Brainiac Storyline of Bryan Singer’s Superman: The Man of Steel

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superman the man of steel story brainiac Brainiac Storyline of Bryan Singers Superman: The Man of Steel

[Update: Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman]

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen images of what could have been very different and arguably far-fetched Superman films of the past. From concept art of Tim Burton’s disco-suited Superman to unused designs of Doomsday for Bryan Singer’s take on Superman, it simply never came to be.

For those who enjoyed Superman Returns, we have loads of details on what would have been its sequel had Bryan Singer been given the chance to make Superman: The Man of Steel. Based on the events of Returns, it actually sounds pretty cool. Oh, and it includes Brainiac!

IESB put up the report a few days ago which goes into detail on scenes from Superman Returns that were never released and more interestingly, Bryan Singer’s plans for its sequel. There were several different basic outlines for how the sequel could have played out but the storyline that would’ve likely been turned into a full screenplay included the following plot points which I’ve summarized into point form below:

  • Singer’s The Man of Steel takes place several years after Superman Returns where people are used to having Supes back.
  • New Krypton, Lex Luthor’s growing island that Superman tossed into space has grown into a speherical moon that the people of Earth can see.
  • The new moon attracts attention of alien visitors however, and a big alien ship arrives.
  • Superman flies up to check it out. It carries another Kryptonian survivor. Party time.
  • Clark takes his newfound friend on a tour of Earth but this other Kryptonian is puzzled as to why Superman hasn’t used his powers to fix the world of its problems (hunger, war, etc.). I kind of like this guy.
  • Superman explains the rule of not interfering with development of Earth.
  • The visitor disagrees and aims to use his powers to “fix” the world with his first mission being to intervene in a feud between two third world countries. War breaks out but the Kryptonian takes things into his own hands and ends it quickly by annihilating their armies.
  • For his second opening act, the new alien visitor lays down rules for the entire world, saying that there will be no more wars or he will deal with the aggressor country.
  • The big modern societies of the world are in favor of this, applauding the new “hero” who is now willing to share advanced tech and use his powers to end the world’s other problems. Those who disagree feel the wrath.
  • As a result, Earth’s familiar Kryptonian, Superman, has been outcasted since he didn’t do this earlier and kept advanced technology from them.
  • Suspicious of the other Kryptonian, Supes examines the ship to find it loaded with clones of his new friend.
  • Using the ship’s computers, he find out this other Kryptonian and clones are actually an artificial intelligence which has grown on its own since Krypton has destroyed. Its/His name: Brainiac.
  • Over the years since Kryptonian’s explosive end, Brainiac has travelled from world to world, “fixing” them and then destroying them and Earth is his new target. It was Brainiac who actually destroyed Krypton.
  • Superman tries to let the world’s leaders know and ends up battling Brainiac who can continue to resurrect into other clone bodies in stasis.
  • Eventually, the Man of Steel takes down the ship but Brainiac transfers his consciousness into Superman’s kid. Remember him?

You can imagine the moral dilemma here. Earth or the Brainiac-infused boy? In the end, young Jason White is killed by his red-caped dad in order to save the world and fans who didn’t like the idea of Superman and Lois having a baby rejoice. Brainiac plus the removal of the kid storyline sounds like a good deal. I wonder how Lois takes that? James Marsden’s Richard White character probably isn’t too sad…

I actually would have been interested to see a movie like this come to fruition had Singer’s continuity continued but I’m satisfied with Zack Snyder at the helm of the reboot. We know it’ll be a different origin story and that it Superman: Man of Steel won’t be based on specific comic storyline. Any guesses or wishes?

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Source: IESB

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  1. Not sure if you have a point here Wally but I’ll humor you.

    The movie hasn’t even started film and Chris Nolan has already dropped out of the film so what ever role they did play was clearly very small especially since Goyer who his very hit and miss is considered the lead writer credit. Chris didn’t write the script as far as I know he hasn’t even written one word for it. I think his brother might of helped but goyer was the lead. I think the biggest Nolan imprint in the entire film is Hans Zimmer. Goyer is the lead writer and Snyder is the director and Nolan is the ex producer who abandoned the project.

