‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Spoilers Discussion

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The Cabin in The Woods Spoilers The Cabin in the Woods Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Cabin in the Woods review, this is the place where you can discuss The Cabin in the Woods spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Cabin in the Woods for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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  1. And I just remembered…when Holden told Dana ‘by the way, you don’t have pants on’…a wink at the way everyone seemed to have little to no clothes on in slasher movies…

  2. And isn’t this a bit like Silent Hill and escape room games? Where you need to find forums like this that offers a walkthrough to fully grasp what’s happening?

  3. superb movie

  4. Did anyone catch a very very subtle Slenderman reference in the painting towards the beginning of the movie when they arrived at the cabin?
    Maybe it’s just me

    • Not just you. I saw it too.

    • I saw the exact same thing you did. The picture with the people, dogs, and bloody goat? Yeah…freaky.

  5. just 1 line,guys who are thinking its a gud 1, i ensure them…they will be wasting their time…

    • Reading that hurts my eyes… you need to type “guder.”

  6. The ending should have went like this: The Stoner should have admitted HE was a virgin, leaving the Girl to make the decision whether to kill herself to save the world. She jumps into the pit sacrificing herself for the good of the world—and we get a sequel in the process!

    • Good news! He confirmed a sequel already.

    • That’s honestly a f****** genius ending!

    • I legitimately said the same thing to myself. How the f*** is Marty “the fool” anyways? He was the most intelligent one (smarter than dana, she read the latin, opened the door to the big zombie tossing her jules’ head, etc.) Wish Marty lived :( he was the man and had me laughing the whole movie.

      • that was the point, they were trying to force people into these archetypes that really didn’t belong there (the dumb blond and jock were actually very well accomplished students, the good girl wasn’t actually a virgin, and the awkward nerd was actually handsome and charming) because they were desperate, and ultimately failed because of it. It’s a comment on how a lot of horror movies lately (like the latest Scream film) were desperately trying to “shake up the formula” because every last person in their target audiences had figured out the formula, only to fail because “they die in a different order this time” is a stupid draw.

      • I took it to be ‘The Fool’ as in the Tarot archetype, a much more interesting and complex character than the colloquial meaning.

        To quote from Wikipedia:
        “The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool’s wisdom and exuberance, holy madness or ‘crazy wisdom’.”

  7. What was that? Possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. Made no sense at all. It made b-grade movies seem like Speilberg. There was no lead up explaining the story and no REAL explanation at the end of the movie. It was just five kids who go to one of their cousins cabins for a retreat, zombies pop up and start killing people and they end up in a room full of “mythical creatures” beacuse they were apparently sacrifices for the gods. Who were the people running the show, who was the actual show itself for, how were there these “mythical creatures” and where did they come from and why not just have the people running the show kill them? A bunch of unexplained details that would have possibly made the movie a fraction better. Did I miss the prequel? From a critics point of view I am giving this movie a big fat ONE STAR! Pure rubbish!

    • *whoooosh*

      • Thats the sound of this movie going over your head

    • It doesn’t matter really who was running the show – presumably people who knew what had to be done to save the world. The audience was the evil gods themselves, the point was to ‘entertain’ them and provide them with specific sacrifices and they would stay in the earth. The mythical creatures were presumably captured from times gone by when they walked the Earth (I assume the sacrifices had been going on for maybe thousands of years). Having the people who un the show kill the victims would not keep the gods placated – in the same way we wouldn’t watch I’m a Celebrity if they just sat in a jungle for 4 weeks and talked…oh, wait…

    • Totally agree! Maybe its supposed to be one big piss take but what a load of crap! I kept watching just to see if it could make sense but it was just all over the place!!

    • That was sort of the point. It was a movie that was supposed to have a sort of artistic sense with creativity. It didn’t have to make sense to be enjoyable. It could have been a little better, but i’ve never seen a truly moving horror movie. Although there are a few good one’s that I can truly say I enjoyed, like Silent Hill.

    • yaa really rubbish and waste of time… freak n idiot movie with no point.

      • You realize that the only people who didn’t like the movie are the idiots who buy into the typical “horror” plot garbage like Scream 1, 2, 3 (4?), or the dozen Halloween movies that are the same thing, with a different number tacked on the end of the title?

    • OK. I am surprised by this, since everything that you say was not explained was illuminated throughout the movie.

