‘Buffy’ Reboot Without Joss Whedon?

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buffy movie Buffy Reboot Without Joss Whedon?

Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment, and the original franchise rights holders, Kuzui Enterprises (Fran Rubel Kuzui and Kaz Kuzui), of the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer are looking to remake the popular vampire slayer movie and at the moment, it looks like they’re looking to do it without Joss Whedon.

Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay for the 1992 movie and as we all know, was brought back to helm the highly popular TV series that ran from 1997 to 2003, and also led to the 1999 spin-off, Angel.

Despite the rich history of the Buffy TV franchise, there are no plans to use some of the more popular characters from the TV series like Angel, Willow or others.  They’re looking to take the franchise into a darker direction than the original and have a slayer that is destined to protect each generation of humanity.

joss whedon1 Buffy Reboot Without Joss Whedon?

At the moment though Whedon is not attached to this new project.

It may only be that he has not been contacted by Kuzui Enterprises yet and has not been ruled out.  At this point they are meeting with writers and hearing what they have for ideas on the new premise.

Our Take

For this premise to actually work, they need to be very careful how they approach this new idea of theirs.

I like the idea of it being darker but the idea of anyone else helming a Buffy project aside from Whedon might be breaking a holy seal of such.

They already have an installed fanbase, but it will be a fine line they’ll be walking if they use anyone besides Whedon.  Yet sometimes, change is warranted and can be successful.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  As details develop, we’ll keep you apprised.

How do you feel about this potential change to the Buffy The Vampire Slayer franchise reboot?  Who do you think might be a good writer to replace the irreverent Joss Whedon – or do you think this is just noise to generate media buzz, saying they aren’t looking at Whedon to guide the reboot?

Source:  Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Not that I want to put words in Joss’s mouth, but I feel that if he were not able to do more with Buffy, he’d likely want to stay away from the Vampire genre altogether and just move on to different things like he has done.

  2. I agree with Steve the git…I could not stand Dawn or Connor!!! But the rest of the characters I loved.

  3. This just makes me mad because I loved the original. That had 90’s classic written all over it and now they will ruin and destroy this. Never watched the TV series and if I want a serious Vampire show, that’s why I watch True Blood.

    • Craig if you didn’t watch the tv show you don’t know what your talking about when it comes to buffy it was superior to the movie in every way and true blood is absolute crap

  4. This cannot happen without whedon having FULL control. arm the internet nerds! lets bring this down like McSpaced.

  5. I could imagine a BtVS reboot with a new younger cast,and even possible without Joss Whedon. However the Kuzuis aren’t the ones to do it. We’ve already seen their version – in the 1992 movie. The TV series was darker, and funnier than the original movie.

    Who ever the directors & Producers are – they should look at the successful reboots of Batman & Star Trek as a guide. In the case of both series – they keep the same basic classic mythology, and have slightly different versions of the classic characters that fans love.

    A Buffy movie would have to follow the same formula – which means the basic mythology of TV series, as well as the main characters from the TV series – other wise it’s doomed to fail.

  6. It wont work without Joss Whedon or sarah michelle gellar.

  7. I don’t mind Gellar not being in it. They do say there are new slayers for different generations.

    But without Whedon, that’s just a daring silly move.

    OR, since this project has received a ton of publicity for them saying that, maybe it was just a calculated move to do just this, generate panicked fan chat about this idea, thus giving the project legs via word-of-mouth.


  8. Here’s a word-of-mouth message for them NO JOSS NO BUFFY
    people on twitter are passing it along #NoJossNoBuffy

  9. Anthony Head has said that he wouldn’t be interested in watching a Buffy without Whedon.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind as long as they actually got a decent director and producers… but not the Kuzui’s.

  10. It is my guess that the reason they are looking to take it in a different direction is because neither David Boreanaz or Sarah Michelle Gellar are interested. They have both made it very clear they have moved on.
    I love the idea and I at least hope they have some characters in it that can twirl in to a whole new series like Dawn. You have to look at it as moving on, maybe it’s a future slayer.
    Also the article says (THEY MAY NOT HAVE) contacted Joss yet. For all we know they have and he turned the down. Maybe he’s moved on and is focused on his new show doll house and the comics he’s put out. Either way I think we should give this a chance. We all griped about not having Buffy and Angel anymore, maybe this is something that will help ease that heart ache a little.
    I for one will jump at the idea of seeing it!

