‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Spoilers Discussion

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The Cabin in The Woods Spoilers The Cabin in the Woods Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Cabin in the Woods review, this is the place where you can discuss The Cabin in the Woods spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Cabin in the Woods for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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  1. Is it just me or is this movie full of plot holes? Lol the whole everything failed in every country but if one country suceeds that’s enough. Also the ending was kinda ehhh for me. Cause they hand would have came up and killed them anyways if that’s the whole point shouldn’t it be fine?

    • The film’s logic is definitely pretty thin – even if the controlled “ritual sacrifice” angle was interesting and provided a lot of intriguing twists in the actual cabin environment. I definitely enjoyed the minute to minute entertainment but it’s definitely next to impossible to take the mythos very seriously.

      • The “ancient gods” are the audience. The international house locations are the various countries that have been submitting regularly to the horror genre in the last decade or so. Granted, Sweden and France probably should have had a bit more of a nod, but the reference makes much more sense in context.

        And the whole “eight minutes until sunrise” bit…? Guess what happens eight minutes later? Yup, lights up in the theater. The movie, and the world within it are over…everyone is effectively dead.


        • This is precisely what I thought as well. The old gods were indeed we the audience. The monsters that were kept in storage were cinematic echoes of horror movies and not myths or legends. I mean, hellraiser and IT were among the potential killing tools. I was fully expecting at some point the names of Stephen King and Clive Barker to be dropped as former or current employees of the concern that perpetuates the ritual sacrifices working in the “R & D” department.

          • Here’s my take:

            The “version of Earth” the movie inhabits is actually an allegory for the horror movie industry. The two “writers” guiding the process don’t succeed (setting up a rote premise, but failing the formula), and they unleash the wrath of the legacy of the genre (all of the “famous monsters”) on themselves and the crew, the “director” tries to save things at the last minute by interfering with the story (inside the literal setting of a type of deus ex machina), but she too fails and the entire enterprise is destroyed by the “ancient ones,” the part of the audience’s psyche whose taste for blood must be sated every couple of months by horror films. It casts horror movies as the latest installment in the long-running parade of bloody human morality plays, designed to control behavior by instilling strong notions of a mortal price for deviating from accepted social behavior (sexual promiscuity, ego and hubris as driven by athletic and intellectual prowess, decadent partaking in drugs or alcohol). In short, horror movies and stories appeal to a crowd that believes itself to be deviant but are actually the hatchet men for the socially conservative establishment in a sense, unleashing the worst, pent-up aspects of animalistic human id on those who don’t follow society’s rules. Those who don’t find “religion” in churches get it disguised as carnage in horror entertainment, to the same ends. Religion and Horror both keep adherents in line from different directions, manipulating according to the self-image. The movie’s puns on free will drive this home.

            I saw this film at the urging of my wife (a horror movie fan, which I am not) last night and woke up a few times overnight with its themes reverberating in my head and expanding. That’s a remarkable feat, and for that this movie gets a very high score from me. The people sitting around us in the theater complained out loud the entire time and left voicing their wish to get their money back, saying it was dumb and the worst thing they’ve ever seen… they are the figurative “arm of the Gods” that crushes the cabin and movie world at the end.

            • And thanks for the compliments, guys!

          • Youre right! One scene in the movie you see the board with all the predicted kiilers of the kids next to “clowns” you see s. king and I may have been the only one who caught that. XD

          • “S. King” bet on “Clown” on the whiteboard. :-)

        • Wow – you guys really rocked that interpretation. That is the deepest reading of the plot I could have possibly ever imagined seeing on here!

          I am impressed. If that wasn’t Whedon and Goddard’s actual idea – they should pretend it was intentional!

          • Wow, I agree with Ben. Jen, you rock!

        • You’re my kind of moviegoer, Jen! The scientists made a few references to consumers, which backs your take on the flick.

        • Great assessment of the film. I had to go back and rethink the plot line. I am so dense. :)

        • I disagree, for that to be the case you would have to ignore every reference to the end of the world and the giant hand at the end. I think you’re reading a little too much into it. Just because it’s a Joss Whedon film doesn’t necessarily mean it HAS to challenege absolutely every preconception that has ever existed in cinema.

