Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

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Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor Batma vs. Superman Batman Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

For weeks now speculation about the Batman vs. Superman movie has been focused on the hero side of things. The casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman caused a big stir, and rumors since then have pointed to heroes like Green Lantern and Cyborg possibly being played by the likes of Denzel Washington or Dwayne Johnson. Needless to say that’s kept the fanbase occupied, in terms of discussion topics.

Before all the hero rumors, however, focus was mostly on the villain of the film, who has always been assumed to be Lex Luthor. That rumor thread has run so long and encompassed so many actors – Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong, Joaquin Phoenix – and again, Denzel and Dwayne Johnson – that fans are just taking solace in the fact that we are getting A Lex Luthor, without so much worry about WHO it is.

But now someone is claiming to be in the know about the official casting – and they’re claiming it is Cranston. Watch what Amasian News has to say about the casting:

If you believe their sources, the oldest Batman vs. Superman villain rumor may turn out truest, who knew?

I, for one,am not cheering for this particular casting (I’ll need to see it confirmed first before I fully buy in, as well). Cranston is a great character actor and deserves this level of success (and the money they claim he’s being paid – he’s been working long and hard in the biz) – but I don’t know if his presence is what will make for the best Batman vs. Superman movie.

Sure, people are imagining seeing Walter White from Breaking Bad as the nefarious mastermind villain whose intellect rivals Superman’s brawn – it’s an easy association to make. But when hearing names like Denzel Washington (or especially Joaquin Phoenix), a lot of the excitement was admittedly over the thought of a different and more subtle take on Lex.

Denzel Washington as Lex Luthor Justice League United Nations Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

We’ve discussed it often on the site and our podcast: A Lex Luthor who is charming and intelligent and sophisticated business mogul in public, but ruthless psychopath demagogue behind closed doors? That’s a Lex we have yet to see, and the more pronounced bi-polar shifts of Mr. White/Heisenberg weren’t as attractive as the slow burn descents of Denzel in Man on Fire or Joaquin in The Master.

Still, we can’t complain too much; if Denzel is of age and physique to play Lex, so is Cranston, and both actors are great at what they do and would be far from the worst picks for the role. In short: Lex is in good hands if any of this rumoring turns out to be true.


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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Amasian News via CBM

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  1. Well he looks badass enough, so let’s do it! I just hope his character is written in a way that will highlight his genius. Past Lex Luther incarnations have been buffoonish. I want Lex to be a serious formidable force to be reckoned with.

  2. everything you wrote about bryan craston is true. He works very hard to get where he is now and he deserves the boatload of money that he’s getting but the rumor of Joaquin phoenix as lex I thought was a great and inspiring choice. Cranston unfortunately is a bit too old for lex imo, no doubt I’m sure he’ll do good if the casting is true I would’ve preferred phoenix, ralph fiennes or Jason isaacs

  3. I do not want to see Cranston as Lex. He is too old for that. Even Denzel is old for that role. Don’t get me wrong, they are both terrific actors in their own ways but they need someone who’s around Batman’s age or just a bit older. Lex should be able to throw punches properly and make it look believable.

  4. as good as bryan cranston is, i feel that he’s too old for the part.
    if he was 10 years younger, or looks younger than he is.

    lex should be around 40-50. cranston looks like he’s in his early 60s

  5. Cranston is everything I want in Lex Luther. I don’t want some hot, young buff guy being a villain to more hot, young, buff super heroes. I want to see Lex Luther outwit superman and batman; not strap on kryptonite armor and punch them in the faces.

    • I can totally understand people’s issue with the age, they want to see Luthor physically fight Superman. Personally, I want to see him just squash Supes with his intellect (like you said). Plus, I believe he’s the president in this universe (is this true?), so I feel like it’d make more sense for him to hold up the good guy image and have everyone turn against Superman without so much as lifting a fist.

      • If he’s the Pres, then that makes sense and it also makes sense that this will, in fact, be a JLA movie but with a different title. The way all these rumors are coming out I just think it’s more to keep the movie hyped up rather than anything else. We shall see though. I see maybe 10 sites saying it’s Cranston and then I see another 10 sites saying that Phoenix is confirmed as Lex so until it’s confirmed by WB I won’t really put anything into all of this

  6. Id whether go with Billy Zane or Mark Strong as Lex while Cranston be suited as Gordon.

    • I think Mark Strong would be good too, I mostly want to see him return as Sinestro though.

    • I agree about Billy Zane who is in fact still acting.He’ll be on one of the new episodes of pysch for the new season.I would like to see Leonardo Dicaprio play Lex as well.After his performance in Django Unchained I think he would make a great Lex Luthor.

  7. Oh please, don’t bring the underwear back. I’m hoping they don’t add that to Supes costume and just change up Alex Ross’s costume a bit so they don’t have to include them in Bat’s costume.

