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The Cabin in the Woods Kristen Connolly The Cabin in the Woods Review

Anyone willing to suspend a bit of disbelief and not get too bogged down in the film’s logic will likely be ready for an entertaining and worthwhile experience.

The ups and downs of The Cabin in the Woods release delay had little to do with co-writer and producer Joss Whedon, or writer-turned-director Drew Goddard’s movie; rather, the horror genre hybrid was simply caught in the middle of the MGM Studios collapse. Despite a few big names being attached to the long-withheld project – Avengers star Chris Hemsworth and director Joss Whedon -  does The Cabin in the Woods actually offer a fresh and enjoyable horror experience? Or is the film little more than a middle-of-the-road effort that could have easily been left on the shelf?

Much like Eli Craig’s tongue-in-cheek effort, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, The Cabin in the Woods is far-from a typical horror film. The trailers for the movie spoil one of the most intriguing elements – which not only differentiates the project from regular slasher films, but also gives the writers and cast an opportunity to poke fun at the cliches of the genre without entirely undermining the scares.

In an effort to prevent spoiling the film for others, I’m not going to directly discuss the “twist” or where the filmmakers take the especially ambitious premise; however, I will say that, for readers who are already interested in checking out the film, it’s unlikely that the experience is going to disappoint. The Cabin in the Woods is hardly the most serious, or smartest, horror film audiences will have seen in a while – there are plenty of eye-roll-inducing dialogue moments and the over-arching setup might be hard for some moviegoers to accept – but, for anyone that’s ready for an entertaining (albeit over-the-top) horror movie, avoid the film’s spoiler-filled trailer and head to your favorite cineplex knowing as little as possible.

The Cabin in the Woods Cast The Cabin in the Woods Review

Curt (Chris Hemsworth), Holden (Jesse Williams), Jules (Anna Hutchison), Marty (Fran Kranz) and Dana (Kristen Connolly) in ‘The Cabin in the Woods.’

On the surface level, the story follows five friends Curt (Chris Hemsworth), Holden (Jesse Williams), Jules (Anna Hutchison), Marty (Fran Kranz) and Dana (Kristen Connolly) as they journey up to an isolated cabin for a weekend of drinking, swimming, truth or dare, and other scandalous behavior typically associated with college student getaways. A pre-trip meet up spells out the group dynamics: Dana is the good girl, Curt and Jules play-against stereotype as a hot blond and jock couple that in addition to good looks are also accomplished students, Holden is Curt’s bookish but still charming friend, and Marty is the group’s lovable pot-smoker.

Once on the road, the group encounter an ill-tempered gas pump attendant that, despite his disdain for the college kids, warns the group about their destination – asserting that visitors regularly disappear up in the woods. Dismissing the warnings, the group reach the cabin where, that’s right, things quickly devolve into bloody mayhem.

While many of the proceeding events center around good girl Dana, all of the friends are utilized in interesting ways – especially as the film toys more and more with genre stereotypes. As mentioned, these aren’t the dumb college kids audiences normally see in slasher-type films – and, while the plot can be somewhat convenient at times, there are plenty of interesting twists that arise out of having characters that, despite their basic caricature origins, defy expectation by making different (and, subsequently, more interesting) decisions. Given the difficult task of both embracing and rejecting these horror stereotypes, the cast (which, at the time, included a lot of untested talent) does a surprising job with the more serious moments – coupled with plenty of humorous nods to the audience.

The Cabin in the Woods Movie The Cabin in the Woods Review

The titular cabin in the woods

That said, The Cabin in the Woods isn’t just different because it includes smarter versions of typical horror archetypes, the over-arching premise of the film is a game-changer, splitting open the genre format more and more as the film progresses – resulting in a final act that offers some truly enjoyable reveals. Where other filmmakers might attempt to setup the project as the first in a multi-installment franchise, Whedon and Goddard hold nothing back – peeling layer after layer away until they show audiences all that there is to see in The Cabin in the Woods universe. Nearly every recurring piece of mythology, horror, or comedy eventually comes full circle – offering a solid pay-off for moviegoers who can lock into the film’s wild (or absurd), but still satisfying, setup.