          • Heres my take. The end of the world was actually the end of the current horror movie world genre and the time for a new type of horror movie writing/writers. It is the death of the current horror writers that have been around for awhile controlling most horror movies (in the case of the movie it was the agency workers) because they have offended the genre and audience with their stale/formulaic writing. Writers are like puppet masters controlling the same stereotypical characters in many horror movies. Writers sometimes do not allow characters stray from conformity and no matter what they (agency workers in the movie) do in the movie, fate helps the main characters destroy the system. Why? becsause as fate would have it, this set of “stereotype” 5 characters are actually not what they seem. . The characters themselves challenge the system. jock is not dumb. Stoner is smart. etc. As these non stereotypical (as it would seem) characters continue through the movie they consistently are able to break free from the writers grasp and begin challenging conformity by “raising hell” (metaphorically and then literally) which is what is needed to save all of us movie goers from mundane horror movies we have experienced in the last 15 -20 years. That is the message in my opinion while at the same time honoring them. The movie was like an homage and funeral and/or farewell of many monsters/creatures and writers we are confortable and familiar with.

        • Great interpretation Jen. I guess I am one of the ancient ones. I’m guilty of loving formulaic horror films. This ancient one was satisfied because this clever film managed to honor the old traditions while delivering something original.

        • It doesn’t take eight minutes for the lights to go up in a theater. Takes about one minute. And the analogy doesn’t make the movie any more clever. Its a fairly stupid analogy.

          • That went right over your head, when they said “8 minutes til the ancient ones come” that meant 8 minutes until the movie is over and the lights go up not that it takes 8 minutes for the lights to go up seriously you didnt get that?

            • Hahaha! Right over his head, indeed!

          • ^And that was a fairly stupid comment.

      • I would agree, but I would add that the understanding or belief of the mythos is not necessary to the movie-going experience. Harnessing the ambiguous “Ancient Ones” provides a level of neutral interpretation through which the rest of the plot can function. All the audience knows is that these beings ruled the world long ago and need to be satiated annually. Although I don’t think that this bore any “subtle analogies” to the audience being the Ancient Ones, etc, I think that it was a fitting and strong way to open and drive the plot.

    • Yeah the movie’s logic is definitely flawed considering there were zombies, mermen (out of water albeit), ghosts, giant spiders and snakes, etc. People need to stop overanalyzing movies like this and just enjoy them for what they are. Do you really think that as experienced as Joss Whedon is he didn’t notice that the plot was “flawed?” Of course he did but it adds to the fantasy aspect of it. And no the hand came up BECAUSE they weren’t all sacrificed. Had all of them but Dana (or Dana included since she didn’t matter) died, the Gods would have been appeased an the hand never would have come up from the ground.

      • I thought the pothead had to die first? If she had died after the werewolf attacked her, the gods would not have been appeased because she was suppose to be the last.

        • When the hand came up, the time was up. 8 minutes to sunrise meant that once sunrise came it was too late to appease the ancient ones. The hand coming up and killing them would not have made a difference because it was already too late.

      • It really doesn’t matter what Joss noticed or didn’t notice. perhaps he just couldn’t come up with a better plot so went with a stupid flawed one. thats my guess. The problem is a plot that has no logic is a bad plot. A movie with a bad plot is a bad movie. If a movie plot can only be enjoyed by brain dead people who never analyze anything no matter how much stupidity hits them in the face then thats worth mentioning.

        • Nevermind think this whole movie went over your head

    • Why is that a plot hole? Given the strict order of death rules, I wouldn’t expect the American branch to succeed every year, and they’re second best. Since this has been happening for centuries, eventually there was going to be one unlucky year where it failed in every country.

      • Its a plot hole because I don’t see how it ever could suceed ever,as many American kids are going to be immune due to smoking pot.

        • They stated that they put additives in his weed. The only reason it didn’t work was that he was using weed from a stash they didn’t know about. So basically the reason they failed with him is that they missed on stash. So even if they keep getting pot heads every time the run the scenario, they still normally have them under control. It’s not a plot hole. You missed the part where they said he was smoking unaltered weed.

