‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Reboot Falls Into Development Limbo

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buffy vampire slayer reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reboot Falls Into Development Limbo

When it was announced that Warner Bros. was developing a film reboot of the Buffy the Vampire franchise, the fan reception was pretty overwhelmingly hostile – not only because of the general fondness for Joss Whedon’s TV series, but also due to the writer/director’s complete lack of involvement with the reboot (he is currently busy helming The Avengers for Marvel, as it were).

However, according to a new report, progress on the Buffy revamp has been halted; in fact, for the time being, the project looks to be in danger of collapsing entirely – or, at least, not happening in the (relatively) near future.

Hero Complex has learned that Buffy reboot writer Whit Anderson handed in a script draft for the project back in Summer 2011 that left Warner Bros. officials unimpressed; in the end, the screenplay was rejected entirely. According to an insider, Anderson had originally developed a new take on the traditional Buffy mythos that convinced studio heads to give her ideas a shot, but “in the end there just wasn’t enough on the page.”

The search is now on to find a replacement screenwriter for the Buffy reboot, but immediate indications are that the project has (essentially) fallen into development limbo and doesn’t look to climb back out in the near future. Then again, Warner Bros. has a precedent for giving stalled remakes/reboots a second shot at development (ex. Akira) so don’t completely count out the possibility of a renovated Buffy movie just yet.

All the same, this is good news for those who just couldn’t get behind the idea of rebooting the Buffy franchise – which now encompasses a television show, comic book series, novel tie-ins, and the original (ultra-campy) 1992 movie. Recycling entertainment is all the rage in Hollywood right now, but this is one instance where almost everyone seems to agree: leave the original(s) alone and try something new instead.

Are you still hoping to see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot sometime in the future?

Source: LA Times

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  1. An early Christmas present for Whedonites.

  2. I’m glad to see wisdom in planning, when bad ideas get tossed rather than made, and the ratings/box office tank. Wonder Woman, now Buffy.

  3. So they decided to pull back on their attempt to cash in on the vampire craze, that the original show and movie actually helped start. Way to show some creative integrity Hollywood, until you decided to rehash something else next week….

  4. If there is any justice, this reboot will stay dead and they’ll shelve Akira along with it.

  5. I wonder what changed their minds? It’s not like poor script and negative fan reactions have been a factor for movie execs in the past.

  6. Hooray! It would be virtually impossible to reinvent the story of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, without Joss and the original cast! Warner Brothers need to leave this show alone…

    HOWEVER… I am also a huge fan of the mythology of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and the Slayer lineage), and sometimes wish that there is a screen writer out there, who has the talent, the balls and the wit to reawaken this spectacular story.
    Sadly, I dont think a single screen writer can make their version of Buffy, as good if not better than the original.

    • Sarah or Kristy Swanson. Because Kristy was the original Buffy from the 1992 film

      • I watched the film and I wasn’t that impressed with Swanson’s portrayl of her. She couldn’t do the comedy and horror mix like Sarah.

  7. No SMG, no Buffy.
    If they want to continue the slayer stories, great, but either bring back Sarah Michelle Gellar or create a new story with a new slayer, and don’t call it Buffy.

    • I agree. don’t quote me on this but I think Sarah Gellar said she dosen’t want to do Buffy anymore, shame really. I think a good choice to play Buffy if they did decide to go for the unoriginal reboot idea, would be Hayden Panettiere. Of cause I think the best idea whould be to make a follow on to Buffy season 7. But instead of making a new series, continue it with a movie, like Whedon did with Serenity. As all Buffy fans know, the series ended with all potential slayers being awakened..well right there is the basis of the new movie. Simply call it Slayers, and have it based on the characters created by Joss Whedon.

    • Either bring back Sarah or Kristy Swanson. Kristy was the orginal Buffy from the 1992 film

    • I agree with you on that :)

  8. They should make a new story with a new slayer. It would expand the buffyverse without taking what happened before away. That would be awesome.

  9. Or, bring the whole cast back and follow up with OUR Buffy.

    Buffy remains my all-time favourite TV series. It was truly amazing. No reboot could top it.

    I don’t want another show, I want more of the old show. Yes, after all this time a new episode or film could be the equivalent of “Return to Gilligan’s Island”… But I’m willing to take that chance!

    • I hate to say it but the Slayer geek in me agrees. I’d watch it in a heartbeat.

    • Considering how the last seasons of Buffy and Angel were I think that the whole idea is best left alone.

      • Buffy went downhill when it moved to UPN. Ironic because Whedon & Co. said the new network gave them more creative control. The old WB probably would have frowned upon Dark Willow and the sexual violence themes. I understand why the writers went there, but sometimes having an external force to rein you in is good for the longevity of the show. The WB was also at least partially responsible for getting Angel brought back to life, after he was killed in Season 2.

        That said, Season 6 contained a number of really individual good episodes, including the famous musical “Once More With Feeling”.

        Season 7 not so much. I think the problem with S7 is that the writers wrote the entire season knowing that the show was going to end. Whedon & Co. seem to be best when it comes to writing an on-going show with character development, but not so good at bringing closure.

        Notice also that the last season of Angel was awesome for the first half, but suddenly it changed once they found out it was cancelled.

  10. Please no reboots, it would be stupid IMO the show was just perfect the way it was so why ruin it?

  11. I like the old Buffy. I don’t want to see a new one. The cast of the old is also what made it work. So please no reboot!

