‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Movie Reboot On The Way [Updated]

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buffy the vampire slayer reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie Reboot On The Way [Updated]

[UPDATE: Buffy creator Joss Whedon has responded to the news. Check out his comments below.]

There have been rumblings of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie reboot for a couple of years now. The last time we heard, original rights holders Fran Rubel Kazui and Kaz Kazui were interested in developing a new film that would take the franchise in a “darker direction” – and they were doing it without the involvement of Buffy creator Joss Whedon.

When the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series debuted on television in 1997, it was more than a quirky cult hit – it also acted as vindication for Whedon, whose original vision for the 1992 film of the same name had been severely compromised by Kazui Enterprises.  When the movie reboot rumors surfaced, fans were understandably apprehensive about the property reverting back to Kazui, the same people who had so poorly mishandled it in the first place.

It was later reported that Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) had been offered the lead role of Buffy and that TV series star Sarah Michelle Gellar might make a cameo appearance. Thankfully, this never materialized and the project seemingly vanished.

Well, now it’s back – Warner Bros. has optioned the rights and a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie is officially underway. Charles Roven and Steve Alexander will produce the reboot alongside Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment (How To Train Your Dragon, The Departed).

The script is being written by Whit Anderson and evidently this new take on Buffy‘s mythology was enough to spark Roven’s interest:

“Whit approached us with an exciting idea about how to update Buffy…There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return to the big screen. We’re thrilled to team up with Doug and Roy on a re-imagining of Buffy and the world she inhabits. Details of the film are being kept under wraps, but I can say while this is not your high school Buffy, she’ll be just as witty, tough, and sexy as we all remember her to be.”

buffy the vampire slayer cast Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie Reboot On The Way [Updated]

I know I won’t be alone in declaring that I’m not terribly supportive of this. Whedon has such an offbeat and specific sense of humor. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show had just the right balance of scares and laughs and it did it all with a pitch-perfect tongue-in-cheek attitude. It’s an incredibly difficult tone to achieve. In fact, look no further than the original Buffy movie for an example of how easy it is to screw up.

I’m just not convinced that this is a property that needs updating – especially when new generations of fans continue to discover Whedon’s TV show. The concept -a high school valley girl becomes a hardened vampire slayer – meshed well with Whedon’s unique style of writing, but I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up with a “darker” approach.

Update: It looks like Buffy fans aren’t the only ones saddened by this news. After the story broke, E!‘s Kristin Dos Santos sent an email to Joss Whedon asking how he felt about this development. Here’s his reply:

Kristin, I’m glad you asked for my thoughts on the announcement of Buffy the cinema film. This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths—just because they can’t think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself.

Obviously I have strong, mixed emotions about something like this. My first reaction upon hearing who was writing it was, “Whit Stillman AND Wes Anderson? This is gonna be the most sardonically adorable movie EVER.” Apparently I was misinformed. Then I thought, “I’ll make a mint! This is worth more than all my Toy Story residuals combined!” Apparently I am seldom informed of anything. And possibly a little slow. But seriously, are vampires even popular any more?

I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER. I don’t love the idea of my creation in other hands, but I’m also well aware that many more hands than mine went into making that show what it was. And there is no legal grounds for doing anything other than sighing audibly. I can’t wish people who are passionate about my little myth ill. I can, however, take this time to announce that I’m making a Batman movie. Because there’s a franchise that truly needs updating. So look for The Dark Knight Rises Way Earlier Than That Other One And Also More Cheaply And In Toronto, rebooting into a theater near you.

Leave me to my pain! Sincerely, Joss Whedon.

Meanwhile, Bones creator Hart Hanson just tweeted this picture of Buffy alum David Boreanaz’s reaction to the news:

What do you think? Is Buffy the Vampire Slayer ripe for re-imagining or should they leave well enough alone?

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Update Source: E! and Twitter.

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  1. I was a Buffy fan when the show premired in 97. I would love to see this story on the big screen. I would have hoped Joss Whedon would have been involved in the remake, being it is his baby. And I appreciated the characters, how they began and what they were developed to be. I agree it may be a hard job to recreate this through new writers. But the love of the series is still talked about even now. I would be willing to give it a chance and see it will be reshaped into.

