Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

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Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

hawaii five 0 tv status report Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Mondays @10pm, on CBS
Total episodes this season: 18-22
Average rating: 11.6 million viewers
Fate: Additional episodes ordered on October 21.
Explanation: As one of the most talked about series, Hawaii Five-O had a lot to prove – especially with Kurtzman and Orci attached to this television remake of the popular 70s police drama. Even though the series premiered to 14.2 million viewers and had a significant loss as the season progressed, it still held on to enough of an audience to garner a full season order. There’s no doubt that a second season will happen.


Hellcats (The CW)

hellcats tv status report Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Wednesdays @9pm
Total episodes this season: 22
Average rating: 2.22 million viewers
Fate: Additional episodes ordered on October 22
Explanation: While an average 2.2 million viewers isn’t anything compared to ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. For The CW, this represents a solid performing series. Many people wondered why Smallville alum, Tom Welling, would kick off producing an outside series with a show that has a cheer-leading theme. After watching a few episodes of the series, even the most hardened television watcher has to admit that it’s entertaining. Even though Hellcats has received a full season order, a second season may still be in questions or, unfortunately, its last.


Law & Order: Los Angeles (NBC)

law order los angeles tv status report Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Wednesdays @10pm
Total episodes this season: 22
Average rating: 8.42 million viewers
Fate: Additional episodes ordered on October 18
Explanation: When NBC canceled the long-time original Law & Order, everyone wondered what they would replace it with. Surprisingly, although not surprisingly, NBC decided to replace it with a new version of the series, Law & Order: Los Angeles. Sticking with the same format that made this franchise popular for two decades, they moved from New York to Los Angeles. While it’s not pulling in the ratings of its predecessor, NBC’s relationship with the franchise and Dick Wolf means that this series will not only receive a full season order, but probably a second season as well.


Mike & Molly (CBS)

mike and molly tv status report Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Mondays @9:30pm
Total episodes this season: 18-22
Average rating: 11.21 million viewers
Fate: Additional episodes ordered on October 21
Explanation: The second three-camera sitcom at CBS this season also proved to be the better of the two. Fortunately, audiences also agreed – albeit by a small margin. With a solid cast, endearing storylines and the ratings to back it up, this overweight romantic comedy certainly deserves a full season order. Expect this series to receive a second season soon and a third season next year.


Nikita (The CW)

nikita tv status report Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Thursdays @9pm
Total episodes this season: 22
Average rating: 2.86 million viewers
Fate: Additional episodes ordered on October 22
Explanation: The CW’s remake/sequel of the famous “La Femme Nikita” story started off with a rocky premiere. While the ratings were high, Nikita failed to deliver a competent story and ultimately lost some viewers because of it. Fortunately, for those that continued to watch, they were presented with a compelling story, interesting characters, and great action. Not only is a full season order on the books, but expect this series to return for a second season – and then some (maybe).


No Ordinary Family (ABC)

no ordinary family tv status Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Tuesdays @8pm
Total episodes this season: 22
Average rating: 8.4 million viewers
Fate: Full season ordered on October 25
Explanation: No Ordinary Family was ABC’s response to Heroes. After all the hype and promotion, the series started off with a bang. Unfortunately, each subsequent episode has shown a continuous drop in the ratings – the largest loss being almost 2 million viewers after the series premiere. Even though the average television fan can tell what the eventual future of this series will be (cancellation), ABC has invested too much to just let it go. Don’t be surprised if it gets a second season.


Outsourced (NBC)

outsourced tv status update Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Thursdays @9:30pm
Total episodes this season: 22
Average rating: 5.79 million viewers
Fate: Additional episodes ordered on October 18
Explanation: Out of all the new television series this year, Outsourced was the most perplexing. While the series had its moments, no one could tell if American audiences would warm up to a series that hits so close to home. Fortunately, enough viewers tuned in to garner a full season order. Outsourced is still pulling in a larger audience than that of Parks & Recreations – justifying NBC’s decision to move Parks to the mid-season.


