Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

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Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor Batma vs. Superman Batman Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

For weeks now speculation about the Batman vs. Superman movie has been focused on the hero side of things. The casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman caused a big stir, and rumors since then have pointed to heroes like Green Lantern and Cyborg possibly being played by the likes of Denzel Washington or Dwayne Johnson. Needless to say that’s kept the fanbase occupied, in terms of discussion topics.

Before all the hero rumors, however, focus was mostly on the villain of the film, who has always been assumed to be Lex Luthor. That rumor thread has run so long and encompassed so many actors – Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong, Joaquin Phoenix – and again, Denzel and Dwayne Johnson – that fans are just taking solace in the fact that we are getting A Lex Luthor, without so much worry about WHO it is.

But now someone is claiming to be in the know about the official casting – and they’re claiming it is Cranston. Watch what Amasian News has to say about the casting:

If you believe their sources, the oldest Batman vs. Superman villain rumor may turn out truest, who knew?

I, for one,am not cheering for this particular casting (I’ll need to see it confirmed first before I fully buy in, as well). Cranston is a great character actor and deserves this level of success (and the money they claim he’s being paid – he’s been working long and hard in the biz) – but I don’t know if his presence is what will make for the best Batman vs. Superman movie.

Sure, people are imagining seeing Walter White from Breaking Bad as the nefarious mastermind villain whose intellect rivals Superman’s brawn – it’s an easy association to make. But when hearing names like Denzel Washington (or especially Joaquin Phoenix), a lot of the excitement was admittedly over the thought of a different and more subtle take on Lex.

Denzel Washington as Lex Luthor Justice League United Nations Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor & Batman Costume Design Confirmed?

We’ve discussed it often on the site and our podcast: A Lex Luthor who is charming and intelligent and sophisticated business mogul in public, but ruthless psychopath demagogue behind closed doors? That’s a Lex we have yet to see, and the more pronounced bi-polar shifts of Mr. White/Heisenberg weren’t as attractive as the slow burn descents of Denzel in Man on Fire or Joaquin in The Master.

Still, we can’t complain too much; if Denzel is of age and physique to play Lex, so is Cranston, and both actors are great at what they do and would be far from the worst picks for the role. In short: Lex is in good hands if any of this rumoring turns out to be true.


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Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Source: Amasian News via CBM

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  1. Personally, I was happy to see an end to the outer underwear look in the New 52 and Man of Steel. Although I love classics that particular design has run its course and nowadays it’s a somewhat outdated look that I have heard more than one person ridicule. Put it back on screen would seem like a gigantic step backwards honestly. As for the Lex Luthor casting, I am more or less still on the fence there. With the exception of Denzel Washington, I think all the names mentioned would make for a great Lex Luthor. As much as I like Denzel Washington’s work, I have a tough time picturing him as Lex. To me it would be like making an unnecessary changed to an iconic villain like they did in Daredevil. We’ll see what happens but I am hoping for steps forward and not backward.

  2. Yes I want Walter White! I think he would be an awesome Lex, Doomsday brings the muscle, Lex provides the brains, I also cant wait to see Cranston in Godzilla, that film is going to be epic!

  3. Bryan Cranston can play a smooth, charming character, and offer a nuanced take on Lex. I do not think that he is the best choice for this film, but not because he could not pull it off. It is not fair to him to insinuate that Lex would be just like Walter White.

    Denzel, maybe. But I am not a fan of his, and would never pick him.

    As much as I adore Joaquin Phoenix, he does not seem like Lex to me, either.

    I would still go with DiCaprio or Michael C. Hall if I had the choice.

  4. Cranston already denied the role,like 4 months ago.

    • I guess this would be the first time an actor denied a role for a major blockbuster then.

      • Yeah,Cranston did denied the role,you can search it on google.I don’t even know why this rumor came floating again.

        • I find it funny. Cranston denied the role and has even stated that he’s in an upcoming movie that would confiict with the role this movie needs. The report of this “confirmed” casting has then since been taken down ever since numerous reports have come out saying the report of Cranston is even involved is false. Just too much is pointing to him not being in the movie than the other way around

  5. Kevin Spacey made a great Lex, have him back instead

    • WHAT! Okay he was alright, I guess I would have to see him play a version of Lex that was worth a shot. Not that Bryan Singer rip-off of 1980′s Lex.

  6. While I want Batman to don his classic grey black costume, I’d rather see Jim Lee’s version from Hush rather than Alex Ross’ painting version. In his arts, Batman always looks like he’s wearing cheap t-shirt and silk as cape.

  7. Everyone can calm down. Apparently speaking into a webcam gets you instant internet notoriety these days. As soon as “websites” started to report this as actual news… the video was immediately taken down.

    I will take it upon myself on behalf of Breaking Bad fans everywhere: A big apology to all of those who were hoping “Amasian News” was a legit source to be counted on.


  8. I agree with Billy Zane!!

  9. Though John Malkovich and Hugh Laurie would also be awesome!

  10. I would LOVE to see either Mark Strong or Leonardo D. take on the role of Lex…both have played magnificent bad guys in the recent years and would still be young enough to show a powerful presence.

  11. Hmm, Im still hoping for Jason Isaacs.

    But, Phoenix or Cranston could work. Strong could work to.

  12. Honestly at this point I think we should let bryan cranston live his life and NOT be asked when he’s gonna show up in mos 2. I mean he did denie invovlment numerous times. Also I would like a younger actor to portray the genius of lex. The man is supposed to be a prodogy show him as a young manearly to mid 30′s.

    As for the batsuit….I’m all for it. The all black no variation from the last few (see all) bat films seems like a downer when he’s got such an iconic look with the gray suit and black cowl. Lee or ross I don’t care let the look stay.

  13. What makes a good movie villain?

    What do The Joker, Darth Vader, Hanibal Lecter, and even The Mandarin (pre-twist) have in common?

    Intensity, that’s what. IMO more than any other single thing (Voice is #2 to me) intensity and screen presence is what makes for a good movie baddie. Cranston has that and then some. If he is Lex, I think he will end up top 10 movie villains all-time.

    • I will also add that I don’t think this is true, I would bet that whoever they do cast has never even been rumored to play the part.

      Just like the did with Batman.

  14. find another actor within 45 to 55 yrs with good fitness young as Lex luthor

  15. This whole cranston as luthor rumor is mostly because of that episode in Br Ba where Jesse tell Walter that he looks like lex. But i feel Phoenix as lex will be the best decision snyder can make

  16. I thought they were basing the costume off of the one from Batman: Noel?