Bryan Singer Explains ‘X-Men: First Class’ Story & Characters

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At last, we have answers to some of the burning questions regarding X-Men: First class, its story and characters! After the onslaught of recent casting announcements for Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men prequel, fans were left wondering what direction the project was taking and what possible story they were trying to tell, considering the seemingly odd and somewhat inconsistent character choices.

With two poorly received X-Men films in a row, moviegoers are skeptical of the franchise and the reactions have been very mixed from the latest X-Men: First Class news reports. To clarify the First Class confusion and answer key questions about what the next X-Men installment is about, Bryan Singer reached out today to ease the tension and set the record straight.

Singer called Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News and entered into a detailed discussion about his story for First Class, confirming some of the character reports and revealing the setting of the film. Here are the details in point-form:


  • X-Men: First Class is not like the “X-Men: First Class” comics, hence the significant character differences.
  • It takes place in the 1960s where Kennedy is still president.
  • Equality and racism are key issues with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X dominating mainstream media with the Civil Rights movement (foreshadowing (even mirroring) the mutant situation to come).
  • Director Matthew Vaughn is very interested in the setting and what Singer describes as the “James Bond tech of the time”, as Harry puts it.
  • Shooting will begin with Charles Xavier attending Oxford University.
  • We’ll get to see classic X-Men costumes, much more similar to the comics than we’ve seen in previous movies.
  • The movie will be the franchise’s most international yet, with shooting taking place in the U.S. and England, and the story also involving at least The Soviet Union as well.
  • We’ll get a first look at some X-Men: First Class costumes within a month.
sebastian shaw emma frost hellfire club x men first class movie Bryan Singer Explains X Men: First Class Story & Characters

Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) and Emma Frost (January Jones)


  • Story will explore how Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto) met and their goals for the future of mutants (Origin of X-Men and their initial purpose).
  • Lensherr and Xavier will be in their late twenties – Xavier will have hair and function of his legs.
  • Cyclops and Jean Grey are NOT in the movie. Havok definitely is and Lucas Till will be playing him.
  • January Jones is Emma Frost and there’s no truth to Rosamund Pike’s involvement.
  • Singer is excited about them getting Nicholas Hoult as Beast because of a fortunate delay in start date for Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • Kevin Bacon’s villain is in fact, Sebastian Shaw. Yes, that means Hellfire Club is in X-Men: First Class.
  • Singer explains the 1960s setting is perfect for the Hellfire Club, from the characters to costumes.
  • There are other characters that will be in the film that they’re keeping secret. Could it be more mutant X-Men or more likely, other members of the Hellfire Club?

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That’s a lot of info to digest but I’m happy Singer did make the effort to explain their choices and direction with their X-Men: First Class movie. From the story perspective, it’s great they’re going international this time since they Americanized key international characters (Colossus, Pyro, etc.) in the trilogy and really destroyed their uniqueness and purpose.

As for the costumes, I’m excited to see them go more Kick-Ass/Watchmen with use of super hero clothing but I’ll wait and see before I jump to any conclusions. My first thoughts are that if they had an early X-Men team, consisting of some of the characters we’ve seen cast suiting up in full hero get-up, why is it that the world was not aware of the X-Men and mutants prior to how we know them in the first X-Men movie? This aspect of the mutants still being hidden in society was mentioned in interviews before so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, knowing that whatever happens in this movie and in potential sequels, it was all under the radar for the most part.

On to the characters; I don’t understand how the whole movie can take place in the 1960s but have Cyclops’ brother in it. How will they explain that in relation to the other films and with young Cyclops playing a part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and when in the timeline did that take place? Wolverine’s origin movie seemed to take place largely in the 1980s so will parts of First Class take place in the 1970s and 1980s as well? With the casting of child actors to play earlier versions of Magneto and Mystique, we can assume there will also at least include flashbacks to years prior as well.

The setting is promising, the actors are stellar, the idea of seeing some real X-Men costumes is intriguing but the title of the film is off. To fans, X-Men: First Class is about Cyclops, Jean, Beast and others (we don’t know who in the Fox film universe) becoming the first X-Men and learning how to use their abilities for good. That’s what the end of Wolverine suggested would be next but Singer’s First Class isn’t about them at all and is instead an origin story for Magneto and Professor X, borrowing heavily from what would have been an X-Men Origins: Magneto movie. On that note, Xavier can still walk when he picks up Cyclops, Emma and others at the end of Wolverine so in order for us to witness Xavier losing use of his legs, we’d have to see him pick up Emma and Cyclops at the end of that movie… See where I’m going here?

