Bryan Singer Talks ‘X-Men: First Class’ Story, Timeline & Characters

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Despite the questionable marketing tactics Twentieth Century Fox employs for X-Men: First Class, there still is good reason to look forward to the film, namely the talent involved behind and in front of the cameras. While the posters and images may look weak, the trailers for the most part, have been very good.

Bryan Singer, who was originally set to direct X-Men: First Class, makes his return to the franchise in a producer role and it’s his story that director Matthew Vaughn brings to life. Now, he’s doing press for the film, aiming to make it stand out in a summer season crowded with superhero movies.

IGN chatted with producer Bryan Singer about X-Men: First Class, how he chose the story and characters, how it relates to the rest of the franchise and why it’s in the 1960s.

“Oh something I came up with just based on… When I made the first two X-Men films I was conscious of figuring out how to play the relationship between Magneto and Xavier and I was always very conscious of what their past must have been. What their friendship was like. So that back-story was always playing in my head whenever I was discussing scenes with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. So this was a chance to finally go back and explore the history that was always bouncing around in my mind when I was making those other movies.”

Due to the ages of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Ian McKellen’s Magneto in the first X-Men movie, Singer worked backwards from there to pick the early 1960s setting of X-Men: First Class, where young Charles and young Erik would be in their twenties. Taking it another step further, Singer looked at the major events of the era, from the Civil Rights movement to the growing angst with the Soviet Union. This is how the Cuban Missile Crisis became a part of the film’s plot and it all happened to work well with the inclusion of the Hellfire Club from the comics.

“The Hellfire Club is actually something that [producers] Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg had mentioned to me early on. It’s something that we had discussed years ago, to incorporate them into an X-Men film, but we never quite found a way to do so. So Lauren brought it up again and I thought great, because it again plays into the idea of them being underground. Because the whole idea of the Hellfire Club is that they are an underground club, and that’s perfect because we’re dealing with a time when the world doesn’t know that mutants exist. What better villain element than one that exists under the surface of society? And to have the mutants intertwine with the geopolitical events of the time.”

Emma Frost was a character they wanted to include in X-Men 3 back when Singer was still attached, likely as a new love interest for Cyclops as he battled letting go of Jean during the Phoenix situation, a story that never came to be when Brett Ratner took over at the last minute after Vaughn also quit the project.

Diamond Emma Frost in X Men First Class Bryan Singer Talks X Men: First Class Story, Timeline & Characters

The Hellfire Club allows the franchise to finally introduce (re-introduce) Emma Frost and explore her origins. But how did Singer go about picking the other mutants to fill out the cast, knowing that many of them are introduced later in the timeline? Singer explains that one would first “freak out because you assume that the good ones have already been picked” but he dove back into the comics and found characters that worked within the story.

“I felt like I was back in the late ’90s again, going through all the character histories and biographies and the comic books and graphic novels, and trying not to violate the tableaux but at the same time trying to have mutants that service different aspects of your story. Where their powers move the story forward as opposed to just being there to be cool.”

Obviously, there are continuity issues from film to film, with Emma Frost showing up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, only to be re-introduced as an older character decades earlier. For the most part though, the prequel does work within the chronology thus far and this is why outside of Xavier (James McAvoy) and Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender), only Beast and Mystique are brought back.

Continue to Page 2 for Singer’s thoughts on X-Men: First Class sequels and their place in continuity!

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  1. Terrible…I cant watch. This is like watching a trainwreck as it happens. I honestly think Bryan Singer is one of the worst things to ever happen to the X-men. And i cant see how bryan singer would be on board with such a bastardization. THe one thing i really took offense with was:

    Qoute: “I felt like I was back in the late ’90s again,”

    really??? you couldent go back a few more years…that was like the worst year for X-men comics.

    “going through all the character histories and biographies and the comic books and graphic novels, and trying not to violate the tableaux”

    You really failed in that aspect, You shoulda just dissapointed us.

    “but at the same time trying to have mutants that service different aspects of your story. Where their powers move the story forward as opposed to just being there to be cool.”

    So hes basically saying we dont care about the popularity of the characters, damn the connection…its all about story!!!!!

    • “I felt like I was back in the late ’90s again,”

      He’s talking about when he was making the first movie.

      • Yes apparently he dident learn from his past mistakes.

        • When he was in the 90s he was reading more than just the comics from the 90s. He’s referring to when he was doing crazy research for the first film…

          There’s a lot of hate here for a movie we’ve seen 3 minutes of.

          • I´m actually looking forward to FC. Let´s keep in mind: Singer was responsible for the two good X-Men movies.

          • Bryan Singer is the worst thing that happened to movies in a loooong time. Don’t believe me? Read ‘Four Seasons’ by Stephen King (four short stories – one is ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption’. Another is ‘Apt Pupil’.) Then, go watch the movie ‘Apt Pupil’ and watch Bryan Singer F it up royally. The first two X-movies were decent…mainly because of the casting, but X3 and the Wolverine movie were CRAP. It may be just me, but BS (fitting, by the way) is extremely egotistical and puts doing fan service/staying true to storylines second priority to him making a movie that makes money. I personally will NOT be seeing this movie or any movie that Singer works on…I have had nothing but disgust and disappointment when watching his “work”…

            • BS didn’t do X3 nor Wolverine.