  8. Joaquin Phoenix, please.

  9. Wait a second.

    Bryan Cranston could be an older Carter Hall passing the Hawkman thing to his replacement.

  10. Bryan Cranston would be the perfect choice for the role of Lex L. Personally, it makes it far more likely that I will actually go out to Cineplex to see this film. Some of the other suggestions for possible roles (especially the bizarre choice of Denzel) were starting to convince me I did not want to see this production. Cranston has shown the breadth of his talent in movies like Argo and John Carter. Lex L. will be in good hands.

    • Yeah, he did do well in John Carter. I’d forgotten about that.

      Also, I love John Carter (the film).

  11. as long as they have a scene of Lex waking up out of his bed in tighty whities it’s all good


  13. Elysium-style Matt Damon as Lex Luthor. Call it ‘Nemesis Will Hunting’.

  14. Where’s the, “He is a good choice but there but maybe not the best”?

    I like Craston but I don’t know if he can pull off the Lex Luthor this movie NEEDS. I also think Luthor should be a bit younger, say in their early 40′s and not 50′s.

    If this rumor is true though, he is a better match for the role than say Gadot is a match for WW.

    • lemme try that again!

      Where’s the, “He is a good choice but maybe not the best”?

    • I’m excited for Gadot’s WW. I think she’s going to kill the role and shock everyone. As for Cranston, I think he’d be good, but I think if they’re breaking out the big bucks, then a bald Clooney would be epic as President Luthor.

  15. Im just throwing it out there but does anyone else think that Jason Statham would be an interesting choice to play Lex Luthor? I mean, its a bit out there but interesting none the less…he can do menacing, he would be physically capable and an intimidating guy….was just a random thought….:)

  16. Please God NOOOOOO! They need to go with the Injustice designs. Man of Steel was a good start with the Superman costume, now we need a armored Batman kind of like the Regime Batman (medieval armored look) or regular Batman, (splintered composite armor.)

    Wonder Woman needs her traditional golden bra, red midriff, blue leg tights.

  17. As much as I love Cranston I just don’t see him as Luthor. I love the idea of Denzel doing it though. The word that comes to mind is ‘delicious’.

  18. And I´ll be the President. Oh come on!!!

  19. You can’t change Superman to underwear on the outside it doesn’t fit with the story of the first movie. Please God no underwear on the outside! Give it up fanboys!

  20. If they are going with the experienced, veteran Bruce Wayne/Batman as has been rumored, then it makes sense for him to wear a more old fashioned costume compared to Nolan’s Batman

  21. Though Cranston sounds good, I prefer Joaquin Phoenix. As far as Batmans suit..A dark blue and grey suit with a black batman sign on the chest.

  22. This has been debunked, and thats kinda great. Cranston is great and all but I want somebody else for Lex.

  23. I hope this is a rumor I don’t really want to see a 60 year old Luther taking on Superman and Batman. If it is I know there will be no Legion of Doom and he will probably die at the end.

  24. No way!! So who’s going to be John Stewart Morgan Freeman. this is not good news if true.

    I doubt if anyone wants an old Luthor and if they think they do after they see it, they will say: Why did they make Luthor so old? Like they didn’t cheer for it.

  25. Bryan Cranston: PERFECT CHOICE for Lex, especially if you keep in mind we’re talking about a gloomy, gritty take on the story… Lex doesn’t need to punch anyone physically. The entire idea of Lex Luthor is a rich guy who feels to be ouside the law. He believes to be the law, his own wicked law of power, money and corruption. Hence the name LEX Luthor. He’s not supposed to be some sort of Bane. None of the previous movies and TV shows has Lex Luthor running around punching people… it’s the job of his minions. He has got the power, cunning, wit and criminal energy to set things in motion.

    I dunno about the comic books though as I am only interested in adaptations…Maybe the comic book Lex is more like Bane…not a good idea for the movies…

    • PLUS: Joaquin Phoenix? He would be a PERFECT Penguin, but Lex?

  26. Awesome, so it sounds like the whole thing has been debunked from a “realiable source within the project” as been reported on several sites. I like BC and if this was a JLA movie then it would have made sense but with this being rumored as a movie of when Superman and Batman first met, then it just doesn’t fit. It would have to be a younger version of Cranston as this would be before Lex was president. Now if has Lex as president then this movie, by all sense, would be your JLA movie

  27. If we look at Zack Snyder’s description of lex Bryan cranston does not really seem like the lex thats being envisioned so i dont truly believe that cranston is lex.

  28. Cranston is a brilliant actor.
    He’s certainly a less of a shock that Ben Affleck as Batman (Not judging….he could do a brilliant job..will wait for the movie to actually come out..). Although the same goes for Cranston a little. He’s fantastic. But I’d have liked to see Phoenix or Iris Idris Elba in the role.

    This one…probably not a rumor that’s gonna pan out..