Perhaps this is where Vaughn’s X-Men quasi-reboot/prequel discussion comes in. That will define whether this is in continuity or not. Perhaps it’s best just to assume X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not in continuity when you also consider how they ruined the Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool character.

With Singer’s promise of seeing some costume designs soon, perhaps Fox will show something at New York Comic-Con?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

X-Men: First Class begins shooting August 31st in the UK for a June 3, 2011 release.

Source: AICN

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  1. Drsam I would kind of do both and kind of do neither. With Nolan and Bale gone it’s dumb to continue their story but no one really wants anothor origin story. So you make a non connected Batman film with him at some random point in his carer. If it were me I’d make a death in the famiely type film. I wouldn’t attempt to cast a director or actor because it’s years away at least 5 maybe 6. Never know what new talent might pop up.

    • I would like to see The Dark Knight Returns made into a film. Wait a few years, get the new Superman actor in it too, convince Bale to come back, hire a different director.

      • Meh if your gonna do Dark Knight returns and hire a new director instead of Nolan I say get another actor. I love Bale as an actor, but he isn’t in my opinion the best Batman he could be. In begins he was better, but he dropped to much muscle and got really small in TDK. He went from a looking like Batman to scar crow lol.

        I would pick a larger older actor with some talent to play Batman maybe someone like Adam Baldwin. Right now I’m wanting Baldwin for Superman because I think he is a better fit than most, but he would be perfect as Batman he has a lot of size and has that gruff angry exterior. Not to mention in TDKR the art shows Batman and a massive beast. He put on so much muscle he put body builders to shame lol. Not saying he needs to be that big but Adam Baldwin would work and has the acting chops for it. Or here is something alot of people wouldn’t accept, but David Borianez it’s not much of a stretch from being Angel and he isn’t a small guy he’s pretty built and I think he’s a damn fine actor.

        • I have been saying that for years! David Borenaz was born to play Batman, I just picture him brooding in the batcave.

          I don’t like the ide of Baldwin as Superman though, as Superman himself, yes, but I can’t see him playing Clark.

  2. Sadly Sam originaly David was set to be Batman but turned it down shocking I know. Nolan originally picked David B as a finalist with Bale and David didn’t even audition. David said no he felt it was to much like Angel and chose to move on he probably was also afraid of Batman and Robin lol. Probably kicking him self now.

    For once they need to cast someone with a batman like body.

    Baldwin is such a great actor I think he could pull off Clark. I just want a good actor who is actually built like superman Baldwin fits. He is a better fit for Batman he’s got the grim faced nature down perfect.

    David B would of been a great GL also he was my first choice for both Batman and GL and lost both. I could see him as Superman as well. He needs to play a superhero he has the face and build for it. He has to at least once. I think Bones has proved he has range Booth is nothing like Angel. I think he is a very underrated actor.

    • @Daniel f I like your casting ideas. Who would you pick for Martian Manhunter,Captain Marvel,Wonder Woman and Flash?

      • Non of those are easy castings for sure. I honestly think that Wonder Woman is the hardest character to cast. Either you go with a hot girl who looks weak or a tough looking girl who is very unattractive. A woman the size of Wonder Woman and as attractive is very difficult to cast and I honestly think there really is no right choice. That might be a partial reason for the massive delay.

        Martian Manhunter is a good question. You have to wonder he’s green so can you cast a white man or a black man or is there only one acceptable race. If you cast an african american will fanboys be out raged ? I don’t think there is any reason to, but it’s fanboys they can get pissy about all kinds of non issues. I think Manhunter is probably a less complicated character to cast just get a good actor. Manhunter is a shape shifter so really doesn’t need to be big and is a little more stream lined than Batman and Superman. My first choice would be Dennis Haysbert his voice and heit make him a great choice and most of Manhunters action would be CGI due to all the shape shifting so his age wouldn’t much of a factor I just think his voice is perfect for the part. Second choice would probably be Dominic Purcell he’s not as great of an actor as Dennis, but he’s decent and I like his voice as well as his features for the part.