              • sick burn…

            • Brian, are you high?! Apt Pupil was fantastic, so was Usual Suspects. And Singer wasn´t involved with X-Men 3…

            • newsflash dude, hollywood is about making money. fan loyallty means d*ck because comics nerds (myself included) isn’t where the real money comes from, it comes from the masses.

        • are the past mistakes you are referring to, the ushering in of well made, main stream, real world super hero films?

    • “…its all about story!!!!!”

      How misguided.

      • I’m still waiting for Aunt May to be done right in a movie. Don’t get me wrong, Rosemary Harris is a great actress, but that was N O T Aunt May. Since when is Aunt May well-fed and healthy? That is blatantly wrong. You know Marvel would use the same special effects their using for Steve Rogers, and undo that travesty Sony called Aunt May.

        • LOL Aunt May

          You’re right though she was all sickly and gaunt in the comics.

        • You got that right dude..!!!

      • Mongoose, it has Xavier in it as well as Beast, Magneto, Mystique, Havok (yeah, I know, continuity, blah), etc… How is this not an X-Men movie?

        • Its not an First Class movie, how about that , and on top of it, it is as far from being an x-men movie as it can be without not being an X-men movie. I also disagree that just because every fricken villain has at sometime been a x-men , doesn’t mean they can be considered x-men, here’s another annoying tidbit, since when is Riptide a founding member of the Hellsfire club.

          • Oh man. Come on, Mike… They used the title because they wanted to avoid any connections to XO:W. And who said Riptide is a founding member of the Hellfire Club? He´s a henchman, nothing more. Just like a pawn in chess.
            And not every villain of the X-Men used to be on the team. Apocalypse never was, neither was Sinister, or Cassandra Nova, Harpoon, Exodus, etc. The list goes on and on…

            • This notion that they changed the name of this to try and distance this movie from Wolverine probably has little to do with it since the X-Men part is what most people will and identify with. Trying to disavow connection with any of the other movies really probably won’t work for the general public since the only reference point most people have for these movies is what they have seen in the theaters.

    • Its not completely that true. Its mostly about the story, But “ACTORS” cast life in characters. That is the sole reason due which extends a requirement of actor in a movie over a character.

    • “Qoute: “I felt like I was back in the late ’90s again,”

      Really??? You couldn’t go back a few more years…that was like the worst year for X-men comics.” ~ Ice_man09


      So… “Age of Apocalypse”, “The Phalanx Covenant”, and “Onslaught” didn’t do anything for you? How about the introduction of Cable, Bishop, and Fitzroy? I consider the late 90s in X-Men comics to be the most entertaining. When it comes to the movies “X-Men II” and “X-Men III”, I think they failed because they didn’t look at the 90s for inspiration. Both movies were a miss opportunity to bring in Sentinels, Apocalypse, and Mr. Sinister. “X-Men: Wolverine” was a step into the right direction, but it still lacked the pop found in 90s comics. “X-Men” in the 90s was based upon psychology, biological, time travel, and historical events.

      During the mid to late 90s, comic books had an adult feeling to them.

      • Marcus, I agree with you on some points. “Age Of Apocalypse” was when I really got in to the X-Men comic books. Great writing (Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nieciza), great art (the Kubert bros., Madureira), great story telling over all.
        BUT! Onslaught was a desaster. Just like the rest of Heroes Reborn…
        And don´t get me started on X-Men 3 or Origins: Wolverine. I just can get over the fact that they made James and Heather Hudson (Guardian and Vindicator of Alpha Flight) an elderly couple…
        “During the mid to late 90s, comic books had an adult feeling to them.” That was because of Claremont and Lee.

        • No your thinking of late 80s to mid 90s…Onslaught was the last great X-men storyline but the phalanx and age of apocalypse were mid 90s. And jim lee quit X-men around 95…claremont in the early 90s.

    • have you ever seen a film?!?! it is all about story. that what films do, tell stories.

  2. Dont get me wrong, X-men: first class has a great cast and it looks like it will be a good story, but its not an X-men movie. Thats why I refuse to financially support this movie…because i believe that if we as fans continue to support comic adaptations that are not on par with a high standard the (non movie) Franchise has set then we will continue to be dissapointed.

    Listen its like eating spoiled steak, If it makes you sick Why continue to eat it????…because its steak?? Well I good sir will not continue to make myself sick.

    • Jesus dude why are you so negative? Chill out from the hate, it’s just entertainment, not a life crisis.

      • Its not just entertainment…you chill out dude. As an X-men fan for over 20 years I can feel any way about the series i want. If it sucks, believe me im the last person to hold my tongue. Go somewhere else with your comments if they arent related to the topic at hand.

        • i agree Ice_man the xmen within the marvel movie universe would make it complete. wolverine in an avengers movie? would be pretty badass

          • I have to agree a full Marvel universe with ALL of their character could be really, really, awesome.

            Spider-Man spent some time as an Avenger right? (I honestly think almost everyone in the Marvel Universe has at one time been an Avenger.)

        • Non fans can be very funny at times. Please understand…when you are a fan of a story or series and know the stories and the characters in those stories very well, you expect that when someone comes along, wanting to make a movie about the story and its characters, that they follow the source and do the whole movie right. Non fans don’t seem to undertsand this. the reason being is because they have no connection with the story and its characters so to them it is “just entertainment.”

