10 TV Shows We’re Kind Of Sad To See Go (But Not Really)

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Before the full force of the summer television season begins, let's take a look back at some of the television series that were canceled this year - and whether or not we're actually sad to see them go.From CSI: Miami to cross-dressing workplace comedy Work It! (remember that show?) come with us as we reminisce about both the tragic, and merciful, TV show fatalities of 2012.YEEAAHHH!

CSI: Miami (CBS)

CSI: MiamiAlright, who accidentally canceled CSI: Miami?CSI: Miami's need to survive isn't based on any obligation to conclude some epic storyline, but is rather based on the fact that the show is like television's dessert. You know, the one that you sneak when no one is looking. Even if you didn't watch it, the Internet memes alone are enough to keep the series alive.Alright, fine… I guess we can cancel it. But I hope you know what you're doing. 

Breaking In (Fox)

Geek references and Christian Slater? More, please! At least, that's what fans of the show said after Fox originally announced Breaking In's cancelation last year. Then Fox gave the series a last-minute reprieve, promising that it would return in 2012. Everyone cheered!When Season 2 premiered… nobody tuned in. Where did everyone go? We kind of dropped the ball on that one. Our apologizes, Breaking In. To be fair… Megan Mullally wasn't exactly a great addition to the show. Christian Slater had things under control. But we just didn't watch. Sorry.Let's just pretend this never happened and work on getting Slater in a show that won't get canceled.Step up, TV... You hooked up Kiefer! Again! Christian Slater loves kids that don't talk... ask him.

Breakout Kings (A&E)

Criminals catching criminals on cable television? Perfect. Breakout Kings was actually a great show, and its cancelation is unfortunate. But for whatever reason, it wasn't working. People were watching… just not when the show aired. It's a small thing – but important.Instead of fighting for a third season, let everyone go their own way. They'll find their way back eventually. Jimmi Simpson likely being the first. If there's any actor ready for a breakout role, it's him.

Alcatraz (Fox)

Hurley from Lost, the Jurassic Park guy AND time-traveling criminals? Sounds great! Produced by J. J. Abrams? Amazing!Fox's Alcatraz may not have been everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly did have an extremely compelling plot.  Unfortunately, the intriguing mystery behind Alcatraz was overshadowed by too many formulaic episodes, which rarely resulted in questions being answered.Allowing a new series to find itself is crucial in the first season - and Alcatraz barely accomplished that by its final episode. A second season may have been rewarding for some viewers, but there's a point when the value of an answer to a question is outweighed by the time commitment needed to receive it.

The Marriage Ref (NBC)

Following the ridiculous cancelation of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn on Comedy Central, it's hard not to fight for any show that brings comedians together to talk about anything – even marriage. Trying to solve martial fights on primetime television is… something. That being said, NBC's attempt at a panel show was actually funny.Take away the moments where Tom Poppa and the panel aren't talking and The Marriage Ref would be a great show. Of course, then it wouldn't be The Marriage Ref. Even though there were always hilarious conversations between great comedians and actors, everything else about the series was skippable. Still waiting on news of The Green Room with Paul Provenza.

Terra Nova (Fox)

The tale of Terra Nova stretches across multiple television seasons. Promising an amazing prehistoric story with amazing visuals, television audiences were waiting with anticipation for its premiere.Certainly the best visuals on network television, Terra Nova's need for digital effects meant that - when there wasn't any money left in the budget - the stories were contained in a confined space.  With few strong characters to help drive a story that had its own share of problems, Terra Nova's future was always shaky.If Netflix had saved it, would the eventual conclusion ever have been as satisfying as you hoped it would be? With Lost fans split over the finale of that series, would Terra Nova really have been the series that delivered?

The River (ABC)

High-concept shows that attempt to expand the scope of television are always welcom. With NBC leading with Awake and Fox having Touch, hopes were high that ABC would complete the broadcast trifecta with The River.  The show had the guy who created Paranormal Activity (Oren Peli), and the dude from Dresdin Files (Dresden Files)!Once you realize that The River is Oren Peli's first project since the original Paranormal Activity in 2007, many things about the series begin to make sense. With odd visuals and an extremely weak story, The River never really gave audiences a compelling reason to care about what was going on. BTW, they find the guy. They do some spirit stuff. The spirit traps them. Spooky!

Work It (ABC)

Why is this show on the list? Better question: Why did this show make it to air?There's no deeper philosophy here than ABC wanting follow through on a series they picked up. Let's see where this show is going: Bosom Buddies lasted two seasons – and that was with Tom Hanks. If Tom Hanks can only pull off two seasons of dressing as a woman, it would have been interesting to see what ABC's plans were with 3 or 5.This show was canceled after two episodes - that's not how you treat a lady. Even if she is a man underneath.

Ringer (CW)

Two Sarah Michelle Gellars? Whose dream am I in?Buffy the Vampire Slayer may hold a place in many viewers' hearts, but what was going on with Ringer? Everyone loves a bad girl, but this show got downright confusing. Trying to fight through poor storylines and weak characters might have allowed some to survive the run of the series - and I applaud you brave souls.…Until next time, SMG.

Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney Channel)

This show has been on the air for four years and EVERYONE has at least heard the name – but how many people know what a Wizard in a Waverly Place is/means? Exactly. Now that the show is off the air, we'll likely never hear about any wizards or anything again… and that name will fall into your unconscious, without ever being given explanation. Remember The Naked Brothers Band? Yeah, me neither… but I remember hearing about them.Turns out that Waverly Place is the name of a road in Manhattan. The wizards (three teenagers) live above a sub shop that the family owns. All three are wizards and have magic powers - but only one can keep them. Crazy, right? That doesn't mean I'm going to watch it... but that's crazy.


While it may be sad to see a television series get canceled, there's always a new one around the corner. Perhaps they won't have the same sunglasses talents that were shown in CSI: Miami, but there's always hope.With the summer television season beginning next week, you'll have a break from all of these cancellations until September.Fingers crossed for Work It 2!
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  1. Alcatraz was my personal favorite. Also one that did not last long was Prime Suspect.

    Now that you have this list. When is the “Shows that should have been canceled” list coming? (I know what SR writer could do it)

  2. I actually really enjoyed Ringer, for what it’s worth. Although the show went in a totally different direction than what I expected, which was thinking it was going to be some spy-mystery show. But it was still good, especially the later episodes. But I hope SMG tries out another show, since she is fantastic and I don’t want her to dissapear again.

  3. 1. Very surprised about CSI Miami…. even though I stopped watching it two seasons ago (just got too boring) I can’t believe it’s actually gotten cancelled!
    2. I could never really get into ‘Breaking In’. I tried watching a few episodes here and there, but there was always something better on. I won’t miss it.
    3. Never heard of ‘Breakout Kings’. It actually does sound like a good show though…
    4. This is actually pretty funny since ‘Alcatraz’ has JUST started airing in South-Africa (after quite a big marketing campaign)… guess there’s no need to watch it now if it’s getting canned anyway.
    5. DESPISE ‘The Marriage Ref’. It wasn’t funny IMO and they never really helped married couples at all. Choosing a winner and a loser when the clear answer is “compromise” is stupid (and putting someone’s damn head on a billboard to rub it in their partner’s face doesn’t really scream “love”). All that show ever “helped” was the ever growing divorce statistics… good riddance. (If you want to see a good comedy panel show, watch the British series ‘QI’ with Steven Fry)
    6. Terra Nova was freakin awesome! Can’t understand why they cancelled it. I’m just hoping it’ll become a cult classic…
    7. ‘The River’? Never heard of it.
    8. Never heard of ‘Work It’ either.
    9. Never heard of ‘Ringer’ either!
    10. Unfortunately, i HAVE heard of the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, and even more unfortunately, I’ve watched it (It ain’t no Harry Potter for those of you wondering). It’s good that kids won’t be able to watch it anymore…

    • Agreed about Wizards of Waverly Place, just awful!
      Gotta pick up Terra Nova on DVD

    • I agree with your asessment on the Marrige Ref. I DO think the Host was awesome though, they should find another (and better) vehicle for him.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed Ringer near the end. It started off well, lagged in the middle, and then went bat$#!+ crazy for its last round of episodes – and those last few were good, frothy, cheesy fun! If it could have kept up that kind of insanity, I really think the show could have lasted a little bit longer. It was fun.

  5. I actually liked The Finder for what it was. The characters were fun and the plots, while formulaic, were fun enough to keep me entertained. I certainly think it should have been given more room to grow. There’s a lot of stuff on TV that’s utter rubbish compared to what The Finder delivered.

  6. watched some terra nova. was okay to watch.
    the rest… needed to get cancelled.

  7. Gah alcatraz and terra nova did not need to be cancelled such good shows comon stupid fox

    • Do agree with Vladiator.
      Would really like to see more Terra Nove and Alcatraz.

  8. How to make it in america >>>>>>

  9. Eh, only one I care about is Breakout Kings.

    And that I caught on Netflix, guess I’m one of those that watched it, but not when it was on.

  10. I enjoyed Terra Nova. It was freaking DINOSAURS on TV for crying out loud! Leave it to FOX to screw that up!

  11. All of these got cancelled, and they’re still showing Two Broke Girls?????

    • Hahaha….yeah….

    • Actually Two Broke Girls is quite funny and the dark haired chick more than makes up for any slack with lips and boob-age.

  12. The only one of those I’ll miss is Breakout Kings. I’m more upset about In Plain Sight, Eureka and Fringe.

    • Yup, I’m gonna biss Breakout Kings, too. But Fringe is coming back. For 13 episodes anyway.

  13. Sad to see CSI:Miami go. It wasn’t great television, but it was good for the random pop-in, and honestly I only tune in to see the Horatio Caine meme moments in action. Oh well.

    Terra Nova was just a post-Avatar cash-in. Not really sad to see it go but it’s still a pity, with what they could have done.