While the movie has a lot going for it in the way of an intriguing twist, the “horror” in The Cabin in the Woods might be underwhelming for some die-hards in the genre. There are plenty of tense moments, but many of the surface-level scares will be familiar (and easily anticipated) by a good portion of the audience. This might initially come across as lazy set-piece planning, but as the story plays-out, it’s clear these were intentional choices by Goddard and Whedon – which works to the success (and logic) of the overarching plot.

Ultimately, The Cabin in the Woods is a surprisingly entertaining effort that works because it strikes a smart balance – embracing, as well as rejecting, the viewer’s expectations and knowledge of the horror genre. The set-up is executed with a tongue-in-cheek attitude but presented with a straight face that could be off-putting for viewers who are expecting a straightforward slasher film or a “gritty” and serious scare-fest (such as The Descent or Hostel). However, the final product succeeds in paying homage to the movies that inspired it, poking fun at the often static state of the horror genre, all while simultaneously delivering a few fresh surprises. Anyone willing to suspend a bit of disbelief and not get too bogged down in the film’s logic will likely be ready for an entertaining and worthwhile experience. For many, this trip to The Cabin in the Woods will have definitely been worth the wait.

If you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss details about the film without worrying about spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, please head over to our The Cabin in the Woods Spoilers Discussion!

If you’re still on the fence about The Cabin in the Woods, check out the trailer below:


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For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out our Cabin in the Woods episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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The Cabin in the Woods is Rated R for strong bloody horror violence and gore, language, drug use and some sexuality/nudity.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. I thought that the movie was actually quite awesome.

    There have been better “horror” movies. But this was one of the better movie going experiences I’ve had in a while.

    I just hope Avengers tops it next month.

  2. co-writer and producer Joss Whedon, or writer-turned-director Drew Goddard’s movie; rather

  3. Great review Ben.

    How would this movie compare with that “other” cabin in the woods movie, “Evil Dead”?

    When I first saw the title online, I thought it was the much ballyhooed Evil Dead reboot. I was surprised to see the movie was from Mr. Whedon.

  4. Saw this movie two days ago, and im still thinking about it and its storyline plot. The last 20 min or so definitely has a different twist than your typical horror film. Movie is good fun and if you enjoy horror films with a twist, this is a worth watch movie.

  5. Cabin in the woods is the worse horror movie ever created! 0 stars
    they tried to add in comedy into certain scenes but the jokes were not clear and therefore not funny, the end of the movie turned into a cartoon with zombies and different creatures which would have been okay if the CGI wasn’t so bad, looked like some amateur tried to create animation on his computer and then enlarged it for a theatre size screen which distorted the picture, the story itself doesn’t make any sense in my opinion but maybe there is a underground cult that lives in the middle of the earth and they collect blood so that the evil gods that live in the middle of the earth do not escape???? i’m angry that the description and the trailer don’t show any signs of this idiotic movie being a cartoon, it was 2 hours of my life wasted and i can’t get my money back for watching this pathetic excuse of a movie which is why i am going to make sure i put this review on every site so that no one else wastes their money on this movie, hopefully when they lose money on this project they won’t be able to come out with more garbage because the last thing society needs is people making movies who have no idea what they’re doing and then creating vague descriptions and showing trailers that don’t portray what they’re movie is really about
    my name’s Ginni and I proudly post this comment.

    • THANK YOU! I voted 2 stars because there were times I was engaged but at the time of this post it was 52% who said 5 stars…. come on people??? This movie was awful. I am a little over movies where they think humor has to be added. If you want to make a comedy or spoof then do it. The only good part of this movie was the drugged out “Fool”. I understand movies are relative and every person has their own likes but this is one of thos movies you watch to the end and then spend the rest of the day wondering why you did?

