Details on Bryan Singer’s Abandoned ‘Star Trek: Federation’ TV Show

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bryan singer star trek federation Details on Bryan Singers Abandoned Star Trek: Federation TV Show

Hollywood is filled with fascinating “What if…” tales regarding films & television shows that (for better or worse) never came to fruition. Sometimes it’s the simple notion of a different lead actor or director being attached to the production before dropping out. Other times, these stories involve a surprisingly unique approach to a beloved property – one that would have steered the franchise in question down a completely different road.

Last year, we learned a little bit about the Superman Returns sequel Bryan Singer was developing before Warner Bros. decided to reboot the series with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. As it turns out, Singer was also involved with another high profile project that ultimately never came together – a new Star Trek TV series set several centuries after The Next Generation.

Earlier this month, Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker) revealed to UGO that he had pitched a Star Trek show to Paramount that would have centered around Riker’s exploits on board the USS Titan. The studio told him that they were putting the franchise on the back burner for a little while – and that they had also recently rejected pitches from William Shatner and Singer.

The speculation over what Singer’s proposed series might have been about prompted TrekMovie to shed some light on what actually transpired between the acclaimed filmmaker and Paramount. It began in December of 2005 when Singer, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The Wolverine), and director Robert Meyer Burnett (Free Enterprise) met for dinner and started toying around with the idea of pitching a new Star Trek TV show.

By the time their dinner was over, it had been decided that Burnett would draft a series proposal that the team would take to Paramount once Singer was finished with post-production on Superman Returns. Burnett enlisted writer Geoffrey Thorne (Leverage) to help him put together a 25-page long proposal that outlined their approach to the material, the show’s main characters, and the story arc for the first four episodes. They titled their series Star Trek: Federation.

Paramount never rejected their pitch, however – because it was never made. Before Singer and Co. could present Federation to the studio, it was announced that J.J. Abrams had been hired to direct a new Star Trek movie. Realizing that an updated grand design for the franchise had already been constructed, the team abandoned their project.

Star Trek Sequel Details on Bryan Singers Abandoned Star Trek: Federation TV Show

Abrams' film dashed plans for Singer's proposed TV series.

Regardless, it’s always fun to take a look at what might have been and TrekMovie has some interesting excerpts from Burnett & Thorne’s proposal. The main difference between their series and Abrams’ Trek is that Federation would have taken place in the original timeline. Still, they recognized that the Star Trek brand needed to be revitalized and their proposal began with an explanation of how they hoped to accomplish that:

The great strength of STAR TREK is the very Universe in which it’s set. The Characters. The Starships. The Aliens. The stories. Gene Roddenberry himself provided the perfect example how to create a wildly successfully new STAR TREK series…

Acknowledge what’s come before, but then set your stage far enough in the STAR TREK future when everything old is new again.Turn the STAR TREK Universe upside down. Shake vigorously.

Utopia as a goal is like the fire in a nuclear engine. Utopia in practice is stagnation; it’s dry rot; eventually it’s death. Which is precisely where we find the United Federation of Planets a few centuries after the last Age of Discovery.

Basically, this would have been a darker and more dangerous time for the Federation and the idea was that its decay could be used as an allegory for the Fall of the Roman Empire. According to the proposal, “Starfleet has been reduced to a ‘mere peace-keeping force’ protecting fringe worlds from aliens and from fighting each other, with starships that are old and spread out too thin.”

The appearance of a powerful new enemy knows as “The Scourge” would have lead to the creation of another USS Enterprise – the first in over 300 years. On the surface, the Enterprise’s mission would have been one of exploration – but her real mission would have been to investigate The Scourge in order to save what was left of the Federation.

Bryan Singer Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise Valkyrie set Details on Bryan Singers Abandoned Star Trek: Federation TV Show

Bryan Singer and Christopher McQuarrie on the set of Valkyrie.