  11. Doing a Buffyverse film without Joss is like having a snickers bar without chocolate or caramel…its just nuts…

  12. Okay… seriously… like we have run out of ideas SO much that you need to take a perfectly good television series/ movie and remake it dark.. Are you running out of horrible superhero’s comics to make?
    Buffy was a fantastic show! Sarah, walked away and left it alone, and broke the hearts of SO many 20 and 30 year old people who had grown up watching the show.
    To make this movie, would be an insult to the fans, an insult to the creator and an absolute insult to the character… which in some dorks minds actually exists.. in our wittle hearts. DO NOT DO THIS TO US!!!

  13. I completely agree.
    Buffy is just…a piece of genius. Its one of my all time favourite shows and I too grew up watching it and was crushed when it ended. And to bring it back would be awesome, to maybe have JOSS WHEDON do a little something with it for the old fans would be great. But when its just been grabbed by someone else in what seems like a bid to make as much money as possible out of a show that they know will attract alot of new audiences, as well as the old is just an insult to the original series!
    Buffy’s best left alone as something we’ll always love and remember and keep going back to. Its got a lot of fans who will not be especially happy at an attempt to reclaim their beloved Buffy, and to try and recreate something out of it is sort of like desecrating our memories of the show. A little over the top maybe, but its true :)
    So yep, I think this revival (and especially because its not being done by Whedon – if it was I would be shrieking with happiness right now) would be a big mistake.

  14. So, the people who screwed the movie up the first time want to come back and… what, screw it up again because they are smug enough to know that a huge amount of fans will go ‘just to see if it’s any good’? Well, I learned a lot from Terminator 3. Never again will I go to see something that I know very well will be crap and wreck an awesome story as a money making exercise! I vow to avoid!

    And as far as I’m concerned, if it’s not Joss Whedon it’s just not Buffy.

  15. KISMA:

    You’re not alone. Some website that I can’t recall the name of right now, had an impromptu survey and only about 3% of the respondents said they would see a Joss-less Buffy.

    It’s not a bright move on their part at all.

  16. I’m not for a Buffy remake. I love Buffy, don’t get me wrong. But we had one movie, and a TV show, plus Angel. If they’re going to do something with the buffyverse, it needs to be something different! Like, maybe about one of the slayers — Faith — Spike… I think even a spin off about Dawn would be good, but ANYTHING is better than a remake. We all know, too well, what happens with the story. It’s something we all followed for a good 8 years (including the movie)

    I want something new in the buffyverse. Not something old that’s only going to leave me craving something after it.

  17. OK, I agree that Joss Whedon created both of the original Buffy’s, and exquisite jobs they were. And as a fan of BOTH Angel and Firefly, I DO have an interest in the outcome of this debate…but until confirmations are offered, that is ALL it is: a debate.

    However to demand that he be reinstated before resurrecting or re-making this concept and requiring it to stay true to the originals is purely selfish and short-sighted. ALL stories change over time…prime example is the story of vampires themselves! The Buffy franchise was instrumentral in updating the horror to the palatable genre we have today, but shouldn’t be an end-all because some people refuse to accept ANY change.

    I for one would relish the option of a ‘darker’ version to ponder and enjoy! The people/group that own the rights have the right (pardon the pun)!

  18. So if I’m not mistaken, there was no such thing as a Buffy franchise, until Joss did the TV series. The movie was ok, but the true cult following (say it with me people) happened because of the TV show! It was dark enough to fulfill that horror craze we were all in then, but it also dealt with our real issues. Now, not only are you going to scrap everything that made it great (a slayer in love with not one, but 2 vamps, a lesbian witch, a dorky but faithful friend) but then man who was not just successful in one show, but 2?! And where exactly can the average mind take the show where it hasn’t already gone? All the following shows and movies (true blood, twilight, moonlight, etc) all have tones of Buffy and would have remained just back room ideas and never picked up by major networks if not for the success and eventual void of Buffy! Take out what made that, take out the creativity of a man whose success goes beyond Buffy and touches the sci fi fan with Serenity, and I guarantee with a ruined product! I agree with Kisma, I will not go see something just because it might possibly on some bizzaro world not suck as bad as I think it will, and if it isn’t Joss, it isn’t Buffy!