      • You obviously missed the,point. The organization killing the people, that is the explanation of why a
        Ll horror movies exist, why people end up in weird situations, and why they make stupid decisions. Anyone who thinks this move is dumb isn’t smart enough to understand it. You can think its bad, but if you don’t get the point, you have no right to say its dumb, because you are.

        • Agreed

    • Gee… I like the bits where people are posting elements of the story and ‘events’ in the movie… you know, in this non-spoiler thread.

    • Brilliantly said Ginni! I totally agree! It was awful…as soon as I see the laughable living dead in any film, I know it is going to be crap! But this was the worst I have ever seen too! Pointless!

      Cannot believe we just wasted our time going to watch Cabin the Woods! What a load of crap! I am embarrassed I was part of the audience! DO NOT WASTE your money going to see this film! Even Kev hated it. I also found it offensive that an old perverted man looks at a group of young Japanese school girls of about nine years old who were meant to be killed and swears repeatedly at the screen to each of them ‘f you’, f you’ ….and so on and then asks ‘how is it so hard to kill nine year old girl’s! For this reason alone I wouldn’t have wanted to see it and feel it is sick (even in acting)! Who ever wrote it should be in an asylum! :( GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Patty

      • The movie was not as morally bad as you claim, it’s entertainment, Did you watch the SITTER with all the profanity used around those children in the movie, or how about AVP-R when the aliens were killing pregnant women and babies in the nursery, you didnt see the aliens kill the babies, just like those 9 year old girls didnt hear what you percieved someone looking like a pervert say f-you to them. i enjoyed the movie and so did alot of people. It’s entertainment and not real, just like the Avengers movie that I’m certain you will waste another 2 hours of your life watching, And you will either bash it or give it a thumbs up based on YOUR OPINION.

    • Hey Ginni,

      I couldn’t agree more, what a load of crud. Its predictable,poorly written and at first I thought this was a movie from the 70′s-dire,, dont watch its not worth loosing this amount of time out of your life.

    • you’re right

  6. The thing with these types of movies is that they are supposed to be campy and cheesy. And it’s definitely meant for the type of person who would enjoy that type of entertainment. I LOVED the movie and can’t stop talking about it. But it’s definitely not for everyone. It’s all about personal preference. To be honest, I would probably go back to the theatre and spend my money on it again without thinking twice. I was enjoying myself from start to finish. Sorry that you didn’t have as much fun with it Ginny! :(

  7. I thought that this movie was good, but looking at the overall reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, I honestly thought that it would have been a bit better. I’m pretty sure that this film will be classified under the Horror genre, but I felt that the Horror and suspense aspect was a bit lacking.

    Overall, I totally agree with the 3.5/5 rating for this movie because the movie was definitely very innovative and the final act totally caught me off guard.

    The final act to me was really worth the wait, the last 15-20 minutes of the film are filled with a lot of the chaos, mayhem, and suspense that you need in a horror film. But ultimately if you are going in to this movie expecting to be freaked out, scared, and unable to fall asleep at night (think Paranormal Activity) which is what I was expecting, you will not get that here.

    What you will get, is a very fresh idea and a pretty good story to it. I’m pretty sure that this was and will be a hit and we will likely see some sort of sequel in the near future.

    Oh and Chris Hemsworth, nice job…going beyond Thor and nailing it

    • this movie was made before thor…

  8. You guys sound like a bunch of whiny little girls, this was a pretty good movie and probably one of the best horror movies that I have seen in a while

  9. In my opnion Rotten Tomatoes overhyped this movie for me. I don’t think it should have been rated as high as it was. I thought it was okay at best. This is when relying on reviewers can sometimes kill a movie experience for you. Not only did Rotten Tomatoes rate it high but every review I read about the film had it rated incredibly high. Perhaps if I went into the movies with less expectations I may have liked it a bit more…then again maybe not. I certainly love the originality of the film but it stops there for me. As film fan I thought the script was just very “eh” and the over the top acting gets annoying at times. For those who saw the movie, I thought the films core subplot was very lame. Again, just my opinion.

