‘Cabin in the Woods’ TV Trailer Messes with Horror Clichés

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cabin woods trailer chris hemsworth Cabin in the Woods TV Trailer Messes with Horror Clichés

The Cabin in the Woods is a long-delayed horror flick directed by Cloverfield screenwriter Drew Goddard and based on a script he co-penned with Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator (or, as he’s better known nowadays, The Avengers director) Joss Whedon.

Starring in the film are likes of such Whedon show alumni as Fran Kranz and Amy Acker (Dollhouse) alongside a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth and several TV stars who’ve become bigger players since filming on The Cabin in the Woods took place a few years back.

Today, we have a new minute-long TV trailer for The Cabin in the Woods. It doesn’t offer much in the way of new footage, though it does continue to emphasize (ad nauseum) the idea firmly established by the official trailer: this isn’t the sort of “beautiful young people party in the woods, mayhem ensues” horror movie you’ve seen many a time before.

Check out the extended television promo for The Cabin in the Woods and see what we mean:

Cabin in the Woods appears to throw an almost purely sci-fi twist into the familiar cogs of its horror plot setup, rather than relying on purely supernatural forces (a la The Evil Dead) or a monster disguised as a “virus” (a la Cabin Fever). Similarly, said TCITW players are expected to be more sophisticated and sharp-witted than your average horror movie archteypes (even more so than the characters in the Scream movies).

Both Goddard and Whedon’s strengths lie in their writing abilities, which bodes well for their Cabin in the Woods “experiment”. In fact, there already looks to be a clever self-reflexive angle to the film’s storyline, seeing how it revolves around people (the actors) being manipulated by powerful exterior forces (the filmmakers) for some twisted mysterious purpose (to entertain viewers).

 Cabin in the Woods TV Trailer Messes with Horror Clichés

The would-be victims of 'The Cabin in the Woods'

Of course, whether or not throwing elements like enormous force fields – and backwards hillbillies who are actually in cahoots with (what appears to be) an elaborate conspiracy, ultimately helps or hinders Goddard and Whedon’s attempt to reinvigorate tired horror movie clichés, remains to be seen.

We’ll find out for certain if the pair have successfully bent the rules of the horror genre – or gone too far and broken them, resulting in an ambitious mess – when The Cabin in the Woods opens in theaters around the U.S. on April 13th, 2012.

Source: FEAR.net

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  1. WTH did I just saw ? :o

  2. how does a movie like this get made and takes so long to be released?

    • This one was originally delayed so it could receive a 3D post-conversion treatment (which, apparently, it ultimately was not given) and then ended up being delayed even longer due to MGM’s bankruptcy issues.

      • Oh wow that sucks but Thank you for the reply.

  3. This is supposed to be funny right?? or like at the very least tongue-in-cheek?

  4. This just almost smacks of the lameness of “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch”, where you take corporate or government sponsored horror with no clearly defined purpose other than… wtf, why not?

  5. i am in

  6. That looks awesome. Again i have to say why cant people just find the fun in a decent film these days? Everyone seems so judgemental and demanding nowadays. I guess most of my generation were coddled and spoiled growing up.

    • It has nothing to do with being coddled or spoiled. Maybe some people like things that you don’t? Or maybe they some people don’t just accept any film thrown at their feet and want to save money for good movies? Some people like films that are intelligent or at least have a smidge of artistic merit. Some people like your self apparently just want to watch things go boom or see things jump out at you. Not every one has the same tastes.

      Personally i’m torn on this film. Horror films are generally crap because the lack of anything more than cheap unintelligent thrills. Mediocre or bad dialogue mixed with clitches and a bad plotline typically doesn’t make a good movie. I’m not a mindless horror fan drone so I usually skip this stuff. The Wheadon name however is almost enough to make me see it. I’ll probably just wait to rent it though looks to be pretty awful despite Wheadons usual knock for making things awesome.

      • Different tastes are fine but dude, 75% of ALL comments anywhere on anything media related are NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE nowadays and i firmly believe its a generational thing. Our generation is a bunch of whiny bitches who want everything exactly the way they please. Variety is the spice of life, why cant these people who need artistic merit to their films also enjoy a cool scarefest every now and again? Sorry maybe im just sick of negativity everywhere i go.

        • the sad part is, a lot of those people who talk about “good writing” and “artistic merit” who trash horror and sci-fi and action flicks… ALSO trash art films that contain good writing and artistic merit!!!

          You’re absolutely right. We are living in a world of pampered, self-indulgent, wannabe critics, who think they know everything there is to know on any subject, simply because they have access to Wikipedia.

          Sadly, in my line of work, I end up meeting more than my fair share of this type of person.

          • couldnt disagree more and I find it sad to see you guys being so clitche. Every generation the old generation will bash the new one. It’s been the same tired old insults for over 50 years. You realize every little insult you just tossed around was thrown at your generation just a few years ago right?

            You trash an entire generation because a few people on a message board don’t agree with your god like opinion ? Who’s the pampered one there ?

            Why can’t the people who want smart film not enjoy cheap thrill run of the mill horror ? Because they don’t. Why don’t dumb people enjoy smart films ? Why don’t most men enjoy the sister hood of the pants or whatever new uninspired dull chick flick comes out? Because not everyone has to like what you like.

            Personally I love scifi . I enjoy an action film with a good story so that means not Bay films. I can enjoy the occasional Rom con even. I like many films I simply don’t like horror unless it’s something fresh and smart even then I usually dislike it? Is it because I’m pampered ? No! It’s because I like smart films and I generally dislike horror. It’s not about what generation. Someone is from its about personal taste. It’s dumb to even have an argument about how much you hate young kids playing on your lawn when we are on a movie site.

  7. This movie looks amazing. Can’t wait to check it out on Friday. Looks like it will be a fun ride.