    So what was your point ?

    • @ Daniel f

      Point was Nolan bailed outta such a sure to be crappy film that only Synder’s name would be attached to. But another point was Nolans were still involved for awhile before dropping out.

  2. Like I said Wally the Nolans barely touched the film it hasn’t even started filming or selected it’s cast before they left. They didn’t write it , they didn’t choose a cast they didn’t film a few scenes even if he stayed attached to it he wouldn’t have had much of a finger print in it. Etitten by David Goyer Directed by Zach Snyder. So I still don’t understand your point. Do you hate Nolan so much that your trying to blame him for work he didn’t do?

    Nolan has a valid excusse for dropping out consider he’s film TDKR at the same time. Still if you don’t accept that reason despite it bring legit maybe he did see how awful the film was turning out and quit wouldn’t blame him. Let’s face it a sub par writer wrote the script that is still being touched up as we speak and the director was probably tossing some truly awful slo mo gory styleized ideas his way and he didn’t want to ruin his near perfect record with a crap film. He would have done next to nothing on the film but the general public like your self would lose a little faith in him because they see his name attached and Blane him despite the fact he didn’t do anything.

    Sadly his name might still b&r hurt with Giyer attached they will mention BB in the media hype and people will probably associate that with Nolan because who the F is David Goyer to most people.

  3. I didn’t say anything about hating Nolan. I was simply implying people would blame Synder only for the film which few already begun. And Nolan knew about the plot etc before quiting so who’s to know if he had stayed on, the film would stay the same? How long ago did we know Nolan was behind Superman reboot in previous articles before leaving? Im sure theres more than meets the eye that he helped & worked with Synder on ideas before leaving.

  4. Pretty much used to these comments Wally wish I was surprised but you tend to try and rally against the guy every time his name is mentioned. Why blame the people who are actually making the movie like writer and director when you could blame the guy who barely touched it and left before the script was even finalized lol. Sadly not surprised at all. When all is said and done Nolan is not the writer.Nolan is not the director and he’ll he isn’t even a producer now and quit before there was a finished script yet still your prepared to blame him for anything that might go wrong. There is a reason most people are blaming Snyder and Goyer because they are the guys actually making this movie.

    I’m done with this disscussion.

    • @ Daniel f

      Atleast we both can agree this reboot will mostly likely flop. But i doubt it could be any better even if Nolan was still producer, a example would be Batman Forever that was directed by Joel Schumacher w/ Tim Burton as producer & that film was as good as Burton’s first two films. See where im getting at? And i don’t know what gave you the idea you think i hate Nolan. There’s a differance between hating someone & not liking some elemements in their films like his Batman films. If i hated Nolan & his Batman films, they wouldn’t be on my shelf as we speak. I happend to liked Batman Begins little bit better than TDK and both films had elements i found wrong with the Batman mythos. Even Burtons had some errors & im willing to admit that if you could admit Nolan is capable of error. But thats another topic to be discussed to be brought up in new Open Discussions.

  5. I just paused for a break in the middle of the documentary “Look Up In the Sky” about Superman.

    Wow, I had no idea he went through so many changes, and right from the beginning too. There doesnt seem to be a set in stone take on Superman, he’s evolved, devolved, and evolved in various ways.

    Did you know at the beginning he didnt even fly? He jumped.

    • @ Netshark

      Oh yeah. Not just him, but other heroes have aswell throughout the years.
      What amazed me was the name came from a bad guy called Superman who had mental powers instead of physical powers. Another was how many pubishers passed to publish Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster’s idea of Superman. And some guy who critize the character i think the 60′s or 70′s believing Superman was the reason juvuniles committing acts of violence more and more etc. Of-course Superman was used as propaganda material, as any hero could be. My mother & i had a debate that George Reeves wasn’t the first live actor to play Superman- that it was Kirk Alyn. She was shocked because she never seen him & neither did i till i recorded this off the tv. I didn’t even know they tried to make Superboy first in black & white ,nor heard of the pilot of Superpup. Not only he didn’t fly at first, he didn’t have his red boots, & his S emblem was in the shape of triangle. All that is because i want till this day one of the original 100 copies of Action Comics of Superman issue #1. If no-one has seen Look, Up In The Sky, The Amazing Story Of Superman you should buy it or see it somehow, its worth it.

