‘Captain America 2′: Five Actresses Being Eyed For Lead; Black Widow May Cameo

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Black Widow Scarlett Johansson in Captain America 2 Captain America 2: Five Actresses Being Eyed For Lead; Black Widow May Cameo

We’ve been waiting for over month to get some kind of confirmation on the lead actress role in Captain America 2; previous rumors pointed to up-and-comers like Anna Kendrick (End of Watch), Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) and Imogen Poots (Fright Night) all being in the running for a role that we here at Screen Rant have long speculated will be that of Sharon Carter – niece of Peggy Carter, the love interest of Steve Roger/Captain America (Chris Evans) in First Avenger.

Today it seems as though those early rumors were a bit off-base, as we now have word on five young ladies who are more likely being eyed by Marvel Studios; we’re also getting the not-so-revelatory assertion that Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) could also show up the sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The sequel’s subtitle prove that the now-classic “Winter Soldier Saga” from the Captain America comic books will be the basis of this film. For those who don’t know, “Winter Soldier” in the comics is actually Bucky Barnes, Cap’s former sidekick who was thought to be dead, but was in fact captured and transformed by a Soviet program into a cybernetic assassin known as Winter Soldier. Captain America eventually brought Bucky back to the side of the angels – and Barnes even took on the mantle of Captain America for a stint (a possibility that could conceivably play out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well).

In The First Avenger, Bucky Barnes (played by Sebastian Stan) was assumed dead after falling from a high-speed Hydra train; his return as Winter Soldier has been confirmed by casting, and previous interviews with Marvel Studios execs have revealed that this sequel will likewise find Captain America in the service of S.H.I.E.L.D.,  following the events of The Avengers. In that sense, the news that Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow could be featured in the film comes as less of a surprise, and more a confirmation of the expected.

Captain America 2 Actress Shortlist Captain America 2: Five Actresses Being Eyed For Lead; Black Widow May Cameo

L to R: Palmer, Brie, Clarke, Findlay, Poots

As for the female lead (which we speculate to be Sharon Carter): Deadline reports that the actresses in the final running for the role are Emelia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four), Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey), Alison Brie (Community) and the rumored Imogen Poots (Fright Night). All five ladies are definitely lovely – but again, assuming the character IS Sharon Carter, the chosen candidate has to be able to A) Be able to kick ass in believable fashion, B) Look as though she could reasonably pass as a relative of Peggy Carter (and subsequently, actress Hayley Atwell) –  and C) Be a fitting romantic opposite for Chris Evans.

Palmer proved in I Am Number Four - in which she played a warrior alien gal – that she has some considerable onscreen action skills, and she could definitely create sparks with Evans… but she’s not necessarily the best match for a Hayley Atwell descendant. Clarke has blown up thanks to her role as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones; Imogen Poots keeps showing up in films like Fright Night and Jane Eyre – but really, neither her nor Clarke has yet established a ‘grown woman presence’ that would make them convincing as elite ass-kicking agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Sharon Carter Avengers Cover Captain America 2: Five Actresses Being Eyed For Lead; Black Widow May Cameo

Sharon Carter

Brie also tends to skew young and tender in terms of looks and attitude, but given that her Community collaborators Anthony and Joe Russo are directing The Winter Soldier, it wouldn’t be surprising if a little networking went a long way to getting Brie the role. For our money, however,  Jessica Brown Findlay has qualities “A,” “B” and “C” as mentioned above – plus a stronger, more womanly look, making her the best candidate out of the five for our buck.

Who do you think should get the role?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases on April 4, 2014.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I literally JUST sent in a scoop to this, darn it!

    I hope either Alison, Teresa, or Emelia gets it. They seem to look like the character the best and besides, all are bad ***.

  2. For this role, I’d go Palmer, Clarke, Brie, Poots then Findlay. But thats just me.

  3. What happened to Anna Kendrick wasn’t she rumored?

      • Ooh she would make a good wasp.

        So would lyndsy fonseca.

        • She is extremely talented

          • Yes they are both very talented. More so lyndsy fonseca
            But I’m a big fan of Anna Kendrick.

      • This is what I’ve been shouting here and there. She’d make a suitable Wasp who has such a quirky and fashionista attitude. I can totally see her in that role…

        I hope this is really happening, eventhough her story with Edgar Wright was already a history in the past.

  4. Yeah I was hoping Anna Kendrick got the part. Or was inthe running.

    Sorry big Anna Kendrick fan. I really wanted her in it or any marvel film but hopefully she’s still Sharon carter. She fits a,b, and c I think.

    If not Kendrick I would love to see lyndsy fonseca in a marvel role. She kicks ass on Nikita and all around a hot badass chick.

  5. If Widow is in then Hawkeye can’t be far behind :D

    I don’t like Brie or Poots for the role and I’m not familiar with the other choices so I guess I don’t have much of an opinion. I liked Anna Kendrick for the role but I guess that was just rumor.