Continue reading for Singer’s list of characters and more story details…

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  1. I would have liked to see how this would have turned out. The network would have probably put it into syndication after 5 episodes anyway. I see a lot of homage to old characters and I would have loved to see a new Enterprise, hopefully with a cloaking device this time (they would have to explain how the Treaty of Algeron was broken though). But why couldn’t they still have this show? They could just change it from having all the Next Generation history in it.

    • I guess they wouldn’t have to explain the treaty, since in this new timeline, the treaty may not even happen. Also, The Scourge could have been a creation of the Q, since they believe humanity to be always evolving and this stagnation would harm humanity’s future.

      • You just can’t toss the last 40 years of Star Trek TV episodes in the can for a new series. You have got to keep the time line intact, at least for a TV series.

        And they could get around the Treaty of Algeron by simply stating that the Romulans have joined the Federation. Maybe the reunification that Spock was working on finally took place. And they would of course be using the interphasic cloak that was created on the Pegasus. 😉

        I admit though I never really understood disallowing the Federation having a cloak. You should never agree to allow your enemy keep a tactical advantage over you.

        • Actually, they can now since the timeline has changed. They can do as you suggest, just having the Romulans as allies. Actually, I think I like that suggestion better.

          They would have to perfect the interphasic cloak, which I’m sure they would have in 300 years.

          I wish they would have shown a flashback or something about that treaty. There have been numerous episodes where the captain has wondered why the Federation would agree to such a thing.

          • Well if they carry the movies forward, sure but not if they do a TV series. The Abrams version(s) will need to remain a strange parallel version of events and completely separate from a TV series.

            Honestly I don’t really know where they will go as far as technology Cloaking tech might very well be considering antiquated (even interphasic)

            They also don’t have a ton of time to work with thanks to ST:Enterprise and the stupid Temporal Cold War. Man they really screwed the franchise up with that installment. :/

            • Agree. Bio-Mechanics? Why build a ship when you can grow one.
              (Tin Man. Season 3, Episode 20)

        • you would with liberal thinking

  2. That description sounds like thinly veiled fleecing of BSG…

  3. Studios should never say no to singer!

  4. I’m so glad this never got made, although I would LOVE a new Trek series on TV. I’ve been loving the reruns on BBCA of TNG. I’d like to see a new series as a cross between TNG and TOS. Sometimes TNG was a little too preachy with not enough action. That is why I think the best film with TNG cast as First Contact. It had the Trek message, but it also had a lot of a$$kicking as well!!

  5. Hi All!

    I really think that Paramount is missing the Boat.

    Just the Title: “Star Trek: Klingon Nation” would stir up quite a bit of talk! If they were to take The Federation and move it into the background and focus almost totally on the Klingon World, think the reception would be amazing.

    I would slant it toward their politics, ethics and courage… with the occasional political tryst or ‘murder in the night’. Once in a while a Space Battle. Kind of crossing what’s being done on HBO with, ROME and Thrones. Btw… why not make it for HBO!

    ~ Remember me if they do this! Have a great weekend! – Stark

    • And what would you know of Klingon courage, petaQ??!! All you humaaans know is how to relent, and repent, and abstain!! Your heart is devoid of honor!! Just look at that plastic you put on; and then you call yourself Iron Man??!! Pathetic!!! 😀

      • SoHvaD pagh vIjatlh! ‘ay’vamDaq nuHmey tIQeq!

        • QI’yaH!! Hab SoSlI’ Quch!!! bIjeghbe’chugh vaj bIHegh!!!

          Uh, guys, you know Vic has a strict no swearing policy, right?


  6. I’m not as in the know when it comes to the huge, impressive mythos of Star Trek. But this sounds like it would have been cool to me. It sounds like it would have been VERY cool.

    But the movie wasn’t half bad (I loved it). So…we’ll never know, will we?

    • Not necessarily. Paramount may change their minds, revamp the premise to be inline with the new Trek, and then bring it to TV in a year or 2.

  7. The plot for this show smacks of the same plot they dreamed up for ST:Enterprise to give it a story thread and a gritter feel. So kind of a been there, done that.