  14. First Stargate Universe leaves unresolved, now Terra Nova and Alcatraz. Oh well im still hoping Terra Nova will get a followup movie at least. Alcatraz im less concerned about, i was only sticking around for Sam Neill and the ’68 mustang. As for Universe, a guy can still dream cant he. Also fingers crossed for Jericho.

  15. And yet Jersey Shore gets another season. Jersey shore is the reason why people hate us Americans

    • R U Kidding Me??? I almost cried when snoo…schnook…schnuck…when the little obnoxious self obsessed, childish jersey chick found she was “heavy with child”. Mo’ fine TV along the lines of “Survivor”, “Big Brother” and all of the other “reality” dreck people are sopping up like sponges. The Four Horsemen is saddlin’ up people….these shows are your clue.

  16. I liked Terra Nova and Alcatraz, they shouldn’t have been cancelled. Terra Nova was the best show on network television- if all you have is basic cable(like me). I liked CSI: Miami, now it’s gone. Prime Suspect was a good show, I was shocked it was cancelled also.

  17. I laughed out loud at that picture the fact he is wearing sunglasses already and is trying to put another one on still making me laugh now lmao

  18. I really tried to get into CSI: Miami but like Tim Roth in Lie To Me, I just couldn’t work out whether David Caruso was in a comedy whilst all others were in a drama. A lady I know described him as a catalogue model. In what way am I supposed to take that seriously?

    And Terra Nova was garbage. Let it die, people.

    • One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

      • No argument there. I adore The Last Action Hero. I’m also aware many hate it :)

        • I enjoyed Last Action Hero.

      • Amen to that. I really enjoyed TERRA NOVA.

        • Terra Nova lost me in the first episode when the “sixers’ were immediately sliced to ribbons by the biglizards and the young black female wandered through them in the dark and made it out alive. When I see that kind of writing, I bail.

  19. Why anyone would miss another derivative procedural is beyond me.All of the CSI’s,NCIS,and Law & Orders can go as far as I’m concerned.

    Alcatraz was interesting,but the problem with shows like that is that they are too slow to develop the bigger plot,and people just won’t wait for it anymore,thanks to Lost.

    I watched the first four or five episodes of Breakout Kings,and other than the episode that had T-Bag from Prison Break in it,the show was pretty lackluster. The characters on that show were so meh that I really couldn’t go on watching it anymore.It won’t be missed in my house.

    • Lost is the reason people should wait for the plot to develop.

  20. The last three episodes of The River were really good

    • Absolutely agree. It started off pretty bad but really hit it’s stride at the end. The finale was very entertaining.

  21. Wizards of Waverly Place was only on for four years? Felt a LOT longer than that.


  22. Where’s the list of canceled shows that we’re sad to see go (really sad)? I’d have the Finder, Man Up!, Awake, and Chuck on that list. With this list, I will miss Breaking In and Terra Nova, but I’ll survive. Also, I thought the Marriage Ref was canceled a few years ago. I didn’t realize it still aired. But if you like comedians talking about stuff….podcasts are way better than crappy television shows IMO.

    • “But if you like comedians talking about stuff….podcasts are way better than crappy television shows IMO.”

      Try ‘QI’ (it’s a comedy panel quiz show with Steven Fry as the host). It’s one of the funniest (and “quite interesting”) shows I’ve ever seen.
      And the comedians that star on the show are actually FUNNY, in comparison to most of the other panel shows I’ve seen.

      • I’ll have to check that out. Thanks The Avenger

      • QI isn’t on American television. Many have tried, but they just can’t do it.

        Would I Lie To You, Celebrity Juice, 8 out of 10 Cats, etc… are all good panel shows, but they’re UK panels shows.

        UK has never has a problem with panels shows, but the US is unable to keep them on the air. The Green Room with Paul Provenza is all that we have – and who knows if it’ll get another season.

        • I noticed I couldn’t find QI. Thought maybe I was renarded.

  23. Only two shows on that list i have watched are Terra Nova and Wizards of Waverly Place.
    I don’t care what anyone says Wizards of Waverly Place was one of the better tween shows on Disney. ESPECIALLY with the crap they (Disney and Nick) have now.

    *ADDENDEM* I have an 11 year old daughter.

    • *Addendum to the addendum … it’s “addendum”.

  24. I will miss CSI Mami to the rest all I can say is goodbye.

  25. I am very disappointed that Terra Nova has been cancelled! It was something so different from all other series! Now I just have to hope that another Network will decide to pick it up.

  26. This is very bad for me and my fiancee, We have been watching CSI Miami since Season 1 and now you guys just stop it like that which is not fair to the million viewers… Can you imagine if food was just taken away from you without any prior notice….

    Can we atleast know why the show was cancelled??????

  27. No more Horatio. I never missed CSi Miami. It is my No. 1 favorite. I’ll be lost without it. I don’t understand TV, anymore. The popular show get the ax and the lousy ones hang on.