    • “If Widow is in then Hawkeye can’t be far behind”

      Yeah Hawkeye was like riding her on the most intense scenes, they had passion and play going on. He ain’t far behind from her butt indeed. I can sense a love scene between them in Avengers 2 if Disney allows it to happen.

      • Wow what? Totally not what I meant, ha.

      • haha we are all thinking it…he’s just typing it.

        Black Widow is suppose to have a relationship with Winter Solider right? Hope they flesh that out or at least make reference to it in the movie, cool way to keep the whole interweaving and cameos going.

      • Widow herself said that the Hawk was sent to kill her, but did the opposite. If Marvel play this right, we will see Hawk did that during the time when Widow was working as Winter Soldier’s partner. Even if they appear for that scene in a very short time, it will still strengthen the chemistry from The Avengers and created a very powerful interconnecting stories from Phase 1. I want them to have bigger role though…

  6. No contest. Jessica Brown Findlay. Not even close.
    The Russo’s might chose Brie which would be a disaster.
    I have zero confidence in them at the helm so they just might.

    • Why would Brie be a disaster?

      • Because Brie projects kick me rather than kick ass.

  7. Poots has the most agent look

    Brie looks like Atweell the most to me.

    I know and like all of them except for the girl from Downton Abbey so not a bad choice in the bunch to me,

  8. I They Dig Just A Little Bit More Into Black Widow’s Backstory

  9. i feel like there just using this movie to have cameos for all the new characters that will be in avengers 2 and all the lesser ones who didnt really get much of a back story in avengers 1.

      • Sorry I just realized that when I wrote Avengers it sould’ve said Captain America:The First Avenger, but I’m pretty sure everything else is correct.


      • Yes Amanda Righetti would be a great choice! She looks like she can actually kick ass and she was already in Capt. America. Plus she looks like a mature woman, the rest of these choices look like high school girls, which wouldn’t suit a big guy like Evans.

        I love Brie, but I don’t think she has the strong presence required for this role. So then I’d go with Clarke, because she looks like a relative of Peggy Carter, and I’d love to see her in something other than GoT. Either that or the talented Ms. Palmer who could use the break to show her skills to a wider audience.

        • Amanda Righetti is with child at the moment, I believe. Seem to recall seeing a tweet from her in regards to that & I notice she has been hiding behind objects in the season premiere of The Mentalist.

          • But let’s say that the mentalist’s season five first episode was filmed on early August , if you sum up nine months she would be having her baby around March which could still alow her showin up on the Cap. sequel

            • True, and I’d certainly enjoy seeing her in the role.

      • I’m thinking this role could be that of “Mockingbird,” Agent 19 Bobbie Morse.

        • Yes please! :)

          • I’m with you on this… but if it’s true, expect some relationsip shakeup with Black Widow (and Hawkeye’s cameo) as well. According to Wiki though XD

        • Is she that agent on the storyline of the Winter Soldier on comic books? And what is her relation to either Cap. or Peggy?

      • Your evidence is compelling however Joe Johnston was in
        charge then and what Joe envisioned no longer applies.

        • Who is he and what did he used to be in charge of, was he in charge of casting or something like that? And what do you mean by vision?

          • Joe Johnston directed the Captain America movie.
            During the production and after the movie release
            it was understood he would be directing the sequel.

            Joe had specific ideas in his approach to the sequel,
            his vision, expressed in an interview right here on
            Screen Rant and elsewhere which now since he
            has been removed is replaced by the Russo’s.

            Joe was the first to state the interest in using
            the Winter Soldier storyline which seems to be
            the only idea that has survived but not with
            the approach, or vision, he had intended.

            • s***!!! I was really hoping to see Amanda Righetti on this role. But anyway I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Wouldn’t you like to see her in that role?

              • Yes, Amanda Righetti would have been great
                but unfortunately we won’t be seeing her now.
                Johnston may very well have had her in mind as
                Sharon Carter and the CODE 13 the biggest clue.

                Amanda Righetti looks not to be considered at all
                with the new directors nor Joe’s ideas for the part.

                • Yes, I think the Russo brothers should keep their minds open to other ideas (Joe Jhonston’s I mean of course) about casting Amanda Righetti,which I want so bad to be in big movies like this and open her career of besides TV like The Mentalist. And I just can’t think how Josh Whedon would let Righetti pass for the role of Sharon Carter (because he already knows Righetti for casting her for an arc-episodes on Dollhouse before it got out of the air). And as reports had said about Whedon being attacthed to all the Phase Two Marvel Movies he has a big say on decisions like this and also keep in mind that acording to Wikipedia he was an uncredited co-writer on Captain America:The First Avenger so he is supposed to know which character Righetti would have played on the film. So he is familiarized with the idea of Sharon Carter been played by Righetti on Cap. and its sequels.