        Captain Marvel is difficult. You need a large man and he has to be large, but he needs to pull of uber boyscout. I know for Black Adam I’d go for The Rock for sure he’s in my opinion the best choice. However for Captain Marvel it’s not so easy. No one looks the part as much as Brandon Molale he looks like the spitting image of Captain Marvel, but his acting is very mediocre and really unproven. Adrian Pasdar is a good actor that if he can beef up enough for it I’d love to see in the film. Patrick Warburton Is probably my first choice though he’d also make a damn good Superman if you ask me. Daniel Cudmore could play Captain Marvel as well, but wouldn’t fit well for Superman. I guess Marvel wasn’t as hard as I thought lol.

        My first choice for Flash was Ryan Reynolds, but that’s been ruined thanks to GL. Chris Pine wouldn’t be a bad replacement I guess, but he’s busy being the new young go to boy and being Kirk. With out Reynolds I’d say my top choice would have to be JGL he’s such a gifted young actor and could pull anything off and still has that boyish charm that could work for Wally while still being adult enough he could be Berry as well if that how they went.

        • I think that NPH should definitely be The Flash. Too bad it’s most likely not gonna happen.

        • Just checked out the photos,very good choices. I don’t know about Purcell though,but I can see him as The Atom(newest version).

        • Vin Diesel would make a better Black Adam. I say that simply because his voice is much better suited, even though the Rock is larger.

    • I used think Boreanaz would be a good fit for Superman too, he could handle the Clark side of things brilliantly. He’s always seemed more comfortable doing tv work I think, he’s a great actor, one of my favourites, but he never seems to wnat to be in films. He has been offered many roles over the years. I remember his name being mentioned for Batman now you mention it.

      Superman is going to be one hell of a difficult film to cast though. I can’t think of any actors that would be perfect. I have nothing against Baldwin ( Did he voice Supes in the Doomsday animated movie???) but Ive never seen him in anything that makes me think he would be a good fit for Superman.

  3. well if continuity doesnt match and there are holes in the film people will trash it. so beast cant be blue unless he turns back normal looking at the end because in x-2 on the tv he was human looking.emma frost was in wolverine origins film and professor was older so why is she about his age in this unless that was emmas daughter in origins. all i can say is it really p!$$es fans off when the continuity,is broke hole are threrw out the sequels,and source materials are changed so dramatic like characters like deadpool,blob,and wolverines past wtf? look at resident evil they did this crap in that too just keep close to source material and then they would have not just good films but great films that fans will love and new people will become fans. i say remake this after marvel gets the rights back, and remake resident evil like the first game but scary and not as much action as prev films. also whats going on with the creature from the black lagoon remake we need to get that one going, but make it darker and creepier. also a island of dr moreus sequel or remake could be great,and steve altens the loch,underworld the origins about the corvinus family,dino crisis if it was very dark and creepy.a splice sequel, and some new original and unique monster flicks/sci fi thriller and killer animals films. come on let see them.

  4. I understand why everyone is mad and all but for people who have read XMEN from the beginning you should all know Marvel has written 5 different universes as well as time periods.. So to say they are ruining the series is a mistake and basically you are speaking as a fanboy..

    I will start with the original Xmen and work my way up..

    First generation Xmen – Stan lee started the Xmen with the original characters.. Xavier, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Ice Man and Angel.

    Second Generation – Included new characters such as Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Storm.

    Third Generation (Fox Cartoon) – Introduced Jubilee and Collosus into the Second Gen Story and carried on with the Mutant Registration acts and introduced a history for Wolverine as well as the first Wolverine comic installment.

    Fourth Generation (After Xavier) – This was the alternate Universe where Xavier died, Magneto Took over and lead the Xmen prior to the Bishop story in the third Gen.

    Fifth Generation (Age of Appocolypse/Generation Next) – Showed the reflections of what happend to mutant Kind after Xavier and lead people to see how Generation X was formed and shown how Emma Frost took control of the Xmen.

    Sixth generation (Fox 17 – Xmen Cartoon) – Introduced X-23 into the story of Wolverine and added a younger Nightcrawler as well as Jubilee, Kittie Pried, Young Rogue, Ice Man and many of the Characters from the Fox Movies.