Raising Hope (Fox)

raising hope tv status report Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide

Airs: Tuesdays @9pm
Total episodes this season: 22
Average rating: 6.37 million viewers
Fate: Additional episodes ordered on October 6
Explanation: The best new comedy of the season, Raising Hope, started things out with solid ratings. While nothing compared to CBS, it was still a solid performance for a new series on Fox. Even though the subsequent episodes dropped off in the ratings, it still held enough of an audience to garner a full season order. A second season will definitely be on the books for this wonderful comedy. Even if the audience doesn’t support it, Fox will – for the time being.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

the walking dead tv status update Canceled Or Renewed: 2010 TV Status Update Guide
Airs: Sundays @10pm
Total episodes this season: 6
Average Episode Rating: 6.37 million viewers
Fate: Second season of 13 episodes ordered on November 8
Explanation: The Walking Dead was easily one of the most hyped series of the year. From San Diego Comic-Con to New York Comic Con, AMC made sure that their zombie show made an appearance. After delivering the highest ratings that AMC has ever seen, they officially renewed the series for a second season of 13 episodes.


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  1. What about Rubicon?

    • Rubicon started off with strong ratings, but as of recently, they’re almost half of what the premiere drew. A second season has been ordered, but it might be its last.

      Will update the post soon with Rubicon.

  2. I hope they give Running Wilde a chance, because I like it! It grows on you.

    • So do warts. That show is terrible.

    • New episodes of Running Wilde are pulling in less than 3 million viewers. The show will be canceled, but I suspect they’re waiting until the last minute to deliver that news.

  3. Man, a lot of mediocre shows (except for Walking Dead, Boardwalk, Running Wilde and Raising Hope).

    I just finished watching 5 seasons of The Wire so maybe I’m spoiled but most of this stuff is so average. Having a “twist” slapped on top of an overused idea/concept does not make the show original, or good for that matter.

  4. What about Supernatural? Whether or not it’ll get a 7th season seems to be one of the biggest questions with regards to ongoing series to me.

    • Contracts for the main actors are up at the end of this year. That’s one of the biggest reasons why its renewal is up in the air.

  5. What about Fringe? any word on that? and im sure im the only one cuz everyone on here hates JJ but i like Undercovers and thought the writing was realy good the stories needed some work but that goes with alot of shows, all i know is i just finished Lost a few days ago and really i wish they would bring that back lol…. let the hate begin!!!! lol

    • No word on Fringe, yet. While the story has been kicking into gear, the ratings have continuously been dropping with each episode. Fox may give it another season, just to wrap things up.

      • That’s a shame. This season is head and shoulder above the previous.

    • lol hey i love jj :) alias, lost, and fringe are in my top 10….never got into to undercovers though

  6. They surely can’t be thinking of canceling The Event. The scene when Simon tries to escape a building thats imploding was brilliant and probably was the best bit of TV I’d seen all year.

    • Jeez really, are you watching “the Walking Dead ” that is brilliant Tv , the Event has been one of my biggest disappointments of the year. That show suffers from incoherent writing and direction and tries way to hard to be a LOST calibure show, but it lacks itensity and drive, the best part of the show so far has been the Acting of Ritter.I keep waiting for the show to be even good and because there is nt anything else in its time slot I continue to watch, but I have COD : Black ops now so I think I can pass on that from now on.

  7. I’m still on the fence with The Event. I love JJ but Undercovers was/is just an awful show to sit through and there is absolutely no comparison to Alias.

    Bleep my Dad Says should never have been on network TV. It totally takes away from the hilarity of the actual blog.

    AMC is the network to watch right now with Mad Men, Rubicon, and The Walking Dead they picking up some great series.

    So many people tell me they hate Outsourced yet I find it extremely funny and so much better than Parks and Rec.

    • And I’ve given up on FOX completely. Everything I end up enjoying on their horrible network they cancel so I refuse to get invested in any show they put out in the future.

      • lol hey now….what about house? i love outsourced cuz of its “the office” style

  8. We now return to The Biggest Losing Network Dancing Star Island.

  9. Any word on the Community?

    • Community has slowly been slipping into the same ratings funk that saw Parks and Recreations being moved to mid-season. While nothing is official, the future of the series might be in question.

  10. Medium is still on the fence… though it is looking likely that it’ll get axed but until official news, i’m still hoping…

    • Medium is such a high cost show, because the series has been on the air for such a long time. High production costs are why CBS pretty much canceled their established Friday night line-up last year.

      The high ratings that Blue Bloods has been delivering will probably push CBS to cancel Medium and replace it with a new series.

  11. Glad to see Hawaii Five-O will most likely get a second season. I enjoy the show and Scott Caan and Alex O’Laughlin have great chemistry and the action is pretty sweet. I feel like it has taken the place of the cancelled Numb3rs.