    • Iceman, well said. That was a good analogy. That is what i have been saying for a few years now. In addition, the stories and origins in the comics are so well written that nothing has to be change to “fit” the big screen. They adapt well to the big screen on their own. Marvel proved this with the 2008 Hulk and Iron Man movies, while ang lee showed that drifting from the source is a mistake.

  3. This film might be good, may be the best movie in the franchise yet but I just wish the rights would go back to marvel.

    • I believe this will do for X-men fans what “Indiana Jones: K.O.T.C.S” Did for Indiana Jones fans.

      • I know not of which Indiana Jones film you speak…all three were awesome!

        • Umm, I think he means the fourth one Dante, Crystal skulls…

          • I think Dante is a member of the same club I am in. “People Who Wish To Ignore The Trainwreck That Was Crystal Skulls”

            • AHH one of the deniers, yeah I’m with you I choose to deny #2…

            • Yes, and I wish they would make a Matrix sequel.

    • I wish we could all forget X-Men Origins ever happened.

      I swear I saw that Wolverine flies at helicopter scene about a trillion times before that movie came out…it will not erase no matter how much brainwashing you do.

      Now that’s some effective movie advertising! (Even if the movie was nauseating)

  4. This statement kind of shows where things have gotten lost with this series right here,

    “The Hellfire Club is actually something that [producers] Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg had mentioned to me early on. It’s something that we had discussed years ago, to incorporate them into an X-Men film, but we never quite found a way to do so.”

    Maybe they should have actually used them when Jean turned into Phoenix like it happened in the books. That would have probably been pretty simple and made people less hostile.

    The fact Singer admits they had a script that actually revolved around Jean and Cyclops should have just been kept under wraps. The original writer already stated he was told not to talk about it and this will only stir up people who already have issues with the movie as is.

    • I agree slayer…Instead of having Magneto be the main villain for 3 movies lol.

      • They could have used the original five X-Men against the Brotherhood and spun that into the scenario where Xavier had to get the new members for similar reasons, possibly the Sentinels. That could have run into Mastermind and the whole Hellfire Club story with Jean. Sinister and Apocalypse could have been a third and fourth film with the Massacre and the Horsemen idea.

        They could have used the classic arcs as a base and introduced allot of the same characters in a better context and left room to expand. Like the comics they could have had people like Havoc, Polaris, Best, Angel and Iceman be involved where they would make sense and just get to a point where they want to leave, and just explain it that way. Then people like Kitty, Rogue, Gambit, etc can be brought in. Same with the villains, some might come back for revenge or something but they could be locked up and that would explain that easy.

        • The thing is, Brett Ratner is the guy who said that singer is the same guy who told him not to listen to the fans, when ratner was making x 3. Also, when singer was making his x films he said (I believe) that he knew nothing about the x-men.

          Man, I remember watching comics unleashed, marvel heads were saying that they were in a rush to get their characters on the big screen because DC was beating them on the silver screen/movie medium. Had they (Marvel) been more careful as to who the gave the rights to, we probably would have had better Marvel movies (X-Men, Fantastic Four, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, etc.)

    • You’re totally right about the Hellfire Club. This article is also all wrong about Emma Frost being a love interest in X3 had they done it Singer’s way. Sigourney Weaver was set to play Emma Frost before Singer bailed, and she would have been part of the Hellfire Club. She also would have been an old girlfriend of Xavier’s and gone up against the Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix Saga would have been the focus of his film and wouldn’t have gone into the cure, or have Magneto go on his third tangent. Jean Grey wouldn’t have died, and the Dark Phoenix the fire bird would have been used unlike forgetting it in “X3″. Instead of making “First Class”, they should have gone through with “X4″, and treated “X3″ as a premonition of Xavier’s and somehow incorporate it to erase “X3″ altogther. A possibility would have been to write it into some kind of Age of Apocolypse arc.

    • The reason Singer did not use the Hellfire Club with Phoenix in X3…and listen carefully because everyone seems to forget this…BRETT RATNER DIRECTED IT

      • And did Singer get fired from the movie or did he use it to leverage the Superman job? What he was going to do before he walked for a gig I guess he wanted more doesn’t change the fact they have done the same thing with this movie that they did with 3 when he left by changing the concept of using Jean Grey and Cyclops and going with Singers idea. Whether or not it works is going to be the test but, his concepts rubbed the Superman fans the wrong way and this movie might end up being as polarizing for fans.

  5. I imagine a world where a united Marvel Universe faces some awesome galactic threat on the big screen – perhaps in three parts.

    Apocalypse, Thanos & Death, Galactus…something freaking HUGE!

    1st one to do it wins Marvel & DC – or should I say Fox, Warner Bros, Sony, Marvel, Disney, & DC.

    • I doubt that this will ever happen. So many characters in one movie wouldn´t do justice to all of them. No matter how good it would turn out, the “fanboys” (no offense; I consider myself as a fanboy) would have something to complain about. There´s no way you can get it right for everyone.

  6. i think this film could be good trailers look good and its a good cast lets just hope it does well so there is a a few more so it can inter-duce the real first class. ice-man,jean,cyclops and angel,beast is in this one,so lets all give it a go

    • Yeah, and spend 800 million Dollars on each movie.