    The cast also reads as a bit boring and reads as unimaginative.

    Captain Alden Montgomery – A throw away so it really doesn’t matter who he is.

    Commander Alexander Kirk – We have had nothing but human Captains so isn’t it about time for a NON-Human? Would be the perfect opportunity since they would start as a second in command. Don’t they think people will watch it if the Captain isn’t human?

    Lt. Cmdr. Chel Forlaan – /yawn. Felines have been done to death and they probably don’t have the balls to give them say digitigrade legs. PLus there was ALREADY a feline race in the Animated series (and in STO). They are called Caitians Singer!

    Lt. Cmdr. Sergei Kenyatta (Com & Political Officer)- A metahuman? So they have finally gotten over their hatred of genetic tampering? Seems like a compromise of the Federation’s policy and that above all else needs to remain intact.

    The 76th Distillation of Blue (aka Diz) – A ripoff of Dr. Krauss from Hellbot 2.

    Dr. Felicity Chen – An evolved Borg? Another case of been there, done that.

    If they are going to do it they need to go with something a bit more unique imho. How about a Gorn? Now that could be fun. What about a completely CGI alien like the Edosians? or even an Andorian? Lots of possibilities for new and different without having to fall back on what’s been done before.

    I think I would personally be more interested in having a series with Franks as Captain of the USS Titan. I’m just not into the idea of destroying Roddenberry’s vision which is what Singer pretty much proposed.

    • Well, what Abrams eventually did was destroy Roddenberry’s vision. By changing character history and focusing more on action and less on “morality plays”. There’s so much wrong with the Abrams version….

      Singer was right: if it’s set far enough in the existing timeline of Trek, you can do anything.

      I think Trek needs more humans so yes, the captain needs to be human.

      • I don’t really agree with that assessment about the ST movie. Sure they definitely took things in a more action oriented direction but all the same precepts about the Federation in general are still in place (as far as we know).

        I also don’t think those in control of the ST franchise (I’m assuming Roddenberry’s family) would allow them to make a version of ST that basically destroys Roddenberry’s vision. That would be like spitting on his grave imo. I could very well be wrong though and they may be willing to sell out for money (which would be very sad).

      • History was changed yes. But how does one movie with a hair more action (which is what’s been missing from Trek movies all along) change the morality aspect of the entire franchise? Star Trek was always about good stories. That’s it. They ran the gamut from horror, to romance, to action, to morals. This movie just spent more time on the one they seemed to keep avoiding for feature films.

      • I agree, abrams failed misrebly at star trek, i dont think he has even watched it or he would know simple things like chekov wasnt in star fleet and the hundreds of other mistakes (dont get me wrong, i love chekov).

        But he made a silly action film that didn’t follow any of star treks lovely space oprah format.

        and he chose unlikeable actors.

        tldr? jj abrams shouldnt have been allowed to get this far as he has ruined star trek with his timeline.

    • I’ve never seen any feline species on any TV show really, so I can’t see how that’s been done to death. I also don’t recall any rules against genetic tampering, being that there were human cultures that did just that in an episode or two or previous Star Treks, and there was no indication that it was against the law, merely frowned upon. The Federation’s highest ideal was always non-interference anyway, and has never had anything to do with genetics. I would be surprised if in another three hundred years, they hadn’t reconciled something with regard to genetic engineering.

      As to the other two you mentioned, you can take ANY sci fi character and site who’s done that before. Nothing is new, it’s how you present it where the real originality comes in. Besides, Dr Chen is not described as an evolved Borg. She’s a human voluntarily implanted with Borg based enhancements. That’s never been tried on the series before, and seems to be a logical evolution of that technology. Also, Dr. Krauss was not a species with his own culture and heritage. He was just a really wispy German guy.

      An Andorian? That’s not been done?

      • I have a few times but it has always been done poorly. Give them some minor face appliance, a paint job, some whiskers and call it good. bleh. If they are willing to do more than that though (as I said digitigrade legs) then it make for some uniqueness. When I said that though I was referring to felines in more than just TV shows though and was thinking in the broader SciFi/Fantasy sense. They are VERY prevalent.

