Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

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Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor Batma vs. Superman Batman Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

For weeks now speculation about the Batman vs. Superman movie has been focused on the hero side of things. The casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman caused a big stir, and rumors since then have pointed to heroes like Green Lantern and Cyborg possibly being played by the likes of Denzel Washington or Dwayne Johnson. Needless to say that’s kept the fanbase occupied, in terms of discussion topics.

Before all the hero rumors, however, focus was mostly on the villain of the film, who has always been assumed to be Lex Luthor. That rumor thread has run so long and encompassed so many actors – Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong, Joaquin Phoenix – and again, Denzel and Dwayne Johnson – that fans are just taking solace in the fact that we are getting A Lex Luthor, without so much worry about WHO it is.

But now someone is claiming to be in the know about the official casting – and they’re claiming it is Cranston. Watch what Amasian News has to say about the casting:

If you believe their sources, the oldest Batman vs. Superman villain rumor may turn out truest, who knew?

I, for one,am not cheering for this particular casting (I’ll need to see it confirmed first before I fully buy in, as well). Cranston is a great character actor and deserves this level of success (and the money they claim he’s being paid – he’s been working long and hard in the biz) – but I don’t know if his presence is what will make for the best Batman vs. Superman movie.

Sure, people are imagining seeing Walter White from Breaking Bad as the nefarious mastermind villain whose intellect rivals Superman’s brawn – it’s an easy association to make. But when hearing names like Denzel Washington (or especially Joaquin Phoenix), a lot of the excitement was admittedly over the thought of a different and more subtle take on Lex.

Denzel Washington as Lex Luthor Justice League United Nations Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

We’ve discussed it often on the site and our podcast: A Lex Luthor who is charming and intelligent and sophisticated business mogul in public, but ruthless psychopath demagogue behind closed doors? That’s a Lex we have yet to see, and the more pronounced bi-polar shifts of Mr. White/Heisenberg weren’t as attractive as the slow burn descents of Denzel in Man on Fire or Joaquin in The Master.

Still, we can’t complain too much; if Denzel is of age and physique to play Lex, so is Cranston, and both actors are great at what they do and would be far from the worst picks for the role. In short: Lex is in good hands if any of this rumoring turns out to be true.


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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Amasian News via CBM

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  1. I’m confirmed as excited?

    ScreenRant is my fav movie site?

    You’ve done a bang up job Kofi?

    • Ooops. Silly me, putting question marks after statements. Now where did I get that from? 😉

      • Amasian news is a solid, reputable source?

        • FACT?

          • I’m Ron Burgundy?

      • Well, SR kinda has to put question marks after statements that arent yet confirmed. Im sure Screen Rant doesnt want to be known for confirming false information.

      • You got it from a site that smartly adds the question marks first, then upon confirmation takes them out of a title that still grabs eyes as a headline.

        You’re welcome. 😉

    • I’m Ron Burgandy?

      • +1

      • Lol well done, sir.

  2. How serendipitous it was that Jesse Pinkman said he looked like Lex Luthor in the first season of BREAKING BAD

    • Obviously, it is a breaking bad, DC Comics tie in. Walter White didn’t actually die in Breaking Bad, he simply got the new identity of Lex Luthor. He will now distribute meth throughout Metropolis and it is up to Superman and Batman to stop him.

  3. Wb or synder confirmation or its pure bs rumors.

    Id prefer a younger actor as lex. Black or white or even green I don’t care but I want to see a younger actor.

  4. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh baby, YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    This news is all over twitter right now! This is the real deal!

    Bryan Cranston IS Lex Luthor! I’m so sure of it, I’ll bet ANYONE out there a dollar.

    We can do it through pay pal.

    MAN OF STEEL 2: Superman vs Batman —- Best. Cast. Ever!

  5. “I like Lex Luthor. I think he’s misunderstood. He’s a lovable, sweet man.”

    Bryan Cranston

  6. No offense but, who are these girls? Nobody knows them and they’re breaking huge news? Sounds like the guys at cosmicbooknews and Nuke the Fridge. No Variety, THR or Deadline, not real at all.

    • While they’re definitely no Variety or anything, they aren’t ones to spew BS. It’s on John Campea’s youtube channel as well as his wife and their team are actually pretty against the so called ‘scoops’ so I have more faith in this than any other rumor. But than again, it IS still a rumor until confirmed :( aha.

    • I agree I feel a little iffy believing this but Ann Campea is the wife of John Campea over on AMC Movie News and they are pretty reliable but I still feel really awkward believing this maybe if John Campea had broken the news I would believe it more but as of right now im taking this with a big fat grain of salt though I welcome to be wrong!

    • C’mon man! That’s just mean putting anybody on the same level of bs as cosmic book news

      • My rating or whatever probably goes:

        Campea team aha

        ….. Is CosmicBookNews worth putting on the list? 😛

  7. I think we all saw this coming. I really think the only reason this hasn’t been officially confirmed is that the casting is so spot-on it may seem uninspired.

