Can G.I. Joe Be A Great Movie?

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gijoe Can G.I. Joe Be A Great Movie?The more I read and write about the G.I. Joe film, directed by Stephen Sommers, the more excited I get. I think it can be a great movie, but only if they avoid some mistakes that seem to be popping up.

When I was 8 years old, Transformers and G.I. Joe were just coming out (circa 1984), and it was great to be a kid! I didn’t hate Michael Bay’s Transformers movie; sure it had its faults, but I had a great time watching it. However, I think things could be worse for G.I. Joe if the director, producers and studio (Paramount) aren’t careful.

Probably the biggest one is taking away the whole “Real American Hero” motto and vibe from the film. I know that they’re hoping to make it more of a UN-style team, but G.I. Joe is as American as, well to borrow an old cliche, apple pie! Superman Returns erred when they removed “American way” from Perry White’s speech, “Truth, justice and all that stuff.” The writers even admitted that they didn’t want it in! Big mistake! However, I still enjoyed the movie, despite some other issues.

Look at recent movies that take a decidedly negative view of America and the Iraq War: In the Valley of Elah, Rendition, The Kingdom and others. Everyone of them took pot shots at America, and each bombed in the theatre. The box office analysts explained that no one wanted to watch a movie about a conflict that’s still on TV. Maybe so, but I think if you’re dissing on America, it’s gonna bite the film in the keester.

I don’t want to get into a political fight, but that could be one heck of a big mistake. It’s the equivilant of taking another country’s most cherished pop icon, and making it less about the country than it should. For instance, the American Godzilla movie. Nuff said.

One other thing that bugged me was the casting of Channing Tatum as Duke. He just seems like a pretty boy; I would’ve loved to have seen a younger Bruce Willis-type to play him, but I’m going to have to have faith that he’s the right choice.

Okay, I don’t have a problem with Sommers (The Mummy) directing. Sure, his last film, 2004′s so-so Van Helsing, but I enjoyed the two Mummy films, plus Deep Rising was a fun, underrated movie that Disney bumped to the January 1998 cemetery. Could a director with war movie experience do better, like a John McTiernan? Probably, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed here.

Don’t forget about the cast! I am happy with Ray Park (Darth Maul) as Snake Eyes, and Dennis Quaid as General Hawk, and Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy) as Zartan, are inspired choices. Read about that here.

After the casting of Cover Girl, I could feel myself starting to get excited. I even went to some fansites to get caught up on the characters. Unlike Transformers, I haven’t followed G.I. Joe at all, so I need a little re-educating.

If the producers and Sommers can avoid some of the mistakes above (and make Tatum a kick butt Duke), I think we’ll end up with a great movie!

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  1. Mmmmm.. yes…. Karolina as cover girl… I think MANY of us feel like getting excited. LOL

    I whole heartedly agree with you Heath. I was really hoping Transformers would have been in more aligned with the old cartoon movie (where Optimus passes the torch to Hot Rod who then becomes Roddimus Prime), but I chalk that all up to my boy-hood memories of the TV show, but I still liked it, and look forward to the sequels.

    I also loved GI Joe, the REAL AMERICAN HERO. Don’t take an icon, and ruin it to make it more internationally politically correct. Doing so I think will take alot of the sales from our generation becasue we will already KNOW what they’ve done to our childhood heroes.

    On a personal note, I think Duke should be older, but then again, look what they can do with Hollywood makeup. I think he’ll do better than Segal, but not as pricey as Willis.

  2. Try watching the old episodes from season 1 of both Joe and Transformers. Not so good anymore, huh?!


  3. Blasphemy….

  4. LOL, yeah, Transformer especially. Small boxes folding out into big boxes then form vehicle or bot. It was great!

  5. ME TOO!!!!

    I was such a big fan of Transformers and G.I. Joe!!! Truth be told, when I re-watched my G.I. Joe cartoons on DVD, I wasn’t that thrilled. But Transformers still keeps me going.