  2. I think this is a terrible idea. I love Buffy and I wish there were more episodes but I’m glad they ended the show when they did before it started going downhill. Why would they take a chance of ruining their good name by making a movie that will probably be rubbish.
    There is no way it would be even half as good without the original cast, and I doubt that would happen. Not to mention how I don’t even know how they’d would create a well-written plotline for the movie….?
    Why must Hollywood milk every last idea? I swear if they ruin the shows good rep I will be furious!

    • I hope you can put the full move on you tube :)

  3. A re-imagining? An update? I fall to the ground on my knees and I look to my God and raise my arms in supplication. The clouds darken and the smell of a storm move in. As lightening crashes in the background and thunder rolls…you can hear the audible crack of my heart and a cry escapes my lips as the blood from my knees mixes with the rain.”NOOOOOO!!! Why, God…Why? Is there not enough imagination left in the world? Buffy…they can’t do that…not to that show.”

  4. I think with making a new “buffy the vampire slatyer” u run to much of a risk offending all the fans. So if u want to make more to it u would have to change the name. Ex: lauren the vampire slayer and make it something of a prequl to buffy.

  5. NO. Do not remake Buffy. I loved the idea presented in the movie (didn’t like the movie much) and ADORE the show. I can’t and won’t imagine anyone else being Buffy. Now that said… why couldn’t they do something with a different slayer? Joss already established that Buffy’s second death released the ability in all the potentials. They became Buffy’s army of slayers that she left Sunnydale to train. Why not make a movie for one of them? Buffy can have a brief camieo sending her new slayer out into the world to kick vampire butt. I do think it would be a mistake not to have Joss involved. After all who knows Buffyverse better!

    • omg that would be good! Send her to a Hell Mouth and we see her story evolve! It’d be a new generation! That would be so awesome! To see a new slayer around her early 20′s late teens and see her become the next top slayer!

  6. Don’t they get that NO ONE WANTS A BUFFY REBOOT. Non of the fans want to have anything to do with it because it’s not in Joss Whedons hands AND because it’s impossible to do with out the original cast who created the characters. I am deeply saddened by this. I hope they don’t do the movie. They will ruin Buffy. The show only ended 14 years ago. There is a comic continuing the story now. WE DON’T WANT A MOVIE UNLESS ITS JOSS AND THE CAST!

    • it didn’t end 14 years ago, it ended like 8 years ago going on 9.

  7. Buffy without Joss Whedon? FORGET ABOUT IT!

  8. I think this is a very bad idea. Amanda is right, there are enough slayers for them to just choose one at random and still probably murder it. Did i see that they wanted Vanessa Hudgens?!?!? Bad. No Joss Whedon? Bad. Just look at the E-mail he sent here. If you need any more proof that he should be involved at all then you sir, are not fit to comment upon this most heinous of occasions. David’s reaction is funny though. I always thought that Angel was only such a good character because him and Joss had a similar sense of humour. Anyway, This is such a bad idea. The people who are doing this are deluded as well! Just take a look at this! “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return to the big screen.” Not like this! None of the fans want this to happen! I don’t think it’s going to happen. There’s so many negative reactions to this, not just on here, but all over the internet.
    So, basically, I think it’s a bad idea.
    Yours Sincerely,
    The Laughing Magician

  9. Although I would like to see a Buffy movie, I know that without Joss Whedon these people are gonna screw it up real nicely probably. I’m a big fan of the series & it left TV on a high note and should stay that way.

  10. i will refuse to see it. I have been a buffy fan since it premiered, but this new one is retarded. Leave well enough alone and come up with a new story. What is going to happen is that they will make this, and then what buffy was will be ruined. i hope their film and the pathetic new cast and people creating it completely bomb, and then we can rag on the fact that they shouldnt touch art.

  11. I loved the Buffy shows and still watch them on Netflix when I get a little nostalgic! After watching them again there are a lot of things that weren’t summed up in the last episode or even in the “Angel” spin-off. I would like to see a Buffy movie to bring everything full circle. I don’t think making a movie that finishes everything will hurt the integrity of the original series. It will only be a good movie if it keeps with the theme of the shows, like an extended show to finalize things. Hopefully the writers, producers and director of the movie will understand that.

    • The only problem is it will contain none of the characters you require to sum up any story or plot points. It will also not have any of the people who originally created said plots, therefore making it so some random person is coming in and just making up whatever they feel like. As mentioned there is the comic which continues the story and keeps Buffy well alive for Buffy fans, Id suggest reading that rather than watching a movie that has nothing really to do with Buffy.