  2. A great horror comedy gem a mix of evil dead and somthing unique a horror flick that will become a classic a great ending to i never expected for anything in the ending to hapen

  3. Just came out from the cinema…laughing, thrilled and above all, thoroughly entertrained. CITW is a indeed a gem in a very boring, predictable genre (and, let’s face it, film industry as a whole).
    The films works on the references to the other classic horror films, and of course, the Ancient Ones of Lovecraftian domain…can you ask for more?

    • I didn’t find the twists all that out of knowhere. There was a couple good ones but a lot of them were pretty obvious

  4. Lovecraft creaturs are in this movie? no way really? mmm might consider going to see it then

    • I said “references”…:)

  5. My question is: Why would the “guys upstairs” re-route the power to the cave? Why would they want them to escape/live? Was there a plot detail that I’ve missed out on? I mean if they wanted them to be a part of the whole controlled environment deal wouldn’t they want the cave closed? What was the point of re-routing power to let them escape? Help?

    • it wasn’t the guys “upstairs” it was the stoner. When he messed with the wire’s in the cave, he inadvertently shorted the detination.

    • I think that Marty the fool accidentally broke the wiring for the cave in when he was screwing around in the control panel and that was the “upstairs” they were referring to.

      I could be wrong, though.

      • Yeah they were referring to Marty as the man upstairs because the “lab” was directly below the cabin.

    • So there would be a sequel? Because they knew the Stoner hadn’t died and would screw up the order and make the entire thing fail?

    • Hey. The power was re routed by “the fool” as they were the ones upstairs. The panel in the wall that got the elevator working was what he used to re route it. I believe, may be mikes off.

  6. i liked it. alot. completely original, sexy, interesting and kept me entertained. and if Trey (above) saw the ending coming, then i was a star in the movie. complete LIAR. no chance ANYONE would see anything that happened from the two going down in the elevator until the very end, coming.

    • I posted exactly what I thought was going to happen based on trailers on a friend’s facebook page. He saw it last night and said I was about 95% right. That is without seeing the movie AT ALL. So I believe Trey or anybody else would be able to guess it as well.

      • Watching a trailer beforehand does NOT count towards what you consider to be an impressive feat of guessing the plot. The original poster’s point was that viewers who come in cold (like I did with no trailer or any other knowledge) have no way of guessing where the film will go. Anyone who says otherwise is blowing smoke.

        • Um, I went in cold and figured it all out, including when each character was going to die, the fact that they were ritual sacrifices, and that the fool survived and would rescue the virgin all before they happened in the movie. That doesn’t mean I disliked it, but the formula became really predictable really fast.

          • Wow, then you’re the smartest one here since you were able to guess:

            - The betting scene specifically involved which monster would be used as a threat.
            - That both characters would go down the elevator and see the creatures face to face.
            - That they would release all of the creatures back upon the sacrificers
            - That the world would end with a failed ritual

            That’s a helluva lot to predict from the first half of the film. Guessing who dies when is the easy part–it’s based on the conventions on the genre. I’m talking about the disruptions of the genre. I don’t see how you “figured it all out” cold.

    • The ending isn’t that original. And the plot is rather stupid. If their ritual depends on the drugs working, and the drugs only work on people in a young age group that do not smoke pot, then their rituals are bound to fail about sixty percent of the time, as most people in that age group smoke pot( or do harder drugs). So a complete FAIL in the logic department. Not to mention the fact that it would be easier to simply get volunteers.
      Also, simply an irritating idea to start with. For once i would rather see most of the kids simply NOT die. That would have been more original.

      • If you find it all so irritating, why are you so invested in this discourse? …

      • Marty was not immune due to smoking pot, but due to smoking the WRONG KIND of pot, namely the one from his secret stash, which has not been tampered with by the “Chem Department”.
        The others were “prepared” by the Chem guys, but Matry did not smoke the prepared pot, which made him not (very) susceptible to the subliminal suggestions.

