Can We Just Keep Calling It ‘X-Files 2?’

Published 7 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 6:50 am,

x files i want to believe Can We Just Keep Calling It X Files 2?Blazing across the internets today is news that the official title has finally been announced for the upcoming X-Files movie, which most folks have been referring to as simply X-Files 2.

So are you ready?

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Really? That’s the title?

Anyone who reads this site knows I’m not a huge fan of the franchise, but the trailer actually looked pretty good to me. Gotta say though, my first thought when I read that was the title?


It’s almost as lame as Quantum of Solace. icon smile Can We Just Keep Calling It X Files 2? (Thanks, Jon!)

Regarding the top secret title that was just revealed, Chris Carter stated:

“It really does suggest Mulder’s struggle with his faith.”

Presumably that would be his faith in little green men and not God.

Anyway, I guess that image with Mulder standing in front of a poster with that exact phrase makes more sense now.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe opens on July 25th

Source: Yahoo via XFilesNews

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  1. Wow
    just wow.
    Whenever i hear a story like this it reminds me of one of my favorite romantic comedies
    It Could Happen To You with Bridget fonda and
    Nicolas cage .
    It was originally going to be called Cop Gives Waitress $2 Million Dollar Tip.
    a lot of people think it would have done better with the original title.
    so, titles DO matter.

  2. Seriously, doesn’t it sound like it belongs to some weepy chick flick or inspirational film?


  3. One of my biggest movie pet peeves is when the name of the movie is cheesily said or shows up in the movie. So if at any point in the movie Mulder says “I want to believe” and its meant to be really dramatic there is a 50% chance I’ll walk out of the theater.

  4. Vic,
    The only explanation I can think of is they are marketing directly to the die hard fans who are familiar with Mulders poster.
    But that may turn off non fans.

  5. Hey, at least it’s not titled, “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.”

  6. Surma, know exactly what you mean. I saw Die Another Day a while back, the last Bond with Brosnan in, and when he says the title it was so forced into the movie. Happens far too often. Well, once is bad enough.

  7. It would be better if the left “X-Files” out of the title.

  8. X Files: I WANT TO BREAK FREE …

    What an unnatural sounding title…imagine it spoken in trailers and by critics.

    The show overstayed it welcome, I loved it passionately, even saw the first movie grace the screen (albeit with laser-pointing chavs who kept turning Scully into a Hindu every 5 minutes)…but then the show did what the prequels did…it were to make me ‘not care’.

    But the idea of this film really fikls me with a ‘Serenity’ wonderlust…who is going to watch this?

    The title convinces me of the answer…people of bad taste willing to part with pounds for the sake of curiosity…and I am one of them.

    My girlfriend is going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming to this one….I think I’ll tell her its called XFiles 2, just to make it easier.

  9. It does sound a very whiney title. I wanna believe, I wanna!

    Didn’t Mulder lose his ‘faith’ in the tv series anyway? Didn’t he find it was all a hoax and then went all Richard Dawkins on the alien ideas?

  10. Its funny you guys mention that if the title is uttered somewhere in the film sometimes it ruins it.

    There is a scene in “No Country for old men” where Tommy Lee’s character is pondering the world in a cafe with the wife of one of the main characters.
    He says just about every type of description for the state of things. I’m bettin it was written where he says “this is just no country for old men ” and I bet they watched the take and said “let’s cut that out”.

  11. Not a horrible title but it sure goes against the stand alone (no conspiracy) concept.
    I think Quantum of Solice is way worse.

    When is the title important to a film?

    Apparently its NOT when its the sequel to a kick ass Bond film.

  12. How about “X-Files: Mars Attacks!”

  13. Sorry, that’s what I meant, faith in the unknown. Yes, he found it was a hoax and then later they went back, I knew all that, but I did think at one point he became the sceptic and Scully was trying to urge him back on track. So I wondered why do the something similar in a movie?

    Vic put faith in little green men, not God, and I put it as ‘faith’ to mean the same. Guess should have been clearer.

  14. I being a die hard fan of the x-files am really excited about this movie. this movie is high on my list of must sees.

    I want to like the title, but they should just keep it simply X-Files 2.

  15. No steven he didn’t loose his faith in God. He lost his faith in the truth.
    The whole message of the show was “the truth is out there”.

    Meaning: the truth is SO FAR OUT that you prob won’t accept it as the truth.
    As the show progressed alien life was proven real then disproven then proven again to be a tool of disception.
    To cover the real truth of an alien invasion.

    That “I want to believe” poster was a reference to his skeptical attitude in the first season. He must have had 2 of those posters because (I believe it was) in season 6 his office was burned out.

    I’m hoping the film continues along the lines of the alien conspiracy and NOT some mutated animal of the week bs.

  16. There’s a trailer for this? What do you mean Vic?

  17. quantum of solace is a way lamer title. I actually kind of like the title. I am not an xfiles fan eithe, but the title and narketing so far has gotten me excited.

  18. No prob steven. But “little green men is kinda dated”.:-)

    We just call um greys.

  19. I agree completely 790. Like I said before, i think the title “I want to believe” fits.

  20. Well seeing as they aren’t green and not exactly men, have to agree with ‘the greys’ :)

    They are on the short side though. That much still applies.

  21. personally I cant wait to hear one of those familiar male momotone voices do the ads,
    “coming Friday,”
    It will be HILARIOUS!

  22. I think X-files 2 sounds too much like X-men 2.

  23. I sure hope its rated R.

    And yeah it is kinda funny now that you put it that way Gary.
    The title sure conceals its plot…

    Is everything on that show a fricken secret. Ghheshs
    We X-File fans should be able to tell what’s going on as the trailers develop along. I hope? And if Carter starts a massive viral campaign like the Batman stuff, I’m gonna barf.

  24. I expect the film to be PG-13, but still pushing an R. But I personally dont expect to see an R rating.

  25. My test of a movie title is when you go up to the box office and you ask for a ticket, if the attendant says, HUH??; You know the title is bad. This is when you notice patrons actually retitling the movie for themselves. “Pirates of the Caribbean” just becomes “Pirates” at the box office. A better clue to how good the movie is, is how much of the move is shown in the outakes of the previews. If at the end you feel like you’ve seen the movie it’s probably not worth seeing, least at the theater anyway. Movies like “Cloverfield” could break the mold, so now it might be worth adding previews that show nothing.

  26. Working in a theater I can tell you this isn’t entirely true. Sometimes after saying long drawn out titles all day a few days in a row they just get shortened, normally it has nothing to do with the picture.

    One sure fire way to tell if it is good or not is to simply ask if the attendant has seen it. You can normally tell by the way they say yes or no if it is good or not.

  27. Oh man… sorry for getting your hopes up on the trailer. I’d forgotten only a leaked version had been out on YouTube. I was lucky enough to see it at WonderCon and thought it was actually quite good and harkened back to the series.


  28. And for a moment, I was hoping they would bring the Peacocks back.. ‘ick’.

  29. Is that the title of the movie or the studio’s take on the mindset of the serie’s fans? :D