‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Reboot Falls Into Development Limbo

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buffy vampire slayer reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reboot Falls Into Development Limbo

When it was announced that Warner Bros. was developing a film reboot of the Buffy the Vampire franchise, the fan reception was pretty overwhelmingly hostile – not only because of the general fondness for Joss Whedon’s TV series, but also due to the writer/director’s complete lack of involvement with the reboot (he is currently busy helming The Avengers for Marvel, as it were).

However, according to a new report, progress on the Buffy revamp has been halted; in fact, for the time being, the project looks to be in danger of collapsing entirely – or, at least, not happening in the (relatively) near future.

Hero Complex has learned that Buffy reboot writer Whit Anderson handed in a script draft for the project back in Summer 2011 that left Warner Bros. officials unimpressed; in the end, the screenplay was rejected entirely. According to an insider, Anderson had originally developed a new take on the traditional Buffy mythos that convinced studio heads to give her ideas a shot, but “in the end there just wasn’t enough on the page.”

The search is now on to find a replacement screenwriter for the Buffy reboot, but immediate indications are that the project has (essentially) fallen into development limbo and doesn’t look to climb back out in the near future. Then again, Warner Bros. has a precedent for giving stalled remakes/reboots a second shot at development (ex. Akira) so don’t completely count out the possibility of a renovated Buffy movie┬ájust yet.

All the same, this is good news for those who just couldn’t get behind the idea of rebooting the Buffy franchise – which now encompasses a television show, comic book series, novel tie-ins, and the original (ultra-campy) 1992 movie. Recycling entertainment is all the rage in Hollywood right now, but this is one instance where almost everyone seems to agree: leave the original(s) alone and try something new instead.

Are you still hoping to see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot sometime in the future?

Source: LA Times

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  1. Wow…what a shocker!!! Look as much as I would LOVE to see a Buffy reboot, or movie or whatever I have come to realize it’s just never going to happen. How can you possibly think that you can just remake a TV show that had(and still has a decade after the finale) probably the biggest fanbase in television. Poor James Marsters and Nick Brendon are probably wondering when they can stop doing damn buffy panels at comic con(LOL kidding they are great). SO how can anyone try to accomplish this and not include any of the original cast(which is understandable….unless they can transform james and david to look much younger), or JOSS WHEDON. Joss Whedon should be included. Hell, everytime someone mentions the name Buffy, Joss Whedon should get a royalty check. He made Buffy a decade before everyone else jumped on the vampire bandwagon and cashed in, and Buffy was 10000 times better than Twilight, TVD(which I do watch), and whatever other vampirey shows and movies are out there now.

  2. Ha Ha!! Whoever thinks they can do this reboot they are an idiot..Unless its Joss Whedon..

  3. instead of bringing back buffywhy don’t they do a spin off movie! Telling what happend to the new slayers or even get a new main girl that lives in the same world as Buffy!

  4. Yes Yes Yes i wont to see a new buffy :-)

  5. Yes Yes Yes i wont to see a new buffy

  6. I love Buffy. Like soooo much but only Joss Whedon should do this. Also, a film? Idk, I loved the show… I would watch it though. They should include David & Sarah..

  7. I don’t see why joss can’t continue buffy same cast members bo reboot or movie just more and more seasons of buffy the scoot gang and maybe the new slayers yeah it’s been a long time since buffy but would be goooood to bring it back I’m a massive buffy fan and would love to see more but only with SMG and the original Scooby gang and ofcourse joss

  8. I don’t see why joss can’t continue buffy same cast members bo reboot or movie just more and more seasons of buffy the scoot gang and maybe the new slayers yeah it’s been a long time since buffy but would be goooood to bring it back I’m a massive buffy fan and would love to see more

    • Because the majority of the cast is too old. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s in her late 30’s. Plus, she’s raising a little girl now – she doesn’t have as much time on her hands as she used to. Doing a show like Buffy’s a lot more work than doing a show like The Crazy Ones or even Ringer.

      • Thank you for informing me about SMG’s daughter, as I didn’t know that she is a happy parent. As for the originals being in their late 30’s? That would actually be a bonus. They can work that into the sliding time line and show how much has changed since their last television appearance.