  6. I’m slightly disappointed in the writers choice in having Zod…again. We’ve already seen Zod. I feel they should bring in an enemy the fans of Superman would LOVE to see. Like Darkseid, or brainiac.

  7. On the offbeat chance my post connects with another fan-boy I’ll offer something no one else has maybe ever heard about the first remake; Superman Returns. This tidbit is a shout out back to Bryan Singer since it must have been he who choose to include this in the film. The scene where Superman follows the information gleaned from Lois about her current address as she gets into a cab shows Superman scanning with his eyes and ears her residence as she makes dinner for her family. When Superman hears her say “No” in response to her fiance’s question as to whether or not she loved Superman based on her article “My Night with Superman” he flies into the upper atmosphere and listens for sounds of earthly crimes. He finds one and flies down to stop it and the next scene shows two cop cars sliding to a stop in front of the location where the crime is occurring. Each car has something not really present on police vehicles, a number on the roof. 118 then 107. Superman issue #118 titled “From the Heart” and issue #107 “Bottled Up!” our hero is showing his human side as he is heartbroken over Lois Lane’s cold attitude towards him upon his “return” and he is being “super” for her. A love story disguised as an action flick! Gives me new found respect for Singer, Dougherty and Harris…

    Thanks Guys!

  8. Superman Returns had a great story line(apart from the “land grabbing Luthor” plot). The philosopical anguish and existential dilemma of Clark is something that has never been dealt with on screen son beautifully, and with so much pain. Brandon, despite what a lot of haters say, was spot on as Superman/Kal/Clark. I could feel his emotions and pain,often making me misty eyed, often filling me with pride. The line- ” You wrote that the world doesn’t need a saviour, but everyday I hear them crying for one.” was out of this world. And the calm, stoic confidence that Brandon exudes in that and a lot of other scenes are brilliant. His performance was very subtle, but never poor or just an aping of past actors. He will always be Superman to me just as Christopher Reeve is. Having said that I didn’t like the “kid” part and neither the fact that there was no strong adversary for Superman to fight against.

    I was looking forward to this sequel that never was solely because of Brandon Routh, but reading the plans of Singer I would say the story is weak, not altogether bad, but not brilliant either, it needed more work. If Brainiac has destroyed Krypton, then the story will have to become more of a vengeance idea, than it looks. I always thought the Name Man of Steel will go well both with Metallo and Superman.

    Still I think that Snyder’s movie will be good, if not great!

  9. Sorry for some of the grammatical “silly mistakes”

  10. Such a shame Jason has to die. I always wonderd what would it be like if Lois and Clark had a kid. I liked it when they, He will be killed off.. Oh, least he only dies at the end

  11. Has anyone noticed that the new Man of Steel trailer has a scene at 3:00 min in that looks like Brainiac getting bombed in the street?

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  13. It’s difficult to think Singer could make an even more awful, full of plot holes and disrepectful to the comics movie but seems there are no bounds to the worst. This movie would have been even worse than returns: I mean, come on. A second moon on Earth and that doesn’t affect at all the life on the planet? also, how in the hell does that island become a moon? And how can kryptonians live in that island if it’s made of KRYPTONITE? Brainiac would have been totally OOC, nothing like Brainiac at all, the whole plot of the fake kryptonians sounds more like a bad version of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith with very little to do with Superman at all. This Brainiac would have been a cheap version of the animated series’ version: that’s not what we want, we want a lovecraftian Brainiac, like the version we get in Superman: Unbound. Once again, Sniger would have presented us a weak Superman, a Superman incapable of shut up the people who criticize his act, a Superman who kills. Who kills his own son. Pretty much pathetic.

    And it would have been even more awful considering that Routh would have return: that moron just can’t act