Bryan Singer & New Writer Confirmed for X-Men: First Class

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x men first class characters Bryan Singer & New Writer Confirmed for X Men: First Class

As many of you no doubt already know, Bryan Singer revealed a major update about his future with the X-Men franchise last night while on the blue carpet for the Avatar premiere.

That revelation of course was that he will be directing X-Men: First Class. As of now, Fox has confirmed the deal for Singer’s return to the director’s chair and develop the film about Professor Xavier’s first group of young mutant recruits.

As we knew from before, Josh Schwartz (The OC, Chuck) was working on the script for First Class since last November but the studio has signed Jamie Moss (Street Kings) to pen the screenplay for the project.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that they’re “going back to the drawing board” for the movie, explaining the signing of a new writer to work with Bryan Singer.

When Singer revealed that he’s working on this project yesterday, he again confirmed that the film will in fact be an origins prequel to the existing set of films and not a reboot. As I said in some of our previous discussions on the X-Men films, Fox put forth a lot of effort in selecting, including, marketing and signing multi-picture deals with Tim Pocock and Tahyna Tozzi who played Cyclops and Emma Frost respectively in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, let alone the [Spoiler] scene where the mutant escapees are rescued by Professor X towards the end of that movie.

That scene and the inclusion of these characters occurred for the sole reason of branching off into X-Men: First Class and linking all of the films together.

The timing of this is not unexpected as that’s the same Tim Pocock who may have spilled the beans a few months back about the movie shooting next year sometime after he’d be done shooting his TV series in Australia in February. He had retracted this after tweeting it, indicating it was a prank.

THR’s update continues on to report new characters will be created for the movie, which is unnecessary in my mind, but I can see why they may do this since they can’t actually utilize the First Class roster of original mutants from the comic books. Of the original five members of X-Men: First Class, two of them, Angel and Iceman, are introduced later on in the franchise timeline, so this movie will not follow the comics in that sense.

Interestingly, a theory I shared about Magneto being a part of the film may turn out to be true as well as it’s being reported that the film will deal with the first meeting of Xavier and Magneto as well as the creation of school.

I had previously said that we could see Magneto working alongside Xavier for the same cause, starting the school, and constructing the Cerebro device we see in Bryan Singer’s first X-Men. The story could therefore follow their perspectives starting to differ and them eventually taking their separate paths.

Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of all X-movies, had said they want to start a new franchise with this, so it makes sense to have Singer come back to bring everything full circle. With the mention of new characters being created for the project, perhaps they could be introducing some candidates for the proposed New Mutants movie as well?

More on X-Men: First Class soon from Screen Rant so stick around!

Source: THR

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  1. Thank the Lord. Didn’t want to deal with the writer of The O.C.

  2. And let’s be glad we don’t have Ratner directing, lol.

  3. This news has made me very optimistic about the future of the X-Men franchise; I’m so freakin’ happy! In my eyes, having Singer direct a prequel will give us the perfect trilogy we’ve been waiting for, (First Class, X-Men, X-2). Not a single film Singer has directed has disappointed me, including that of Superman Returns; which I happened to enjoy. (although I do wish he had directed X-3 instead)

    Hopefully if all goes well with this prequel, maybe the studio will allow Singer to direct his version of X-3 after all. Wishful thinking, I know, but a fan can dream…

  4. For the record, they can use Beast as an original member since it was established in X3 that he was part of the x-men at some point earlier.

  5. @Tino

    Brilliant! Kelsey Grammar back as the Beast, not a bad idea…

  6. Wow, I’m suddenly finding me a bit more interested in this than before. :)

  7. Oh god, he’s going to turn this into another chick flick and make it all about little teenagers and their drama/love triangles.

    Looks like we’re getting another Superman Returns.


  8. Shouldnt that be ” signing multi picture deals” not ” Singing”!

  9. The First Class should be:

    Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Magik, Jean, and Banshee

    and Emma is Magneto’s favorite.