        Genetic tampering…..The whole Eugenics War ring a bell? Khan Noonien Singh from the original series was the first example and was even re-explored again in ST:Enterprise. It was also a topic of one of DS9s episodes when it was discovered Doctor Bashir was altered by his parents. At the end his dad went to jail for it. The problem with genetic enhancement is its like an arms race….if it gives some an advantage over others then everyone feels they have to augment to keep the playing field leveled. So yeah it’s outlawed to keep the human race…..well, human. I can’t speak for the Federation in general but I would think you can’t be a member if you actively practice genetic tampering.

        Evolved Borg…..The good doctor was described as using EVOLVED Borg tech. If it walks like a duck and quacks like one then……she is an “evolved” Borg. We already saw the whole “wrestle with her humanity” thing with 7 of 9 on ST:Voyager so yeah, been there done EXACTLY that.

        As to the, “its been done before somewhere” argument, to a certain extent yes it has. I just wish everything didn’t feel like a retread of something we have seen before serving in the Federation. Gorn and Andorian are both interesting races we have seen very little of (would love to see an updated Gorn!) and would follow in the vein of introducing Worf on STNG. And do you even know who the Edosians are? Pretty damn unique imho. 😉

        • Like I said, there’s nothing new under the sun. Only concepts that haven’t been tried certain ways. We’ve never had a regular feline character in a regular TV series. There’s no logical reason to not try that concept. It’s never been tried in a major series.

          Three generations later, why would those laws not have evolved not have evolved? Especially as new scientific discovery takes place. Wouldn’t make a lick of sense for that law to continue for generations.

          Again, all ideas have been done. And with that said, Star Trek is supposed to have characters that wrestle with humanity in some way. Wouldn’t be a Trek series without it.

          It seems to me your favoring aliens you like, at the expense of other ideas. Not because they’re necessarily new or innovative. Everything will always feel like a retread, all the time, forever, if we fail to recognize the different tacks used to approach them.

  8. Catwoman? Srsly?! And Latexman?(or similar) None of the crew have PR skills but they’re crewing a Federation flagship? Pass, pass, pass on this. I’m all for bringing ST on TV back, but not with such done-to-death or cheese-infested characters.

    • None of the concepts mentioned, besides a brash captain, has ever been done on Star Trek.

  9. I feel like I got the short end of the Star Trek continuum,,,

    Somehow I got stuck in the Abrams mulitverse, and it sucks, it sucks hard!

  10. Not a Singer fan. Every franchise he touches he ruins.

    • I disagree. Singer did a wonderful job with X-men and it wasn’t ruined until he left. X2 is still one of the best comic films yet. Singers non comic films have been fantastic as well and his work on Television with shows like House has been nothing short of spectacular. Singer screwed up Superman Returns. Nothing else.

      • Agreed Daniel. X-Men 2 is one of my all-time favorite comic book films ever. It’s too bad that Singer didn’t finish the trilogy and instead we got stuck with Ratner’s haphazard X-3.

      • I disagree, I will say X 2 is one of the best X-men movies, yes and it is a good CBM, but far from one of the best. I think Singer is a tool and he has two great movies with the Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil. The first Xmen, has fond memories but over all is pretty bad, X2 was much better and by far the best of the mutant installments, First Ass is just another reason why this guy should nt be allowed near anyones franchise, he needs to get his own original franchise to ruin. I do find some of his pitch for a new Star Trek Franchise as intresting , I think its pretty stupid to have another Kirk in the series, considering his line would have been all but dead if you left it in the Original time line, if they use the new altered time line, that would work, unless of course your following the novels time line, where Kirk is alive during Picards time line.
        I do agree that some of the crew does seem very redundant to some of the other shows, however it could work. Oh yeah in by the way in the novels They had a stealth federation Ship that did employ a cloak, for all your Trekkies, it was used in The Return, I believe.