      • Ummmm no the ritual doesn’t depend on the young people that do not smoke weed. They said in the movie that “the Fool”s weed was making him immune to the drugs. His weed. Doesn’t mean ALL weed…

  7. Was Signourney mentioned anywhere before the release date? Was her appearance a secret like Kevin Spacey in Seven? I loved this film, annoyed that the trailer shows Chris Hemsworth dying though. As a horror movie, it didn’t serve its purpose but wasn’t that the point? It seemed to explore horror films, instead of exploring and embodying like Scream.

    • I’m guessing most guys didn’t notice her roots, I sure didn’t!

      • Taking that too literally. The point is that the blonde usually turns out to be the bimbo in most horror flicks…and usually it isn’t natural. The joke is that there must be something about turning someone blonde instantly means they are the whore in a horror flick. Notice they never mention movies in the entire running time of the film.

    • Not really a pot hole there. When I dye my hair at home, I pretty much rub it into my scalp even though the directions say not to, but the one time I got it bleached (dyed blonde) at a SuperCuts, the hairdresser wouldn’t go near my scalp. She probably left a good quarter to half an inch of my natural hair showing. So freshly died but with roots!

    • The “Sadako style” ghost is actually a onryo , a vengeful female spirit ,part of the japanese folklore. Get your facts straight :)

  8. You guys are missing the main point of the movie: Horror movie cliches need to die and this movie attempted to kill them.

    I love how all of the characters were MADE to be the stereotypical ‘slut’, jock, stoner etc. Particularly those two. They weren’t naturally slutty or alpha-male, the techies made them that way in order to fit the sacrifice. And I love how the stoner’s weed made him immune to the pheromone controls! Nice twist! And of course, Brad Whitfield’s beloved Mer-man is what does him in.

    I like turning all the horror conventions on their head and actually giving them purpose. I would’ve love it explained how they captured/controlled all of those supernatural baddies though. I wonder if they’re going to do a sequel.

    • You’re right on it! The writers described the film as a “loving hate letter to the current state of horror movies.”

      I hope there isn’t a sequel, the movie was ended in a way that made a statement about that…

      • Here’s what IMDB has posted: ‘Immediately after an early preview screening with fan Q&A, the first question Director Drew Goddard was asked was, “Will there be a sequel?” To which he responded, “Have you seen the ending to my movie?”‘

        I’m assuming there will be no sequel. Phew! Loved the movie though. I cannot wait to own a copy on DVD.

    • The world ended… I assume the creatures were included in that.

  9. Just got home from this movie…I thought it was fantastic!
    The part at the end with all the monsters was the best.
    I wish they would’ve fleshed out the backstory of the angry gods a little better,but other than that I thought it was great.

  10. I loved that the required sacrifices on the stone tablets was a list of the overused, cliche horror movie character personalities that seem to make up the cast of every horror flick. :)


    • I completely agree. I also loved seeing all of the references they managed to squeeze in to the bloodbath (everything from Three Extremes to The Shining). It was a treat to see people who clearly loved the genre honoring it while simultaneously (and sometimes literally) gutting it.

      • I like that somebody else caught all the “The Shining” references. There were like a half dozen I counted myself. I can’t wait for this to come out on DVD so I can pause the elevator scene and try to identify all the spookies!

        My girl also pointed out how similar this movie kind of was to “Thirteen Ghosts” (one of my personal faves – Digga Digga, what up!), and how cool it was to see all the different tropes unleashed all at the same time.

        If I have last words, I’d want them to be “Oh, c’mon!”

        • Me too! I want to have friends over and have a contest to see who can find the most references. I also dug (what I interpreted as) the Portal wink…sterile room, glass window, female voice doing a “please stay calm while we kill you” thing. Meta-nerd paradise.

        • I’m not quite sure, but I kind of find the elevator and the moving blocks as a reference to “The Cube”.

      • Of course (and this is a plot hole), how were they going to get the different personality types from a classrom of 9yo Japanese girls? :-P


        • I saw it as country-specific…the 5 archetypes are a traditionally American convention, whereas schoolgirls and ghosts tend to be the recurring story in Japanese horror (Tale of Two Sisters, Ringu, Ju-On, etc.) I imagined that similarly, an outlet in Sweden would net sexually ambiguous, bullied pre-teens with vampires.