    Seventh Generation (2005-2009)- Introduced the fans to the different universes where we had the House of M, Civil War and the Parallel Universe Where Mr. Sinister dies shows us that he is Really a multiple personality of Charles Xavier through the Ancient Alien Rituals that Gambit, Dracula and Appocolypse carried out to start the age of Apocolypse. And Introducing Mrs. Sinister.

    Eighth Generation (Wolverine and the Xmen) – Also told a new story of how Wolverine is reminded of his origins and came out during the release of Wolverine Origins and brings out he History of Wolverine and leads us into the next series of comics.

    Ninth generation (Utopia, Second Coming) – after House of M this series leads into a single Universe once more rather than 5 and narrows down how all the mutants dies and shows us that there are still those who will fight together. IN the current comics after Hope Returns from the future with Cable. Cyclops is dating Emma Frost and Leading the Xmen and allowing Wolverine to lead XForce alongside X23 as assassins, Meteor M is now an Island outside of San Francisco and the new base of the Xmen and Woverine and the Xmen take on all their hated villians through out history who are resurrected.

    Current Generation (After Second Coming) – Dracula is resurrected and Jubilee and Wolverine are now Vampires thanks to Draculas son Xalus. Blade is now and Xmen and Wolverines soul is trapped in Hell to try and free his son Daken(dark wolverine) from his sins….

    *my advice to everyone who is a fan.. catch up to the times before talking trash.. I think the movies were ok not completly great but they are not supposed to be exact.. thats why they were good!

    • Nightcrawler, Wolvi, Storm, Thunerbird and Colossus were all 2nd gen and not introduced via cartoon. They came out in the 70′s. Wolverine was introduced after Thunderbird died.
      Gambit came much later in the 90′s. Kitty Pryde was introduced way before Gambit.

  5. Chris, I’m trying to get past the grammar/punctuation, and understand what you are saying, and I will comment on a few things…

    Continuity with what? The X-Men trilogy? I wouldn’t worry about that. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there were significant flaws in the continuity of the trilogy, that just don’t mesh with what we saw in O:W and what we suspect seeing in FC.

    It is my belief that to try to refer to them as prequels to the trilogy is also flawed at best, and utterly inane and pointless at worst. I’ve decided that it would be almost impossible to sync/rectify it with the trilogy. If you view them as reboots, then it doesn’t matter.

    However, even with that said, let’s break it down into simpler terms:

    1)Hank McCoy was still just the hairy acrobatic member of the original 5, and didn’t turn into the blue furry Beast until he experimented on himself by taking a serum. I think this happened around the time he was with the Avengers, and not the X-Men (thus his absence from participating in the events of X1 and X2, which suggests that he was with the Avengers at that time, because then in X3 he was blue). If they are suggesting that he will be blue in FC (God forbid!), then they are simply advancing that timeline, and proving that FC is a reboot, not a prequel, and you should disregard anything you saw in the trilogy as null and void.

    Consider this though… Marvel has been trying to unite its stable of characters into one cohesive universe. They have really shown this with the recent succession of movies along the Avengers line (hopefully I have the right order to it): Iron Man -> Incredible Hulk -> Iron Man 2 -> Thor -> Captain America -> Avengers -> etc.

    Until recently, I thought that was the limit to their uniting efforts, but considering the continuity flaws of the X-trilogy, and now having the perfect chance to sync the “X” franchise with the “A” franchise, then a reboot would make more sense than a prequel. And Beast going blue might be the tie-in between the “X” and the upcoming “A”.

    That’s a huge uniting accomplishment that may just happen if everything goes right. Imagine more than just “Avengers Unite!”, but “Marvel Unite!” Anyway, food for thought. Can DC do that? Hmm…

    2) Emma Frost (if it is who I think you are referring to) is young in O:W and also appears to be young in FC, but we have not confirmed yet if O:W and FC are overlapping or sequential. Remember, O:W was set over a broad timespan, from early 19th? century to late 20th century to show that Wolvie is oooooold. So, at what point do they sync up? Time will tell.

    Just between me and you (I guess that means everybody reading this, lol), I was never able to confirm Emma’s presence in O:W (no spoken name reference, no credits… that I remember anyway, but I will watch it again to be sure), so it may not even be an issue. And Emma appears to be the right age in FC to both be a mentor to the younger kids, as well as being the White Queen in the HC.

    So under the “rules” of a reboot, everything seems to check out. It’s only when you try to connect it to the trilogy as a prequel, where it gets to be a headache. Hope that helps.

