‘Burn Notice’ Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

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burn notice season 6 Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

With continuous momentum throughout, the Burn Notice season 6 premiere proves that the series has, above all else, perfected the use of a cliffhanger to kick off a new season. Appearing as if it were the second half of the Burn Notice season 5 finale, the action-packed season starter paves the way for what may be the series’ best season yet.

Finally freeing up Anson to become Michael’s new focus, the battle of wits that fans have been hoping for can finally begin. And it does – is in a very big way. The season 6 premiere contains some of the best collective performances from the cast to date as the fast-paced chess match between Anson and Michael provides a wonderful platform for everyone to shine.

Jere Burns’ performance as the uncomfortably-calm mastermind Anson Fuller – always a pleasure to watch - plays perfectly against Jeffery Donovan’s quiet intensity as the vengeful Michael Weston.  Having been matched with many equally intense nemeses in the past, Anson’s methodical, though vicious, attacks toward Michael set him up to be as brilliantly evil as anyone could have imagined the source of Michael’s “burn notice” to be.

Not to be left out on all the fun, though certainly on her own, Fiona’s one-room extended interrogation provided some well-timed moments away from everything else that’s occurring in the episode. While it creates an intriguing storyline that’ll be interesting to see play out in subsequent episodes, the seriousness of Fiona’s situation wasn’t properly conveyed.

Stepping out in top form, a svelte Bruce Campbell takes Sam Axe to a new level. Previously proving to Michael that he’s willing to stand against him, it was nice to see Sam paired with Michael as they made their way toward Anson. Often used more as a comic relief than serious character interaction, throwing Sam in the middle of the fight hopefully hints at some more upcoming Sam Axe action.

burn notice season 6 premiere sam Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

Briefly appearing to fend off an impending attack, Madeline (Sharon Gless) and Jesse’s (Coby Bell) appearance in the premiere showed that everyone is stepping up their game this season. A perfectly placed shotgun blast through the ceiling indicates that Michael’s mother has been picking up some tricks from her son. While it’s doubtful that Madeline is going to be joining in on all the action in the rest of the season, the moments in the series when she’s put to the test are always as rewarding as Michael succeeding in his missions.

Using a somewhat extended finale premiere, Burn Notice has kicked off its sixth year in a truly exciting way. By replicating the same suspenseful cliffhangers that audiences typically have to wait months to see, the anticipation for next week’s episode feels as strong as it did following the Burn Notice season 5 finale.

burn notice season 6 premiere anson Burn Notice Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

While the season 6 premiere is an incredibly entertaining and perfectly paced three-act adventure, it doesn’t exactly give viewers an idea of what they can expect as the season progresses. It’ll be interesting to see how Anson’s extremely compelling story-arc will be weaved into the series’ familiar episode format.

With next week’s episode likely returning to episodic storylines and person-of-the-week appearances, hopefully the writers will continue this wonderful storyline by more seamlessly incorporating aspects of the seasonal story arc, instead of simply using it to bookend episodes.

Now that Michael is facing a (more than) equally matched nemesis, Burn Notice has a chance to deliver its best season yet. Whether it takes advantage of all the talent it has on hand remains to be seen. If the season 6 premiere is any sign of what’s to come, there’s no doubt that some wonderful storytelling awaits us.


Burn Notice season 6 airs Thursday @9pm on USA.

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  1. Fantastic episode; caught up with Burn Notice two weeks ago and that two week wait for season 6 almost killed me. Can’t imagine the many months most others waited.

  2. so pumped, can’t wait for the download to finish (its the only way i can watch it on time with american’s thanks to australia’s s*** airing schedule).

    this is supposedly the last season so0 i’m not surprised that everything is being stepped up. what i would like after this though is a spin off prequel series about michael and how he becomes the infamous cia killer all the villains know him to be, this will also give us a proper insight to who he was and why he wants to get away from it all.

  3. Awesome episode, I hate the fact that Jesse didn’t have a bigger part to play but I thought it was hilarious that he had to be saved by an old lady

  4. The scene where Michael jumped Anson at the fence was insane that and when he grabbed Sam’s head in rage at the beginning of the episode.

