Call of Duty Movie Coming Our Way?

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call of duty logo world war 2 Call of Duty Movie Coming Our Way?

Back in May, news surfaced that Hollywood was interested in adapting the Call of Duty franchise to the big screen. There were no details at the time but now it is being reported that Activision, the publisher behind the video game series, has filed a trademark to protect the property against use in “pre-recorded movies featuring comedy, drama, action, adventure, music, theatrical performances and/or animation.”

With the plethora of comic book movies coming out and in development, we’re also starting to see a push into that other huge geek genre, video game movies. Unfortunately, history has not been so kind to video games based on movies and movies based on video games, but I expect a change in that trend soon.

The big question is, what would this film be about, since each game covers multiple sides and many story arcs…

Would the film be based in World War 2, where the series originated and where every installment of the series except for one has taken place? That would make for an interesting film, switching plotlines from the British, to the Americans and to the Russians, highlighting the battles they fought during key points in the war. However, like in the video game franchise, there have been so many WW2 movies that I’d like something different.

Perhaps then, the game follow the more recent jump into the modern era where players switch between playing a U.S. marine or a British SAS member. The story of that game, titled “Modern Warfare” (with its sequel coming out this fall) takes place in a fictional near-future, where a coup d’état allowed for a leadership change in the Middle East, and a civil war ignites in Russia. That game has been the most successful in the series and I expect it will prove that again upon Modern Warfare 2′s debut.

Maybe the movie will look a little like this trailer for Modern Warfare 2 that came out yesterday:

What do you think of a Call of Duty film and what would you like to see in it?

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  1. Oh yay, another movie based on WWII. Let me guess, Nazi’s right??

    If you learned about history from movies alone, you would think that Japan didn’t even fight in the war… :-D

    COD4: Modern Warfare was pretty fun, but Modern Warfare 2 looks pretty ridiculous. They have the AT-4 in the game that tracks and shoots down airplanes…

    • lol this is pretty out date i think dude the at4 didn’t track and shoot down plane is Stinger or Javelin and dude mw2 can’t shoot down plane except multiplayer shooting down the AC-180 with stinger only…

  2. The article above points to a film in the modern setting, which I agree is more than likely and would be far more interesting.

    The use of the AT4 to shoot down the AC130 in the multiplayer trailer was simply a place holder. The FIM92 Stinger will be used in-game instead for aerial targets.

  3. What! why bother making an adaptation,There isint even a story, its just war. hows this movie gonna be any different from seeing your average war movie
    it’s just silly

    • If you actually play modern warfare 2 campaign it is a story not juz war…

  4. I reckon they’d probably make it something along the lines of Black Hawk Down, or something of that sort of ilk.

    IMO, I think there was a fairly good plot/story behind COD4:MW if you watched the cut scenes and listened to the dialogue. As the player, you just took part in the various skirmishes and battles of that particular conflict.

    Oh, and COD4:MW outgrossed most major blockbusters and the sequel is expected to far surpass that, so it must bring more to the table than just run of the mill running and gunning.

  5. @ DaFadge,

    I would argue that there was a story and characters in the last two games more than the first 3 games: World at War & Modern Warfare.

    It would work for me seeing a film transition back and forth between two-three different teams of soldiers fighting the same war against the same enemy from different countries.

  6. We can only hope this doesn’t end up like every other video game movie.

  7. @ M-Cat

    I heard that.

  8. I don’t know.. when I read this headline, all I could hear was Patrick “Joe Swanson” Warburton’s voice yelling out: “DOOODY!!!”

    Which I suspect sums up what this film will end up being.

  9. @Nick

    If they replace it with the stinger, it won’t be that bad. I mean, it’s still unrealistic as hell, but it’ll be acceptable because the game isn’t supposed to be a sim. But an AT-4, that was just too ridiculous… There were other things I saw in the trailer that got a “wtf” reaction from me, like you running around with a M240 machine gun shouldered and firing while running around. I wonder if anyone knows just how hard that really is, lol. And that sticky bomb BS, yay, one step closer to turning the game into Halo… lol

  10. Yea I would like to see a COD movie. COD 4 Modern Warfare has an excellent storyline that wouldn’t be difficult to make into a movie. I can’t speak for the other games of the franchise but this is one of my favorite single player games because of the plot and the realism.

  11. I’d rather see a HALO movie

  12. I would rather see a Bioshock movie. :-P lol, just kidding, although I am looking forward to that one.

  13. @ Rob
    Yeah I’l admit I aint really played the more current games (still havent advanced to the ps3 yet)
    I mean yeah cool if the story’s good ect,and they keep it modern (far to many Nazi’s in todays movie culture.
    silent borderline propaganda if you ask me)
    and I like the idea of showing diffrent aspects of modern war
    it could work.
    lets just keep our fingers crossed and hope the films not littered with a poor scribt and a aging actor who is only doing the role because they just realized they never done a war film before and think they should

  14. Bioshock would be a sick movie ken J.

  15. @dafadge

    Just skip “advancing” to PS3 and GRADUATE all the way to PC gaming. :-)


    One is supposedly being considered, hopefully it goes through and doesn’t suck…

  16. @Ken

    Yeah I’m into p.c gaming but i’m preety simple with my games my favourite game has to be Worms world Party.
    I love it, me & my flat mate just play it for hours it’s dead theraputic blowing up spineless creatures with a bomb shaped like a cross,
    and I know for a fact it’s probally the one game that will never get made into a film.

    Unless the catholics get behind it

    although I bet Ive jinxed myself by writing this

  17. Worms Armageddon = Awesome (the PC version, that is)

  18. Yeah man the p.c versions the best It has to be P.C a none of this 3D Polava,
    it has to be in 2D then you hook it up to a projector
    its the best

  19. I’m currently waiting for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising to arrive. I remember back in the day when you preorder a game, they ship it out a few days early so you get it ON the release date. These idiots shipped it out on the day AFTER the release, so I’m not going to get it until a week later. WTF? I preordered it like over a month in advanced, why when I could have just waited for it to come out like someone who doesn’t care that much and buy it at the store on the day of release?? That’s so dumb…

  20. The plot hasn’t been decided yet Ken J so it may not be about WWII at all. And I read on a different website that the owners of the movie dont have the rights to technically make it an action movie. For all we know, we could soon be looking at Call of Duty: The Musical.

    That’s just wrong!

  21. @Brett

    LOL, that would be different…

    Yah, they might make the movie after the modern warfare storyline, but even then I don’t see how they can make it a Call of Duty movie and not just another war movie… It wasn’t very character oriented and its story isn’t very different from other war movies or anything…

  22. Im hoping that it will be from the modern warfare series, seeing as there quite afew WW1 and WW2 games and movies. After all, there were quite a few World War games, and the modern warfare franchise has hit off to a pretty amazing start. Also the plot in the games will make a good movie. : )

  23. Im hoping that it will be from the modern warfare series, seeing as there quite afew WW1 and WW2 games and movies. After all, there were quite a few World War games, and the modern warfare franchise has hit off to a pretty amazing start. Also the plot in the games will make a good movie. : )

  24. I like to see cod black oops movie or black oops 2 movie the both had good story lines