack at Ft Meade!? Let’s get it? Batroc is just silly. You really want that silly mask in the movie? At least they got his colors right on his shirt, that was good enough. Anyway 100000 times better than that first POS they call Cap First Avenger… They just screwed that all to hell… So all around great Shiel…uhmmm Cap movie…

      • The First Avenger was a solid film.

        • Sorry I don’t feel the same… Too many lasers for a WW2 piece and most of the Cap action was in a news reel… Winter Soldier was pretty awesome though…

    • Yea, I think you’re nuts on the cast comment as well. You must really love Ben.

      The movie, at least to me, was done more realistically because Cap is a super human, not a God like Thor or a beast like Hulk. And the movie does this so well, especially with the fight scenes. So costumes aside I think it was a good choice. Falcon’s is being introduced so he had a limited background storytelling. And his suit is vanilla because it is the SAME suit developed years ago. It’s not even a suit, it’s a jet pack :D I’m sure Ironman will have a field day with a new one soon so don’t worry.

      Shield is in Chaos. We don’t know what is going to happen. The council is still there, Fury and a few trusted agents are still there. There are still many secrets and threats within Shield. It’s crazy to think otherwise. Plus, the team is still there :)

      I don’t know how you being sick of seeing Nick or Samuel Jackson has anything to do with the movie other than you don’t like him. I’m confused on how properly address this so I won’t.

      Leaking the info onto the internet serves several important purposes. I’ll just address one so we don’t get you too confused. Since no one can be trusted, it was in their best interest to dump the info as QUICKLY as possible to avoid any further catastrophes. Plus, even with the data dumped the movie clearly showed the audience there are a lot more secrets that wasn’t there. You didn’t walk out on the movie and missed the ending(s) did you? Well…you should really go watch it again so you understand why some things are like that.

  11. What? Cap will beat Superman and Batman at the box office?? give me a break, Cap is lame and has nothing on Superman and Batman, those two are the biggest hitters!

    • Sounds like somebody is trying to start a flame war, lol

    • Well, looks like Cap 2 is going to easily beat MOS at the box office, so yes, Cap 3 could very well beat SvB.

  12. Captain America: The Winter Soldier > Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Wolverine and Thor: The Dark World COMBINED.

  13. Winter Soldier will likely beat out Thor 2 and Man of Steel domestically, but not internationally.

    • Agreed. Its an American film trough and through.

      • What?! I thought everyone likes America now that we have a guy in office who apologizes to everybody, bows down to everybody, is hesitant to assign blame (to anyone (accept those who criticize him), and takes from those “evil” rich people and gives to those who, er, vote for him…

        Oh, that’s right, he has also taken spying on people to a whole ‘notha level.

        Nevermind…you’re probably right.

        • I would like to argue your comment…. But you know what, other commenters have avoided it and I should do the same.

          Good luck bro!!

          • You can’t argue my comment from a fact-based, rational perspective.

            Good luck bro!!

    • Yep.

      Cap 2 has been out for almost 2 weeks outside the US and last I checked, made $47million internationally (several countries combined) while in the 2 days since US release, it’s made $38million in just that one country.

      Dredd and Pacific Rim were seen as flops in the US but hit the number 1 spot in several international territories so again, can’t take success or failure in America as the be all and end all, which unfortunately, people seem to assume, especially on movie websites.

      Cap 2 was a great movie and the best Marvel film so far but still, lets not start getting ahead of ourselves here just because the numbers are coming in for the US. This also means we shouldn’t make assumptions regarding 2016 either because people are acting goofy already and taking sides without knowing anything about the two movies going head to head.

      • Well, as of today (04-06-14), Box Office Mojo reports that Cap. 2 has made 96 million in the US and 207 million internationally, for a total of over 300 million in its first weekend in wide release. By comparison, Dredd made only $35 million TOTAL and Pacific Rim made $411 million TOTAL during their entire runs.

        Ah, I don’t think anyone is getting “ahead of themselves” here about the success of Cap 2.

  14. How oh how am I gonna keep from rushing out to the theater to see this, when I know I am going to be first in line to buy the DVD when available?! (I usually don’t go to the theater to save money for films I know I am going to purchase anyways…saves money–but this one is pretty tempting!)

    • It’s worth seeing it in 2D. You’ll get your money’s worth.

    • Goldi, stop being so cheap and go see the movie in theaters, and in 3D. It cost me $7 for a ticket yesterday. It’s well worth it, believe me you won’t regret the decision.

      • I’m not cheap.

        3D gives me migraines, so I’ll skip the gimmick.

        • My main point being: just see it… and in any way that you prefer. $5 matinee nearby? It’ll be the best $5 you’ve spent in a while.

    • LoL, I’ll gladly pay money to see movies on the big screen again if I get a chance. You’re doing yourself an injustice by waiting for the CD. My 73″ screen and audio is not the same as the big screen :P

  15. Green Lantern #2 could do this box-office blastoff blitzkreig thing also (well, almost), IF they would make it right. Especially if they did Hal Jordan Green Lantern and Barry Allen Flash versus Sinestro and Professor Zoom (the Reverse-Flash)…and especially totally if they stacked the deck against the good guys by adding Time Commander as an additional baddie. And especially totally completely if they decided the deck with three baddies against two goodies was too stacked, and so gave the goodies Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) to even things out! (I could keep on going on like this all day!!).