  5. The show that’s on after Burn Notice- Suits…I really enjoyed the first season but the second season has taken it to another level…it really is one of the best shows I’ve seen…Will you guys ever do a review of it??

  6. Season 6 Episode 1 was awesome, looking forward to Anson getting his A@& Handed to him. I’m curious to see what lead character Dies!!!! ( Not Fiona ). I hope this isn’t the last season. Have gotten all caught up and I am invested in the show!!! Just give us one more Season Please!!!

  7. I want to see more of Agent Pierce. The heck with Fiona.

  8. Burn Notice and The Mentalist are my favorite shows ever(Don’t make me choose). Best acting ever from both Bruce and Jeffrey. Jeffrey Donovan for Flash (Barry Allen)

  9. Worst show & acting I have ever seen. People, go watch some quality TV. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, virtually anything on HBO or Showtime. You want good acting? Bryan Cranston.

    • If Burn Notice is such a rubbish show with rubbish acting, why are you even bothering to read this review?!

    • at risk of feeding the troll – so this is the last we’ll hear from you then? good.

  10. Because i was shocked to see screen rant reviewing a USA show..what’s next? Review of reality shows?

  11. I am not the “troll” However I also think it’s awful, corny and poorly written. Sorry cheese balls for us invading your space on a public website.

  12. I’ve watched Burn Notice from the very beginning, but have been less impressed as the series wore on. Over time, Donovan’s limited range and rage crescendoes, along with uneven and less than stellar writing, have dulled the show’s edge. Anwar, Campbell, Gless and Bell do what they can (aided by some talented villains) but freshness has given way to formula. I don’t expect Shakespeare, but I do expect more than the dreck the season opener provided.

  13. Up to season 5 Burn Notice was quite enjoyable, not the most sophisticated stuff but you could watch it without getting headaches. But this episode, the first of season six … that was truly some terrible crap. The story makes abolutely no sense, special effects are cheap and the acting … the acting is just awful. Unwatchable.

  14. I HATE Anson. I mean I loathe him. Every time he talks or smirks I want to punch a baby. Jere Burn’s is one of the best villain actors on TV. It is truly a credit to him, How much i want to punch him if I were to run into him on the street.

  15. I liked the first episode of season 6, and agree with this review fully. Too bad it attracted less than four million views this year (3.87 compared to 5.15 in 2011). I know USA renewed it through this year after its third season, but with the ratings falling off as badly as they have theese last two years (over 50%), this may be it for my favoriate show on television. Not only that, they have been spoiling someone is going to die this season that we know. Since I doubt very much it is one of the five main charcters (Madeline, Michael, Sam, Fiona, or Cody Bell’s character), that only leaves one obvious answer to me – Nate Weston. I have a feeling that he will die someehow, some way this year… which is too bad, I always liked his cleaned up character.

  16. I think the episode showing what happens with Michael and Sam was exciting. Part of me wishes the Anson storyline had been resolved but I expect it will be by the end of the season–please let Anson be the last link in the chain. The big question for me is why Michael still wants in after years of becoming a better person on his own.

    I found the interrogation of Fiona scenes dragged a bit and seemed unlikely. You’d think she’d be aware that there are some pretty good lawyers out there and hire one. And would the CIA really keep Michael given their relationship? Only for bad reasons I fear…


  17. I notice people dissing this show and telling people to watch “quality” shows like Mad Men. Funnily enough it’s always “Mad Men” that people say you have to watch when they’re trying to show you how “cultured” and clever they are. Well, sorry but I hated Mad Men. And I’m not all that fond of cultural snobs either. Burn Notice is a fantastic fast-paced action series. Jeffrey Donovan does a brilliant job as Michael and the supporting cast are equally convincing. I love the main theme and all the twists and turns and the array of fascinating characters and side-plots that go with it. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. Mad Men was, on the other hand, profoundly pompous and boring. Hope there’s a Season 7. :)

  18. Trying to sound intelligent in bashing a well crafted show such as Mad Men & at the same time conveying your love for Burn Notice takes a certain kind of person. “Cultural snobs”? Give me a break. You need to get out more…there’s 30 seconds of my life ill never get back.