  12. This is a stupid idea. Buffy’s story is worn out. The girl has been everywhere and done almost everthing (including dying twice). Buffy should have offically been over when the tv series ended back in 2003, but they just keep dragging it on with comic book after comic book, and now a movie! The only thing, I think, deserves a continuation to the tv series is ‘Angle’ because it never ‘offically’ ended it, just left the audience hanging.
    But if they do make a movie, and taking it down a ‘darker’ path, they should just call it ‘The Slayer’ or ‘The Vampire Slayer’ and not use Buffy’s name at all and have a new slayer take her place and just tell what happened to the old slayers (Faith and Buffy in particular) and how there is only one now (as apposed to the hundreds that were awakened) and then get to the movie. Have it be its own movie and stop rebooting the characters. Almost none of the younger generation, that are into ‘vampires’, even know who Buffy is and should be introduced to the ‘Buffyverse’ with open eyes and a decent movie that is almost in no way related to Buffy except for the basic ‘one girl in all the world, assigned a Watcher, and fights vampires and evil’. If they do that then I would have no problem giving this movie a try and maybe even watching it in theaters, but otherwise I might not watch it at all.

  13. Leave Buffy alone!!! They will just screw it up and ruin the show for the die hards. Legal junk aside, joss is Buffy! And if he isn’t involved then it should not exsist!

    • Noooo! Why oh why would they ruin it for us die hards? No Joss, no Sarah, David,Alyson,Anthony, Nicholas and my fave James. How could it be Buffy? They have obviously not thought about it. The only way something may work is to make it a spin off, either a prequel or maybe get Anthony back as Giles to start up a new group of watchers then go from there. It won’t work at all otherwise, I won’t go. And I have Buffy in my DVD player everyday and re-watch at least 3eps a week and have done since the end of the series!

      • Dood Kel, Giles is dead xD Angel killed him.

  14. I think who ever is thinking about reprising the show into a movie aught to leave well enough alone

  15. Its funny how fads are the only reason buffy gets so much as a mention, angel and buffy should never been cancelled, least should had 2 more seasons for both back then. Like seems silly to do a movie, then do a show about it, if anything the movie would probably suck, “no pun intended” it’s just would make more since to either picked up where those shoes left off, or just do what has or never seem to been done yet. Like maybe a past the torch to another generation, sorta like what there doing with ghostbusters 3, rather than doing a compete remake/reboot, either way I personally think they should just leave buffy alone, but maybe it’s time not to remake/reboot every show, maybe just as I said leave off where the stories take place, and maybe have say buffy make a reappearance from time to time, Im just a everyday guy, I came up with this on the spot, so maybe someone can consider this if there going to do it, otherwise just leave it alone.

  16. I think its a great idea a continuation of the story the world didn’t stop in Sunnydale have her pass the slayer torch to Dawn after all she is a mystical creature and Buffy’s sister I also think Willow should make an appearance being the Uberwiccan JMHO

  17. I am very sadden that there will be a new Buffy, I heard that its gonna to be the blonde ditzy girl from Glee. I just finished watching all 7 seasons for the 3rd time! I loved Sarah being Buffy, and truthfully a little scared on how this will turn out. I was hoping that all of the original characters would come back(new vamps though cuz even though i LOVE Angel and Spike, they got old). When season 4 started Buffy was going off to college, now in the movie, shes going to be in college fighting demons?

    • Seriously? The ditsy girl from Glee? I would have at least gone with Diane Agron. Now SHE would be a kick butt replacement for Buffy I think. She’s got that persona. She’d be amazing, I think! But still, I love Buffy and I want to see a remaking of it but from a different angle like the rest of you are saying. Buffy can send her pupil off in to the world to kick some butt. And what kind of moron leaves the guy who totally made the whole series fantastic out of the production? IDIOTS!!!

  18. Im not sure it needs a reboot. Joss or not. I read the “season 8″ comics and was not impressed. They should have left it where it was. If they do a movie, I’d love to see the TV cast return, but I wouldn’t mind a full on reboot either. It seems to be going on alot. X-Men, Batman, Friday the 13, Nightmare on Elm Street… All getting reboots. I’ll be curious to see how it goes. I doubt seriously that it will even begin to get close to being as good as the TV show which I still love and watch.

  19. Its nice to here that buffy will be returning into the screen sooner or later. I mean… buffy is a legendary fictional character that really make a remarkable history in the world of fiction. I can say that buffy is a timeless fiction. it was shown before I can even understand english… and now Im on college and I can feel that buffy is orginal and epic. I can watch buffy for the entire week w/o a stop.