      • not really there is no reason it would cost too much more than any other X men film the first one only cost $75mil so if you wanted to do a movie with the sentinels/Mastermold just add another 5-10mil give or take since I don’t know how much sfx cost

        • Well, there´s a reason why we didn´t see the Danger Room or the Sentinels in the first two films. And that´s because of budget. They already had the scenes for the Danger Room scripted but they were cut out because of the budget limits. And that´s the same reason why we only saw a Sentinel head in X3. Your turn.

          • you don’t need any footage of them training in the danger room for the first movie where they’re battling the sentinels, yes it would be bad ass but it’s not necessary to the actual storyline. then after they did the sentinel story they could use the bank they made back from the first film to do a film on Sinister and include any danger room training scenes in that film

  7. Please get off of Singer’s nuts. He’s HELPING tell a story that may redeem the franchise or condemn it. IMO, He and Vaughn are just what the X-Men need after the last two atrocities. None of us have seen the film, but us true fans of the comic will show up in droves to support our characters. True, the continuity is off. True, he and the team have decided to use their creative licenses. But come on, how bad can it be? Look at what happened to X3. It couldve been a really epic STORY with heart and action. Cyclops wouldve lived to be a real badass, Phoenix wouldve been a Dr. Manhattan-like mutant judge/messiah, and Wolverine wouldve earned his place as the curmudgeon berserker with a heart of gold and our point-of-view character to witness all the drama and disaster unfold. Imagine X2 times three with it being a true “last stand.” Have you SEEN the storyboards??? Just imagine… I digress. Even so, let Singer off until First Class comes out. When it does (or doesnt) suck, then we slam him.

    • Sorry but he burned his proverbial bridge with many of us. He cherry picked a bunch of characters from the X-Men universe to suit his own needs with NO care for the continuity. The fact that he continues to claim he was trying to stay true to the “tableaux” damns him all the more because it is complete BS and we all know it.

      He could have told his story while still keeping the real original X-Men. Sure he might have had to work a bit harder to tell the story he wanted by using the correct crew but that would have really set him apart.

      So whether the movie is good or bad has little to no bearing on how much “ball breaking” I do when it comes to Singer.

        • If they are putting character in the movie just to make it look more diverse then it kind of makes the whole concept seem cynical. Storm was the only minority in the first three movies for the most part aside from minor characters, some of which they made different races probably for the reason you address.

          Comics from that era were very WASP oriented and X-Men was no different until the series came back after a long hiatus in 1975 with the international team. If they are going to now start using characters to fill a quota then I can’t imagine where they will go if the make more movies using this time frame. I haven’t read the books in years and have no clue how the newer characters are represented. Ironically the New Mutants team was even more diverse then the 75 UN team and have never been used much in any media.

          • Very true, Slayer. Diversity within the team was not apparent until ’75 with Logan, Nightcrawler, Storm, etc. In the previous movies, Storm and Magneto (Jewish) were the only major characters from a minority. It seems they may be the only within this franchise because the folks with the top billings in XMFC are, seemingly, WASPs.

            However, I dont mean to sound as if there is a quota for this movie or for upcoming flicks. THAT is a movie that I would not see. Sorry if i came off that way. There’s only so much one can leave in one comment before they sound a tad crazy and overzealous.

            I guess… Hmm.. I would take exactly what you said and put it in the most general sense.

            I don’t think that Angel Salvadore was added just so they could say, “Ethnic female? Check.” I do however see the thought process of the writers and producers as, “Hey, here is a relatively new, cool, and original character who would definitely not make it into a Marvel-616 (mainstream Marvel Universe) movie, but would look great on-screen and serve a purpose for our story. Oh, and guess what? This character is black and latina… She could possibly be of Cuban descent…and may have been in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis!!!” A much better reasoning than jacking Gambit, Blob, and young Emma Frost(wh?) for XOW just because they hadnt been used before.

            So yeah, maybe I’m reaching. I’ll obviously have to see this movie to see how off I was.

            • youre also right about the New Mutants. That movie is evidently also in the works according to our lovely ScreenRant. Maybe they’ll use the richly diverse comic team or the leftover kids from the previous films (Rogue, Iceman, Kitty, etc.)…


              • The history of comics in general were that way and the fact is in 1962, mutant fantasy or not, white people and minorities did not hang out per say. The evolution of the team happened over time due to changing times and different people coming on to write. Wolverine made the team solely because Byrne wanted a Canadian member on the team and Logan had been depicted in Hulk 181 as being from Canada. Years later Jubilee came about mainly because Jim Lee didn’t like the lack of Asian/Korean character in the books.

                If this is an issue the studios are worried about then they are going to have more problems if they want to keep making these movies since they will literally have to cherry pick to find a more diverse crew. If the time line was built a bit more like the books and allowed to grow like it did organically in the books then they would not have to look like they are reaching.

                The studios are aware of what you correctly bought up judging by Callisto and Arclight being made Hispanic in X-3. The characters I recall were not of Latin descent back in the day, what they have done in modern books I can’t speak on. The flip side of that was Colossus not being Russian when he was known as the big lovable Russia kid who wouldn’t hurt a fly, until he had to kill Riptide.