  12. I am so happy to see Detroit 187 coming back I love that show and I’m happy to see running wild might be getting canned it’s just a stupid show

  13. What about V? I think it got a full season airing in January.

    • V will be back in January, but it’ll only be for 10 episodes. While ratings could prove otherwise, it doesn’t appear that this series will return for a third season.

  14. Hey guys, do you know the fate of Arrested Development cast-member David Cross’ new show, “The increasingly poor decisions of Todd Margaret”? How have the ratings been? Is that it for the season/2nd season coming or done already?

    • Because Todd Margaret is on IFC, it’s hard to get ratings for it. Fortunately, the series will be back for a second season of at least eight episodes.

      • thanks for the info

  15. Nice to see boardwalk empire got renewed. That and walking dead are awesome shows and the only ones i watch other than south park. Anybody notice how many actors/actress were in Coen brothers films in boardwalk, its dope.

  16. I’m still quite sad that ABC cancelled My Generation, I thought it could have turned out to be an awesome show even though it didn’t look like it would work for more than one season. Still, why couldn’t there be a place where people could watch the endings of cancelled tv shows? I know My Generation had a few more completed episodes.

    I gave up on Undercovers despite knowing that the best friend would be the breakout star of the show – he had the best lines, I swear. How the Event is making is one I don’t care to know since I left it for How I Met Your Mother.

    I am oh so very happy that Outsourced has gotten a lot better since the premiere because I was entirely afraid it would be cancelled. If they cancel Community, NBC will only have one good show on Thursdays nights (in my opinion).

    On one last note, I’m actually kind of sad that Lone Star was cancelled even though I never watched it. It would have been nice to just have it there in case I wanted to watch it – like Blue Bloods.

    • Sometimes with shows, the creators will do a postmortem and reveal where they were headed with the series and what the eventual conclusion of the series storyline might have been.

      Networks will usually air the remaining episodes of a canceled series at a later date. Although, sometimes those episodes will never see the light of day, which I think will happen with My Generations.

      • kind of like happy town over the summer

      • Well that’s useless . . . but, then again, its ABC

  17. What about warehouse13 and human target?

    • Human Target’s second season begins Nov. 17th.

    • Warehouse 13 is one of the top rated shows on SyFy, so it’ll definitely be back.

  18. really? Mike and Molly got another season?

  19. Wow Caprica under a mill… I did stop watching it after about 6 or 7 episodes it’s like you said not enough space battles and Cylon butt-kicking. My hope is that they still do a good job closing the series with the last 18 episodes if there is some good Cylon butt-kicking I would probably rent the series before Blood and Chrome airs.

  20. Supernatural will end this year.

    The contracts are up and the boys have made it clear they want to move on. Also, for me, it’s always ran with Smallville and since that’s ending this year, I reckon the CW will end the 2 paired shows together.

    Plust here’s not much more they can do with the story now – Season 6 is merely an epilogue as it is.

    Having sad that, I’d love more Supernatural!

    • With Smallville ending, The CW is going to want to keep a ratings staple like Supernatural around. Losing both would really hurt the network. While it may be tough negotiations, I have a feeling that it’ll be back.

      • yeah but probably without jensen and jared, i think…..since they’ve said if it goes beyond 6 seasons they wont be the main characters anymore

  21. I don’t like JJ because he’s not a creator: Alias is Nikita (canadian tv series with Peta Wilson), Fringe is X Files, Undercover is Mr and Mrs Smith…And Star trek and M:I are old franchises.
    Abrams has taken more of a silent partner role of some of his creations of late. Even Lost, his last major tv success was more a product maintained by Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse rather than Abrams himself. Abrams is overrated. He’s pure marketing.

    • LOL

  22. Supernatural!? ha sorry I’m from NZ still waiting for Season 5 ><

  23. Whats the deal with the office? I think Ive heard its planning on going on without Steve Carrell, any news on who may be replacing him? Pulling for Rhys Darby, that guy would be money.

    • The Office will continue without Steve Carrell. For how long is another question.

      In terms of the who will be the new regional manager, all signs (and info) has been pointing to Darryl. Regarding a possible new comedic cast member, that’s still up in the air.

  24. Add Rubicon to the list of cancelled shows. Damn you AMC for getting me sucked in and then pulling the carpet out from underneath my feet.

  25. secret life of an American teenager

    • Secret Life is one of the top shows on ABC Family. With a successful book based on the series being released this year and high ratings, this series will continue for quite some time.

      • thank u tht show is my guilty chick show addiction lol

  26. Very bummed over Rubicon. Very.

  27. They sure i thought i read that Chase and The Event were getting cancelled.