  12. Hopefully this project stays in Limbo longer than Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cottilard did. In a somewhat decent world this project would never even have been considered…

  13. “in the end there just wasn’t enough on the page.”

    Can anyone tell me what this means please?

    • It means that they liked the original concept but the script sucked.

      Specifically, there’s not enough going on in the script to warrant making it into a feature-length film.

      This is not too uncommon of a criticism to give to a young writer. Writing a feature script is hard. And I imagine it’s even harder when you’re dealing with a well-known franchise like Buffy, and you’re limited in what you have access to (most of the ideas Whedon created on the show were probably off-limits).

      Usually what they do at this point is they give it to another writer to re-write.

  14. why not do a flashback series if you must screw with “BTVS”, as in there were other slayers before her, why not focus on the lineage before her. Just call it “Slayer” so it doesn’t refer to one particular slayer and it gives the show that “well, she can die at any moment and the show could go on.” i’d do maybe an old west slayer or 1700′s slayer and have her be the lead character for a season or two and then have her killed and another slayer is called.

  15. Okay hold on a minute. Did Hell just freeze over? Did Hollywood actually listen to the fans for one brief yet discernible moment?

  16. oh yes! sweet justice..buffy isn’t over yet(comics-excellent btw) and trying to “reboot” it now just sounds stupid

  17. I think they should switch tactics. Instead of rebooting Buffy without Joss, they should do a new movie written or directed or produced by Joss with Spike as the main character for once.

    • James Marsters preferably as Spike.

  18. Glad to hear the BtVS reboot has failed, for the time being. Personally, there IS a TV series just waiting to happen: “Tales of The Slayer”. Two books with enough good stories between them to make the first season watchable. And for crying out loud, will someone please “Buffy the Animated Series” to life?

  19. The expansion method is the only way to go. But that’s difficult without Joss Whedon to helm it. Let him do the comics and continue it that way. Unless of course he gets his writers back and allows something to expand from there. Otherwise LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!

  20. I wish they would reboot the show, or at least have some sort of spin off…I miss looking forward to my Buffy Tuesday :-(

  21. To be honest I would rathere have buffy and angel done in anime style just look at how supernatural is doing it but buffy can go realy dark and do a lot more same with angel

  22. I Love buffy and I do hope that they do a new Buffy movie but do it so that there is a twist in it like Spike never died or the slayers after season 7. Plus I believe they should release it in cinemas on october 3rd 2014 so then it will be 18 years after the first episode was aired.

    • Did you watch Buffy’s spin-off show Angel? Because spike came back to life in the last season.

  23. i dont think there should be a reboot at all that would be silly and noone would like it. it would be good to bring buffy back have a new season or movie from where the last season finished but that would only work with whedon noone else would be able to make it as good or better

  24. smg and the original scooby gang should be in it or nothing made at all

  25. I love being the one guy who wouldn’t have minded a remake. Sure I’d prefer a show that just shares the existing universe but you can’t even do that with Season 8 anymore cus lets face it guys. Joss is awesome, but he needs the constraints of a budget to keep him grounded. Season 8 and After the Fall are all kinds of bonkers and a cartoon of Buffy would likely be just slightly less crazy than Harry Potter.

  26. As a Buffy fan I don’t think it would be a good idea. That is unless that get the writers of the show involved. It could be a fresh take on it with the right actress and script. But without Whedon or anybody attached to the series I don’t think it should happen. And if they cast Kristen Stewart as Buffy I will freak out. I liked the Heather Morris idea. Joss really likes her character on Glee and I have never seen her in a serious role but she can pull of the comedy aspect quite well. and chad i think the person meant the series finale of Angel. I think it is implied that they all died in the last episode. Not counting comics.

    • Wait, wait.
      Please tell me that no one ever, EVER considered Kristen Stewart.

  27. Buffy Good, Reboot Bad.

  28. I have an idea, which will make Buffy fans, as well as Twilight fans, furious! Instead of trying to come up with something crafty to reboot Buffy with, why don’t we try mixing Buffy and Twilight together . . . Bring Buffy in to slay the vampires in Washington (or where ever that movie is filmed), then pit Buffy, Bella, and the whole lot of them, against each other!

    • NO, no, no, and no. Buffy is awesome Twilight is gay. It’s bad enough that Twilight copies Buffy, it has a vamp who is “good” and he falls in love with a school girl *cough* Angel *cough* Actually every vampire series copies Buffy, even True Blood in a small way, of cause TB is in my opinion is a more adult version of different aspects of different Buffy storys, which brings me back to me Buffy is awesome comment. Back to the Buffy reboot/movie….

      What they need to and should do is make a movie BASED on Buffy. Here’s my idea. When Buffy started out she was special because she was “The chosen one, one girl in all the world, etc the one and only. But when Willow basically awakened the Slayer in ALL the potentials around the world, it stopped being all about Buffy, and instead became about Slayers. And that is where the new movie should go, instead of focusing on Buffy as the hero, the immportant one, focus on the potential Slayers around the world who have come into this new power. And simply call the movie “SLAYERS”

  29. Seriously, can’t believe they were planning on making this without Joss’ being involved in a massive way. Why would anyone want a reboot anyway? The show is not that old. Crazy stupid Hollywood.