                The cultural differences in the classic books were as big a part of the dynamic in the 80′s books as the way the world at large felt about the characters as mutants.

                • touche. i guess they are “cherry picking.” My bad to Mongoose.

                  I would have loved to see an X-Men film that was somewhat akin to the ’90s cartoon or even the late Wolverine and the X-Men (RIP), but in order for that movie to develop organically we wouldve gotten 3 slowly driven, huge casted movies or three X1s. We all know that the book-to-screen adaptations are never really how we’d like them.

                  Maybe the better medium would be a televised series with hot, young actors. With the X-Men comes some serious CG. Who would broadcast it? What timeslot? Who’d watch it? Simply because of its large cast it would quickly be dismissed by the masses as superheroes meets Gossip Girl.

                  While Singer’s X-Men are not perfect we get to see things that would probably occur in the 4th or 5th season of a TV show such as the “God Loves, Man Kills” arc in X2. I will say that X1 was a mediocre segue into X2 which was a cool flick.

                  I like that Singer and the gang mixed up the bag before they handed it to us with X2. For example, there was Lady Deathstrike who was a part of the second God Loves Man Kills arc, Mastermind (from the Hellfire Club), the temptation of an X-man into becoming part of the Brotherhood (Pyro), Hank McCoy and Sebastian Shaw debating the mutant crisis on TV during the bar scene, the Nightcrawler and Mama-Mystique moment, and Deathstrike’s computer database with files on the greatest mutant threats. Whew… None of that comes directly from the comic in the vein of chronologically organic development. Its simple storytelling.

                  Maybe its me. I don’t see a problem with tweaking certain characters and events for general appeal. However, a Japanese Emma Frost = No. I agree with him saying that their needed to be a purpose to introduce the Hellfire Club, and not solely because they tie into the Phoenix Saga. They needed a reason to be there and serve the needs of the picture he is trying to paint. Why include them only for kicks and giggles and no context or simple commentary?

                  As far as future movies? We have much older characters who dont have legitimate backstories that will be altered because of said reasons i.e., Polaris. Though a Cable movie would be totally badass, you can’t tell his complete (convoluted and sometimes retconned) story unless you find the essence of his character and build around it. The New Mutants and the Days of Future Past could be legit.

                  Maybe First Class is an alternate dimension and Havok has been sent to fix it (Singer never explicitly said he wasn’t Cyclops’ brother, he just agreed that it wouldn’t “fit.”).

                  **SN: I’m clearly wired on Red Bull right now (finals). Please excuse any incoherence and babbling.**

                  :D :D :D

                  • Mastermind was’nt in X2, the kid in the wheel chair is suppose to be David Haller, Legion, the two different colored eyes was a give away on that. Singer just took liberties with the characters again , making him Strykers kid rather then Xaviers.

                    • no. it was Mastermind. Jason Wyngarde/Jason Stryker, the illusionist from the Hellfire Club. If he were supposed to be Legion I’d think they’d elaborate on his mental illness in some way. There’s no way you could include Legion in the initial trilogy and do him justice so, his green eye/blue eye visual cue was an easter egg for the fans.

                  • Uh, Reggie… Havok actually IS Cyclops´ brother in First Class. And I bet they will explain it in the movie. At least that´s what I´ve read in interviews from Bryan Singer and Lucas Till…

                    • I hope he is. Like I said earlier, maybe he’s Cyclops’ brother that has maybe been thrown into the timestream to either right some of the wrongs of the current continuity (ie Kid Emma Frost, dead brother Cyclops, etc.) established in X3 and XOW. Singer said that “it wouldnt physically fit” for Havok to be Cyclops’ younger brother BUT not that they weren’t brothers. Maybe Havok’s Mutant X reality-hopping arc is the basis for him to seemingly be out of place. May be a farfetched theory, but its my theory.

                  • Reggie, I don´t think they´ll use some of the Mutant X stuff. Since they were talking about a surprise cameo, I´d love to see Cable or Bishop taking Havok to “our” timeline. But I bet the cameo is Wolverine… So we´ll have to wait and see how it turns out…

                  • The 90′s cartoon was close to what had happened in the comics up until that point because they had something to focus on. I stopped reading comics after Onslaught so I have little clue how they present things now or who is who. The movie franchise just seems not to have a clue what they are focusing on the product just shows it at this point.

                    The things you mention in the first two movies are kind of an example of how they just threw people into the movies with no context, some of which actually was not needed. That just leaves them with the issue of later having to tell the fans to have amnesia when they want or need to use them down the road.

                    As a series of movies it really has not mattered who was directing because the studio and main production team never has had a plan from one movie to the next. The lack of comic book continuity is pretty much a minimum issue when compared to the total lack of cohesion the movies have with each other.

                    The fact that they apparently let Ratner screw with the script for X-3 and they let Singer change the script for First Class shows the producers and studio either don’t know or don’t care where these movies go. They probably just bank on the fans going to see anything that has X-Men in the title, and for the most part they have been right.

    • reggie is obviously a guy who will eat spoiled steak just because its steak (read my previous comments). True fans wont support this crap…you stand alone brother.

      • He actually has quite the following.

