Bryan Singer & New Writer Confirmed for X-Men: First Class

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x men first class characters Bryan Singer & New Writer Confirmed for X Men: First Class

As many of you no doubt already know, Bryan Singer revealed a major update about his future with the X-Men franchise last night while on the blue carpet for the Avatar premiere.

That revelation of course was that he will be directing X-Men: First Class. As of now, Fox has confirmed the deal for Singer’s return to the director’s chair and develop the film about Professor Xavier’s first group of young mutant recruits.

As we knew from before, Josh Schwartz (The OC, Chuck) was working on the script for First Class since last November but the studio has signed Jamie Moss (Street Kings) to pen the screenplay for the project.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that they’re “going back to the drawing board” for the movie, explaining the signing of a new writer to work with Bryan Singer.

When Singer revealed that he’s working on this project yesterday, he again confirmed that the film will in fact be an origins prequel to the existing set of films and not a reboot. As I said in some of our previous discussions on the X-Men films, Fox put forth a lot of effort in selecting, including, marketing and signing multi-picture deals with Tim Pocock and Tahyna Tozzi who played Cyclops and Emma Frost respectively in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, let alone the [Spoiler] scene where the mutant escapees are rescued by Professor X towards the end of that movie.

That scene and the inclusion of these characters occurred for the sole reason of branching off into X-Men: First Class and linking all of the films together.

The timing of this is not unexpected as that’s the same Tim Pocock who may have spilled the beans a few months back about the movie shooting next year sometime after he’d be done shooting his TV series in Australia in February. He had retracted this after tweeting it, indicating it was a prank.

THR’s update continues on to report new characters will be created for the movie, which is unnecessary in my mind, but I can see why they may do this since they can’t actually utilize the First Class roster of original mutants from the comic books. Of the original five members of X-Men: First Class, two of them, Angel and Iceman, are introduced later on in the franchise timeline, so this movie will not follow the comics in that sense.

Interestingly, a theory I shared about Magneto being a part of the film may turn out to be true as well as it’s being reported that the film will deal with the first meeting of Xavier and Magneto as well as the creation of school.

I had previously said that we could see Magneto working alongside Xavier for the same cause, starting the school, and constructing the Cerebro device we see in Bryan Singer’s first X-Men. The story could therefore follow their perspectives starting to differ and them eventually taking their separate paths.

Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of all X-movies, had said they want to start a new franchise with this, so it makes sense to have Singer come back to bring everything full circle. With the mention of new characters being created for the project, perhaps they could be introducing some candidates for the proposed New Mutants movie as well?

More on X-Men: First Class soon from Screen Rant so stick around!

Source: THR

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  1. If Beast ( a.k.a Hank McCoy) is to appear in X-men: First Class, then he would have to be in his human-self and not blue & furry. Remember Hank McCoy on the tv in X2? It was that scene in the bar where Mystique drugs the guard.

  2. this should be interesting. on one hand, Singer is Back which should bring the franchise back to its former glory. on the other hand, this will be the first X-Men movie without Wolverine, which is basically the money maker for the franchise. Im looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    As far as the team goes, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Beast, and Storm are obviously going to be included because of the films continuity. I think they should throw a little something extra in there though, since they can’t use Iceman or Angel. Maybe, if Magneto is in the film, they can include teenage versions of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch so they can appear in X4.

    Im glad Singer is back. with or without Wolverine this should be a good movie.

  3. Oh no!!!

    Bryan Singer has no business directing and or writing another Super Hero movie. He messed up the X-Men franchise and killed Superman films for years. Superman with an illigitimat kid is totally wrong.

    I thought Marvel studios had better studios had better sense than to let Singer, an individual who cares nothing about maintaining Comic Book continuity regardless of the characters he is bringing to the screen.

    Iron-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and The Dark Knight are goood even great comic Book movies because the directors and the writers tried to keep with continuity. Singer completely disregarded what took place in the X-Men books which resulted in films that missed the mark.

    I can deal with black leather suits I cannot deal with Bobby Drake being 10-15 years younger than Cyclops or Jean Grey being 10 years older or Rouge not being part of the Brotherhood or Storm not being from Africa and heralded as a goddess.