  11. But many of them are old SF hat, just the same. Star Trek ToS did move away from old school paramilitary, sexed-up action-oriented SF. Maybe I’m merely old enough to remember the B-grade literature of the time?

    In any case, don’t you think ST should reflect our changing ideas of what it means to be human, our current obsession with current tech, modern SF themes, etc.? Sex-kitten-alien is very old school SF, for example. When these ideas are not trying to be Anti-ST-if-we-squint-hard-enough-it-could-almost-be-Riddick, they’re pure cheese instead. I like cheese as well as the next person, but I prefer limited amounts in my Star Trek: it’s a franchise that is too easily dated in a few decades by its underpinning material in the first place, so it’s imperative that any re-initiation of the franchise look forward from a present, relatable moment.

    Sure, the public is fascinated with grit, but I prefer a Star Trek that offered some damn hope for this ride we’re on. That’s what made it stand out. The future was complex, but not always so bleak, humanity not always so despicable in sum. It isn’t only the individual who can overcome obstacles and sacrifice for the greater good (not that they try too often these days, seeming more interested in winning, vengeance, or shooting bad guys than actually thinking about what it’s all for), but in Star Trek, the Federation maintained a cohesive philosophy that many lived by, and humans were better for it. I get handed bleak and gritty in just about every other SF movie I watch. I liked seeing one vision of the future where people pulled together for the greater good. That was refreshing. It wasn’t survivalist, noir, or decaying empire versions of SF (not even Voyager turned survivalist SF, and I applaud it for that). Why should ST be just another avenue for such?

    • I’m explaining my remarks to Digital Jedi, of course. Lost my place.

  12. I say pick up where trek left off, post Voyager, post-star trek nemesis. About a decade or so after those events, and continue the story, leaving abrams timeline for the movies.

    why set a prequel? that was done with enterprise. Why set one 300 years in the future?

  13. the cool thing about trek tv is seeing guest stars come on in roles from past shows. A decade goes by post-voyager/nemesis and you could still have brent spiner or even sisko or the doctor make an appearence. it seems obvious to me, why not to the studio?

  14. I think the study buys into that adage of “old actors have done their part and we need fresh blood.” I think the studio taking a break from Star Trek is a mistake. If they would listen to Frakes and others who care about the quality of the franchise, we’d have a ST TV show on now. As for the Roddenberry family, are they owners of the framchise? Or just get checks from the studio?

  15. Trek Fan1964, doesn’t know who the Roddenberrys are?

    On a trek tv series, I think todays Hollywood would like to keep the notion of humans working with aliens on the down low.

    These days aliens are all portrayed as invaders that want to take your mom,,,

  16. @JessSayin, bio-mechanics
    “Why build a ship when you can grow one.”

    Species 8472, Voyager, Scorpion
    Season 3, episode 26

  17. Singers overthinking Star Trek.

    They should just come up with some interesting characters and send them on a five year mission.

    The universe is infinite and we don’t need to amp it up and put the whole universe at stake just some well written characters that the viewers will care about.

  18. Maybe they could get back to Roddenberrys concept of a wagon train to the stars.

    Say there’s been a major war and humongous numbers of refugees need to be relocated to new planets. Of course the planets and their systems have to be checked out.

    Also there are still some pockets of the enemies fought in the war hanging around.

    So you could have stories about the problems of the refugees. Dangers encountered in the new systems and occasional battles with lingering enemies.Lots of story ideas.

    Possible characters: A genetically enhanced supersoldier from the war who isn’t trusted by the crew at first. Maybe a new alien species that was instrumental in helping the federation win the war and maybe a halfbreed captain who’s been given the unenviable task of ferrying these refugees.

  19. Would he have made this for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA demographic too? Don’t let this guy near TREK.