        But. Realistically. This is all wishful thinking. SMG will not come back and that pretty much kills BUFFY the Vampire Slayer. I suppose Eliza won’t do The Slayer thing either, else they could have done Slayer 2000 or The Dark Slayer or whatever a long time ago. Or even now. That’s why we don’t see any media blurbs about Eliza returning to the Buffyverse. Or even David Boreanaz and ANGEL.

        Therefore. Either go ALL NEW BUFFY AND THE VAMPIRE SLAYER or don’t go at all. Go hard or go home.

  9. I think a Buffy movie would be amazing!! Always have but I don’t think it should be with anyone different!! The truth is the actors and the writers plus joss made the show what it was … Simply amazing!! Anyone who would try to take the roles would simply fail and I feel would make the series suck! If your going to do a movie stick with the same people and if your not going to stick with the same people then don’t worry about doing a movie. I know I wouldn’t support some other creator and actors and I’m sure I’m not alone with this opinion! Original Buffy the vampire slayer and angel are the best

  10. no joss no buffy!
    i would realy like the idee of a new vampire slayer girl
    if it is NOT a reboot but mabay years after buffy or the same timeline
    and buffy her self(if she wants)can get back for a main role or a geustrole

    we all know its not poseble to get all the cast back.

    willow could have lift the new slayers spell
    so now there is only one slayer again or 2 ( 3 )

    so we would have a new buffy series but with a new main slayer
    hell dont even get why they did not make a serie called faith the vampire slayer

  11. david and james are not to old!!!
    they can make them look younger but i would prefer not to
    just do a story line,angel/spike has fight the good fight afther the batle in L.A and as a price the get to be human again(explains the looking older thing)but drucilla wanted her boy’s back so she turned spike and angel again,but this time they remain to keep there souls.

    there you have it,angel and spike just a little older but still vampire’s with a soul

  12. It would be really difficult to get all the cast members back and the right writers to make the show something that it once was, but not only that it would be equally difficult to make the story line work so everything made sense. Also with the whole all the actors have aged problem and wouldn’t be able to do stunts like they did when they were younger. And ya know, a big part of the attraction and the emotional investment that we put into these shows, at least for me, has a lot to do with the “young love” that Buffy and Angel had (yes he is like 240 years old or whatever). Not only was it young, but there love is eternal and never fading. That kind of fearless passion is displayed more often and more infectiously and clearly by younger people than by those of us who have grown out of our “never say die” mentality. Because once we age we seem to lose some of that uncontrollable and undeniable desire. We seem to lose that Magic.

  13. While I agree with those who say that the actors that once owned characters such as Buffy and Angel are still agile and dam good looking. I just have to say that the lust and heat displayed in the series may not be as addictive as it once was. And to reboot such an affecting show such as this and not have it be so affecting would be a disappointment and possibly taint the memory all together. Which in itself would be a travesty.
    Although, if someone skilled enough and creative enough were to come and create a sort of spin off where a different slayer and different characters were to take part in a similar world and mythology as the original Buffy series, then perhaps it wouldn’t be a waste of time and a blemish to the memory of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. Naturally of course they would at least have to have some guest appearances from the original cast members.
    And as just a note, Buffy and Angel need to be together. If i have yet to make that clear. There is no other way to have them. Spike can suck it.

  14. Put it in Joss Whedon’s hands, vision & control!!! That’s all I ask! If he wants to do it, let him! If he doesn’t, please don’t sully my favorite show by putting it into someone else’s hands. Let’s keep Buffy, Sunnydale, The Potentials, the Scoobies and everything else related to Buffy in the careful and loving hands of Joss Whedon!!!!

  15. Unless they just bring the people back to tie everything together for angel and buffy… there’s no point in starting it all over again.. let joss finish or leave it be….that’s my opinion

  16. If they remake they must have camios of Sarah Michelle or someone from original. If they do the whole thing new. They must go darker. Not too comedic . And keep monsters real looking and no cgi monsters! Lol

  17. Didnt joss do a series 8 of buffy in comic books? Wouldn’t it make sense to pool all the comics into a movie if they needed screen play? Showing buffy willow xander and whoever else rounding up all the slayers and fighting some all mighty big bad? Just my opinion.

  18. YES!! I would love to see a Buffy & Angel movie… Unless Joss Whedon does it and Sarah & David are the leads it will not be successful! If you want the biggest money making Movie bigger than Titanic you should be on the band wagon for all Three of them to be involved! There are so many Buffy fans young and old school! I am guessing SMG & DAVID STILL GOT IT!!!