          But again, this goes back to my audience-as-big-bad interpretation.

          • Jan,

            Ah! You’ve blown a hole in my plot hole. :-P


          • Yeah, I’m pretty sure they say in the movie that the ritual has changed over time and reflects different cultures.

        • it is country specific, if you have ever watched “The Grudge” most japanese horror films feature a scary character like the on featured in cabin of the woods, another stereotype i guess

          • That “plot hole” was my favorite part of the movie! I wanted to get a good look at all the rituals in the other countries. I wonder if there was an ultra-violent elemental Australian one or a technicolor bloodbath one in Italy, you know? I’m surprised to see so many confused by the Japanese girls.

  11. I really enjoyed the film my friends didn’t like it because they thought it was too predictable and couldn’t get over all of the plot holes. I loved all the references especially the evil dead ones, favorite scene would have to be the unicorn impaling that guy!

    • That’s why I see certain movies alone or select my friends accordingly, nothing upsets me more then Debbie downers after a great genre flick! ;-)

      • Exactly I was so happy at the end but they kept going on about how they didn’t like it! I personally want to see it again.

  12. I can’t begin to explain how much I loved that elevator lobby scene. So, so blatantly The Shining, but still tasteful and (nervous) giggle-inducing. The person I went to see this with didn’t like the film, but I thought it was clever, if not at least something long overdue in the genre.

    • Also very similar to a scene at the end of season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (also created by Joss Whedon) in which a hoarde monsters are simultaneously released in an underground bunker and proceed to kill their captors…

  13. They had “The Shining” twins in a cube also…

  14. The 2 bits that hit be harder than most:

    “No, wait. We should split up. We can cover more ground that way.”

    And seeing “Sexy Witches” on the whiteboard for the betting pool, when there was also just plain old “Witches” listed there as well. The idea that they had both flavors of witches on call tripped me out.

  15. If you learn nothing else from this film, remember this. Scooby Doo is the virgin because Velma is the scholar.

    • Haha, maybe Scooby has just been neutered and still has an active dating life?

    • Sorry Skyp1e, should’ve read all the comments before I posted mine. At least someone else was thinking the same way. :)

  16. Loved this movie. I saw no plot holes. Everything was followed through. The wraith stealing the soul out of the guard was awesome. And I loved that looking back you can see What different artifacts would lead to the different monsters. :) I’m hoping on the blu-ray they have a feature that goes into the different monsters.

    • My friend said that as well about the choose the monster :) I originally thought that with that list, they could make a sequel with more monsters, but when I saw the ending, it was just what i wanted. :D I suppose they could make a prequel about the gods or the family, prehaps?

  17. Wait, no one has mentioned the Unicorn yet? That had to be hands-down my favorite moment. At that point, I didn’t know what else might get thrown into that lobby.

    • I was laughing so hard with the unicorn bit that I ended up with a coughing fit. The rest of the theatre was applauding and cheering.

      “Go get him, My Little Pony!! Carebears of doom on the way!”

    • Loved the unicorn, it seemed so out of place yet it was perfect in that scene

  18. These five characters remind me of a cartoon. If the jock is Fred, the slut is Daphne, the scholar is Velma, and Shaggy is the stoner, does that make Scooby the virgin?

    • Remember the director’s comment about the virgin role…

  19. Loved the movie as well. I was curious about a particular line early in the movie. When the two techs are talking to Amy Ackers/ female scientist from the chemical division, there is a line, can’t remember it perfectly, but it was to the extend, “we have a great track record as well, except for that time in 1998.” Now, after seeing the whole movie, it would seem that the date is a reference to some horror movie or specific horror cliche, but for the life of me, I can’t think of one from that year.

      • The Faculty. The drug the kids were using was an alien insta-kill, and I think once again the fool and the virgin survived and killed the alien. I don’t remember the movie much, as I really didn’t care for it. I just remember Jon Stewart getting stabbed in the eye!

