Will Bryan Singer Direct X-Men 4?

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x men bryan singer Will Bryan Singer Direct X Men 4?

There’s been plenty of talk about the future of the X-Men franchise in recent times leading up to and after the financial success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to kick off the summer of 2009. That hefty $85 million opening weekend helped push a Deadpool spin-off for Ryan Reynolds into motion as well as the early development of other spin-offs, prequels and even a sequel to the X-Men trilogy. That’s right, an X-Men 4 is in the early stages of planning.

In addition to the speculation of future installments to the franchise, there’s been buzz about the return of one of the folks responsible for helping kickstart the live-action series of X-Men films, Bryan Singer. We know that he’s interested and that X-producer Lauren Shuler Donner is too. But just how realistic is it?

As of this morning, it seems much more likely that this will come to fruition…

At the South Korea’s Pusan International Film Festival this morning, Bryan Singer revealed that he is in fact in talks with Fox Studios about a possible return to the X-Franchise, something that was hinted at back in June when he talked about his love of the franchise and the possibility of doing another.

This is what he said back then:

“I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now… What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.”

“It’s weird for me to watch it [the third movie], because I’m so close to the universe. And also Brett [Ratner] is a good friend of mine. But, of course, I would love to return to that universe.”

x men 4 bryan singer hugh jackman Will Bryan Singer Direct X Men 4?

This morning, Singer’s latest words on the subject seemed very promising.

“I’m still looking to possibly returning to the ‘X-Men’ franchise. I’ve been talking to Fox about it,”

“I love Hugh Jackman. I love the cast.”

The director also touched on something that I think is very important about what made the first two X-Men movies stand far above X3. Singer said that with these movies he love to “trick audiences into thinking they’re seeing fireworks, but they’re learning about themselves and listening to what I have to say.”

“The excitement about working in science fiction and fantasy is — the stories, if they are good, are about the human condition.”

Let’s think about which movie Singer could direct if he were to helm another X-Men movie for Fox Studios. We know there’s a Magneto film in development but that will likely be helmed by David Goyer. Singer did a fantastic job of introducing Magneto’s origins as a child whose family was torn apart by the Nazi regime in that powerful opening sequence of the first X-Men.

Click to continue reading about Bryan Singer’s future with the X-Men…

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  1. no big deal Ken. you guys were both talking about star wars so I’ll throw some expletives at you too if you want. :)


    ken gets very defensive about his movies and i can understand that. maybe we should have a bash Ken thread???? lol jk pal.

  2. Have I mentioned recently I don’t allow profanity on the site?


  3. we were just kidding Vic.

  4. @ 790
    Lol sure you would. You’re not the only one who couldnt give a better idea for a film while claiming you could. Nor will you be the last. I wouldnt be a bit surprised if you prefered that short-lived Terminator series like others do. Anyways, next time you say you could do a better film on somthing, humor me ok?

  5. @M-Cat

    *sniff* :’(

    Lol, a roast Ken J thread?? I thought EVERY thread was a roast Ken J thread, lol!! :-D

    You know, they should have a crying smiley (oxymoron??) for the :’( haha

  6. @ Ken J
    lol Cant say i have seen those Star wars parodies. Last parodie ive seen was of T2 on Robot Chicken,lol.

  7. I loved ROTJ as a kid, at the time it was my favorite especially seeing everyone together at the end. When I look back now I probably like all three equally.

  8. @ 790
    Lol. you call that a better film? Everything happening in one film? Geez, T4 is only early years of the war. Destroy the time machine and another could be built by skynet. And i recall the movies all about John Connor leading mankind to victory. Those ideas might make the movie action packed but thats all. BTW, wheres your script for X3? i asked ideas for both films you thought sucked. I cant wait to hear your ideas for X3,lol.

  9. Chrisj you liked Terminator Salvation so I didn’t expect you to see the intensity of my Terminator 4 concept… and I never said I had a X3 script… Go back and re read my comments… (FI)
    There were certainly moments in X3 that just sucked hard core!
    Killing Cyclops, the Phoenix story was a total waste, killing Xaivier? Wtf?
    And I guess it takes a genius director to get the balance right going from day to night in a scene.
    Wow anyone else notice that one?

    Anyway I’ve provided what you claimed I didn’t have chrij. I’m outta here,,, (PO)

  10. M-Cat you didn’t see a comment I deleted before it had the chance to go live.


  11. Hm, don’t think any of my posts got deleted, so don’t think I was the one that let a curse word slip through, lol. Hopefully not… ;-)

  12. @ 790
    I asked for a script for both movies, not just one. Remember you mentioned both X3 and T4 suck so i asked if you could provide a script of the films that would surpass the director’s, you said you could. But you might aswell forget about it now cause i doubt you would have any ideas. I dont know why i bothered askin in the first place. My mistake there.

  13. Hey chrisj you copy and paste where I said I could provide a script for both films and we can start having (another lame) dialog. But that’s not going to happen because it doesn’t exist huh chris?!.