  19. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a new movie version. I don;t think a remake of the original movie could sell, considering the original was not very good. But the series of Buffy created an entire universe that can be played with. If a new movie version would stay true to the buffyverse, I’d definitely go see it. However, what I’m really craving is a movie that moves forward in time. Like, the comics of season 8/9 are cannon, and while interesting, they dont really have anything that id want to see in a film. Plus they were written to utilize the the comic style, way too much happens that could never be depicted on film without a trazillion dollar budget. Move it to the present time (potentially season 13) and show whats happening right now in the buffy world. And of course any buffy project whedon was attached to would get my money in an instant, but I dont think that means that there is not enough established for someone else to play with and still come out with a great film.

  20. how to h*ll can u possibly think to put a movie out with out joss. besides that who do you think you are to flat out cut all the actors then a even bigger mistake of whedon. how
    FU**King stupid can someone be. well other than pissing on a good show and stiffing the writer your going to piss alot of fans off. **** this movie w/o JW

  21. yeah thats a pretty stupid idea, i wouldn’t watch it out of spite, but instead of re-vamping (no pun intended) that lame ass movie, how about giving us an angel movie so we can see how life plays out for the characters after that cliffhanger of a series ending that joss promised in many many interviews he wouldnt do to us?? thats my take on it. oh and i just found out the actor who played lourne died earlier this year, very sad, only 35 years old. rip andy hallett.

  22. oh and by the way, im sick of all this hype about true blood, its a lame ass show, and twilight is a fag/teen girl movie. its like watchin the scream awards this year, and true blood kept beating dexter in every category?? really?? dexter is the best show i’ve ever seen, im a hard core buffy/angel fan and i think dexter even surpasses them. to hell with true blood, ive watched a bunch of true blood episodes since it started and i just cant get into it. none of the characters are believable enough for me i guess.

  23. I am personally fine with the idea of a feature film reinvention and I think Joss would be as well. I mean he is the one that said that when something becomes bigger then you that is when it becomes art. However, the idea of not having Joss Whedon involved at all in the film is just stupid. He is the one that is responsible for redeeming the lackluster film back in 1992 and made Buffy into pop icon. I am not saying that Joss should write and direct the reboot film, but he should be acting as an executive producer or at least a creative consultant.

  24. I would also like to add that Fran Rubel Kuzui and Kaz Kuzui shouldn’t have anything to do with the movie in my opinion. I think someone like Sam Raimi, Tim Burton, or Guillermo del Toro would be creditable to take on the Buffyverse.

  25. Joss Whedon is one of a kind. BtVS, Angel, Firefly and Dollhous are all amazing, and are all in my top 5 series. The other in the top 5 is Band of Brothers. So.. anyone up for a Tom Hanks / Steven Spielberg Buffy movie?

  26. I for one will not go see a “Buffy” movie that does not have Joss or any of the characters in it. If it was about a future slayer (but arn’t they all slayers now?), then it isn’t BUFFY. I have been a fan since day one and even got my 15, 10 and 8 into the show. We sit down and watch the series from begning to end twice a year (of course I have the complete series). Angel….eh…it was ok, I am watching Judgement right now, but I think because it was cancelled so early that it wasn’t able to finish the whole “Conner” thing.
    I think they are all just trying to jump on this whole Twlight thing….and EWWWW, come on a vampire that glitters! I could not stop laughing.
    Definately NO JOSS NO BUFFY

  27. I agree with a lot of people that Buffy movie without Joss Whedon would be unappealing. I would probably boycott the film myself if Joss was not involved. However, I do believe that Joss is okay passing the torch to someone else. I think the fans have to remember that when Joss created Buffy his goal was to create a pop icon and an icon usually have been adopted by several different creators. Also, in response to Ginger’s comment on Angel is that the show lasted for five seasons and even thou it was cancelled it lasted long enough to bring some closure especially to the Connor arc.

  28. I think this would totally suck without Joss Whedon. The only way it could be even slightly good would be if they had David Fury or Marti Noxon. They might be able to save this disaster but probably not. I don’t think they could have Buffy without Xander or Willow. Not a good one at least

  29. No Joss, no viewing. Period. And two words: Muppet Angel.