    Prof. X and Mags goes their seperate ways, Magneto and Emma find some of their own students. Maybe Suspot, Magma and Cannonball? or some later Mutant Liberation Front members or Acolytes?

    It would be nice to see an x-men movie with no wolvie.

  10. I bet they find some way of shoehorning Wolverine in there somewhere!

  11. With wolvie’s memory issues, he could make an appearance, but i really hope that First Class takes a new direction and explores some of the great storylines of the past students of Xavier.

    The relationship between Scott and Prof X, the repressed memories of scott being manipulated by Mr. Sinister (his eye beams being Sinister’s weakness), The Prof saving him and his brother, Alex (And havok’s jealousy of Scott).

    Also, the history of peter and illyana (Colossus and Magik) was central in many New mutants storylines. Her connection with limbo is a movie in itself.

    Emma Frost and the creation of The Hellfire Club, The Club and it’s kings and queens have been screwing with the x-men/new mutants since day one. Uh the sentinals anyone? Where are they? They’ve yet to be filmed in any way.

    First Class could also lead into the introduction of Cable and his X-Force. (but Nathan may be saved for Deadpool)

    By going backwards, Singer now has all the best material. All the classic storylines are there.

    I would love to see Arcade have his way with the Muties.

  12. What’s odd to me, is that now that Singer and a new writer have been announced, I find myself no longer attracted to this film anymore. Another prequel? Why? Because it worked so well with Wolverine, oh wait, it didn’t! and again with Magneto, WHY? The thing that ruins the X-men movies for me is the same thing that ruins the Superman movies for me, to much dependence on the same core villian. Magneto is this series Lex Luthor, and just like Superman, the X-Men have far more powerful and interesting villians that haven’t made it on screen yet. (And before anybody thinks I’m strictly hating, I’m not…I’ve mostly enjoyed the films, I’m just dissappointed with where the franchise is going and has gone) I thought with Schwartz writing it, we might get some of the magic that he’s been bringing to Chuck to the X-men franchise, however; I suppose we’ll never know now. It’s kinda like Frank Darabont’s script for the latest Indiana Jones flick, which Spielberg said was the most amazing Indy script he had ever read in his life, and then it got thrown out cuz Lucas didn’t like it…now we’ll never know just how awesome Indy 4 could have been, compared to how completely horrible it was. Anyways, I just hope that this film is not a complete waste of space, and that hopefully we’ll get Mr. Sinister, or the Hellfire Club, or someone, any one other than Magneto as the villian, yet again for the first time. However; this is Fox we are talking about, and if anybody knows how to screw a Marvel film up, it’s them…

  13. They need to just use X-men-FC as their official reboot beginning it with the ending of X-Men 3. Start off with Beast creating a time machine trying to undo all that has been done. Maybe Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington walk in on what he’s doing or tampers with it when he’s not there and trigger it causing a paradox in time. This would help create the possibility of having the real original X-men line-up including Iceman and Angel,which is what Fox should have done from the beginning. The main villain to go with in this movie would be “The Shadow King”. Bring back Moira Mcctaggert,bring on Banshee, Black Tom and a real Juggernaught as back stories. Later in the movie they should introduce “Warpath” but not let him die in this movie. With the Shadow King as the main villain they have the opportunity to lead the story to “Apocalypse” and “Storm” later on. And they need to use an actor who is dark skinned that is or can pass for a “real” Egyptian as The Shadow King. At the end of this movie they can show were Magneto and Professor X truly become enemies after they defeat the Shadow King together. Magneto should start out as an ally(with his own team The Brotherhood)until the end of the movie.

  14. @ Packy

    Have you actually read Darabont’s script for Indiana Jones and The Saucer Men???

    A hell of a lot of the story is still in Crystal Skull, including the fridge moment!