    Based on your Star Wars comments you must be around 16 years old physically, mentally I’d say 10… (What did I step in here?)

    If you want to ignore my previous comments and make up your own, that’s cool I think I understand your problem with reading comprehension.
    You know I don’t have a problem with “special” bloggers but your pushing it mr chrisj… 8-)

  14. Meow, this cat has claws! Lol

  15. Lol. Ken and chris are the same guy!

  16. Yep, and that’s why I’ve been making fun of his opinions of T4 and X3. You never fail to make so much sense 790. ;-) I’m also Kofi remember? Lol! :-D

  17. @Kenj,,,
    Good answer,!
    Good answer!!!!!
    (Mindless clapping)

    Survey Says!!!!!

    Its so easy to stir you up ken!!! Trolling on a Monday night how sad, and you don’t even drink,,,lol happy face.
    Ah the unquenched online angst that you must harbor…
    It must be Blogger BB for you 24/7…


    I’m having more fun tonight then I would watching X3,,, mr chrisj,,,

  18. Lol, yep, I’m lying in my bed watching science channel checking my bb for new posts on commercial breaks, yep, I’m so worked up 790, man, you are really getting to me, please stop, I’m so stressed out, really, LMAO! :-D

    Good job, you got me, again. ;-)

  19. Sounds like a sad lonely life KenJ,,,
    Science channel wow that’s some hard core entertainment.
    I can see where your anger stems from.

    Lol smiley face emoticon…(Here)

  20. Really, relaxing at home on one day is a sad existence? Lol, seriously, stop trying so hard, it’s getting embarrassing… I don’t even get why you feel you need to get all argumentative, we were just having a friendly talk here on screenrant about sequels, back to the future, star wars, oh, and x-men of course lol.

  21. Like Wolverine, Ken you are bipolar..



  22. Oooookkkkaaaaayyyy…. Back on topic,

    As Singer likes Jackman so much and is at least a better director than Gavin Hood(imo) I’d not be opposed to him helming (wonderful word, note to self; re-use helming at every opportunity) Wolverine II: The Quest for Cash. I’d hope we could at least expect a deeper story and less liberties taken with the source material.

    I must go on the record to say I thought Superman Returns sucked galaxies, however I don’t think he’s a terrible director, just directed a terrible film (phew, glad we cleared that up, I’d hate to get called names for having an opinion).

  23. @Ken and 790

    Am I going to have to send you guys to opposing corners of the room again? 8)


  24. @ 790 Heres the proof. heres what I’ve said and you said.

    Page 1. 3rd comment by me on October 11, 2009 9:30 P.M
    2nd sentance
    I highly doubt any of you could do better of makin those films.

    Page 1. 4th comment by me on October 11, 2009 10:15 P.M
    2nd sentance
    Btw, since the two of ya seem to think X3 and Terminator Salvation sucks, please enlighten me w/ your ideas for both films that yu think would make it better.

    Page 2. 5th comment down

    790 says:
    October 12, 2009 at 10:10 A.M

    @ Chrisj, sorry but I’ve already posted my statement of Terminator 4 atleast 6 times over the past year or so here on SR.
    I havn’t written anything on X3 but trust me I could have done a better job with that film as well,,,

    There you 790, you gave me a treatment for T4 but not X3 liked i asked. If you want to be in denial of your own foul mouth thats fine by me. And what does my age have to do with movies in here??? lol You should ask yourself that before talkin trash to others.

  25. @ Ken J, 790, chrisj

    That’s it! Homework for all 3 of you.

    List what X-Men roster you want in X-Men 4 and First Class in your next comments here and I’ll grade you accordingly.

  26. @Rob

    Ok, Wolverine, Deadpool, Iron Man, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Slinky Dog, Michael Phelps, Felix the Cat, Cyclops, Cpt. Planet, the pink Power Ranger (naked), Sputnik, The Joker, McDonalds clown, Homer Simpson, James Bond, and digital Charlton Heston as Moses (who will pwn all of them BTW).

    That would be the most awesomest X-Men movie ever!! :-P

  27. Wow, this is one fierce bashing thread.

    I personally hope that Fox decides to pretend X-3 never happened and have Singer continue the X-Men franchise from X-Men 2. They can pretend that whole Ratner mess never happened. Like Superman Returns did.

    As for the Star Wars arguments here, all the prequel movies were trash compared to the original films. Even ROTJ was better than ROTS (which was the best of the prequels). At least the original trilogy was more based on the interaction of the characters and their story with the SFx being used to tell that story. The prequels had the SFx being the main part of the story and the actors were like wooden dolls. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but the prequels, IMO, were all disappointing. IMO, the order of Star Wars movie greatness is this: Episode 5, 4, 6, 3, 2, 1. Phantom Menace stunk like bantha dung. LOL.

  28. Chrisj,,,,
    I said, “I could have done a better job with that film as well”

    Never said I had a treatment for X3…
    This is the third time I’ve explained this to you.
    Shall we go on with this pointless debate?