    The comic book stories are great in themselves and Mr. Singer does not seem to realize or respect that.

  4. Who says you can’t put IceMan and Angel in this. With good screenwriting it can be done. If it’s not the original five:Cyclops,Jean Grey,Beast,Iceman,and Angel, then it is not X-Men First Class.

  5. I guess I’m sticking with the comic books. Far more entertaining, interesting, rewarding and satisfying compared to the incontinent slosh Bryan Singer is proposing.

  6. Why go back and make a prequel for the X-movies that have already been done? They should nix the three X-men movies they have already done and start fresh with the original 5 X-men Cyclops = Scott Summers, Beast = Hank McCoy (without the blue fur), Jean Grey = Marvel Girl/ Phoenix, Angel = Warren Worthington & Ice Man = Bobby Drake. Why not bring in wolverine, Storm, Thunder-Bird, and other 2nd generation characters in a subsequent movie?

    They could explore Xavier and Magneto’s split and the construction of Cerebro without trying to stay in line with continuity that is already screwed up. If push came to shove they could follow Marvel’s Ultimate universe continuity that would be better than trying to prequil Brian Singer’s earlier screw ups.

    Why change stories that are already great. Updating is fine just don’t disregard and make up your own and urinate on what has been proven to be a great story or stories.

  7. im glad hes back and i know he will make a great film,but i hope to see the sentinels story,and characters like sinister, apocalypse,beak,chamber,husk,glob herman,mammomax,tito bohusk,angel salvador,anole,rockslide,anole,prosimian,and orb weaver. i love the strange looking characters because the really give to the mutants stories because its hard for them to fit in ,and i just love weird looking mutants. i really hope to at least see sinister,beak,glob herman,and chamber. and afyter this i hope singer does x-4 ,and x-5 back to back to give the original x-men more story and screen. time like colossus,iceman,cyclops,gambit,angel/archangel,beast,nightcrawler,rogue,and maybe beak,chamber,tito bohusk,angel salvador,and husk. anyways great news bring on the x-men films. and spiderman 4 better have the lizard,and 5,and 6 should have carnage,venom,mysterio,scorpion,and bring back doc ock.

  8. @Chris

    Are you at all familiar with the X-Men First Class comic books written by Jeff Parker and penciled by Roger Cruz?

    It certainly doesn’t sound like you know anything at all about the origin of the First Class books according to some of your incomprehensible ramblings.

    X-Men: First Class (vol. 1) – pencils Roger Cruz
    X-Men: First Class Special- pencils: Kevin Nowlan, Paul Smith, Mike Allred, Nick Dragotta
    X-Men: First Class (vol. 2) – pencils Roger Cruz

  9. Magnetic Eye I think wo may be on to something. There are a a considerable number of individuals that think the X-Men started out with Wolverine and Storm. And those same individuals don’t realize inferno came out of the X-Factor series. The stories and continuity are so rich I just don’t understand why they want to shy away from it…

  10. A men ‘ulik’ It doesn’t matter what the fan-boys want its what makes money, its been that way for years and it will stay that way forever, so get over it. Continuity isn’t everything as long as there are explosions and sex in the movies we as people will always be there to watch it and then criticize it later, why because we can.

  11. ulik, you have made some solid points. What it amounts to is the fact that Fox has the rights and Marvel Studios and Mrvel productions don’t have control yet. The agreement would have run out in the next few years so fox is trying to cash in on the severely inaccuarate continuity they have already put out.

    Fox has the rights to produce wolverine but Marvel Entertainment has a greater sayso in the way he is done. That same agreement is not present with the X-men franchise and Fox.

    The Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man franchise are produced by Marvel Studios so the films follow continuity more accurately and therefore are better movies than the previous X-Men movies IMO and in the opinion of others.

    The New Star Trek movie is good because the irectors and writers made a real effort to stay true to the characters. The X-Men franchise did not do so they even made up stuff. What is wrong with Juggernaut not being a mutant and being Xaviers half brother?

    They need to throw out the crap Singer did and get it right.