  8. Interesting. The site that originally broke the Affleck casting is saying that a “source” within production has revealed that it’s in fact Phoenix playing the role of Lex. This whole movie is just getting out of control. It seems like a lot of these “rumors” are put out by WB/DC to get the chatter going and keep it going. I have a feeling we won’t get an offical word until next week but I see more of the same thing with this movie. Lex, GL, Nightwing, WW, now new rumors surfaced on some sites that an Aquaman could make an appearance, not to mention the whole Flash rumor. So basically this is the JLA movie but without the name, LOL.

    • I wonder where this whole “Justice League” thing started. I mean everybody seems to judge this movie and say it’s going to be terrible off of rumors. I’ve seen people on every rumor article act like it’s already confirmed and trash the movie. We only have 3 heroes so why would it be Justice League or even close to that. They haven’t even established the watchtower, how they become a team, Flash or Green Lantern, and we haven’t even gotten to look more into S.T.A.R. Labs so there are a lot of things that still need to be uncovered for this to be considered anything more than a sequel

      • A huge PLUS ONE from me. Several (I’m not pointing fingers at Jared btw aha) are knocking down a Justice League film to merely having appearances by all the heroes in one film.

      • Could always do a lot via flashbacks.

  9. DOWN for this! Here’s hoping it’s true! Cranston deserves the pay check, he’s an amazing actor and if you’ve seen him in any reviews, he seems like a pretty awesome and amusing man.

  10. I’m fine with Cranston, if this is true. There are others who might be better, but this would be cool.

    Hey – it could be worse.

    • I think there’s always going to be better choices for any casting. Though personally, I can’t see one aha. Which ones would you suggest? I’m thinking maybe Jason Clarke would be close.

  11. If true, I’m happy.

  12. If it’s true, good for him, very talented man. Deserves big paying roles like that, guy has been working his ass off in television and art films.


    • Team Amasian just retracted their statement about Cranston. They said they jumped the gun and used the wrong words concerning the casting. They admitted they shouldnt have said confirmed. So thats that. Just a rumor again.

  14. This is like Yes and No Answer to me, the Yes part is that its Bryan Cranston
    the No part is that he`s quite old for the part …but you know what, whatever !

    • @Joshua W. – I thought the ship was swallowed in the phantom hole. But if your theory is correct, that will give them lots of wiggle room for future story lines. I’m all for it!

    • Pure genius.

      But let me ask you this: who are ‘they’? LexCorp or another group of scientists altogether?

      Your scenario would tie in with what I came up recently (I know nobody wants to read about a random guy’s ‘vision’ for MoS2 but here it goes nonetheless).

      Wayne and Luthor are on the verge of a technological breakthrough with what has been uncovered from the wreckage of Zod’s ship. Both are elated envisioning all the possibilities in terms of using the alien leftovers for the good of humanity, such as restoring the lost limbs of amputees, even toying with the idea of advanced weaponry – an prospect Luthor is much too enthused about for Wayne’s taste.

      And then there is even the mention of a certain John Corben who is falling apart both physically and psychologically due to massive PTSD. He is more than willing, desperate even to be experimented on in order to become ‘whole’ again. To my understanding it would be so much more impactful though to just tease him, use him as a red herring for both regular moviegoers and comic book aficionados, setting him up as a Superman villain further down the line, in MoS3 or as Luthor’s second in command in some future installment.

      In fact, Luthor would have an experiment of his hidden away from Wayne’s suspicious eyes, namely Bizarro. He could use him to further tarnish Superman’s image in the public eye, have him commit robberies, even murder in broad daylight. Now this could be accomplished either by some sort of camouflage or the use of his speed in conjunction with a tailor-made cape for everybody to witness a blur that has a striking resemblance with that one man weapon of mass destruction, or Luthor finds a way to make him into Clark’s dead ringer.

      Of course, Batman grows weary of all the havoc wrought by the Alien. He steps in, confronts him, even takes him down the first time, gets beaten the second time around. Then either with or without Wonder Woman’s intervention nudging them both in the right direction, they figure out that someone has been orchestrating this to pit them against each other.

      And what would be beautiful conclusion to the sequel would be for Clark to face another (sort of) Kryptonian imbued with pure hatred for him AND innocent bystanders. But this time around, Clark knows better than to devastate half a city. He lures Bizarro to a remote, hardly populated location and gains the upper hand rather quickly. But now his ‘moral learning curve’ is explicitly showcased as he doesn’t end Bizarro’s life but instead lets Batman incapacitate him, maybe reverse the effects of the brainwash.

      If they chose to make to make the villain look identical to Superman, it would even add a layer of self-reflection that would allow Clark to forgive himself for how he handled the threat at the end of the first movie.

      • @morogorth

        When I said “they” I was referring to a team of scientists hied by Lex Luthor or some other organization that can be a constant pain in the arse for the Justice League. CADMUS maybe in association with Lex Luthor.