  15. I want one of those fridges…saves the expense of a bomb shelter!! I’ll put it onboard the ark I am building!! :)

  16. @ DrSamBeckett

    No, I can’t bring myself to read scripts online. I just don’t trust that they are the actual genuine article. With morons today writing 1600 page fan-fiction novels online, it stands to reason that just about any knucklehead with too much free time and very little imagination can create an “official” document and unleash it online. From what I’m lead to believe, it doesn’t have Mutt, it does have Papa Jones, and the Marion/Indy relationship is handled more maturely and those 3 things alone would have been enough for me to forgive the nuking of the fridge, if indeed this alleged script is what Darabont actually wrote.

  17. Darabont confirmed it was indeed his script earlier this year, and in many respects you are right there is no Mutt and the Indy/Marion thing was handled much better.

    But a lot of the dialogue survived, as did a lot of the story.

  18. I apologize about Warpath, I meant Thunderbird. And lets also get a real native American to play the part too. But they could show Warpath as a little kid in the movie also saying bye to his big bro as he goes off to become an X-man.

  19. Want no part of this,,,, the franchise ended with X3…

  20. I won’t be excited about this until I here the official synopsis,see the costumes,and find out what actors will be playing them.

  21. I agree with Packy-

    Move forward, dont go back. Honestly the tone of the first one was that none of the X-Men were battle tested, and it just felt like that was there first combat experience. Try to fix the wrongs in X3 and just keep the ball rolling with new villians and characters. I was a big comic fan and the movies were ok. But going back I think could turn me off completely.

  22. @ DrSamBeckett,

    Thanks for the note, I was in the mood for a musical or something with that word substitution/typo ;)

  23. I’m sorry but I don’t see how this film will draw the audiences. In every single X flick, the main attraction has always been one: the Hugh Jackman/Wolverine Factor. I mean, except for his hardcore fans, who is interested in watching a movie about Cyclops’s origins? Or Beast’s? Imo, Singer should direct Wolverine 2. Look at the first Wolvie film: fans and critics alike hated it but still it managed to make $373 million worldwide despite the reviews and the online leak. Imagine what could happen if the film was actually good. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not happy at all with these news. I’m of those who think that an X-Men movie with out the Ol’ Canucklehead is not an X-men movie. Or at least a successful one…

  24. I like Wolverine, but he’s become Marvel’s Mary-Sue. There’s no enemy he can’t conquer (not even Death) no situation he can’t handle. I’m looking forward to a later issue when the other X-Men realise this and just wear their Wolvie Fan tee-shirts and just sit on the sidelines as Wolverine defeats whatever enemy the script writers throw in… I’m thinking Galactus, maybe a Celestial, how about the Beyonder?

    Yes, the most powerful being in creation (pre-retcon which I have never accepted) should give Wolverine a run for his money… or at least ruffle the Wolverine’s hair.

  25. OK, I’m feeling very cynical today and am only mildly interested in this film after my worst fears have been confirmed. Quote “this movie will not follow the comics in that sense” and “they can’t actually utilize the First Class roster of original mutants from the comic books”.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What a load of CRAP! If First Class turns out to be a superficial TEEN movie without the original five X-Men then I won’t be spending my money at the box office or for the DVD when it comes out.

    First Class should be about the five original X-Men: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast, Angel & Prof X, NOT Singer”s current crop of teen X-Men or Lauren Shuler Donner’s preconceived notions.

    It shouldn’t have anything to do the current mish mash of discontinuity, under developed characters and wrong character ages.

    The picture of the original five X-Men at the top of this page, resonates far better with me and paints an accurate depiction of what an X-Men (Origins / First Class) film should be all about – AUTHENTICITY! with an understanding and respect for MARVEL’S original source material – something I beleive neither Singer nor Ratner have come remotely close to.

    I must concede to preferring Singer’s treatment of X-Men over Ratner’s, but I’m still not terribly thrilled with this latest development.

    Total mismanagement, disregard and absolutely no respect for Marvel’s treatment of characters, ages or continuity.

    Typical Hollywood executives targeting the teen market for an extra buck. Maybe they can do it in the same style as the “Twilight” series. So predictable and boring YAWN !!!!!

    LOL – talk about a franchise that’s gone completely off the rails. Maybe I’ll be less cynical tomorrow. :)