      1)The co-eds were sent to the cabin by the people who run the show.
      2) They are working to satisfy the gods bloodlust in a creative way.
      4) It is explained that that the creatures are not inspired by nightmares, but vise versa, and they are provided by the evil gods.
      5) the reason that the people running the show don’t kill them is explained when Bradley Whitford says, “remember when we could just throw a virgin in a volcano?”. This implies that the gods want more of a spectacle nowadays.

      I think this movie went way over your head.

  8. THIS MOVIE SUCKED….HARD!!! Who the hell gave these a** clowns the funding to make this crap! I want my time and money back!

    • It went over your head, didn’t it? /pat

  9. Dana was so smokin’ hot!

  10. Did nobody see pennywise he was in the movie for like 30 and he killed one of the tech ladies?…and wish it would have showed at least one of the gods…other than the gods thing it was pretty good 4 out of 5 stars!

  11. Did nobody see pennywise he was in the movie for like 30 and he killed one of the techs?…and wish it would have showed at least one of the gods…other than the gods thing it was pretty good 4 out of 5 stars!

  12. Did nobody see it he was in the movie for like 30 and he killed one of the techs?…and wish it would have showed at least one of the gods…other than the gods thing it was pretty good 4 out of 5 stars!

  13. Did nobody see IT?…and wish it would have showed at least one of the gods…other than the gods thing it was pretty good!

    • Uh, given how there was a closeup of the clown killing one of the techs, I think we all saw it.

      Since the god ‘arm’ represents the entire audience, just one was fine.

  14. What a great remake of Stay-Tuned.

  15. Best use of a unicorn for a goring ever!

  16. I got the Japan, Stockholm, and Buenos Aires references. What was the Madrid reference?

    • Where were the sensors? Given that he was in one of the service tunnels, that may well not have been covered.

  17. I noticed at the beginning of the movie that each persons vitals were displayed in the control room. How is it that no one knew the stoner was still alive?

    • nice catch

  18. Well, I’m not head-over-heels like everyone else seems to be, though the film was entertaining, no doubt about it. I do have a question though — why the “Catcher in the Rye/Separate Peace” allusion, beyond the obvious “Holden” is the hero and “Hadley” is the bad guy. That seems too simple, as Holden Caulfield isn’t really a hero and Brinker Hadley isn’t really a villain. Or did the crew just like those names; that seems odd.

  19. Sucked!!!! 0 stars waste of my time!!!!!

  20. Maybe I just enjoy originality, but I believe this film was a funny, smart and welcomed addition to the dynasty of American cinema.

  21. SWEET SWEET KARMA! I’m all for “do what needs to be done” and all that, but when you laugh and celebrate human deaths, you’re scum. Awesome movie :D

  22. Here’s the ending I was hoping for:

    As it turns out, the “gods living below” are a strawman. Smoke and mirrors created by the same “people” to keep the mythos perpetuated that evil must exist alongside man. So that their proponents would make unending karmic profit from it. And, instead of the world ending, God and J-Dog walk down the steps the two were sitting on and light up a super-blunt with them. Been waiting for someone to do the right thing. The end.

  23. Let say that they, the Organization, successfully sacrificed them, the 5 youths, to the Ancient Ones in order. The Director mentioned that there are many dormant Ancient Ones, one under every country. She also mention that culture of sacrificing is changing over time and by countries.

    Why would they celebrate for their success, if every other countries have failed? Why Ancient God, let say from Japan, would wait all countries to fail before rising up if the country above him failed from him?

  24. Not very gory, Not very funny. Held my interest but couldn’t help feeling that I had seen this before but done better in “The Cube”

  25. did anyone catch the “The Truman Show” reference?

  26. ahh this movie, it was kind of bittersweet to me, also somewhat predictable. I would have liked a better outcome although the movie was good, and filmed great just too predictable, even though the ending was a surprise to me but other than that, that’s what movies are these days. other than that I would say that it was pretty sweet, I live these sort of supernatural movies, I think they pulled it off well, the humor wasn’t too dry it was funny. I think the ending was great, cant wait to see the sequel

    • This HAS to be a troll post…

  27. I hated the ending..
    For whom were they filming for?
    How were the Japanese kids able to fit into those stereotypes?

  28. How they capture all those creepy creatures in elevators?i miss one dog in their group otherwise they look like “scooby do”.nonsense movie.!!!

  29. Someone PLEASE explain to me WTF IS HAPPENING. I’m beyond the point of confusion…. is it a show they’re all in? what kind of business is this that the two men are in??? who are the little Japanese girls?? SOMEONE EXPLAIN this is such a bad movie omfg