  19. 1. This whole Buffy idea can work with or without SMG. Idk if Joss can write another major film, as he might have contractual obligations to AVENGERS and Marvel and the relevant studies making AVENGERS, etc. If JOSS doesn’t write Buffy? May not be the best thing in the world, but there are a few Buffy co-writers during the season that can make it sing.

    2. Eliza Dushku…FAITH, our favorite Dark Slayer…was probably not a major fan of returning to the Buffyverse, and that’s probably why they just didn’t continue the series under Faith when SMG bailed on everyone [ if that story about SMG bailing on Buffy the franchise is true ]. She absolutely, positively has to return if the original OG cast is brought back…although they might do a GENERATIONS thing and kill off the original big best Slayers in favor of the new generation like they did with STAR TREK: GENERATIONS and the whole Kirk-Picard thing…which lead to a whole Star Trek reboot.

    3. We should bring back everyone or at least have a backstory where they make cameos and explain what happened since Angel and THE FALL, all the Slayers, and everything else. Maybe The First opened Hellmouths all over the world and that gives the Slayers a whole globetrotting thing. Can even give the option of focusing on various Slayer groups and not always making SMG or Eliza the center and focus of everything. It’ll be a great way to have a diverse new cast, too…while still allowing the OG Slayers and Scooby Gang face time in every movie without always having to dominate every movie.

    4. The international approach could be a parallel to Batman Inc and spin off into a TV series too. All new young fresh faces, Slayers all, who are doing their thing as independent cells…but who can and will respond to the call of The Two OG Slayers Buffy and Eliza [ who mostly do the movie thing, not the TV series thing ].

    There’s no reason why the Buffyverse…complete with Angel, Faith, the new international and nationwide Slayers, etc…couldn’t work everything together, like THE MATRIX. Anime, comics, movie, TV series, video games all at once. To my knowledge, such a thing has never been done.

    5. And maybe…just MAYBE…we find the first MALE Slayer. And maybe he’s evil…maybe he’s the primary physical agent of THE FIRST. And maybe we hear of him because he manages to be the main enemy of The Immortal. Or maybe he IS The Immortal.

    Or something…

  20. A movie or a new season would be amazing, but only with the old cast!! They simply can’t be replaced. And Joss as writer obviously. I think it would be a mayor hit. I know so many people that are still waiting for a comeback. Please give it to us. It doesn’t matter that everyone is somewhat older now, who cares? We’ll pretend we don’t notice. Or think of a storyline where both Spike and Angel turned human awhile ago. Like after the Angel finale. B/A 4-ever.

  21. Fray the vampire slayer nuff said :)

  22. It seems like nobody here has read the comics which liTERALLY CONTINUE THE STORY. If they made a movie based on the current Buffyverse but with new main characters, that would be cool, but rebooting or trying to get the original actors to do it seems stupid and impossible, respectively.

    • The average movie goer has NOT read the rest of the comics that literally tell the rest of the story. Not even I have done that…and I’m a comics geek. With the escalating price of comics and the reduction in diversity in comics both in comic book creators and on panel heroics, I won’t spend the money to buy all the comics that I want, so I have to be very frugal in indulging my comic tooth, lol.

  23. A Buffy movie should only be done and I mean ONLY be done if Joss Whedon is involved, and if the original cast are also involved. NO ONE but Sarah should play Buffy. Here’s a little food for thought if any one important actually reads this stuff: The comic books following the end of season 7 are amazing. Create a movie off those storylines, and get everyone involved. Sarah already said in an interview she would do it along with Whedon if the right story presented itself. Pick up in the future, after you left off. OR follow new slayers in a movie. We left off with slayers being called all around the world, create a story around that, and what some of those girl may be experiencing. But do not try and create a brand new Buffy, it’s moronic and that would never hold well. You will just making every fan bitter by doing that.

  24. Ten years after WB dropped Angel, and refusing Joss Whedons request for a contract renewal, It’s a bit obnoxious that they’ve now decided to try and reboot the Buffy series WITHOUT him. Then adding insult to injury they also turned their noses up at one of the original writers because “there just wasn’t enough on the page”. What a bunch of cheeky (b)astards!!!