    I think Transformers will keep going for a very long time… Maybe till Majestic Robots will roam the earth in one way or another… and we’ll say… “phhaaaa! Transformers! Colorized Robots!! Who was such a putz to come up with that?” Says the boy from the 23rd century on earths sister planet…


  6. Well, Movie blockbusters like this are meant to be worldwide hits, if they keep the “American Way” which you’re trying to pump, then that means Obesity, war-mongering, racism and a low-IQ because thats what the majority feel about the States outside of the states. If you’ve EVER met a squad of typical U.S. Troops, they tend to be pretty dumb and socially-handicapped for the most part. Yes there are countless good ppl fighting for us, blah blah, but facts are facts. But imagine a movie with people like that?

    The “American Way” is to start wars they can’t finish, Vietnam, Iraq, you name it. If this movie was about that, why the hell make it.

    GI Joe isn’t about the American away, its about cool characters with crazy cool weapons kicking ass against rediculous enemies. So it looks like you missed the boat on what GI Joe really is…american way? that’s retarded. The movie and show were meant to be awesome entertainment based in their current times. I find it hard to believe what you’re complaining about, you sound like a redneck.

  7. When are some of you yanks going to realise that in some countries GI JOE did not have the “real american hero” sub headline, heck in england it wasn’t even called GI JOE. I used to love ACTION FORCE, INTERNATIONAL HEROES as a kid. I had the toys and everything, point im trying to make is that this film is aimed at a worldwide audience, not just the states. “Real American Hero” is corny sounding anyway so all of you bitching about it, just stop.

  8. I have NO interest whatsoever in seeing this movie. I never really understood the hype about GI Joe. Transformers was cool as hell.

    Oh and Jimmy, you’re a tool. Attack the movie, the actors or even the writer, but when you start bad mouthing the soldiers that are doing their jobs and protecting the right for you to spew nonsense, you’ve gone to far. Why don’t you just stick to sitting in your parent’s basement playing video games and reading comic books as you get fatter and fatter. Who the HELL do you think you are to attack the soldiers who are defending our country?? JERK!!

  9. How did The Kingdom take a negative view of America and the Iraq War?

  10. Wait… What just happened?

    It’s a silly movie about a silly remake of a silly cartoon to make silly toys…

    It’s just silly fun…


    Come on guys, this place should NEVER be used to spew hatred towards anything but remakes of movies that are less than 10 years old…

    Keep this place clean and ABOVE ALL ELSE!!! RESPECT THE AUTHOR OF THIS SITE!!!!

    And just have fun, for the love of all that’s good and decent in this world… just relax and have fun…

  11. Thanks Stephen, I was going to chime in here and tell folks to tone down the rhetoric.


  12. I really didn’t mean to offend anyone else here on this site. I have enjoyed the short time that I have been here talking about movies and tv shows. However, I have 2 nephews who are Marines-one of whom did 2 tours in Iraq-and my father is a retired Navy, so when ignoramuses start saying negative things about the military, it raises my hackles. Don’t get me wrong, I think the war in Iraq is wrong, but I support the men and women that are risking their lives there everyday.

    Again, my apologies to all-except Jimmy.

  13. Ok, Good, now on to more movie stuff! :)

    How do you guys think should be the composer for this movie? Elliot Goldenthal? (Too Dark?)
    Danny Elfman (Too Cartoonie?)
    Thomas Newman (Too Melodic?)
    James Newton Howard (Too dark and melodic at the same time)


    How about these guys :

    Michael Giacchino (Lost, The Incredibles etc)
    John Powell (Bourne Identity Series)
    Graeme Revell (The Siege, The Craft, etc)
    Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica)
    Trevor Jones (Dark City)
    Marco Beltrami (HellBoy)
    David Arnold (Independence Day)

    Oh I don’t really know… But if good old Jerry Goldsmith was alive, I’d pick him!

  14. I MEANT WHO not HOW!!!

    I’m such a boob… I need to change my contact lenses…

  15. Just so you guys know, watching the first season episodes of Transformers and GI Joe weren’t that great, I still watch Transformers the Movie at least once every other year. In early 2003, when my best friend Alex and I heard that a Unicron toy was coming out, we watched the film at least 7 times.

    I saw Transformers when it opened in theatres in 1986. I love it!


  16. They made a big mistake, they didn’t have LARRY HAMA as consultant and DAVID GUIVANT as production designer, check out my web link: Mine is the real American Hero in all it’s glory. 100 % MARVEL and Faithful to the comic book.