‘Cabin in the Woods’ Trailer: ‘Evil Dead’ By Way of Joss Whedon

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 Cabin in the Woods Trailer: Evil Dead By Way of Joss Whedon

Two long-delayed projects starring a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth are slated to hit theaters in 2012. One is the Red Dawn remake and the other is The Cabin in the Woods, a horror movie co-written by Joss Whedon (The Avengers) and Cloverfield screenwriter Drew Goddard (the latter also made his directing debut on the film).

Goddard and Whedon previously worked together on the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel; the former is (of course) well-known for turning many tried-and-true horror movie clichés on their head. As evidenced by the first trailer for Cabin in the Woods, the aforementioned writing duo are aiming to do something similar with their most recent collaboration.

The setup for Cabin the Woods is (intentionally) familiar: a pack of beautiful young people head out for what is supposed to be a relaxing getaway at an old-fashioned cabin, somewhere in the remote wilderness, far from civilization. However, just like every other horror story with that premise, the characters soon find themselves running for their lives as some mysterious entity (previous examples include a horrible flesh-eating virus and a madman with a chainsaw) starts trying to kill them all.

So, how exactly are Goddard and Whedon aiming to creatively upend that familiar narrative setup, without the final product coming off as a direct variation on its more memorable predecessors (ex. The Evil Dead)? Well, watch the Cabin in the Woods trailer below and find out:

So, if this trailer is any indication, Cabin in the Woods goes beyond merely being a self-aware flick where characters try and resist the stereotypically stupid behavior that traditionally dominates these sorts of films. It also throws what appears to be a strange sci-fi angle into the mix, complete with giant honeycomb-patterned force fields and sinister operatives surveying the main cast as they attempt to escape deadly (inhuman? alien?) creatures.

Give Goddard and Whedon credit: that’s the sort of bizarre approach to overused spooky movie genre conventions that even FX’s American Horror Story has yet to try. If that semi-experimental spin on an over-used narrative works or not remains to be seen; if nothing else, Lionsgate appears to be hoping that the film’s oddball post-modern structure proves to be a bankable selling point, based on how prominently it is featured in this first promo.

Likewise, that theme of “genre deconstruction” is visually-realized in the Cabin in the Woods poster, which you can check out below:


cabin in woods poster 280x414 Cabin in the Woods Trailer: Evil Dead By Way of Joss Whedon

Lionsgate is releasing Cabin in the Woods in the springtime, which has become a go-to spot for similar horror flicks in recent years – be it the latest remake of a classic slasher movie (Nightmare on Elm Street) or the newest sequel in a onetime popular spin on traditional slasher films (Scream 4). This time around, horror fans will get to see something that can be more genuinely referred to as “original.” Hopefully, “good” and “entertaining” will also be words that apply.

Look for The Cabin the Woods to open in theaters around the U.S. on April 13th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. … What the heck??!!

  2. I am going to have to watch that about 5 more times to even remotely get what that was about. Wow. Looks very interesting, that’s for sure.

    I only hope Alan Tudyk makes an appearance.

  3. There’s no way I can go without seeing this and figuring out what is going on.

  4. What…?

    I mean, WHAT???

    The is not in any way what I expected.

  5. the second i saw the house i tought a stupid evil dead wannabe
    when i saw the forcfield i know it will suck ass…ps.the guy and the chick survive…

  6. Man behind the curtain? Levers and mechanical trickery? Maybe some clues here and there?

    Quick someone call Scooby and Shaggy!

    • No need to call for Shaggy, it looks (and sounds) like he’s the tech/geek character in this movie!

  7. Now THAT is one freaking AWESOME poster!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To hell with Captain America and Batman… Cabin in the Woods wins, hands down, for THE best movie poster!!

  8. Weedon and the guy from Cloverfield. Movie is not gonna make ANY sense whatsoever and crap’s gonna hit the fan.

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Wait. What? Censorship?

  10. everything is pretty self explanatory:
    scientists use that area (cabin and surrounding) to test mutant creature things, they use mechanics to change the environment (scene where they cause the rocks to cover the road preventing kids form leaving). the barrier prevents anything from getting in (and possible out (once the test is initiated). the kids seem to find out the facility where the scientists are and try to escape through it, but in turn bring the creatures with them (creature flying through glass, elevator scene).

    from the brief snippets of footage, the movie seems to be pretty violent and the premise is different to most cliché horror movies.
    look forward to this one, though its not a day one view, maybe on cheap movie night.