  10. I saw this movie 2 days ago and i thought the movie was just ok at the point when she was getting body slammed on the dock/pier, and pretty much thought the movie was over then. I was pleasantly surprised during the rest of the movie. Nice cameos and i am tempted to see it again.

  11. Wow! Just saw this and loved it!

  12. Just saw the movie tonight.. LOVED IT! Its a solid B flick with hints of alot of other movies.. Seriously worth seeing! Dont expect a horror flick but keep an open mind!

  13. This movie was terrible. I like horror movies, but this sucked. It was random and had no moral to the story. Not sure what the director was thinking when he or she made this.

    • No Offense, but what horror movie has a moral to the story

  14. I liked how the movie played with our preconceptions and logic. For example, when Curt throws the football at the window we expect the glass to break but the football flies thru and Holden ends up catching it outside in the street. Right before Marty thinks he’s living in a TV reality show, he knocks over a lamp and we hear glass shatter, but the light bulb is unbroken and still shining. I thought it was funny when Holden is revealed to be an egghead he is shown wearing glasses when up to that point he wasn’t wearing them.

  15. I’m reading comments here and seeing people’s reactions on twitter. It’s really a shame that people didn’t “get this movie”, I did, and I thought it was tremendous. I had an inkling of what was going to be happening and couldn’t wait to see it unfurl.

    I stayed away from the spoilers and am very happy that I did.

    The people who said that it didn’t have a moral, obviously were so perturbed that they didn’t enjoy it that they didn’t hear what was said by the two characters at the end of the movie on the steps. ( sorry if I gave something away, I really tried to be generic there)

  16. This movie is confusing as hell not sure wad the hell was going on im still confuse while watching all my favprite movie monsters was super awesome it was a feast for the horror movie fan but then the other parts are not as aswesome the jokes are non canion it feels like the movie doesnt know wat to be if its a parody the it should be that but it isnt itsbeing serious at the same time n when its acary its acary but when its funny i cant say the same overall graphics monsters cool story not so much n its even a turn ur brain off n watch movie either so its just my thoughts

  17. This movie is awful. And don’t think I just didn’t “get it.” I saw the “clever” references blah blah. I could have excused the bad acting, overlooked the juvenile and unfunny dialog, but the big problem with this “horror” movie is that it’s just NOT SCARY. I found myself napping halfway through, no kidding. I’m still having a hard time accepting that my wife and I wasted $40 to see it (ok, $20, the popcorn, Coke and Raisinets were good).

    • Maybe don’t buy all that crap next time and just watch a movie.

  18. Beginning was slow, middle and end was awesome!

  19. Quite a clever tale but, even if intended to be a comment on the unreality of the situation, severely injured characters recovered far too quickly for my liking.

    I have a feeling that I’ll watch this again on DVD or when it is broadcast because, while I anticipated many of the “twists”, there is an interesting tale to be told.

    However, overall I’d not rate it above a solid 3* because I am more engaged/intrigued/enthralled etc by other films that I have seen of late… e.g. “Gone”, “The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists”, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” all entertained me more, overall.

  20. I think i like the premise to set up for the sequel! The hand that appears at the end looks to be that of a TITAN. TITAN’s unleashed in modern day with the ballistic arsenal we have now, could be another Battle LA or Transformers without the robots! Could be interesting! Whedon, I’ll help you write it!

    • I like your premise

  21. This was by far one of the worse movies I have ever seen. I think it’s a shame they charge people money to see this. It should at most be a free movie on the scifi channel.