      • Could the 1998 reference be talking about when bad CGI offically killed horror films for a while – thus the “chemical” department. Its a streach I know. Also seems to be a viral campaign with a fake movei called “The Cabin (1998)” on imdb.

    • 1998 doesn’t refer to a horror movie, but rather to the year The Truman Show came out. Another controled reality experiment where the subject excapes against all odds, ruining the world that was created.

    • They could make a prequel. Make it 1998 when they almost slip up because of the chemical team. or they could do multiple movies with different time periods such as the 1950s then the 1970s. They could even go as far as show different scenarios from different countries.

      • No! No prequels! No sequels! That completely defeats EVERYTHING this movie was saying about the horror genre and the state of modern filmmaking! If ever there has been a movie that MUST NOT have sequels/prequels, this is it.

        • @Jen

          Reminds me of 21 Jump Street, the movie. They actually make fun of themselves at one point in the movie talking about how people don’t have any original ideas anymore and they just rehash previous things over and over. Of course, that movie is a rehash of the old tv show, so that comment was almost breaking the 4th wall, lol. But yah, what you’re saying reminds me of that moment in that movie, haha. :-D

  20. spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks

  21. The only possibilities I could come up with in 1998 are The Cabin; The Talisman; and The Truman Show. Those are the ones I came up with that share plot elements with TCITW. Of course, it could just be some fictional mash up of them. Or maybe its a complete fabrication to leave the possibility of a prequel. But I doubt a prequel could amp up the apesh!t craziness of the ending, so I’d be leary if I heard one was in production.

    Just my. 02. Otherwise, I had a blast watching. It will be a big rewatch at my house once the bluray hits.

    Just 2 questions:
    Why did everyone who got hit with the rake-on-a chain (except for Jules) manage to get up and run , or walk away?

    Also Dana the “virgin” should have been dead after her thrashing by the BIG Monster Guy, and being chewed on for a while by the Werewolf….

    • I believe the rake-on-a-chain was a bear trap.

  23. Plot hole:

    They had all 5 of the “tributes” vitals being monitored, including heart beat, just like in Hunger Games. So, how come they didn’t know that Marty survived?

    • Agreed! I’ve tried to reason it out but I’m having trouble accepting my own theories. The massive amounts of pot in his system + the adrenaline rush from getting attacked by a zombie hick could’ve maybe stopped his heart for a bit; if not maybe the scientists got distracted and weren’t watching the vitals, especially when they had to deal with closing down the cave, but that also seems unlikely since they’re supposed to be watching to make sure the whole night follows the pattern to complete the ritual. Besides, if “upstairs” messed with the cave collapse, they would’ve had to find out who upstairs did it, right?

    • OK, so this has bugged me (but what classic horror movies are without glaring plot holes, anyways? Maybe that was the point, lol). What I’ve convinced myself of, is that Marty was bit by the zombie. Therefore, he had died and was in fact a zombie himself. Since it had been so soon, he wasn’t all decomposed and zombie-fied. The Buckner zombies were tortured pain freaks in life, so that’s why they were tortured pain freaks as zombies.

      Now the filmmakers have a zombie Marty and a werewolf Dana. Interesting pairing for a sequel, since as supernatural beings they could have survived the rise of the Ancient One.

    • My guess (although I would have liked clarification) was that when Marty entered the utilidor, the control room lost the ability to monitor his vitals, since he was off the grid. This might have made him appear to be dead. Then, he didn’t emerge from the utilidor until just before he saved the virgin. At that point, the director would have noticed that his vital signs popped back on, and thus called on the red phone just before he arrived with his life-saving coffee-bong.

      • I agree with this theory. That’s why when they were all celebrating thinking it was done, the “Director” calls them to tell them that Marty is still alive, because he came back into the grid to save Dana and the “Director” noticed the vitals coming back online while everyone else was too distracted celebrating…

  24. I just want to know what item they could have messed with to summon the killer robot?!?

    • Lmao what about the unicorn???

  25. Dana could still be alive thanks to the werewolf curse so a sequel could be possible with her back as a wolfgirl lol A funny poke at horror sequel

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