  20. Ok, let’s say we leave the television Trek in the old timeline. They could have a series called Trek: Federation that takes place after the final defeat of the Borg. The remaining Borg will either try to reintegrate into their respective cultures, join the Federation, or become enemies of the Federation. Janeway will be instrumental in their defeat and will only appear in the first episode, then will do her Admiral thing at Starfleet. The show will then get back to what made it great, exploration. The starship should be created by, or made of, the unicomps created by the scientist who made the partical fountain in TNG (the same episode where Data was trying to prove unicomps were sentient). The Scourge could be a new threat but the show has to still have the exploration. I like the idea of an Andorian as an officer (not captain, yet) and a Gorn for security chief. I would also recommend a hologram with a mobile emitter be the chief engineer. Brent Spiner could have cameos as B4 (or Data if Geordi tinkers with his positronics and let the upload take over). What I don’t want is SyFy taking it over; they would probably try to turn it into some BSG knockoff.

  21. Kahless here’s my quick pitch,,,
    (Do a movie or mini-series) if succesfull lauch a new series on HBO or Showtime,,,
    Borg from a mirror universe attempt to re-arm what’s left of the Borg in our universe by creating a multiverse gateway.

    Meanwhile the events of Nemesis have blossomed into a peace treaty and Romulan acceptance into the Federation.
    Deep space,,,
    Sec31 is testing out 29th century Voyager tech in secret or so they thought. A cloaked Romulan ship witnesses the tests. Right after reporting this the Romulan ship is assimalated by a mirror borg ship.
    The Romulans assume it was Fed/section31 ships that did it.

    The peace treaty is stalled, just as it begins a new war the Federation/Romulans become aware of the Borg invasion and the destination is Earth. Specifically Janeway,,,
    “The Janeway will be assimalated” :)
    Anyway at this point the studio could bring in all the actors from all 3 Star Trek series. Hopefully Riker, 7of9,Janeway, Sisko, and Tuvok would return…

    • Maybe they could call a new Trek movie based on the original timeline Trek Prime. In your synopsis, they could bring in species 8472 to defeat the parallel universe Borg.

      • Anythings possible but the suits at Paramount these days won’t let that happen.

        O well the franchise is over. It sure isn’t alive with this abrams bs.

        Get used to 2 films a decade if your lucky and they’ll all be about Kirk and Spock, and a crew you’ve already seen before. Weee how exciting.

  22. Well 790 and Kahless the franchise has been over since Voyager. Both Voyager and Enterprise were worse than bad..they were just mediocre aside from a few moments of brilliance. Stories were very cut & paste, paint by numbers, or any other metaphor you want to use for formulaic and boring. The last film in the orininal time line Nemesis also suffered from this. Where once the fance saved Star Trek, it became something just for the fans and lost it’s mass appeal. There’s something very wrong when a franchise about explorers in the future facing unknown dangers in space becomes boring. Abrams & co recognized this and rebooted it and it works. Unfortunately nerds like you will never realize this.

  23. I disagree Schitt Dickhwey the franchise slowed a bit during Enterprise Season 1-2, but came back strong with season 3 and the Zindi attack that led to I have to admit was the best Star Trek tv season since the Original Series in terms of mind blowing story arcing goodness.
    Star Trek fans were lucky to get Enterprise season 4. Manny Coto came around just in time to make every episode a 2 or 3 part canon revealing fest of Star Trek brilliance. Voyager was my favorite series besides the original so I won’t even bother defending the show if you didn’t like it just reveals our differences.

    Star Trek Nemesis wasn’t boring it happend to come out on the same weekend Lord of the Rings depbuted. You want to talk about losing its mass appeal or do you want to talk about it being planned to fail by the suits at Paramount who wanted Berman out of the way?

    Voyager, energise,,, :)

  24. i always thought a show about starfleet acadmey would of been a good idea showing the lives of the cadits as they trained you could always have tng and ds9 crew coming in and out then
    any thoughts

  25. Thank goodness this tv series never came to be. Star Trek is about hope and innovation not about decay and rot.

    • how can you say decay and rot how is having new people coming in every season new spices as they join the federation it could of even been aimed at a younger generation and bring a new fan base to carry the franchise along

      • I think he was talking about the Singer idea not yours. The academy idea is a good one.