      • Well, as I said before, the bottom line for all the fans of the X-Men is that there is a differing idea of who the X-Men are, what they stand for, and how they should be portrayed in the media. If you want to call Singer’s X-Men spoiled steak, then I guess i’m a fan of salmonella. :D
        Frankly, Ratner’s X3 smells more like rotten meat to me and I think that’s why Fox and the Donners gave him the boot.

        • Ironic you would say that, since it was reported that ratner said that singer told him not to listen to the fans. you are ok with First Class allegedly/seemiingly drifting from the source material yet find ratner’s x 3 movie bad, when he also did not follow the source. What did it for you, the plot? I am seriously asking by the way.

          • Singer also once called comic books unintelligent, so I don’t see why people think he has so much more love for the genre then Ratner did. The studio and production company have clearly given these guys too much free reign over the stories and it seems like the script writers are just there for show.

            If it is true they let Ratner change X-3 to point it got where it did and they have let Singer do the same by dumping another script for what he wanted to do then they don’t have any clue what they even want these movies to be from one to the next.

            And it’s funny that Singer was brought back by the Donner and Fox when he bolted to do Superman. One of the knocks on Superman was that it was too much of an homage to Richard Donner’s movies….

            • I heard reports on that as well (singer leaving the x-men franchise to do superman). i too find that odd that they would take him back. It is possible that Fox just got desperate as to who they could get to make another x film, that they decided to go with singer since he did the first 2 x movies. If that is the case they should know that quantity does not equal quality.

              • As I have read here and elsewhere one of the knocks on his Superman movie was that is was too much like Donner’s movies and he said that his movie was like a sequel to Superman 2. So clearly he has a good relationship with the Donner’s, who produce these films, so it probably wasn’t all that hard to get back in the fold with them.

                The irony is that had Superman not rubbed so many the wrong way for whatever reason he would still be doing those movies and people would be complaining or praising someone else right now. The backlash Ratner has gotten for X-3 and the dislike for Wolverine probably helped Singer get back into the projects and it’s kind of also funny that Aronofsky is out of the Wolverine movie now too. On the flip side of the blame game that Ratner is getting for X-3 (people just seem indifferent to the Wolverine director altogether), Snyder is talking a similar game about past Superman movies being “broken”.

                No movie is ever going to please everyone and that is just common sense. At this point though allot of these movie makers need to stop hyping themselves up and then getting upset when the project does not get them the accolades they think they deserve.

      • I am a true fan who loves Brian Singer’s work on the X-Men films I and II. Seriously for someone who hates the X-Men movies you sure spend a lot of time in chat rooms talking about it. Have you watched X-Men Evolution? How about X-Men the Animated Series? Wolverine and the X-Men? Not one of those sticks 100% to the source material. Do you hate those too?
        Show me a Super Hero movie which follows its source material completley and I’ll show you a wasted opportunity to tell new stories or retell a story in interesting ways. If you want stories to be unchanged, go spend your time reading old comic books in a dark room. A true X-Men fan would know about different Marvel Universes. Just realise these movies are not set in the main stream marvel universe and enjoy yourself. Ultimate X-Men is a terrific comic, which is basically doing what the movies are doing. Do you sit in chat rooms bashing it?
        I’m definately going to eat some spoiled steak when First Class comes out. Better than eating something you’ve already eaten many times before which has become stale.

  8. I dunno – based on the trailers I’ve seen this looks like it’s going to be good to me.


    • yep lol, nuff said

    • Well I can’t deny you have a point Vic but it seems very dishonest to call the movie “X-Men: First Class.” It should be retitled “Marvel What IF: X-Men First Class.” It would at least be more honest…

      • Oh man… I can´t stand another guy saying “Boo, that´s not First Class”… It´s called First Class because they wanted to avoid any connection to Origins: Wolverine! Did you read First Class? Some of the issues contradict with the Lee/Kirby issues… And no one seems to care. But if there´s a movie out there which has slightly different characters, everyone goes nuts… I´m so effing sick of those comments. Go and watch the movie. If you don´t like it you can still bash it. But don´t judge a movie because of it´s casting or story (which you don´t even know)..!

        • Right on Scapegoat.

      • It’s First Class in the movie version of the X-Men universe, which is a thing set apart from the comic book universe.

        That’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it. 8)


        • Correct. It´s Singer´s First Class, not Lee´s.

          • Exactly, I want to see Lee’s X-Men, not Singer’s sloppy fanfiction vanity project, where he shoehorns all his favorites into one room.

        • Well I guess you should go back and retcon all those articles with the plastered First class comic page on the headers!?.. NAH I didn’t think so….

          Yeah let the buyer beware and Scapegoat I’m NOT going to spend $11.00 to see this. Man it’s getting harder and harder to have integrity these days. Beginning to understand the twisted reasoning of the video pirates…

          • oldman,




  9. It looks like the people that are getting disappointed about this movie the most are the X-Men comic fans and that the average moviegoer thinks that it looks like it could be good. Ironic

    • There is nothing ironic at all. Just because the characters of fans are on the big screen doesn’t mean that the fans are super estactic. It’s like buying a car… you are suppose to make sure it can do what you NEED it to do, instead of just buying it for looks. being fan a means that you want the movie to follow the written material, and that those who are directing and producing it create something that makes sense. Non fans don’t need the stories from the comics to be changed because the stories from the books are written well enough and sensible enough to fit the big screen. Many street fighter fans had the pleasure of seeing their favorite game characters on the silver screen (back in the early 90s), but because the movie’s plot line was weak and some of the fighting charcters of the game were not fighters in the movie (such Dhalsum), the movie bombed at the box office.