    All I want to say here is that..
    Joss Whedon is a legend in his field. A clear proof is buffy: the vampire slayer.

    I don’t think a movie reboot of buffy w/o joss would not bring so much of enthusiasm to the fans and to the show itself.

  20. and if theres a reboot. better bring back the original cast.

  21. My first reaction when I heard there was going to be a Buffy movie was:”YES!! This movie is going to be epic! Buffy and Angel are finally going to get their happy ending!” Then I heard Joss and the cast from the show will not be apart of it then my reaction was a stream of word that I can’t post in this comment.

    So with that being said I really hate the idea of this movie being made without Joss or anyone from the tv cast. I hope Joss buys back the movie rights and does this movie himself. He doesn’t need to reboot ‘Buffy’ just start where ‘Angel’ left off. There is so many ways that Joss can expand on the last scene of ‘Angel’ that will entwine both stories back together.(Yeah I know there’s comic books for both shows, but it not the same as watching the actors we love play the parts).

  22. This is horrible! How can anyone reboot BTVS without Joss Whedon involved?
    I will not only boycott this movie, I will be encouraging my fellow Joss-heads to do the same! The only reason the Kazui’s are doing this is to capitalize on the recent influx of (terrible) vampire themed media. I mean, is NOTHING sacred in Hollywood? Actually, you don’t have to answer that.

  23. My biggest problem is the quote of “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return to the big screen.” The fan base is dedicated to the cast from the TV show. They loved Joss and all the writers, they loved Sarah and David and Nick and everyone who did that show for seven years! I am a complete and total fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I have even continued reading the season 8 comics because it follows after the show. But this, a re-imagining is not for the active fan base of Buffy its so they can bleed this story dry. They are going to take all brand new people who have NO TIES whatsoever to the original movie or show and change the story as well to make it completely their own. They’ll just butcher the name of Buffy by doing this and in all honesty the TV show had to work for 7 years and 5 in a spin-off just to fix what the movie did. It went from ridicule to cult classic. Now they’re going to make it the laughing stock of film all over again.

    • I agree 100% They’re not just useing one of the new slayers, no they have to use Buffy and ruin what Joss worked on. That’s ok, true Buffy fans won’t even count this movie as part of the franchise.

    • Yes I some what agree with you on this Alicia. Like I said in my coment I have not read the comic seaon 8. Yet If done right and make the new people be like decendants from the orgianl cast it could tie in and get this new vampier genoration to learn what star crossed lovers realy are? Have the tital be like ” Buffy The next Generation” or somthing so its not Our buffy. Just a attention getter for those that may have herd of Buffy yet never adventured there to the world of Buffy&Angle. I Would like to see a what became of them kind of thing. Kinda like how The eplog on HarryPotter and the deathly hallows went, the 20 years latter thing or something? So Im looking on the bright side of this and doing the wait and see kind of thing. Have a Merry Christmass Alicia

      • de ja vu alert! i agree with u all. these writers dont understand how much a new cast will kill this phenomenon. this happened once and it SUCKED. i mean seriously this series has been addicting and if your gonna make a new one then bring back the cast!!! no joss whedn on this is like no jk rowling in harry potter; its psycho i am simply obsessed and i know that the cast might not want to return but i bet some would like james or david or sarah. sure this shows very mysterious but we crrazy diehards need are friends back one more time the series’ was hard for me because i new it was over there was still angel though but then that ended. u no, i read that there was supposed to b a faith spinoff but eliza dushku said no. we all know that would do good with the same actress but seriously cmon sarah and all u guys we know you miss it just come bck for us one more time uu mean so much to us u hav no idea

  24. Well I have yet to read the comic season 8, But I have very mixed emotions on all this. Buffy was There for me all during that time of my life of highschool I so conected on meany levals with her and all the adventurs at some point. I can even at certian times of parts of seaons remmber things of what was going on in my personal life When I watch the show now. Things I have forgotten.

    If this movie goes through, It would be good if they do a what are they doing in the world of buffy kind of thing like 20 years latter or something and have the orignal cast pop in to help on whatever the story line is. Make it intriging so that those that the Twlight Generation Can learn somthing. You know what I mean? As I see it the orignal stare crossed lovers Buffy&Angle. I do like the Twlight saga, yet I Love Buffy. Sorry but who ever they get as the main girl for this movie should be like Grandoughter of buffy or somthing like named after her kind of thing And have Sahara pop in through out the movie to guide the grand doughter. Along with all the orginal cast. Have them all as grand kids and willow, Oz, Some how even angle , xander, Giles all of them kind of thing. It would make it differant yet ty into the Tv show.