  6. Well folks, I watched O:W again (twice), and I am a bit more clear (or am I?) about the Frost issue.

    Here I was thinking that there was no confirmed Frosts in it, but as it turns out, it’s overflowing with them… so to speak. And this is where it gets a bit confusing.

    For this discussion, I am considering 3 points (the credits, spoken references, and CC’s/Subtitles) and 3 characters in question.

    1) It wasn’t until I got thru it the first time and reviewed the credits under a “microscope” that I realized the depth of the Frost problem (as if I really trust credits anyway, since mid-production changes can be inconsistent with contract agreements like credits). But it had the following 3 “related” characters listed: Kayla Silverfox played by Linda Collins, Dr. Carol Frost played by Asher Keddie, and Kayla’s Sister/Emma played by Tahyna Tozzi.

    At this point, I was going WTH? The only Frost credited is the Dr. (who was that?), but it says her first name is Carol, not Emma. The one that says Kayla’s sister/Emma doesn’t confirm a last name. This may seem like a no-brainer discussion, but it’s not.

    If we assume that “Dr. Carol Frost” is Emma Frost, then maybe Emma is her middle name or nickname. The first time I watched O:W, I didn’t know who she was, but after I watched it a second time, I figured it out. She was in the Weapon X lab, and in the nuclear plant, and she had a few lines in both. As I watched her, I am certain that she would’ve been hiding her identity/powers well to avoid Stryker’s suspicion. Just look at what he does to Mutants.

    But if we assume that “Kayla’s sister/Emma” is Emma Frost (which is what I think most viewers are thinking), then I am going to have to rely on those long-time fans–and experts–of Emma Frost who have been following her thru all of her various incarnations to answer this next query for me, because my knowledge of her is only thru the Fox cartoon & the made-for-tv film. I never followed her much in the comics except just a bit from her days in the HC.

    It is my understanding that Emma is a telepath, and one of the most powerful in the Marvel Universe… next to Prof X and the Shadow King. I don’t recall her EVER having any diamond skin ability. That reeked more of Husk or Penance. So, as a result, I never even remotely thought of her as possibly being Emma Frost. Did she ever have that ability in anything she was in? Please let me know.

    Anyway, as part of the Frost discussion, if Kayla is “Emma’s” sister, then the only reason I see that Kayla has a different last name is that she was married before being involved with Logan and never changed her name back, OR that she is only a half-sister to Emma, on their mother’s side. But I’m only guessing on that.

    But the real head-scratcher is how do they fit together if they are all “Frosts”? Obviously, “Kayla” is slightly older than “Emma”, and I suggested how their relationship may be just a moment ago. I get that. But is Dr. Carol Frost their mother? Is she old enuf to be their mother? And if she is, then how could she allow her daughters to be made subjects of Stryker’s experiments? If I were her, I might have given him a psychic lobotomy (mess with my kids will ya? We’ll see about that…). And if she isn’t, then it’s an awful coincidence that still needs an explanation.

    2) When I watched it the second time, I tried to pay very close attention to whether any characters used the names of those in question, which might clarify their identities. But noone did. There were several opportunities where identities could have been clarified or revealed, but I guess it mas meant to be left vague.

    3) Sometimes, in the closed-captions or subtitles, it will include not only what is being said, but also by whom (ex: [Emma] Which way?). But I never saw that done with any of the characters in question.

    Now how all this relates/will relate to FC, is based on how it syncs with O:W. It could go like this:

    Overlap option: FC starts after O:W starts, but before O:W ends. In this scenario, Emma Frost in FC is young and goes thru the events she went thru in the early books, then some years later in O:W has somehow ended up with Stryker and the Weapon X program. In this scenario, her daughter? “Emma” is rescued and goes with the Prof, but she is not the Emma Frost we’ve known for years.

    Sequential option: FC starts where O:W left off. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter who Dr. Carol Frost is. She is not OUR Emma Frost. That’s her daughter who was rescued in O:W, who then in FC goes thru the events she went thru in the early books.

    As you can see, it is all hinged on how they are syncing O:W and FC. Either way, it can still make sense. But as I said in an earlier post, these are based on reboot, not prequel. And from what I have read so far, that appears to be the direction in which they are headed.