    • Testing mutant creature things by having them kill people is why my brother wants to become a scientist. It pays well lol sadly, the real premise probably makes less sense than that

      • doubt it, the one thing that does have me puzzled is why the creatures kill constructively, one would assume they would just be vicious killing machines but i guess not.

  11. Evil Dead meets Wrong Turn meets Saw meets Super 8 meets I don’t know what. This looks way to stupid to even think of watching.

    • you have no clue, htf does this even relate to saw or super 8 or any of the other things you mentioned ? if you watch the damn trailer carefully you’ll notice it’s different to all those trashy movies. i bet it will be better then them to b/c its taking the piss out of those trash movies by being self aware sort of like a cliché within a cliché.

  12. The Cube crossed with a little indie flick called The Hunt. Which for indie was 4 out of 5 stars. Hope this doesn’t feel like a rip.

  13. Jwalka, did you just refer to super 8 as a trashy movie? really?

    • I know! Really?

  14. So if this is the “remake” of Evil Dead, I can see a Whedon spin being Ash is now a girl and short for Ashley, and she will be the only survivor….. Or is this a totally different film?

    • did you watch the trailer or are you just tooting out of your rear end for the sake of hating on something that is referred to as evil dead by people who haven’t interpreted the trailer properly ?

      • I watched the trailer, so I don’t know what your talking about. There are talks of an Evil Dead remake, is this it, or is it just being compared to it? But thanks for your immature 2 cents. I wouldn’t compare this to Evil Dead, just trying to find out if this is the remake….And hating, not quite, I enjoyed the trailer and I am a big fan of the Evil Dead franchise. So can you answer the question? or are you going to keep talking out of your rear end?

  15. Hehehehehehe……. It comes out Friday the 13th. And Hemsworth looks mystified by whatever he sees in that picture 😀

  16. Looks ok… but it says it goes against the cliche but as always the blonde chick gets naked and dies…..what a surprise but i like the idea might give it a watch.

    • I saw this movie at the Aint-it-Cool-News BNAT marathon this past weekend. Let me say this: CABIN IN THE WOODS is absolutely incredible. It is so much ridiculous fun. I am total horror film nerd–in fact, I’ve run my own 35mm horror movie co-operative in Philadelphia for the last 14 years. My point is, I really love and know the horror genre, and this is by far the best horror film I’ve seen in a long time–I have not had this strong of a reaction to a theatrical horror film since I saw DEAD/ALIVE in theaters back in 1993! What’s great about CABIN IN THE WOODS is that its creators also obviously know and love the genre, and have a great time intelligently referencing and at the same time upending all the traditional horror tropes and subgenres. There very clear nods to EVIL DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13TH, TCM, etc., but also so many other films too. I can’t more without ruining surprises I love this trailer, too, because it’s intended to fool you. It makes you think you know exactly what to expect, but the movie completely twists and defies those expectations. I hate this cliche, but it’s a real love letter to hardcore horror fans. The audience was cheering non-stop through the final twenty minutes. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT seek out more info on this movie. Do not watch another trailer, in case the next one gives too much away. The deductions I’m reading in the above comments barely get to the core of what this movie’s about. I went into the film without even having seen the trailer, and I’m so glad for that. So avoid any more info, see CABIN in April, and enjoy what’s easily one of the best horror films in 20 years.

      • “I’ve seen in a long time–I have not had this strong of a reaction to a theatrical horror film since I saw DEAD/ALIVE in theaters back in 1993!”

        Wow, that’s quite a bold statement. I remember seeing Dead/Alive back in a packed theater and the experience was awesome…the crowd went wild.

        Thanks for your brief, spoiler free review – I’m getting stoked to see this due to the good feedback I’ve heard about. I appreciate your suggestion to not searching out more information for it to keep the surprises.

  17. Hasn’t this already been done in Hunger Games……the futuristic scientist behind the curtain pulling the strings? Might be fun if well done.