  22. Worst. Movie. Ever.

  23. This movie was bad, just plain bad. It was not that frightening to me, and the whole plot made zero sense at all. There’s a different between innovating a genre and pulling something out of midair, and this film hit the latter. Incredibly convenient ending where everything gets explained by some random lady who we never saw before. The whole premise that these teenagers are getting killed, but the eight year-olds had no problem surviving was sad as well.

    • Really? That’s the only thing you found unrealistic?

  24. This was the absolute dumbest most ridiculously infuriating movie I have ever seen EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! This movie has absolutely no plot and no story. It is just a string of random and illogical events mixed in with the nightmares of a 5 year old. The only way you could comprehend this movie was if you were high….maybe not even then. I just have to shake my head in disgust. Worst movie in the history of the universe!

    • No plot? No story? Point well missed

    • Well said. This is definately THE worst film I have ever seen. What a waste of life! This was not a horror, it wasn’t funny, it was completely unrealistic. I can’t even think of words to describe this huge pile of crap. I’m absolutely speechless! And for all those high and mighty people thinking the reason people hated it was because they don’t get it…sort it out! We watch horrors because we want to be scared and/or repulsed. If we wanted to watch a fantasy film we would have! Cannot stress this enough…worst movie ever! And Sigourney Weaver…shame on you, scraping the barrell doesn’t come close!

    • Well said. This is definately THE worst film I have ever seen. What a waste of life! This was not a horror, it wasn’t funny, it was completely unrealistic. I can’t even think of words to describe this huge pile of ****. I’m absolutely speechless! And for all those high and mighty people thinking the reason people hated it was because they don’t get it…sort it out! We watch horrors because we want to be scared and/or repulsed. If we wanted to watch a fantasy film we would have! Cannot stress this enough…worst movie ever! And Sigourney Weaver…shame on you, scraping the barrell doesn’t come close!

    • Well said. This is definately THE worst film I have ever seen. What a waste of life! This was not a horror, it wasn’t funny, it was completely unrealistic. I can’t even think of words to describe this huge pile of spew. I’m absolutely speechless! And for all those high and mighty people thinking the reason people hated it was because they don’t get it…sort it out! We watch horrors because we want to be scared and/or repulsed. If we wanted to watch a fantasy film we would have! Cannot stress this enough…worst movie ever! And Sigourney Weaver…shame on you, scraping the barrell doesn’t come close!

  25. I have been trawling the internet to find a review of this film which voices a similar opinion as I have. Unfortunately I have not been able to find one. Until I read Shaniqua’s comment above. I agree totally with you! There is nothing good about this film. Even the appearance of Sigourney Weaver at the end did nothing to improve it. There is no originality to it (those that say it is obviously need to watch a lot more films), the characters are a total cliche (‘school kids’ who are in their 30′s) and that’s about it. The only good thing I can say about this film is the make-up of the various zombies, monsters and (which I find the most bizarre thing of the whole film) a killer unicorn! I mean. Seriously? I voted 1 star, but I would’ve liked to have voted 0.

    • Congratulations, you win the coveted “completely missed the point” award. The setting is not supposed to original – it very specifically apes 95% of the horror/slasher genres on purpose. Likewise, the ‘college’ kids who look to be in their late twenties/early thirties are, once again, aping the genres tired cliches. It does this to eventually turn the whole premise on its head and ask the question “why are so many horror/slasher films largely identical? Why do we always see a whore, a virgin, a jock, a nerd etc and why do they nearly always die in the same order?” The whole point of the movie isn’t to be a horror movie at all, but a reflection of the genre and further, us the audience (the two men overseeing it all and getting a macabre entertainment from the events are clearly us, the audience. Ask yourself ‘was I like that watching Saws 1-10,000?’).

      As for your comment about people who enjoyed it needing to watch more films, I’m at the cinema twice a week and own 300+ DVDs (only the very best in my collection, after all. Cabin In The Woods will proudly sit beside my George Romero DVDs, Labyrinth, Tim Burtons Sleepy Hollow, Dark City, Batman (1989), Ghostbusters, Alien and so many many more).