    So I am kinda looking forword to this, yet nervous on it at same time. I dont care for remakes on good things. I hate the new Willy Wonka for example. Along with this new FootLouse Come on now!!! So I hope this comes out soon for My Harrypotter is done and its a hole nother year untill Braking Dawn Finishes. Im Looking for the Buffy searies Books not these new things I dont like them. YOu all know The ones that litter goe’s along with the epasodes. I love them. I had the first few and friends liked them better than I did I guess so Now years latter Am recollecting. So if anybudy has any idea whare to find them please let me know. Thanks All and have a Verry Marry Christmass!!!

    • i totally agree holly i read the twilight saga and went to each book hoping for something better but it only got worse. i could have stopped but i hav this thing about starting a series then finishing it (thats a year of my life i wont get back) anyway i dont like twilight and people need to realize that vampires dont sparkle in sunlight they BUUURRRNN for goodness sake i mean cmon this new vampire version is waaaayyy off. twilight had lovy dovy romance and sure buffy had some too but we all know there is a ginormous difference this is time for the revolution we must all shake people out of this, as i call it, sparkly phase. we must bring back the REAL vampires and joss wedon is the KING obviously wut would buffy be without him? bad. david boreanaz has got the right idea(see twitter picture above) and im sure the rest of the cast feels similarly we need this cast we cant let this happen again. this like in buffy. theres an apocalypse coming and we must stop it (not that there’s anything we can do) but still. we all feel the bad era. its thick. WE WANT SARAH AND ELIZA AND ALLYSON AND NICK AND DAVID AND JAMES plus wut about angel cast remember illyria and gunn and wesley and even harmony its time for a REUNION

      • You know what’s a good book to read (probably one of the best vampire stories to come out in the last ten years) Let the Right One In/ Let Me In (depending if you live in the US). Its one of the best vampire books and both movies (Swedish and American) are some of the best vampire films ever made. You should check it
        out. It didn’t get as popular in the US than in other countries because

      • You know what’s a good book to read (probably one of the best vampire stories to come out in the last ten years) Let the Right One In/ Let Me In (depending if you live in the US). Its one of the best vampire books and both movies (Swedish and American) are some of the best vampire films ever made. You should check it out. It didn’t get as popular in the US than in other countries because vampires are popular right now with an age group that think they all sparkly like fairies. I mean its a lot different than Buffy, because its more about the horror, the death, and the loneliness of a small town in Sweden, but I love it so much. Its non of that Twilight crap, its really vampires that can go in the sun and need human blood to live.

  25. If anything they should make an Angel or Spike movie, regardless of how the actors hav aged. Angel shouldn’t have been cancelled, just look how many active fan there still are. Or even a Giles movie about his Ripper days (Band Candy <3). (The comics are so sad, rip Giles) As a huge Team Spike supporter I totally would've loved to see a Buffy/Spike meet up in Angel and I would gladly pay $15 to see James Marsters shirtless on the big screen.

  26. I refuse to watch this movie unless it has the original cast and Joss is invovled (alot) in this movie! I am a huge Buffy fan I have been since the shows premire and will be forever!! Me my 13 yr old son and my 7 yr old daughter watch the series over and over again all the time. We love it and if my children love it that says something since it is not of their era in television!lol!! SO PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEE DO NOT attempt to make this movie without Joss and the original cast!!
    Sincerly yours,
    #1 Buffy fan

  27. I’m so annoyed that Joss has not even thought it possile that he could do this himself. He is the only man for the job. And I MISS BUFFY. As soon as season 7 ended and Angel continued, I expected all of the slayers to resuce Angel’s mob in a movie…oh boy, what a movie!!! Come on, get on with it and give us what we want, how we want it and who we want it with! It’s got to be done…end of!

  28. If they want to go darker, they should leave Buffy out and take the saga over to Faith! “Faith The Vampire Slayer” Kinda like the season 8 comics but focus on Faith. Or even a dark furturistic version “Dominatrix The Vampire Slayer” would be cool. But don’t screw up the future generations of fans they will love the show with a movie that will most likely be as bad or worse than the first!!!

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