        I like your idea too and it would probably make more sense to do Metallo to have a villain that further ties in the military (like they did in MOS), John Corbenn starts off human so we can relate, and he’s a villain that both Superman and Batman are needed to fight aka Krypotinite weakens Superman and Batman has gadgets that after a long fight will eventually disable Metallo.

        At the end pull a dark knight and have someone make an awesome speech like Superman and Batman aren’t looking for fame, they strive to enforce Justice, a concept that is constantly losing its meaning here in Gotham you see, they truly are the Worlds Finest heroes.

  15. Oh. Well, now I am interested.

  16. He was always my first choice for the role until I heard they were looking at Denzel. But I like it either way. Denzel 1a. Cranston is 1b.

  17. Uninspired choice, a bit cliched…will be good not great.

  18. If this is true I’m all in. I know everyone is just imagining that his Lex will be Walter White 2.0, but I don’t think that’s fair to Cranston’s ability. It would be silly if they just hired him to rehash the same character, so I don’t think they’ll go that route. Point being that Cranston easily has the chops to pull off the “charming and intelligent and sophisticated business mogul in public, but ruthless psychopath demagogue behind closed doors” style. Just take out the bits of WW that are more deranged and over-the-top angry, and it’ll be something closer to what a Lex should be, I think.

    • If Cranston can pull off Walter White in the way he did, I have no doubt in my mind that he has enough brains to know he’ll have to change it up with Luthor as well as having the skill to do so.

  19. Is there any chance that possibly Jason Momoa is Lex Luthor?

  20. I highly disagree that Cranston has the physique for this role. I like the idea of Lex being in the movie. I just hope that he’s not going to be so old, as he’s been portrayed in previous films. After the incredible disappointment of Kevin Spacey’s Lex in Superman Returns, I hope they really redeem themselves with this version.

    • I thought Kevin Spacey was okay as Lex Luthor, was just disappointed with them recycling the plot from Superman The Movie.

  21. Don’t get your hopes up

  22. While I would prefer a slightly younger, more physical Lex, my faith in Snyder is enough for me to accept Cranston in the role.

    My main concern with these rumors, however, is the Batman costume. I loved Wilkinson’s take on the Superman suit in Man of Steel and I’ve got high expectations on how his Batman suit is going to look. However, if they bring back the undies, for both Superman and Batman, they’ve destroyed the best thing about the Man of Steel suit and messed up Batman’s from the start.

  23. This article is a bit racist considering the author is an African American and is suggesting Denzel Washington would make a better Lex. It seems like he just threw in Joaquin Phoenix to make it seem like he wasn’t being racist.

    • Cheap way to spam, I’m sure you’re one of the regulars around here too.

    • Ummm…What?

      You REALLY need to read things more carefully and stop saying stupid things…

    • for the most part Denzel is a better actor then Bryan Cranston. why does him being black make that racist? I dont think you understand what racism really is…as opposed to someone being predjudiced because they prefer Denzel over everybody…lol.
      Its like when people cast the same actor for every role…does that make them racist? or just a fan of the actor?

  24. Imo, Cranston be better as Gordon in the next Batman solo franchise. Need someone else for Lex.

    • He’d make a great Gordon too. John Campea made a suggestion in one of his videos saying Denzel would do well as Gordon and I completely agree.

  25. I also vote for slightly younger Lex Luthor..

    Race does not matter for me.. as long as it’s awesome actor.

    • I also think Lex does not need to be bold. That’s just stupid concept.(that character needs to be bold).

      • I’m guessing you mean bald?

        • Oops.. yes, correct. I meant bald.

        • Vic and I go WAY back. Like to the very first day ScreenRant went online and I was doing THE MOVIE BLOG at the time. We’ve known each other longer than either one of us care to admit. 😛

    • Wow that was fast lol…Thanks for the clarification.

    • When are we getting more AMC Movie Talk?

    • Haha I knew that as soon as I read team Amasian reported this that John Campea was gonna have to jump in and reply something. Team Amasian is not as legit as AMC movie talk but John’s wife is on team Amasian so he totally was going to jump in. I buy what Campea says.

  26. No Bryan cranston isnt a good choice for Lex Luthor…people are still on a breaking bad binge. Hes not right at all for the part. Hes a good actor…dont get me wrong I just think people have limited imaginations.

  27. I have wanted Cranston from the beginning. He has the ability to play someone so intimidating in such a subtle way that he doesn’t need a buff physique to challenge Superman. I like the idea of an older, wiser (not corny and goofy) take on Lex Luther, especially with all of these ripped, supermodel actors and actresses they have confirmed as the heroes. When I think of Phoenix playing the villain I can’t help but imagine him as Caesar in Gladiator, and I don’t want that in the Superman movie. Denzel Washington is a great actor but he plays the same character in every movie and his take on the villain will be predictable Denzel Washington.