      • Carl, Jesus-freaking-Christ. FINALLY SOMEONE WITH A BRAIN. Oh my god, I’m wanting to tear my hair out reading peoples’ comments who are just feeding themselves into the message of this film like they’re covered in mind-numbing sugar. Thank you, sir, thank you, for adding an intelligent comment. I have stopped trying.

        • alright guys here is the deal. All those people who you claim “don’t get it” are not that stupid as you would like to believe. The movie sucked. period. Sure, you can say its a matter of opinion. But if you just chill out and look at what is being said those “opinion” and feeling is derived from some decent observations. First off, you guys have to understand that based on what people saw in the trailers and the initial purpose of going to see a movie that was classified by it’s makers and critics as a “Horror” movie…is that we have come to be spooked something that will f*** with our minds for a while even after leave the theaters. Not this poorly interpreted parody joke about the literal “mother all all other horror movies” (wherein some of the inherently “parodied” monsters have movies that singlehandedly shits on this piece of trash cinema). This fact alone renders validates half of the disapproving comments. I mean you wont even call it a damn horror movie and thats what it was advertised as…wtf? I don’t believe serious movie go-ers would appreciate what this movie even turned out be. It wasn’t a surprise just one long a draaaawwwn out joke with “pweeetty visoowals’.

          My first problem with this movie and people singing its praises are tooting about its originality…How so?? when it was just a movie of all other horror things wrapped into one cluster-f*ck of a “horror movie”. It really doesn’t take much creativity to cobble this story line together. This could have been better by just taking one sub-category of horror and weaving it into another sub category (See Rec 1 * rec 2 for example) that was this movies weakness at its fault; a corny, shoddy storyline at best.

          what really buried this movie for me was its execution. You see real horror fans / Smart people hate cheesiness…ALMOST ALWAYS… unless its done in a cute or “REALLY” funny way (zombieland for example and even that was meh…) this was neither, but know neither you or this movie’s makers seem to understand that. Instead this flick wants to cop the high ground and lead you on in some absurdly contrived adventure, hoping to keep your attention wit gratuitous visuals and blood. So how th f*ck do you even dare sit there an claim to have all seeing eye opening insight about just how good this movie is just to let us know that “we don’t get it” because ultimately whats we missed about this movie was the fact that it was gory cheesiness wrapped up in cheesiness sprinkled with extra cheesy/corny visuals on top.

          O word!, I missed then?? RLLY? Welp thanks… but still spent 15 bucks on it though and I WASN’T IMPRESSED. I guess its just easy to write off everyone who had a problem with this movie as someone who “just didn’t get it”…but I sure most of us do …it just wasn’t that good in regards to premise nor in it’s execution. Here’s why…

          The twists which have somehow caught some of you off-guard were practically telegraphing themselves to the audience. Doing so basically ruined the point of a “twist”. The only “punch” to this long winded “joke” of all horror movies; was the wildly ludicrous CG accompanied within these “twists” were cool to look at but not worth my dough. LOL c’mon give me a break. I basically rolled my eyes from transition to transition (Seriously, I couldn’t help it) I saw right through this movie…I swear.

          It wasn’t funny…It wasn’t scary…it wasn’t insightful or thought provoking… which would be the point of sandwiching so many horror-based ideas the first place. I mean be real ADMIT IT..that would be the point right?? well I could’ve only hoped… I mean Well, If not…do so with gratuitous humor, and I’m not talking bout cheesy/ chuckle worthy humor as exhibited by this fiasco of a movie but funny laugh out loud s*** like “fright night”… or something reminiscent of the naked gun series. I mean with all the CG and BS that tried to make up for this 1+ long joke falling flat they could have at least showed “the gods destroying earth”, cause that how i felt about everyone in this movie for really thinking that cheap humor, CG and weak story writing could substitute for good horror or parody.