    • For Jared Buckner
      Emma Frost is a mutant psion of enormous telepathic ability, and is also capable of transforming into an organic diamond state with enhanced strength and durability which suppresses her telepathy.

      Since her introduction, Emma Frost’s primary mutant power has been telepathy. She is capable of extraordinary psionic feats, including the telepathic standards of: broadcasting and receiving thoughts, mind-control, altering perceptions and memories, psychic shielding, astral projection, mind switching, brain engram modification, mental sedation, and induction of mental pain via touch. She is also able to boost or activate a mutant’s powers through access of their brain’s neurological pathways, and can communicate across global distances unaided. The exact level of her telepathic power has varied depending on writers and has ranged from weaker than other prominent telepaths to rivaling the abilities of Charles Xavier himself. She has recently been repeatedly referred to as an “omega-level telepath” She has also been referred to as a “psi of the highest order,” been ranked among the five most skilled telepaths on the planet, and has demonstrated the ability to overcome more powerful telepaths, such as Nate Grey, or Rachel Summers, through greater experience and skill.

      Diamond form
      During the destruction of Genosha, Frost manifested a secondary mutation giving her the ability to transform her body into organic diamond. In this form, Frost is translucent and retains mobility while being nigh invulnerable and able to support incredible amounts of weight, though different writers have shown varying accounts of her strength. Emma’s diamond body is virtually tireless as she does not produce fatigue poisons and has no need for water nor food. She is also numbed from emotion, pain and empathy, impervious to cold and resistant to heat in this form. Despite this high level of invulnerability, her diamond form has a single molecular flaw, which if exploited —such as being shot with a diamond bullet— can cause her body to shatter. Though the exact location of the flaw in her diamond body has not been stated outright, clues point to it being located in between her eyes.

      Frost’s full range of abilities between her diamond state and regular form have been inconsistent; however, later occurrences depict that Frost cannot access her psychic powers in diamond form, explained by different writers as either a distinct genetic flaw or suppression by her diamond form’s adamantine luster. Depictions have also stated that Emma has a degree of telepathic immunity while in diamond form, though the extent of this immunity has been portrayed inconsistently as well, ranging from total shielding from psychic invasion to vulnerability to psychic attack. Her diamond form is also stated to emit low-level ultraviolet light, causing it to glow in darkness.

      For Myself…

      Why does Bryan Singer have to ruin everything…? Seriously…

      • Sbelle,

        I dont think they are ruining anything.. there are too many multitudes of stories with different abilities as well as time periods and dimensions in the Marvel universe.. So just like the Xmen movies.. and the 1995 Generation X failure and Xmen origins… all are different stories.. I also would love them to make a movie based on the comic books.. but it is very refreshing when they show other stories..

        but it isnt for everyone and you have your own opinion as well as everyone else.. I am just glad to see someone else who is a fan of the comic books and not just some fanboy ranting on stuff from the cartoon or movies or even the mini comic side stories.. not many fans of the movies have read the comics.. they only rememember all the fox cartoons! but they were all good as well..

        Cant wait to see what they come up with next.. since they made HOPE the new phoenix!

        • The fox toons…. ewww

      • Brian Singer is the Devil.

  7. Why would they let Brian Singer anywhere near another superhero movie?

  8. I think I’ll pass on this Brian Singer tragedy. The continuity is too jacked up for me. It’ll be too hard sitting there watching it and going “WTH?” the entire time.
    Why do ANOTHER magneto story anyway? Is he the only Xman villian? I mean, come on.. 4 movies with the same villian? yawn and snore.
    They’ve convoluted/diluted/polluted the Xmenverse to the point it’s just a horrible train wreck.
    The only good thing I can say about this is adding the Hellfire Club as the bad guys. They should have done that earlier

    • There is no villain Magneto. Magneto doesn’t even have the name Magneto yet in this film. He is still working with the professor. They are founding their school. The villain is Shaw.

      • @ ONIT,

        He may not be the overt villian this time, but he’s still in a 4th movie as an antagonist. He’ll always be the dark side of the mutant force.

  9. who is that red guy thats dressed in all black in the new xmen movie

  10. As far as I remember, in the beginning of the trailer Magneto and the Professor are in black, in the middle Havok is seen in black, also in the middle Sebastian Shaw, an unknown guy and John F. Kennedy in a black suit. Actually Magneto wears a lot of black stuff.