  12. Super Hero movies that try to follow continuity with comic books seem to do pretty well.

    Rank Title Studio Lifetime Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Date
    1 The Dark Knight WB $533,345,358 4,366 $158,411,483 4,366 7/18/08
    2 Spider-Man Sony $403,706,375 3,876 $114,844,116 3,615 5/3/02
    3 Spider-Man 2 Sony $373,585,825 4,166 $88,156,227 4,152 6/30/04
    4 Spider-Man 3 Sony $336,530,303 4,324 $151,116,516 4,252 5/4/07
    5 Iron Man Par. $318,412,101 4,154 $98,618,668 4,105 5/2/08
    6 The Incredibles BV $261,441,092 3,933 $70,467,623 3,933 11/5/04
    7 Batman WB $251,188,924 2,201 $40,489,746 2,194 6/23/89
    8 X-Men: The Last Stand Fox $234,362,462 3,714 $102,750,665 3,690 5/26/06
    9 Hancock Sony $227,946,274 3,965 $62,603,879 3,965 7/2/08
    10 X2: X-Men United Fox $214,949,694 3,749 $85,558,731 3,741 5/2/03
    11 Batman Begins WB $205,343,774 3,858 $48,745,440 3,858 6/15/05

  13. @Chris

    Yes Chris, I understand perfectly well. FOX is making a movie ironically called “X-Men- First Class” which is apparently and very loosely based on the MARVEL comic books of the same name but will not resemble the original team in any way shape or form. :)

    Adding to which, it’s meant to be about Bryan Singer bringing continuity to the first two X-Men films with this prequel. Why not just do a total reboot ?

    You know Chris I have never said FOX should make the film following the exact same comic book stories, but at least produce a faithful rendition of characters, continuity and promising story lines lending themselves to better sequels and perhaps even towards some of the characters you would like to see.

    TDK and Iron Man are excellent examples of faithful and accurate representations of comic book super heroes on the big screen.

  14. The first class of X-Men was Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, & Marvel Girl. Angel came along later as an adventerer that joined the team. Scott and Hank McCoy were best friends and Iceman was the youngest member of the original team.

    The X-series needs a reboot just like Superman does. The reboot to comic canon worked for Batman. The batman series got to be campy and 1960ish with Batman & Robin.

    The X-Men are my favorite Super Hero team series as one of those 36-yo nerd fanboys as someone called it the source material is much better that Singer and Fox give it credit for. As I said before update but don’t grossly neglect and disregard continuity.

  15. With Singer back in the game, I expect nothing less than greatness in the new X-Men film even though it’s set before the main series. After that, roll on X-Men 4 baby!!!

  16. i’m fine with doing this classic x-men movie, but they are really missing out on the hell fire club characters — look back on x-men 132-134. also can they please bring in the original costumes and retire the black leather.

  17. I don’t believe Bryan Singer has any intention of paying homage to MARVEL’S treatment of characters in any way shape or form. I actually wonder if he’s even read an X-Men comic book.

    He is rather intent on following his own convoluted vision of discontinuity, lack of strong character development and wrong character ages in an ill perceived attempt to make a trendy teen X-Men film.

  18. LOL –>

    “Our next movie will be “X-Men Twighlight 90210, The “Chamber” of Secrets” introducing our latest troubled teen “mutant without a mouth” “Chamber”.

  19. If its X-Men first class, then it should be the real first class, Angel, Beast, Ice Man, Cyclops, and Jean Grey, no more, no less. No cameos of every mutant, and no Wolverine! He didn't exist for the first 20 years of X-Men anyways. Don't make this film a prequel, turn it into a reboot of the series like they did with Hulk. Marvel needs to get the rights back for all their films and do things right like Hulk and Iron Man.

  20. @Nick

    You're absolutely right. I've been reading Marvel comic books since the mid seventies and I'm dismayed at the level of arrogant disrespect and contempt certain film studios, writers and directors have towards the original source material.

    The original source material can be adapted and translated into a realistic dramatic storyline. You can still have ACCURATE, FAITHFUL & AUTHENTIC films based on the books and do well at the box office.

    Deviations that introduce alternatives and saying they are based on the books is just plain LAZY, GREEDY & EGOTISTICAL film making.

    Without the success of these comic books over the last four decades, these movie adaptations could not exist. Certain film makers should not be allowed to take advantage of the privileges they have by introducing their own ideas.

    It should be an honor for these people to work with these characters, but they choose their own egotistical plans.