          To end this here are some good examples of mixed horror themes in movies (REC 1 + REC 2, Resident evil 1 (evil corp [like in this movie] + zombies), Fallen W/ Denzel and John Goodman [serial killer + demons]…i’ll even go out on limb and call out “DEVIL” [whodunit + demons] as an iight one.) GOOD DAY!

          • pardon the grammar btw. it really just not that good though.

            • Yeah, believe me, I had a hard enough time sifting through your grammar to actually get to what you were saying.

              It’s not that people “aren’t getting” the movie because it had a bunch of horror references in it, what they’re not understanding is the satire of the whole thing. That’s really all this film is – one big satire. Not liking it because “people were expecting to see a horror movie” is just stupid. So we’re all just gonna sit and watch the same old tired movies, where everything happens exactly as you expect it to and the genre does nothing new or interesting?

              Does this sound familiar at all? What Whedon and Goddard are saying is something along the lines of “We don’t want to make these movies anymore. We don’t want to make unintelligent horror movies. We don’t want to use these cliches. Etc.” But they’re kind of forced to because anytime a horror movie tries to do something different, you risk upsetting the audience. You risk awakening the gods. Lo and behold, look what has happened. People are furious about this movie.

              You can get the film and all the satire and whatnot and still not like it, that’s fine, it’s the people who b**** about the fact that it wasn’t what they expected is what I have a problem with. People who cannot handle anything out of the ordinary, nothing that isn’t routine, else their little brains should burst due to them not constantly being spoon fed answers or interpretations. I hate that no one wants to interpret things on their own anymore.

              Honestly, I think I liked this movie so much because I generally hate horror movies – why is that? – because they’re generally BAD movies. Because I’m tired of seeing a bunch of teenagers get mutilated on screen, making dumb decisions, and saying even dumber things. This movie was cliched for a reason, it was to set us up as another typical horror movie before it turns it on its head. Believe me, I was rolling my eyes at the dialogue at first too, but once I realized there’s a purpose behind it, I became okay with it.

              Whether it was scary/funny or not is just personal opinion, so I won’t go into that. Personally, I didn’t find it very scary, but I thought there were a number of funny scenes in it – the guys in the control room in particular. I thought it carried a nice tone throughout the whole thing mostly due to it not taking itself too seriously. It’s self aware, something a lot of mainstream movies have a big problem with. And it’s not so much thought-provoking as it just has a good message behind it. That message being: stop making typical horror films, take some risks with the genre. But how it was able to do this while still poking it’s audience in the side is wonderful.

              I thought this movie was very refreshing. Something fun and interesting to watch while actually having another layer to it’s story telling is great. I know I’m not gonna convince you, or the mounds of other people who thought this movie sucked because “it wasn’t what they were expecting,” and that by writing this obnoxiously long piece it’s just feeding into other’s stupidity, but oh well, I felt SOMEONE had to defend it.

              That’s the last I say on this matter.

  26. I enjoyed the film and watched it as a comedy/horror. The people who are slating it, just don’t get the film at all. As soon as I finished watching it I was looking to see if there was going to be a sequel.
    For people to label this film as no plot, or story line, or the worst film ever is ludicrous, and is certainly not a movie fan. I would glad watch this again, its well worth the 3.5 rating.

    People who gave this a 1 or wanted to give it a zero what the hell would you put for Piranha 3DD? lol, I’d give that a 1 and thats just because it had the Hoff in

  27. People who don’t like this film don’t understand it’s subtlties. It is a manipulation of the genre. The teens are supposed to be generic. The zombies are the arbitrary part, they are there simply to confirm a standard story arc which the film then manipulates. I applaud Josh whedon for trying something new and find it tiring when people comment it was garbage. You’re the reason they’ve churned out 7 ‘Saw’ movies for those who want to play it safe.

  28. I thought it was an above average horror film, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars

  29. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks bad of this movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 90%, IMBD gave it a 7.5 which is very high for a horror movie and there are rumors that it may be nominated for some oscars!