  16. I’ve never understood the need to release movies in the summer. I’d rather enjoy the sunshine, and would happily see a movie any other time of the year, especially if it’s cold and/or rainy outside!

    • Kids are out of school, that is pretty much it.

  17. I said this on the facebook post for this article and I’ll say it here as well.
    In all honesty, at least for me personally, i only saw movies in summer and winter because that’s where all the “worth while” movies were. I can care less what time of the year it is, if it’s a good movie or apeals to me, then i will go see it.

    • Frankly, I’m all for them taking their time and doing it right. If the movie gets the same criticism that MOS did, and if it does not meet financial expectations (probably hoping for a billion, even though MOS didn’t get close), then Warners will have to go back to the drawing board and likely reboot, yet again.

      • They should’ve started by getting the casting right. DC/WB will make money, they always do, but they don’t always make the best decisions for the long-term.

        • Agreed 100%. The poor casting choices they have made for SvB have already likely affected the end product, or at least its final profit. I know that, as a result of our disappointment in the casting, my friends and I are already more likely to just wait for the DVD release rather than see it in the theater. I have no doubt that others are thinking the same.

          Say what you want about Marvel’s humor, but at least…at least…they get the casting right!

  18. Marvel does a great job with their movies overall. But we know there were glaring issues with the first phase 2 movies in Iron Man 3 (Trevor) and Thor 2 (uninspired and kind of a filler movie). Cap 2 got it completely right. It Tied into the overall Avengers arc, no disgrace to popular characters, great action, just the right amount of humour, superb writing, great nods to future characters: I’m going to see it again today.

    • You should check out my interview with Drew Pearce.

      The Mandarin thing isn’t really an issue for me because we’ve yet to actually meet the Mandarin. We met AIM and their leader using the persona to place blame for terror attacks but that had nothing to do with The Ten Rings and their leader in hiding.

      • People are reactive and impatient. I’m betting that by the time Phase 3 is over, and you take all the movies into account, it’ll all make a lot more sense to everyone and Feige, Marvel & Co. will be hailed as the geniuses they are.

        Hail Hy… I mean MARVEL!

  19. I saw Cap with my wife last night, and ‘Damn, Captain America can do no wrong!’. I really enjoy his films compared to Thor’s, Nick J. Fury’s SUV is now my ‘Dream Vehicle.’. I love the wise ass comments, and “to your left” is catchy as hell. Falcon and Black Widow we’re great also, and Legendary Actor Redford “WOW!”. Marvel, I hope you keep your movies with this kind of quality in the future. Now GOTG is the next film I’m looking forward to. ” Star-Lord who?”. “I’m Star-Lord, man.”

  20. Loved it!

    Here’ s to hoping Warner Brothers is taking notes on how to make a dull character interesting for their next Superman movie.

    • They have. Just throw in your most popular character is their approach.

      • Its clear DC is going for a team approach. Justice league has always been the main focus, every character toy is branded with it. I bet WB will only do one solo film per characterand allow mostly team ups for there films. Its a gdeat approach if true imo, cause its diffrent and some of the best dynamics of the character is how tjey interact with each other.

        • The fact that they are not letting Superman have a stand-alone sequel says a lot…

          after the first showing, with all of the complaints and the lower-than-expected (although still profitable) box office receipts, they do not have confidence in Snyder, et. al.

          The best way to ensure a success (measured by the billion dollar benchmark) is to throw Batman in there, and the previously unseen Wonder Woman for good measure.

  21. Pah. I’m done with Fox based films for the most part (The Amazing Spiderman was boring and unimpressive. And the new Fantastic Four production is dead to me). The producers and directors over there seem to have zero respect for the source material, or basic continuity in general.

    The X-men while I have affection for them, are on their last leg with me (I’ll give Singer a chance to right the wrongs done in his absence), but I have severe doubts one film can fix all the continuity errors without it being a simple minded fix, that is to say, I require something a bit more substantial than a line of dialogue to explain away the massive continuity errors in the series….

    I hope I’m wrong, I hope the word of mouth draws me in, but I’m not counting on it.
    (Again, Fantastic Four: NOT A PRAYER. Micheal B Jordan threw the gauntlet down with his “They’ll see it anyway” comment. Challenge accepted bub >:/

  22. They have. Just throw in your most popular character is their approach.

  23. Brace Yourselves…… The Man of Steel/Superman vs Batman/ DC vs Marvel/ Marvel is Awesome/ comments are coming!!!!

    Seriously, calm down!! I can’t wait to see this movie, I actually thought the 1st Capt America movie was the most complete Marvel movie to date, but I can’t stand the anti-DC comments that come out when a Marvel movie does well. What does one have to do with the other?

    Let’s calm down folks…. Yeesh!!!

  24. Looking at all those Easter eggs in cap2 wel one thing is clear that MARVEL’s gona expand their universe bt we want the big guns to come in (Spider-Man,wolverine etc)…and marvel should plan to get them in when they can…

  25. Saw Cap last night, was really enjoyable, my only gripe is with the Falcon, there was no depth to his character, really hated that. But OMG the winter soldier, loved, loved him. Bravo to Marvel, excellent.
    “to your left” will become iconic, i guarantee it!
    DC will really have to pic up their game.