      Iceman’s analogy was a good one… “Listen its like eating spoiled steak, If it makes you sick Why continue to eat it????…because its steak?? Well I good sir will not continue to make myself sick.”

      Comic book movies are not your average movie because a written formula has already been made for that particular character. This is why fans get in an uproar when people, especially ones who know nothing about the comics and their characters, change things around for whatever reason. These types of movies are not something that someone just came up with over night. Marvel has been around for 71 years already while most of their characters are well over 30 years old.

  10. Singer was given the job of directing the original X-Men movie and did the job that was asked of him. Marvel had sold the rights and the studio did with the material that it wanted. Plain and simple. This is what happens to all properties that are sold off. What does it tell us? Marvel sold it’s soul early on and is now regretting what has been done to it’s most successful comic. Singer is an idiot and so is Ratner for saying don’t listen to the fans, there were so many stories in the X-Men universe to do that could have kept the timeline…I will see this movie but I will put it in the realm of not-really an X-Men movie…just like the others…

  11. I’m always facsinated by the response, “Can’t wait for Marvel to get the rights back and do it right.” I guess they never get anything wrong. It’s like the argument, Chris Nolan should direct and write it and the movie will be perfect.

    Personally, the movie looks good and the Fox did a good job with the first two X-Men movies. Comic books do not stick well with any continuity anyways.

  12. I’ve said it in some of my earlier posts: this is Singer’s “First Class”. I will forget there is an X-men 3 and Wolverine movie out there. Singer’s 2 X-men movies were very good. I expect this movie to be the same. I say 2 thumbs up for Singers version of the X-men.

    • Thank you very much. Finally someone who shares my opinion…

  13. interesting hmm

  14. Most mocviegoers who will see this have never picked up a comic book, and do not care if the timeline is blown apart and they stick Hulk and Captain Kirk and Doctor Who in there. Just give us something cool to watch, throw the fanboys under the bus, get some hot chicks in skin tight latex and Wolverine tearing and stabbing bad guys.


  15. Bryan Singer is a hack. He ruined X-Men and Superman and continues to ruin X-Men.

  16. what about the emma frost situation and cyclops isnt this after they were rescued did xavior grow his hair back again lol someone respond

    • Alternet unverse DUH

  17. The only regret i will have about Marvel/Disney getting the rights back to the X-men Franchise in a few years is the probable recasting of Ian McCellan and Patrick Stewart.

    Well on second thought Patrick stewart could still be brought back but its unlikely. Marvel would recast Ian McCellan as Magneto…hes just too old now and Magneto should really be closer to the age he was in the first X-men movie.

    • Patrick Stewart was always my pic for professor x back in the early 90s when I would day dream of them making an x movie. Personally i would like stephen lange to play magneto. And what’s a few years? Hopefully Marvel will get the rights back soon. i would still want patrick stewart playing Prof X. Him as Prof X was a no brainer, and probably the best casting pick throughout all the X movies.

  18. What I fail to understand, is the logical fallacy, that these changes are done to make the story better. It’s downright arrogant, to assume that Singer is improving the stories that put the IP on the map.

    It’s like if Jackson said, Aragorn destroys the one ring because people like Aragorn more. I also like Faramir, so he’s a member of the Fellowship.

    It’s the assumption that, all of this crap and revisions, and what re4ally amounts to Singer’s fanfiction, that all this, is somehow a better story, than the stuff Kirby and Lee came up with that made the X-Men the hit that it was.

    The assumption that the original stories, just wouldn’t work as a movie. But Marvel films since then, have proven this wrong. All of the Avenger films have been amazing. Faithful stories to the comics, CAN make good films. Changing characters to kids, is unnecessary as kids already exist in the franchise. Make rogue the buxom southern belle that she is, and include Kitty, Jubilee or Pixie. Colossus couldn’t even fake a Russian accent for his one or two lines.
    EVERYONE can fake a Russian accent. Not only can everyone on Earth do it, everyone on Earth HAS DONE IT, at least once in their life.

    It’s the assumption that audiences wouldn’t enjoy a movie about the real first class, and only fanboys would, without even trying. It’s insulting to fans, and non-fans alike.

    If you make a good movie, while being faithful to the source material, more people who seek out the comics, as potential new readers, won’t be turned off by the lack of connection. If you remain faithful to the IP, you create a new audience for the comics in non-comic fans and thus future films can remain loyal and succeed.

    This all comes like a fanfiction vanity project. I half expect Havok to start making out with a vampire Draco Malfoy.

    • i cant believe you just used peter jacksons lord of the rings trilogy as an example. he changed many things to suit his story. aragons sword, the death of sauron, the final moments of golem just to name a few. and dont get me started on all the changes made for the marvel cinematic universe. how come x-men cops so much crap for its movies but no one cares that the hulk was completely re-wriiten in his back story or that jarvis was turned into a computer program? fine go ahead and hate x-men for those reasons, but dont list other movies which do they same as examples of how it should be done.

      • I can’t believe you honestly consider the small changes to the Lord of the Rings movies, even remotely close to the what is going on in this “prequel”.