                  But then again its just my thoughts along with connecting the dots I think are right like when she says in the movie CODE 13 (which i’m glad you realized too because no one seems to seen that part of the movie)

                  And again I keep my fingers crossed to think that reports like these on ScreenRant and other websites about the supposed “Sharon Carter role” its just Marvel of whoever from which they get this “insides” are just curve balls throwed at us to get us off the road about the real actresses being considered for this role.

                  And I also like to think that Amanda Righetti along with Marvel and Whedon are just keeping her role under the wraps and try to stay off the radar so that no one figures out the truth about who will really play Sharon Carter. But then again its all just speculations and hopes about seeing the actors/actresses you want , on the roles you want on the big screen.

  10. Brie all the way, she needs to break out of her Community shell and show us what shes got. Just like what Cobie Smulders did in the Avengers.

  11. I’d say Brie, because she’s absolutely beautiful and it would be great to see her up on the big screen.

    This is the Marvel sequel I’m truly excited to see.

  12. When they announced Anna Kendrick, Imogen Poots & Felicity Jones I really couldn’t see her as Sharon carter then they all but confirmed her for that role and i got use to the idea because she is a good actress but maybe Kendrick is playing another role in the movie like maybe it is Janet but maybe another love interest like say Bernadette Rosenthal, she was a lawyer that had an apartment in Steves building and shes from the present and was even part of a Winter soldier story line…

    As for these candidates, Emelia Clarke has best reputation, Brie looks like Peggy the most but Teresa Palmer is the bigger name & resembles Sharon Carter most(probably because shes a blonde) so my money is on Findlay & Poots, they are young up & coming actresses & Marvel would probably like to get cause they can be cheap,..

    Black Widow/Hawkeye were all but confirmed but Widows involvement will probably help to flesh out the Winter soldiers back story since like the comics and as she mentioned in Avengers she use to be a Russian Spy, so she will probably be the one to really know of Winter Soldier and his dealings…

  13. Jessica Brown Findlay does look the most mature of the actresses listed above. I’m not familiar with her work, though. I like Imogen Poots, but she seems frail and youthful. I imagine Cap going for someone more seasoned.

  14. “B) Look as though she could reasonably pass as a relative of Peggy Carter (and subsequently, actress Hayley Atwell)”

    This really isn’t a requirement. If Sharon were Peggy’s daughter, that would be more appropriate, but as a niece that’s not necessary due to other genetic factors. My nephew doesn’t look anything like me, and I don’t look like my uncle on my father’s side, but I could be my maternal grandfather’s twin. Genetics are funny that way. The only thing that couldn’t be done is change Sharon’s ethnicity.

    Just my 2 bits

  15. Hawkeye needs to be in the film with Black Widow because he is a SHIELD agent.

    • he may have a cameo

    • I remember reading a while back that he’d be in it, or did I misread? It was a while ago.

  16. I don’t see any of them as Sharon Carter.

  17. I’d love to see Alison Brie do it, I’m such a fan.

    I’m also a fan of Downton Abbey, so I’d also love to see Findlay gets it though.

  18. Khaleesi is gonna be the next Captain America lead.

    It Is Known B-)

  19. Brie is my preference. I think she’s fantastic on Community and could pull of Sharron Carter. In the second Paintball war of Community she played a bit of a bad ass and I think this would be an excellent opportunity for her to break out and avoid being typecast as the sweet-but-naive character.

  20. Palmer with a box of hair dye… she is clearly the best option to me. Brown hair and she easily passes for a descendant of Peggy Carter.

    Also, here is hoping Anna Kendrick will play Wasp – that would be phenomenal!

    Either way, I am ready for 2013! Who needs the holiday season this year – fastforward!

  21. Emilia Clarke please.

  22. Absolutely agree with the writer, it’s gotta be Jessica Brown Findlay. She’s by far the hottest as well IMO, but has that tough sexiness in her eyes that Atwell has where she could sucker punch you in the face and still turn you on at the same time. Hands down, it better go to her.

  23. Scratch that, I read the listing wrong, I think Emelia Clarke is the hands-down best choice. Has the look of relation even with light eyes, which would set her apart and not make her a carbon copy, but I think she’s got the Carter look nailed for sure.

  24. Erica Durance. She could kick Chris Evans ass. Isn’t that a turn on? Plus she can act. How refreshing in an action movie.

  25. Why not just have Hayley Atwell. Supposedly, people look similiar to their ancestors so that’s believable to cast her.

    As for Widow, if they would just re-cast her, I’d be happy as hell. Cannot stand Scarlet Johanson (sp?) – she has no acting talent whatsoever and no, her figure doesn’t count!

  26. First Choice: Teresa Palmer. Subsequent choices: see my first choice!

  27. It’s going to be Lindsey Lohan; I’d bet Kofi’s last dollar on it. :-P

  28. Nice!