        I also think a good series could be made from the Elite Force video games where the focus is not on the bridge crew but on a specially trained away team of redshirts.

        I’ve really kind of tired of the high ranking officers only scenario. Let’s get down and dirty with the grunts.

  26. Bryan Singer has lost his mind….

    Utopia is Death, yeah ok, Dystopia is LIFE, then, from Singer’s perspective, he is a war-monger…

    • That concept is not without historical precedence. Utopia does lead to ennui and decadence.

  27. I think JJ Abrams did a terrible job on the new film, I doubt he has ever watched star trek, it was a silly action film that was about revenge and changed a lot of things that didn’t need to be. the characters were unlikable, romulins were completely different, the whole thing was just another silly hollywood film that is the same as most action films now, it wasn’t star trek and didn’t follow the principles of star trek. its supposed to be a space oprah, not a bunch of explosions and lense flares.
    All the characters had bad actors, the story was silly, and uhura was a pointless sex object. and at the end he just ended up with a terrible film and said it was an alternate timeline. and as much as i love chekov he wasn’t even in starfleet then. the only people that liked that film were people that havn’t watched tos or star trek in general.

    • A blanket statement that is wholly untrue. In general, the Star Trek movie was well received. Unless you go by the internet, which you should never, ever do if you want to gauge something accurately. Ironically, some of your statements make me think you never watched Star Trek. Uhura as a pointless sex object? Just imagine a entire series where Uhura never did anything but sit at her station in a micro mini skirt and say things like “Hailing frequencies open”. Imagine that. And when the Romulan vessel came through the portal when Kirk was born, the timeline completely changed from that point forward. So whether he was or wasn’t in Starfleet during the original series is largely irrelevant. Hence the reason he’s a “child prodigy” and 17 in the film. The Roumlans were different because they weren’t Romulan military. They were Romulan laborers, and at that, only really different in that they didn’t follow any type of military protocol or wear the familiar uniforms. They looked the same.

      You don’t have to like the film. But site genuine reasons why. “Bad acting” is a catch-all phrase that you could apply to anything and nothing, depending on if you liked it or not. I though the acting was spot on in some cases, and interesting interpretations in others.

  28. I say take the gloves off. It needs to be at least a full shade darker or it work wont. Dump a few of the regulations, perhaps cloaking, first contact, and a few others that might naturally decay with a cracking federation. Ships must be more advanced than say voyager, and future ships indicated in other episodes, but still old by 3k comparison. The characters need modification. A computer with emotions can get predictable, and don’t be afraid to kill off major characters. Get rid of the doctor. Presumably by then we would have nanites doing most or all bodily repairs. Reduce the bridge crew, the computer can handle everything for sure, but its Star Trek, you’ll still need a few people on the bridge. For certain fractures of the show, have come captains still loyal to old federation ideologies, have some that are loyal but play by their own rules, have others that are questionable and you never know where they stand – keep them in for frustration, the viewer never really knows whats going on with them, like the show Lost, etc.

  29. I genuinely like this idea and think it has a lot of merit. Star Trek is at its best when it has a message of a kind. The dilemma its really addressing here is that however much the idea of utopia sounds, would we really like living there? Why would you get out of bed in the morning if there was nothing to improve or make better? One problem is that it’s set in 3000 when you don’t need to, you could just make it the 26th century for instance, Picard hints at the Federation’s complacency at the end of QWho so perhaps that change won’t take that long. One story arc they haven’t considered is the rejection of utopia by humans themselves, perhaps introducing a movement that reject technology and leave earth in order to get back to basics (hinted at in DS9’s paradise) that could be interesting! A lot here to like and a lot of people should note that dealing with philosophical issues and having fun adventures needn’t be mutually exclusive – both can be incorporated successfully into any tv episode with good writing. I think the idea to have characters with names from TOS is a mistake and also: aren’t the feline species known as Caitan? Not Ekosi! Remember it’s only a first draft idea, with a lot of honing and perfecting there is the bare bones of a very good Star Trek series here.