        ALL movies change things from the source material. Changing small things around? Fine. Taking an existing comic book title, naming a movie after it, and then changing everything about it, is just stupid.

        And it isn’t “just X-Men” either. Have you seen Catwoman? FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer? Constantine? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Please, the X-Men isn’t some poor picked on martyr.

        I’ll do whatever I like, and that includes citing movies that did it well (i.e. Lord of the Rings) to movies that outright butcher the lore, based entirely on the producer’s personal opinions.

        • and by “personal opinions” I mean. Singer thinking:

          “Azazel is going to be in this movie, because I think he’s cool!”


          “Let’s include a list of some of the least favorite/obscure X-Men, for this movie, and outside of Mystique (who is apparently over 50 in the X-Men films) make them almost entirely unrecognizable.

          Not only are they not the First Class, but most aren’t even popular. If you’re going to go this far out of the IP, why not Psylocke? Nah, Angel Salvadore…everyone knows who SHE is…

  19. these movies arnt made for the .01% of movie goers who know the x-men comics. this is the first class of the xmen established in the movie continuity. go in with an open mind and you may enjoy yourself. who cares if most people dont know who angel is or that riptide wasnt in the original hell fire club. before i watched batman begins i had no idea there was a bad guy named scarecrow. didnt stop me enjoying the experience. and im fairly certain it didnt stick 100% to the source material either.

    • Here’s the thing, you’ve willfully missed/ignored every point I’ve made.

      This movie could very well appeal to those fans of the comics, AND succeed. You seem to be under the misguided notion, that appealing to comic fans = not appealing to movie goers.

      You see, to the non-comic reading fans, all of this is new.

      So changing everything doesn’t mean anything to them. They wouldn’t know what you changed and why. So they’ll go see for other reasons. They don’t give a crap what is accurate, so why bother pandering to them, when you can just as easily do the same thing with the proper (or at least close) material?

      You’re creating an argument, where it’s acceptable as long as it’s simply entertaining. You’re implying that, if the movie appealed to fans the series, it would automatically alienate the non-comic readers.

      This movie isn’t made for the fans but it really isn’t made for non-fans either. Like Avatar: Last Airbender.

      Why should I have to cleanse my mind before watching a movie? Why should I give money and success to people who disrespect the material, and myself as a fan?

      If I go to the movie, I may as well phone Singer and thank him myself as a ticket is a ticket no matter how disgusted I was.

      If all you’re going to do with a film is gauge quality based on how long it holds my attention, you may as well just make it about anyone, why bother with an existing IP? If you’re going to change this much?

    • Oh and Scarecrow is an actual character from Batman. So I have no idea what your point is. In fact, it cements mine.

      You didn’t know who Scarecrow was, but it was good anyway, it followed the lore of Batman, and gave the comic fans a movie that remained true to the source, while also appealing to non-readers.

      That actually proves my point.

  20. my point was you say xmen will suck because it strays from the source material than you name other movies which are awesome which do the same. the only complaint you make is straying from the original story, which all the other movies you mention that you like do as well. im not saying your not allowed to have your own opinion, just that your a hipocrite.

    • No, your point is that you think minor changes, are just as bad as large ones. Or, at least, you believe that I should think that.

      My point is, and you are clearly ignoring it on purpose at this point, is that some changes are acceptable. There are movies that handle IP’s well, and movies that don’t.

      It’s not hypocritical at all. Taking liberties is an inevitability in Hollywood. I accept that. But take too many, and you may as well make something else.

    • Also I never said it will suck. Don’t put words in my mouth.

      I said it’s a stupid mentality, based entirely on fallacy, to produce this film this way.

      I never said it will suck. I said that it could have been just as good, and appeal to the same people if it were loyal to the books more, or at least relatively close.

  21. I´m so excited for this one!!!! although my problem with the whole thing is that the timeline for all of the movies are totally messed up, they start to become more like the comics in a “we make things up as we go” kind of way which is confusing. I mean, emma frost is a teenager in wolverine while she´s an adult in first class that is set before/during wolverine. there are many more examples and it doesn´t matter how you put it the timeline will still have massive holes in it. Though I think wolverine is the movie that really messed it all up due to the fact that first class, x-men 1 and 2 goes pretty good together.

    SO basically I´m saying, either wolverine and last stand (because they slaughtered the characters) never happened OR they say that first class is a reboot( this one i like because the movie looks so much better than the other movies and that cast DAUM.

  22. ok, in xmen 3 at the beginning Professor Xavier is WALKING with Erik hand in hand as old men. How does that make sense now adding xmen first class, that shows X disabled from the gun shot and them obviously taking sides against one another at end of movie??!!! FAIL!

  23. I just want to laugh in the face of all your comments, because in my opinion that movie was absolutely amazing. :P p.s. and I’m not a comic nerd so just be thankful I like some of the crap you all put in the form of entertainment. :D Thank-you for your time!

    • and also i do know that sounded quite bitc…rude, yeap, rude.

    • How desperate for attention do you need to be to pick a fight with people on a 6 month old conversation about a super hero movie. Keep up the sad work Katie.

  24. As “talented” as Bryan Singer is, he pretty much screwed up the X-Men continuity with “X-MEN: FIRST CLASS”.